The Personal Trainer (Part 2)

7 mins read

You’ve got your mouth and one hand on those perfect tits, and your other hand explores between her legs. She pouts a little when you stop to address me, but you assure her you’re only getting started. You just need to tend to me for a moment.

“Can I help some more?” her eyes are bright with mischief.
“Of course. Start with the nipple clamps. But don’t take her bra off, just pull the front down so her tits are nice and propped up.”

She does as directed, and makes me flush with her exclamations.

“Oh, look at them! So cute and perky… Is it okay if I… Can I touch them?”

She’s, of course, asking you, and you tell her she can, but that she has to finish off with a good couple of slaps on each of them.

Relishing her permission, she squeezes and fondles my tits, making me squirm and moan. When she smacks both of my tits and I cry out, you shoot me an amused but stern look.

“Quiet, slut. I think we’ve heard enough out of you for the moment.” Changing your mind, you address Miss Red. “Put the ball gag on her first.”

Setting the nipple clamps aside, she places the ball gag in my mouth and secures the straps. Then you instruct her in putting on my nipple clamps, and I find myself grateful for the gag, as it makes it a little easier to be quiet during this torment. When she’s finished, you assess her handiwork. Me on my knees, pants around my ankles, panties pulled up between my legs, tits exposed and tormented by nipple clamps, and a ball gag keeping me quiet…

“Hmm… Still something missing…” You turn to Miss Red and ask her to get my handcuffs from the drawer. “And you can crawl. Not because you’re in trouble, I just want to watch you crawl.” 

With a smile, she complies. On her hands and knees, she makes quite a show of it, crawling slowly and seductively, letting her ass sway and her beautiful tits undulate with every move… You groan with appreciation and start to undo your belt. 

Red finds the handcuffs and brings them over to you, but you tell her you want her to do it. Pulling my arms behind my back, she secures my wrists in the cuffs, making you grin.

“Now pull her panties down to her knees… Perfect.”
“Can I take a picture of her?” Red asks.
“Of course you can.”

Getting her phone, Miss Red circles me, taking quite a few pictures. She shows you a few of them and asks if you ever punish me by posting them online.

“Sometimes, but only when she’s been very, very naughty.”

Kneeling next to me, Miss Red plays with my nipple clamps, making me wriggle.

“Hmm… She seems pretty naughty to me… Can I at least show them to my friends?”

You smirk and watch me flush with humiliation. 

“Absolutely. Show them to whomever you like. Now crawl over here so my little slut can watch you suck my cock.” 

She bites her lip and grins, doing as she’s told. Exposed and tormented, trying so hard not to moan or squirm from the pain and pleasure of it all, I watch as she finishes undoing your pants, and frees your hard cock… While she works on you, your gaze wanders between me and her… 

Taking out your phone, you snap a few photos of her with your cock in her mouth, then I hear the ting that means you’re recording. Enjoying yourself immensely, you film her sucking and licking, then move the camera over to me, watching it all in my vulnerable, tortured state. You tell her how good she is at sucking cock, and that you’d like her to teach me a thing or two.

“My little pet is still learning the art of cocksucking. Take that gag out and bring her over here. And take off everything she's wearing below the waist except her naughty panties. Leave those around her knees.”

Obeying your orders, Red removes my shoes and pants, then unfastens the ball gag. I sputter and drool everywhere, making no move to wipe any of it away, because I know how much you love watching women salivate all over themselves and your cock… Miss Red leads me over to you, both of us on our knees. Guiding her head, you tell me to watch closely… She works her mouth on you, using her hands and tongue for good measure. I try to pay attention to exactly what she’s doing, as there will almost certainly be a test… 

Sure enough, you turn towards me and tell me it’s my turn to try. Even though my hands are still cuffed behind my back, I do my best to mimic Miss Red’s movements, and at first, you’re quite encouraging.

“Not bad, my pet… Looks like you’ve been paying attention. But this can’t be all fun for you. Remember you need to be punished.” Turning to your accomplice, you tell her to hold my head still and grip me by the hair.

“No need to be gentle,” you remind her.

She giggles that little purr of hers, and pulls my hair at the roots, holding my head in place for you. Then she follows your instruction to squeeze my mouth open, and you shove your cock all the way into the back of my throat, making me choke and gasp. Pulling back, you slap my face and scold me.

“Am I going to come home again to find you fondling someone’s tits without my permission?”
“No, Sir. I’m very sorry, Sir.”

My last words are cut off as you slam your cock into my throat again, urging Miss Red to push my head into you. She defers to your wishes, and then when you pull out again, leaving me gagging and drooling, you offer your cock to her and she eagerly takes it back into her mouth. You direct her to keep a hold on me with one hand, and then command me to join her and follow her lead. 

“Mmm… Good girls… That’s right, just like that…”

You groan with pleasure as we both lick and suck and drool on your hard cock. Miss Red clearly enjoys being in charge of me, as she grabs my hair again and forces me to suck on your balls. 

“That’s a good little pet,” she coos. Then she lifts her eyes to you. “Will you punish her mouth some more? I want to film it for my boyfriend.”

With a wicked smirk, you look down at me. Red gets out her phone and scoots back to enjoy the show. She starts recording and you ask me, “What do you think, slut? Would you like me to fuck your mouth again?” 

Part of me is so embarrassed that she’ll be showing this video to her boyfriend - and probably other people, too - but I’m so eager to earn your forgiveness, all I want is to please you.

“Yes, please, Sir.”
“Beg for it.”
“Please, please fuck my mouth, Sir.”
“Why should I?”
“Um… Because I… I deserve it, Sir.”

“Mmhm… Let me hear you say all of it. Beg for your punishment and tell me why you deserve it.”

With a whimper, I stammer out the words, while you stroke my face with your cock and Miss Red giggles behind her phone.

“P-please, Sir… Please fuck my mouth… I need to be p-punished for… for being a naughty, greedy little s-slut, Sir…”
“And a horny little bitch. My lustful little puppy who can’t get enough. Say it.”
“I need to be punished for being a… a horny little… b-bitch, Sir.”

You smirk and stroke my face with your hand and cock…

“That’s right. That's my good little pet.”

With my verbal humiliation complete, you grab me by the hair and thrust your cock into my mouth, ramming the back of my throat. Much to Miss Red’s delight, you tell me to look in the camera for her, and watching her film my assault makes me really wet, much to my embarrassment. Easing your cock out of my mouth, you tell Red to crawl over and take a turn. She sets down her phone and obeys.

While she enjoys your cock, you lecture me for all my naughty words.

“Tsk tsk… Such a filthy mouth on this one… Calling yourself a slut and a horny little bitch… Begging to have your mouth fucked… Open your dirty little mouth, slut… That's a good girl. Red, would you like to teach that filthy mouth a lesson?”

She pauses her cocksucking to smile up at you.

“Mmm, yes, please…”
“Spit into it.”

With a wicked laugh, Red laps up saliva off of your cock, and spits into my open mouth. You make her do it a few more times, then you squeeze my mouth shut and tell me to swallow all of it. As soon as I obey, you pull me up by my hair and tell Miss Red to stay put. Then you drag me over to a stool, uncuff my hands, and tell me to bend over it. I do as I’m told, and you re-cuff my hands in front, to one of the legs of the stool. I’m propped up enough so my clamped tits are on display, but bent over enough to fully expose my ass to you. Kicking my legs apart, you tell me to stay still and watch. And if I’m quiet, you won’t have to gag me again. Then you smack my ass, hard, six or seven times. I lose count because I’m struggling under the effort to stay quiet and not be gagged.

Leaving me there, you return to Miss Red. You make quick work of removing her panties and bending her naked body over the arm of the couch. You tease her pussy with your cock, making her beg for it and tell you how badly she wants you to fuck her. I almost wish I had the ball gag because watching you tease and toy with this gorgeous woman is driving me crazy… 

“If I fuck you, what will you do for me?” you ask her.
“Mmm… Anything you want.”
“I think you’ve earned the right to call me Sir.”
“Ooh… Thank you… I’ll do anything you want, Sir.”
“That’s what I like to hear.”

Slamming your cock into her, she moans and squirms with pleasure. Not one to give away too much too quickly, you only give her a few thrusts before you pull out and flip her over. She sticks out her lower lip.

“Is that all?”
“Don’t pout, or you’ll trade places with my pet.”

Learning quickly, she lowers her lashes.

“Yes, Sir.”
“Good girl. Now if you want me to fuck you some more, put my cock between those giant tits of yours, and show me what you’ll do to earn it.”

As soon as she obeys, I can’t help it… The sight of your cock between her amazing tits makes my juices drip down my legs, and I let out a whimper. You shoot me a disappointed look and shake your head.

“I’ll deal with you in a minute.”

Eva Monroe is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has a very active imagination and lots of opinions and frequently writes those things down. From screenplays to news articles to academic essays, Eva loves taking on the challenge of writing in new mediums, and her smut-tastic adventures with Bellesa are some of the most fun she’s ever had. Eva also co-produced two award-winning short films and has an MFA in screenwriting. Eva Monroe is not her real name.