The Personal Trainer (Part 3)

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Making me wait for my punishment, you thrust your cock up and down between Red’s ample tits, while she tells you how much she loves it, and begs you to fuck her again. I bite my lip hard to keep my mouth shut, knowing I’m already in trouble.

When you’re done fucking her tits, she asks if she can administer my punishment. Smiling, you pick up the ball gag and tell her you can do it together.

Moving over to me, you grab my face and turn my gaze up to meet yours.

“What did I tell you, slut?”
“To hold still and be quiet.”
“And did you?”
“N-no, Sir.”

Shaking your head, you release my face and shove the ball gag in my mouth. Then you tell Red to fetch some ties from the drawer and instruct her in securing my ankles to the stool. Then you both step back and study my naked, exposed ass.

“Hmm…” you wonder… “How many spankings do you think she deserves?”
“Umm… Fifty?”

You laugh, and I hear a soft swatting, which I imagine is you patting her ass.

“You’re wicked. And I like it. But fifty is a lot, even for this naughty little slut. How about we each do ten? And then, of course, she has to watch me fuck you.”

She purrs and purrs and I’m so distracted trying to figure out what’s happening behind me, I’m totally caught off guard by the first spanking. The two of you literally take turns, one smack after another, so there’s no respite from the blows. Red is gleefully counting each one, as the ball gag muffles my whimpers, and makes me drool all over my tits. When the two of you reach twenty, she walks around to the front of the stool. You’re snapping photos of my abused ass, and she starts cooing at me, her voice full of exaggerated pity.

“Oh, look at that, poor thing… She’s drooling all over herself.”
“Good,” you say behind me, and Miss Red giggles. 

Taking her by the hand, you lead her back to the couch… 

“Now, where were we… Oh, that’s right.” 

Turning her around, you bend her over the back of the couch this time, so you’re both facing me. I’m forced to watch as you tease her with your cock again, never tiring of making her beg for it. When you finally give her what she wants, I’m treated to the sight of her beautiful, impressive tits bouncing back and forth as you grip her hips and thrust into her repeatedly… 

Noticing where my eyes are, you reach around and start to play with her tits while you fuck her, pinching her nipples and squeezing her soft flesh. She moans with pleasure.

“Ooh… Fuck yes…”
“You like that, Red?”
“God, yes… I love it…”
“Look at my little slut over there. She’s dying to bury her face in your bouncing tits.”
“Mmm… She is? Mmmmm… Oh, god, yes… How can you tell?”
“Because I know what my horny little puppy likes. Isn’t that right, slut? You’ve been aching to have your hands and mouth all over these tits since you met her, haven’t you?”

I nod, my small whimper thankfully drowned out by Miss Red’s moaning.

“Fuck me… Yes… Oh god, yes…”

She grinds her hips against you and you dig your fingers into her skin. I let myself moan a little watching her come, knowing you won’t be able to hear me. Even so, I feel naughty for bending the rules.

Pulling back, you come all over her ass. Then you leave her spent, draped over the back of the couch. You cross over to me and tug on my nipple clamps, smirking when I squirm and drool. Looking back at your voluptuous, naked conquest, you call her to us. She slides off the couch and dreamily saunters over. 

“If my little pet is a good girl for you, will you let her enjoy your beautiful tits?”
“I get to boss her around?”
“I’ll loan her to you for the next… 30 minutes. You can make her do anything you want.”
“Hmm… I suppose she can play with them. But she’ll have to earn it by being very well-behaved and doing exactly as I say.”
“That sounds fair. Have at her.”

Sitting on the couch with your cock still out, you casually stroke it while you watch Red set to work on me. She circles the stool, studying my exposed, vulnerable body. She starts caressing me as she goes, then her hand lands between my legs and she exclaims in surprise.

“Jesus christ, your little pet is soaking wet!”

You scoff and shake your head.

“Of course she is. All this torment and humiliation… It drives her greedy little pussy crazy.”

Delighting in her discovery, Miss Red plays with my wetness, stroking me and shoving her fingers inside me, making me writhe and moan under her touch. 

“Mmm… You must be aching to come, poor thing…”

And with that, she pulls her hand away, gives my pussy a vicious smack, and laughs. You laugh with her and watch her admiringly. 

“You really are so wicked.”
“Well, you’re right. She’s been ogling my tits since day one. And now that I know she had a Master all along, I’m pretty sure she was bending the rules a bit, by gawking at them without your permission.”
“It’s true. As well-trained as she is, she’s such a horny little bitch that sometimes my puppy can’t help herself. She needs to be punished a lot, to help her learn her lessons and remind her of her place.”

My face is flushed with humiliation, listening to the two of you talk about me like this. Especially because I know it’s all true. 

Still naked and magnificent, Red prances over the drawer of toys and bats her eyes at you.

“May I?”
“Did you already forget how to ask nicely?”

Coy, she bites her lip. 

“May I, please, Sir?”
“That’s better. Yes, you may.”

Digging through the drawer, she starts ooh-ing and ah-ing and pulling things out. My heart flips when I see that she has my collar and leash. You usually reserve those for public humiliations, and I’m nervous that you’ll start giving her suggestions for how to spend her time with me…

She holds up a riding crop and turns to you, in awe.

“Is this for spankings?”

There’s that wicked grin of yours. 

“Oof, that must hurt.”
“It does if you want it to. It can also caress and tickle.” 

She purrs her little giggle at you, and carries her chosen toys over to me. Looking me over, she removes the ball gag. You smile when I reflexively catch my breath and slobber on myself. She runs her fingers over my lips and inside my mouth.

“I’m going to need access to this. And I’m going to need you to call me Mistress. Is that clear?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good girl. That’s a promising start.”

Picking up the riding crop, she starts to run it over the length of my body, giving me goosebumps and making me shiver. 

“Tell, me, slut…” She pauses, looks to you for approval. “Can I call her slut?”

Thoroughly enjoying yourself, you generously tell her that she can call me whatever she wants. She thanks you and continues her torment.

“Tell me, slut, you fondled me in the kitchen earlier, knowing full well how much trouble you’d be in with your Master. Isn’t that right?”
“Y-yes, Mistress.”

She lightly slaps my ass with the riding crop.

“And for weeks now, you’ve been thinking about playing with my tits, haven’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress…”

She smacks my ass again, harder this time.

“And have you made yourself come, thinking about me and my tits?”

I see you raise your eyebrows at me, and I lower my eyes in shame.

“Yes… Yes, Mistress…”

She tsks behind me and lands several sharp, vicious blows on my naked bottom. I squirm in pain, even though it’s making my pussy even wetter.

“I bet you really want to play with them now, don’t you? After watching your Master enjoy them so much?”

I nod, whimpering a little. “Yes… Yes, please, Mistress…” 

“Hmm… We’ll see.”

She unties my ankles and un-cuffs me from the stool. Then she takes off my bra and re-cuffs my hands together in front of my body. She commands me to my knees and puts on my collar and leash. Noticing a few pair of high heels near the door, she walks me over to them, my panties still around my knees. Then she stands me up and puts a pair of stilettos on me, assessing her work. I’m naked but for the stilettos, nipple clamps, and my pulled-down panties, bound by my handcuffs, collar, and leash.

“Mmm… Now that’s a pretty little puppy. What should we do with her?”

Standing up, you join us by the door and look me in the eye.

“That depends… Now, tell me the truth, slut… When you made yourself come thinking about her tits… Did you do it without my permission?”

Trying to hold your gaze, I’m both exhilarated and scared to answer. You’d been out of town and in meetings, and I’d had such a hard time reaching you… But I know none of that matters. All that matters is how egregiously I’d disobeyed one of my cardinal Rules. My answer is small and meek.

“...Y-y-yes… Yes, Sir…”

Grabbing my cheeks, you force me to look at the disappointment on your face.

“I am very, very sorry to hear that.”
“Yes, Sir… I am so, so sorry, Sir.”

Ignoring me you turn to Miss Red and glance out the window.

“Sometimes the downstairs neighbor forgets to bring in his paper… Yep. What luck, it’s still there. Come on then, slut. Out you go.”

Wide-eyed, I start to follow Miss Red’s lead as she laughs at my predicament. Then she stops me and turns to you.

“Shouldn’t she be crawling, to remember her place?” 
“Quite right. You can command her. She’s yours right now, remember.”

With a lascivious smile, she turns to me.

“On your hands and knees, slut. We’re going for a little walk so you can fetch the neighbor’s paper for him.”

I drop to my hands and knees, and Red looks down at her naked body, giggling.

“Oops! I almost forgot. I can get dressed again, right?”

You pull her close and run your hands over her delicious naked curves.

“Of course you can. You’re not the one being punished. But just your sports bra and workout pants, so he can enjoy what a vision you are.”

Waiting on my hands and knees, you slide your fingers between my legs. I start to squirm but your voice is sharp and firm.

“Hold still, slut. I just want to see for myself… Mmm, yep, of course. Dripping fucking wet. No surprise there.”

You continue to fondle and finger my wet pussy until Miss Red is dressed. It’s all I can do to keep still and silent, but I have a lot to make up for.

When she’s ready, the two of you walk in front of me while she leads me outside on the leash. Pausing a moment, you adjust my panties so they’re right below my ass, explaining to Red that you don’t want me to crawl out of them.

“It’s extra humiliating for her to have them on but pulled down. We want to make sure our neighbor can see what a naughty little slut she’s been.” 

Red giggles in appreciation and tugs at my leash. “Come on, horny little puppy.”

Pulling me down the stairs, I’m keenly aware of how on display I am for the entire neighborhood. Anyone looking out their window or passing by will see my complete and utter humiliation. Walking me across the yard to the neighbor’s lawn, you instruct me to pick up his newspaper with my mouth. It isn’t easy, and the two of you laugh and enjoy my struggle. I finally manage to pick it up, and Miss Red leads me to the neighbor’s doorstep. You glance down at me before you ring the doorbell.

“Up on your knees, like a good little bitch.”

I rise up on my knees with the paper in my mouth, and put my hands in a begging position. You smirk and turn to the door. 

“That’s a good slut.”

When the neighbor answers, his eyes widen at the sight of us: You grinning broadly, Miss Red posing in her tight, revealing workout clothes, and me naked on my leash, nipples clamped and panties askew, offering him his newspaper.

“God, I love it when she misbehaves.” 

Miss Red laughs, realizing this isn’t the first time I’ve been subjected to this embarrassment. He looks her over hungrily. You introduce the two of them, and I’m forced to wait, working hard to keep the paper in my mouth. I accidentally whimper, and you shoot me a look. 

But our neighbor laughs and takes the paper from me. “Oh alright, thank you for the paper, little puppy.” 

Before we go you let him fondle my tits and my ass, and he gives it a few good smacks. Then you and Miss Red lead me back upstairs, going nice and slow to give more people a chance to see me.

When we get inside you inform me that I’ve made you hard again, and you and Miss Red devise a plan. She wants to finish my punishment by watching you come all over my face and tits, so she gets on her knees and starts working you over with her mouth. You hold my leash in one hand, and occasionally pull me over so she can spit in my mouth, or you can ram it with a few hard thrusts of your cock. When you’re ready to come, she pulls me over by my leash and holds my head still. Your come splashes on my cheeks and mouth and tits, and you make me thank you both for such a thorough and instructive punishment. 

We finally say goodbye to our new friend, and she tells me how much she looks forward to our next training session. After a long, deep kiss from you, she twitches her substantial ass as she leaves, giving you a nice last look.

You turn to me, knowing how desperate I am to come after such a salacious day. Since I’m still being punished (coming without your permission is a serious offense), you make me wait an achingly long time. You take off my leash, but I spend the rest of the day in my collar, wrecked panties, nipple clamps, and heels… It’s only after I make dinner for you, eat my food out of a doggie dish on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, and wait patiently in the corner for 30 minutes, that you finally let me come. You make me do it myself, and you film me the whole time, telling me that you’re going to send the video to Red and give me 20 more spankings as soon as I get off. It doesn’t take me long, I’m so riled up, and as soon as I come you make me fuck myself with my fingers, then lick each one of them clean.

Only then do you stop filming me, and promptly send the video off to Miss Red. It’s both thrilling and mortifying to know she has a growing collection of videos and images of me in salacious, compromising positions, to share with whomever she pleases…

After my last round of spankings, you let me clean myself up in a nice hot shower, and curl up in your lap, freshly washed and orgasmed and thoroughly loved.

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