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Glow in the Dark

Tara giggled. “I can’t believe we’re about to make a dildo of you, Ian!” - “Not your typical threesome, huh?” Ian said, reaching out so Rainbow could hand him the box.



The Slap Bet

Jayne Renault3 mins

How about… If you can’t hook up with someone in this bar tonight, I get to slap you in the face.



Exhibit A5 mins

When Jen wakes up alone in the middle of the night, she expects her husband is downstairs working in his study. What she doesn't expect is that she might find him there with some very unlikely company.


First Impressions

Brina Ryce13 mins

You’re not playing fair,” Chloe mutters, as Vivian draws her lips away with a pop, rewarding her with a seductive smirk. “I don’t like rules.” The confession rolls off Vivan's tongue like it’s the world’s dirtiest secret. “But I do like keeping track of the ones I break...