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Breaking the Rules

When I’m only a few lines from finishing, you come back into the room. After assessing my progress, you stand behind me and unceremoniously slip two fingers inside me, making me moan and falter, my pen slipping off the page. I hear the smirk in your voice when you say, “Write that one again.”





Kristine Lynn20 mins

Fuck, I wanted to taste the menthol on his lips, swirl my tongue around his mouth and suck the smoke right from his lungs. He didn’t push back after lighting my cigarette. His proximity reminded my body of each day I hadn’t had a man’s hands, breath, lips, on it.



Maria Segreti13 mins

She didn’t move the tape, but raised her eyes to mine. “You have a truly stunning figure, you shouldn’t hide it.” -- “It’s not like anyone’s looking,” I said. She made a little noise of disagreement in her throat and shrugged, “That you know of.” She caught my eye again, but quickly looked away.


Love is the Master Plan

Oya Calor10 mins

Jericho loves me, and I feel like a better person for it, but that still doesn’t change the fact that until recently, I was the one feeling pathetic—having to fantasize about him to get off. I’ve never been capable of moving past my heart’s immediate desires. I only had eyes for him.