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Shower Me With Kisses

Foster tangled her fingers in Krysten’s hair, tugging slightly at the roots so Krysten moaned in her mouth. “Dirty girl,” she murmured in Krysten’s ear, reaching behind to turn on the shower and flicking Krysten’s towel off her body in one smooth, graceful move.




Eva Monroe13 mins

With a sly grin, you lean back give me a quick, sharp smack on the ass. “Just trying to return the favor.” I laugh, remembering how less than an hour ago you were on your knees in service of my forgiveness, and enjoying how seamlessly our roles had flipped.



Maria Segreti13 mins

She didn’t move the tape, but raised her eyes to mine. “You have a truly stunning figure, you shouldn’t hide it.” -- “It’s not like anyone’s looking,” I said. She made a little noise of disagreement in her throat and shrugged, “That you know of.” She caught my eye again, but quickly looked away.


Tantric Tendencies

Oya Calor9 mins

With every breath, she felt closer to him, almost as though they were fusing, connecting, on a higher level.