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Shower Me With Kisses

Foster tangled her fingers in Krysten’s hair, tugging slightly at the roots so Krysten moaned in her mouth. “Dirty girl,” she murmured in Krysten’s ear, reaching behind to turn on the shower and flicking Krysten’s towel off her body in one smooth, graceful move.



Making History

Leandra Vane11 mins

Regina’s left hand was clawed about the corner of her desk and her right was down her dress pants. On the opposite corner of the desk was her cell phone, with a picture of lingerie-clad tits set to full screen. Even from across the room, Leslie could tell they were definitely her own tits.


Make It Right

Rachel Woe12 mins

Kat learns to embrace her imperfections and find success in life and love, but her difficult father still doesn't approve of her life choices. Could you imagine if he ever found out that it was his star employee who has been keeping his only daughter satisfied all these years?


How the Phoenix Learned to Fly

Queen Jayne Renault17 mins

These ropes,” Lady continued, plucking at the knots, “hold you only because they are anchored to you. You are all the support you need, all you’ve ever needed. Feel into your truth and fly, pet.” I didn’t realize that I was truly hovering above the floor until I felt Lady’s cheek brush my inner thigh.