5 Ways to Own Your Imperfections And Boost Body Confidence

By Cass D.

We learn at a young age to become aware of our flaws and imperfections. One of my first memories is of my mother in the dressing room trying on slacks and lamenting over the size of her thighs. Can you guess what my personal body issue is? You got it! My thick, juicy thighs.

Too soon and too often are we reminded that there's always something about our bodies that's wrong. We learn to cover it, ignore it, poke it, and prod it. What we DON’T learn is to LOVE it. Confidence is owning your imperfections and accepting your beauty. A confident woman is an empowered woman and empowerment is the key to truly enjoying every sexual experience you have.

Confidence is owning your imperfections and accepting your beauty.  

Check out a few ideas on how to OWN your imperfections and start having the liberated sex you deserve, bb.

1. Practice self care. 

Self care doesn't just start and end with a physical activity routine. Not to say it isn't important- it is. But self care is about so much more than what numbers say. I stopped looking at numbers a long time ago. Instead of hating those luscious legs or that squishy them some love! Take some time to really see yourself for what you are… a damn goddess. Feeling sexy alone will very quickly translate into feeling sexier with a partner. What we may see as imperfections, others very often see as a turn on. Own that shit.

2. Make an effort to appreciate beauty in others with similar “flaws” as you.  

Choosing  to purposely seek out people with similar qualities to you opens your eyes to your own delicious beauty! Social media has allowed us to see and to celebrate body diversity in ways we've never been exposed to before. How empowering is it to see a beautiful, confident, sexual woman and then realize you could guys could probably share clothes?! Beauty definitions are diversifying and expanding and it is SO EXCITING. Make the effort to enjoy the beauty in others and relate it to your own. Confident women are empowered and empowered women are SEXY.

3. Start expanding sexually with yourself and your partner. 

Sex is not meant to be had under the covers and in the dark. Allowing your partner to see you and enjoy every part of your beautiful body will expand your sexual experience in new ways. Recognize the strength and sexual appeal that comes with vulnerability, and own it. Challenge yourself to let them touch all of your “imperfections” and enjoy the sexual freedom. Once you decide not to be hindered by your definition of yourself, you learn to love exactly who you are.

4. Do what is good for YOU. 

Learning self confidence is the first and biggest step in feeling empowered. Our confidence is affected daily by every decision we make. Make the choices that feel good for who you are - and also for who you want to be. Something as small as wearing that outfit you know you are rocking will affect your attitude all day and boost every interaction you have. When you start owning yourself, others will start noticing and responding.

5. Challenge yourself. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone (even in a small way) will have an instant and positive effect. Maintain that flirty eye contact with that sexy barista. Go a day without a bra. Get some sexy photos of yourself taken. Do something to remind yourself of your perfect imperfections and celebrate them.

Life is short. Your body is beautiful. Get out there and be the liberated goddess that you are, gurl. 

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