Editor's top pick

Cottage by the Sea

Pausing in your food prep, you saunter over to stand behind me, reading as I type. Your hands find my shoulders, your mouth finds my neck. Murmuring in my ear, your words send quivers down the length of my body. “Write what I do to you.” …then you bite, hard, into the tender flesh where shoulder and neck meet, making me gasp with pleasure and surprise.



Working From Home

Jayne Renault8 mins

I can’t believe you’ve made me do all of this myself. I mean, really - how many times are you going to make me punish you?


A Sir from the Sauna

Timothy Bishop11 mins

Jonathan saw me staring, and grinned. He began to thrust into Calvin’s mouth, who moaned and only increased his rapid moves on Jonathan. I could feel myself getting hard, and wanting some action of my own.


Summer Solstice Massage

Veronica Loren15 mins

As Henrique’s warm hands work their way further up my thighs, he instructs me to open my legs slowly so he can get closer to the source of my pain. When his firm strokes hit a really tight spot, I tense up and let out an, “Oh, that’s it,” doing my best not to sound too sexual, which is not easy, given how sensual this situation has become.