12 unexpected erogenous zones (yes, read that correctly)

By Maya Khamala

Everywhere we turn (cough, mainstream porn), the most creative, exciting, wildly unpredictable and tantalizing act out there is reduced to a) genital to genital, b) mouth to genital, and maybe, on a really good day, we get some mouth to mouth or mouth to boob action. But considering that our long, luxurious, intricate bodies are, in fact, rife with the magical terrain of an infinitude of pleasure-hunting, electricity-inducing nerve-endings—why would we ever ignore that? And while women are known to have more in the way of erogenous potential, men are hardly limited to their penises, people. The main difference here is that women have been encouraged to explore more than men, possibly because men find it “easier to cum,” as though that were the sole point of sex. The truth is, men and women share many of the same ecstatic territories.

Maybe you know exactly what you like. Maybe you don’t. Whatever you do, keep in mind that this journey is one that necessitates communication: let your partner know what you like, whether with words, sounds, breathing, or full-body jolts—as the case may be. Consider the following 12 unexpected erogenous zones a quick and dirty guide to some of the lesser-known goddess pleasure zones that may just be harbouring your hidden explosions:

1. Ears

Ears are considered one of the most potent erogenous zones. The nerve-endings in your ear are anything but nonchalant. Personally, all it takes is some hot breath on any part of my hungry ear, and I’m wet, shivers coursing through my entire body. Call me receptive. Some find that the area right behind their ear, by the hairline does it. Kissing and sucking the earlobes can trigger intense arousal. Or your partner can up the intimacy factor by whispering sweet everything into your ear. 

2. Hair and face

Has your lover ever touched your eyelids, eyebrows, temples, cheeks, or hair? It can be incredibly intimate. Have your partner gently kiss your eyelids, temples and cheeks, stroke your hair or hold onto it firmly. A pre-sex head massage sounds about right, yeah? Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD says that a scalp massage releases the hormone oxytocin, which calms us while increasing arousal at the same time.

sexy hair

3. Feet

Foot fetishes are pretty common (among men) it seems. The feet contain pressure points that trigger arousal and they’re also packed with nerve endings. New York City sexpert Ian Kerner PhD suggests incorporating licking and sucking into a foot massage, using the mouth only 20% of the time to "minimize the oddness potential." Sex vlogger Shallon Lester has an idea I quite like: Have your partner pull your knees up, massaging the arch of your feet as he kisses you deeply, and laces his fingers through your toes (as if holding hands with your foot).

4. Inner thighs

Nice and close to what many consider the main event, this spot will make most of us feel freaky fast. Your partner doesn’t need special skills: the lightest touch of this highly sensitive zone can be highly arousing. According to Health24, softly stroking, licking and kissing the inner thigh is where it’s truly at.

5. Lower stomach/abdomen 

Some women have actually been able to reach orgasm through core exercises (aka “coregasms”), so paying attention to this zone is a resounding yes. Amy Levine, an NYC-based sex coach and educator says this spot is also likely to cause your vaginal muscles to “contract from the anticipation, boosting your arousal and possibly leading to climax without direct genital contact.”

sexy stomach

6. Pubic mound

This oft-ignored area above the pubic bone is padded with tissue that can feel incredible when stimulated properly. “Your pubic mound is connected to your genitals and sexual response thanks to sensitive nerve endings and glands that emit pheromones, natural body scent, and sweat,” says Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and certified LA sex therapist. Your mons, as it’s sometimes called, is considered one of the strongest "love-generating" erogenous zones, along with your vulva.

7. Back/Hips

When the women of Reddit were asked what erogenous zone men most often overlook, Dandelioness was quick to reply, "Shoulders, spine, anywhere on my back drives me wild. Also, my hip bones. Mmm!” The sacral nerves—a cluster of nerves on the small of a woman's back— are directly connected to her vagina, and are a source of GREAT pleasure. Ask your partner to massage the area, and see how you feel. Personally, I adore having my guy hold onto my hip bones. Gets me going every time.

8. Neck

Neck kisses are almost always a turn-on. In fact, women ranked the nape of the neck above the breasts as an erogenous zone. It’s an extremely sexy place in part because of its vulnerability. Have your partner start with the sides of your neck, kissing or brushing it gently with his lips, or fingers. 

9. Nipples

For lots of women, the nipples are a key stimulation spot (yes, nipple orgasms are real for some). Personally, my breast and nipple sensitivity varies depending on the time of the month. Definitely worth exploring!

10. Ass

"You'd think something that's so often used has lost all feeling," says NYC sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova. But the ass is right up there when it comes to erogenous zones. Some like soft strokes, some firm grabbing, and some like intense spanking. Only you can say for sure, and there are several ways to find out.

11. Armpits 

If you can get past a little sweat, hair, and taboo, the armpit is a highly respectable pleasure-stop. “The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexually thrilling,” says relationship expert Cory Beth Honickman. “The experience can also be mutually relishable because the hormones that are released can be very intoxicating for the person performing the act as well!”

12. The mind

There’s no getting around it. The mind is and will always be the greatest pleasure point. Try to connect with your partner on a deeper, more intellectual/emotional level. Best case scenario: it’ll make any physical stimulation a whole lot better for both of you.

Image Source: Matt Crump

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