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Lexi bit her lip as she drifted back to the very hot stories Jordan had shared about her time with David. She let herself get distracted by images of Jordan fucking someone else, especially someone as hot as David sounded. Seeing her lips on someone’s cock, her hands on someone else’s body, making them feel so good…




Gym Daddy

Ella Lee13 mins

I peer into the basement, which isn’t easy because the screen is kinda dirty but I can make out most of what’s happening. I see a dimly lit space with some equipment around the room. It looks something like a home gym… but not like one I’ve ever seen before. There is a soft hum coming from the far corner. A few women are gathered there...


Better Than Fiction

Leandra Vane13 mins

Ray set to real work, hiking her skirt up her hips. His fingers had just hooked into the top of her panties to pull them down when Parker suddenly felt another pair of hands grip her shoulders from behind. She gasped and in the next moment a fist was in her hair and a woman’s voice was in her ear.


The Dinner Date

Jayne Renault15 mins

Without pulling away, I turned to face him then, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck. The bottle of rose in his hand was cool on my thigh as he urged me in closer for a soft kiss hello, to which I responded with a slight but full-body swoon.