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Alone Time

It’s amazing how easy it is for you to make my blood rush and my body tingle. Even the most simple commands turn me into the most willing, eager, and grateful slave.



Just Keep Going

Queen Jayne Renault20 mins

I rested my hand on his forearm and waited for him to look back up at me. My pulse thumped just as hard into the wooden seat beneath me. He just smiled and waited for me to take the kiss that I wanted from him. That’s all I needed; I didn’t give it another thought.


A Second First Time

Flora Rae12 mins

Now, I sat on her bed and heard the springs sigh as she collapsed next to me. It had been years since I’d been in this bed with her. Yet my limbs filled the space naturally, buzzing with anticipation as they stretched out on her soft, pink sheets.


You Are Now Connected

Lauren Emily13 mins

She’d used the dildo on her own... But the idea of this busty redhead in strappy pink leather, nipples standing at attention as she fucked Rainbow with Ian’s cock? Rainbow knew tonight would live in her spank bank for the next oh, twenty years or so.