A guide on how to squirt: the secret to female ejaculation

By Maya Khamala

Women are too often under-recognized for their abilities (ejaculation, for instance). Fact: squirting, AKA female ejaculation, is a bonafide thing. It’s not pee, and is, in fact, a sometimes-product of a woman’s arousal. Although the general consensus seems to be that the key to get yourself or to get a woman squirting is a focus on g-spot stimulation, research suggests that in one’s mission to learn how to make a girl squirt, it’s best to focus on the entire clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex (which includes the clitoris, labia, and the front wall of the vagina where the g-spot is located). In other words: the best way to give pleasure is to first realize that it’s all connected, girl. 

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How do women squirt?

In short, the liquid produced by a woman who squirts is “juice” secreted by the Skene’s glands (said to be the female equivalent of the prostate). Although the purpose of the Skene’s glands is debated, I’d venture to say that—hello, they play a role in female pleasure. So, naysayers be damned, devoting your time to learning how to squirt or how to make your girlfriend squirt is a noble mission. That said, I always caution against putting pressure on yourself or on your partner to perform squirting (or any other sexual act), because it only works if all parties are relaxed. Also, if you can, avoid putting squirting on a pedestal. While some squirters may find their wet ’n wild orgasms enhanced, there is no orgasm hierarchy, and you’re not somehow a better, badder lover if you know how to make a pussy squirt. You’re simply here to learn and enjoy the journey, babes.

How to squirt (or how to make someone else squirt)

Here’s your baseline guide on how to make a woman squirt. Of course, I recommend first learning how to make your vagina squirt, just so you’re extra equipped. I’m a firm believer that you must know how to make yourself squirt if you wanna do it to someone else. Good news: the following instructions are great for a solo sesh too! 

Prepare your surroundings

1) Get rid of distractions and interruptions by making sure you won’t be disturbed for at least a couple of hours—you always want to allow yourself plenty of time so there’s no stress. 

2) Do away with any harsh lighting, perhaps opting instead for lamplight or candles—anything to create an environment that encourages relaxation and release. 

3) You might light some incense or use a diffuser to tinge the air with your favorite essential oil.

4) You would probably do well to waterproof the area by laying several towels underneath her or putting a waterproof sheet on the bed. 

5) Make yourself and your gal comfortable and maybe give her a massage to get rid of some of her tension and bring her into her body. Ladies that squirt need to be relaxed.

Locate that g-spot, girl

1) The g-spot is inside the vagina—on the upper vaginal wall (towards the stomach)—0.5 to 2 inches from the opening. 

2) The famed g-spot is the only surface inside the vagina that isn't completely smooth-feeling. In fact, it’s been likened to the skin of a citrus fruit. 

3) Don’t jump right to it, though. Take your time to fully observe and appreciate her vulva.

4) Open her upper labia gently, and explore.

5) I would recommend licking your lady before any real internal exploration begins, just to get her extra wet and engorged. This will make her g-spot more prominent too.

How to get a girl to squirt? Stimulate it.

1) Take your time—this is the main rule, if you haven’t noticed. 

2) Use lots of lubricant if needed to make sure there is no undue friction. It’s supposed to feel good, the whole way through, after all. While silicone lubes can last longer, they tend to eat through silicone toys (and condoms), so you might opt for a water-based lube instead. 

3) Stimulate her g-spot with your fingers or using a vibrator. G-spot vibrators are designed with the perfect angle to reach her g-spot. 

4) As you stimulate her g-spot and she gets wetter and more aroused, her g-spot and labia will become even more engorged and look larger. You might keep gently stimulating her clit simultaneously. Do stay on the gentle side—this is not an activity that improves with rough touch.

How to make a woman squirt? Help her let go.

1) Communicate. If she’s not giving feedback, ask for it. And then do what she says or adapt the pressure you’re applying and try something else to see if it works better. This advice applies to pretty much any sexual act.

2) Because female ejaculate comes out of the urethra, she may feel “like she needs to pee.” Although not entirely intuitive, this is actually a sign that she’s getting closer. Because the initial sensation can be similar to needing to pee (at least for first-timers), she needs to be pretty relaxed to let it all go.

3) If her vulva has grown in size, you might try pushing and relaxing both at once—this may sound complex, but it’s not really. Put another way, you want to enact a ‘come hither motion,’ gently but firmly against her g-spot, almost like tickling it. 

4) Strange but true: while some women only ejaculate when their g-spot is stimulated, others only do it without penetration (so with clitoral and vulval stimulation). Maybe this is ‘cause it’s all one connected part, as I mentioned earlier. And—make no mistake, we all have different pathways to pleasure.

Experiment with different positions

If you’re using a vibrator or dildo, you might try a cowgirl position with your woman to allow her to have total control over her movements, and make it easier for you to feel her g-spot.

Or, you might try doggy style, so she can more easily apply pressure on that playground of a frontal vagina wall.

Bottom line: have laid back, steamy, zero-pressure fun learning how to make your woman squirt, and only good can cum of it. 

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