The Top 6 Feminist Podcasts All Women Need to Listen To

By Adrienne Diamond-Hughes

I watch TV, I read books, I’ll even make time to see a play or comedy show, but still, none of those mediums are as intimate as the pure auditory experience of a podcast. I’ll listen to podcasts when I walk to work in the cold, run on the treadmill at the gym or while I cook myself a bomb AF meal. They feed me loads of new Malcolm Gladwellian facts to impress the people at my next dinner party, but they also go deeper than that and have actually morphed the way I view the world.

As a proud and devout feminist, it upsets and confuses me when I see sexism manifested or when I meet other people who declare that they don’t believe in or subscribe to feminism. But, storms make trees take deeper roots - and so whenever I feel glum about the state of women in the world, I listen to one of my favourite badass feminist podcasts (and plot how I will overturn this trend). 

1.  Women of the Hour 

Women of the Hour is hosted by our favourite gal, Lena Dunham. The podcast, often filled with cameos like Emma Stone, Amy Sedaris, and Miranda July, is essentially an hour-long show that dissects and discusses a variety of issues that plague the modern young female. An incredible episode of Season two focused on the importance of reproductive choice, sharing a diverse set of stories ranging from a woman content with ten kids to a woman who actively chose not to have kids and couldn’t be happier. The episode was also peppered with ways that people like you and I can take tangible actions to ensure that women stay in control of their bodies. 

For example, Haven Coalition is an organization that supports people travelling to NY for abortions by having volunteers offer up a place to sleep and a warm meal. Housing and food can be barriers to getting an abortion – so providing this could be the difference between having or not having health and reproductive freedom.

P.S. If you like Women of the Hour or the general Lena Dunham vibe, you should definitely sign up for Lenny Letter, a newsletter created by Dunham and Jenni Konner that discusses “feminism, style, healthy, politics, friendship, and everything else”.

2. Guys We Fucked 

Guys We Fucked is a hilarious podcast where comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview people they’ve had sex with. They discuss topics from anal sex to catcalling to being a Craigslist fluffer (I didn’t know what that was either). The main goal of the show: To encourage women to have as much sex as they want and to be proud of it. The way Corinne and Krystyna talk about their frequent romps reiterates the fact that it is healthy and good to be a sex positive woman. The important part is that you stay safe and only do what feels right to you. (Reminder: ‘sex positivity’ is not the amount of sex you have, but rather your attitude towards it)

3. Girl Boner 

Hosted by award-winning health and sexuality writer August McLaughlin, Girl Boner is a personal fav. August, who is also a former international model and eating disorder survivor, places the podcast's emphasis on pleasure, self-embracement and leading full, aroused lives. I love this podcast because it empowers women to really embrace their sexuality. 

Homegirl has interviewed everyone from celebrity entertainers and athletes, such as Margaret Cho and Suzy Favor Hamilton, to trafficking survivors, gynaecologists, sex toy makers...and her mom. Each week she answers a listener's question with the help of Dr. Megan Fleming, a New York City sex and relationships therapist.

The podcast is described as a place to which "good girls go for sexual empowerment" -- and by "good girl" she means anyone who identifies as female and grew up believing that sex was shameful, a "guy thing" or for "bad girls" (i.e., far too many of us).

4. Two Dope Queens 

This podcast is brought to you by stand up comedians and writers Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams and is produced by WNYC. Phoebz and Jess first met when Jess was writing a piece for the Daily Show about black women’s hair in the military. They both also did Upright Citizens Brigade so they are obvi super hilarious and often invite their comedian friends on the show. If you like Broad City, then you’ll like this.

5. Call Your Girlfriend 

This podcast is so incredibly relatable … who hasn’t spent hours on the phone with their best friend dissecting every aspect of a completely unimportant moment in time.

Friend 1: “What did he mean when he said ‘Ok cool’?!”.

Friend 2: “Well it could be one of three things, let’s start from the top now.”

Call Your Girlfriend was started by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, two incredibly successful best friends. Aminatou founded Tech LadyMafia and is one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in tech. Ann is a freelance journalist and a New York mag columnist. Every other week, you can eavesdrop on Aminatou and Ann’s conversation discussing pop culture, politics, and all things feminism. Reverting back to your gossipy teenage self is an absolute human right. Everyone needs their best friends and we shouldn’t be shamed of it (though I would likely be mortified if people eavesdropped on my bff chats).

6. Bitch Media – Popaganda and Backtalk 

Bitch media publishes a weekly feminist podcast. First, Popaganda dissects movies, books, TV, and media while Backtalk is a quippy pop culture conversation between two Bitch editors. This Popaganda about raising feminist kids is one of my faves.


Next time you hear someone mansplaining or are feeling generally discouraged with the state of the world in which we live, have a lil listen to these puppies to pick up your mood and inspire the shit out of you.

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