How cannabis can help you orgasm (whether or not you're a smoker)

By Rachel Manson

Cannabis use and female sexuality are two topics that have been historically taboo to explore, but in the wake of legalisation and the mainstream discussion of sex positive living, the effects of cannabis on sex and female pleasure are entering the spotlight. Also, a bunch of us discovered it was awesome to masturbate high.

The idea that weed can increase sexual desire and performance is nothing new. It was even highlighted in the 1936 cult classic propagandist film, Reefer Madness, where one puff of the reefer deployed it's user into a sex crazed maniac. But honestly, in the spirit of women talking more openly about pleasure, that sounds pretty damn cool to me. 

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that weed helps female smokers orgasm or simply experience heightened sexual pleasure, but is there any legitimate evidence or research that supports this? The answer is yes! 

Supporting evidence

There have been studies that conclude that women more often and consistently find that cannabinoids are helpful in their sexual experiences. A study in the scholarly journal Hormones and Behavior found this to be consistent in not only women, but non-human species as well. In addition, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, concluded that masturbating to orgasm stimulates the release of the Endocannabinoid, a chemical in the brain that looks and acts like those found in the marijuana plant. In other words, high orgasms benefit all kind! 

"For me, Cannabis helps me to accept myself in my own skin. It helps me take a step back from things, be a little less critical, a little less overly cautious of the things that don’t really matter", said Reena Rampersad, creator of High Society Supper and Toronto-born cannabis connoisseur. "It’s important that we tell our daughters, our nieces and anyone who identifies with the feminine energy, that you are enough". 

Reena explains that Cannabis not only facilitates the mindfulness of intimacy, but the physical aspect of many women's sexual health. "Many studies have shown, and I am living proof, that there is merit to the pain relief that is experienced from cannabis use", said Reena. "Many women battle things like fibromyalgia, fibroids, endometriosis, various things that cause us pain, discomfort, or other complications that can make intercourse challenging".

Tons of options to pick from  

Cannabis products geared towards female sexuality range from aphrodisiac weed strains (hybrids like dreams, sours, strawberry or diesel strains are great) to weed bubble bath, and even THC lubricant. For those of us who don’t enjoy smoking but still want those THC benefits, look for OMNI Release Orgasm Oil, a 400mg THC infused oil that stimulates blood flow, made with organic ingredients for sensitive areas. 

Ashely Manta, the founder of Cannasexual, a business that leads workshops in using cannabis to improve sexual pleasure for women and couples, explains in an interview with HuffPost what a topical oil can do when applied to the vulva, "What you’re doing with a topical with THC in it, is you’re essentially making the tissue become more erect and aroused, so it’s filled with blood and oxygen and thus more susceptible to pleasurable sensations". 

So, Many. Benefits. 

Reena adds that weed products are very beneficial for those rediscovering sexual pleasure during menopause. "Many of my friends going through menopause find Cannabis to be a huge aid. It’s helped them become more in tune with themselves and experience [pleasure] in a more enhanced way." 

Antuanette Gomez is one of the leading women in Canada's Cannabis Industry, and her company Pleasure Peaks is a cannabis brand aimed at improving women's sexual health. 

Antuanette explains that, “endocannabinoid receptors in the female genitals provide an opportunity for both THC and CBD products to assist here. However, every endocannabinoid system is like a fingerprint, in the sense that not every cannabis product or strain will react the same way with everyone. It's important to start low and go slow", she said. "Keep a strain journal so you can monitor how each strain reacts with you". 

Can my vagina "green out"?

While most of us are aware that greening out is a possibility when enjoying the ganja, Antuanette warns that it is also possible for your vagina to green out if you use too much topical lubricant. While you may not be high, the vagina can feel heavy and numb, inhibiting pleasure and counteracting the experience. Antuanette recommends keeping CBD oil and/or tincture around when experimenting with products, as it's the best thing to counteract the THC in your system if you consume too much at once. 

There continues to be exciting developments in the cannabis industry, including innovative products and research pertaining to weed and sexual health. In the coming year, Pleasure Peaks will be conducting one of the first studies ever on the interaction between Cannabinoids and female hormones, which can facilitate how marijuana can medically facilitate female sexual health. 

Stay high, happy and curious!


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