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The Game

It was a game they’d started playing months ago, and it had turned into one of the most delicious, frustrating seductions she’d ever experienced. She didn’t know what it was for Chase, because they never talked about it. They just took turns cornering each other at work, taking advantage of the dark, hidden corners to fondle and torment each other, until one of them caved and begged for release.



The Dinner Date

Jayne Renault17 mins

A cute dinner date night in takes a steamy turn between courses because this couple can't keep their hands off each other.


Waking Up

Maria Segreti13 mins

I was rubbing myself when his hand covered mine. He didn’t try to stop me, or move my hand away. Instead, he moved with me, learning what I liked before taking over. He mimicked my actions, tracing my folds the way I had and then moved down lower.


Camp Ardenne 2: Shower Me With Kisses

Lauren Emily16 mins

Krysten keeps running into her fellow camp counsellor and crush, Forster, under awkward circumstances. One night, they end up at the private showers together and Krysten decides it's now or never to make her move.