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Make It Right

Kat learns to embrace her imperfections and find success in life and love, but her difficult father still doesn't approve of her life choices. Could you imagine if he ever found out that it was his star employee who has been keeping his only daughter satisfied all these years?



The Birthday Bash

Jayne Renault14 mins

You fiddle behind her back with one hand to release the clasp of her bra and wonder why so many guys seem to have such a hard time accomplishing this minor feat. It falls to the floor with a soft thump and you place a hand on each of her plump breasts. You realize this is the first time you’ve ever really explored a woman’s body that wasn’t your own.


Two Yeses

Oya Calor14 mins

I hop off my stool, drain my glass, turn toward the beach, and strut my shit brazenly and slow as molasses so they get a good, long, view of my cuppable ass. I want them to imagine it in their hands. I want them to imagine me bent over for them to spread me open and look inside. And so that’s how I walk. I know they’re seeing it, but I don’t look back.


Pas de Deux

Lauren Emily10 mins

In this bonus follow-up chapter to "I Dare You" by Lauren Emily, Jules and Jack have a nice date night at the ballet where tension and daring are rising both on and offstage...