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Camp Ardenne 2: Shower Me With Kisses

Krysten keeps running into her fellow camp counsellor and crush, Forster, under awkward circumstances. One night, they end up at the private showers together and Krysten decides it's now or never to make her move.



Summer Solstice Massage

Veronica Loren19 mins

After an over-enthusiastic hookup with a colleague, a yoga teacher makes an appointment for a massage. Her regular masseuse is replaced by a young man who helps her fulfill one of her long-standing fantasies.


Boss Lady Takes a Break

Asrai Devin15 mins

He patted my ass then peeked out before locking the door. Riley returned and without further pretense, his hand cracked against my ass. I moaned and wiggled, enjoying the pain blossoming through my skin.


Better Than Fiction

Leandra Vane13 mins

Ray set to real work, hiking her skirt up her hips. His fingers had just hooked into the top of her panties to pull them down when Parker suddenly felt another pair of hands grip her shoulders from behind. She gasped and in the next moment a fist was in her hair and a woman’s voice was in her ear.