Sage: Salacious Sinister Desire

Kay Brandt
9 mins read
Published about 3 years ago

A whirlwind affair often fades to dust, while burning flames can ignite an uncontrollable fire. Here, in the sand swept oasis of the desert Kingdom, nightfall brings enchantment. The prince and princess, Ari and Sage, have taken power since their blessed holy union six months ago. Their destined romance and undying love for each other has sadly dimmed in the afterglow. Making love on magical carpet rides, and in the majestic gardens, is a thing of the past, now that they've taken the helm. Spoiled Sage thought she had married her forever playmate. For Ari, his kingly initiation means responsibility and work—something unfamiliar to an impoverished slum child whose life took an extraordinary turn when he won the princess's heart. The weight of the world is on his shoulders, but Sage could care less. She didn't want to marry a king, but a passionate lover, like he was.

Many forbidden activities take place under the golden midnight moon. The soft laughter and sighs from her maidens behind the curtains of the servant’s quarters have caught Sage's attention, making her think naughty things about joining in. For Sage, it is another restless, loveless night. Having embraced his new position as the future ruler, the quest for power has distracted Ari from the needs of his beautiful, adoring wife. Sage wraps her arms around Ari's strong body, offering kisses, softly tracing on his back with her pointy nails. His eyes are a million miles away, dreaming of being a great leader. With a soft kiss on the cheek, he sends her to bed. Tired of sleeping alone, Sage pleasures herself with deep, hungry fantasies about lewd encounters with nameless, faceless men and women, touching her most private places once reserved for her husband. As the sunrises, she watches Ari and his genie sequester themselves for a long day of strategic planning. Sage has a brilliant plan, too—her own adventurous strategy for marital escape.

The princess recruits her two favorite maidens to accompany her on the questionable and secret excursion. Sage has ruled over this land since her birth, yet she's never explored it. The three will travel undercover as commoners, without guards, which is not allowed. She rather enjoys watching her maiden's discomfort, hearing the details of the bizarre plan. Spending a day in the slums and villages is nothing they want to do or experience, but the princess can't be convinced otherwise. They must swear to secrecy, or face execution if this little jaunt is ever revealed to Ari and his men. In total obedience they do as she says, bathing Sage first in richly scented oils, massaging her silky skin, and following instructions to touch her more intensely. Lately, her bathing requests have included more dramatic touch, especially on her most sensitive regions, and for extended periods of time. Although she's wanted to, Sage refrains from coming on her maiden's hands, preferring to bring herself to orgasm once she is relaxed and alone. Adorned in veils and cloaks, Sage and the two fretting, nervous maidens manage to escape unseen through an underground tunnel no longer used for transport, and venture out into the dusty streets of the rowdy village outside the castle. Without the safety of the Kingdom or guards protecting them, they are women subject to the dangers lurking in the bustling chaos.

Prostitutes, beggars, peddlers, and thieves surround them, grabbing at their clothes, as they dart through the streets. The maidens walk behind Sage, afraid of being caught, as she fearlessly prowls the shadowed corridors, leading them into a loud parlor for a drink. The maidens beg to go home, but Sage brazenly enters, excitedly caressing protruding nipples under her silky dress. She shoves the sniveling maiden bitches onto tattered cushions. All attention is drawn to the odd sight of three pretty, unfamiliar ladies, looking more refined than the usual gutter girls who offer cheap thrills. 

They are immediately pounced on by a few scoundrels making crude advances for nasty favors. The maidens are groped in suggestive ways, crying for Sage to reveal her royal identity and make them stop, but she doesn't. Watching the prudes squirm is a sinful delight—just the kind of entertainment she was seeking. Smiling in approval for the scoundrels to continue, Sage feels a sneaky touch inching up her own leg. One of the men shoves his hand down her top, clutching at her breast, causing her to scream. A young, strapping gangster grabs the man's other hand, blocking the invasion. A sharp blade glistens, gripped firmly by the gang boy, aiming it at the heart of the scoundrel. Clenching his fists, the scoundrel attempts to fight back and falls to the floor with the gangster's foot smashed into his gut. He motions for the women to run, and Sage and the maidens obey, dashing out with their street rat hero right behind them. 

They run down a dark alley, following his commands, ducking into a shabby tent. The maidens are petrified, handing over their jewelry, as the stud sizes up his captives. He looks at the precious gems and stones, smiling wickedly as he tosses them away, wanting instead to have Sage for his reward. Heat pulsates through the princess, seeing him tie up the maidens, before ordering her to strip and kneel at his feet. She does as he says, and he drops behind her, pressing his firm, hard ruggedness against her soft, supple curves. He rubs his groin against her bare ass, with a keen awareness that she's a royal. Sage twists around, fending him off, but her attempts are pathetic and weak. His raw strength overtakes her resistance, panting as his full lips kiss hers. The first mouth of another since her husband's is luscious, and she sucks on his tongue. Her hands pinned behind her back by his, he dives between her thighs, shocked at her wetness, and her willingness. And then, the unexpected, sharp claws of a castle guard yank him off the princess. Thrown to the dirt, a bloody brawl ensues, and the gangster gets away, leaving Sage and her terrified maidens to be escorted back to the castle confines.

Back in her chambers, Sage cleans the filth off of her body with tender caresses, sniffing her skin for the gangster's scent, and recalling the forbidden touch of her captor. She shivers, wanting to feel his body in her hands, and him inside her, with the thirst of a desperately horny woman. Ari watches her without speaking, afraid of her explanations for leaving the castle without warning. He holds her, attempting comfort, but this time it is her eyes that are distant. 

That night, Ari takes his place next to her in bed, wanting to be close, and feels for her in the darkness. Disturbed, he realizes Sage's side is cold. Ari jumps to action, calling for a complete search of the castle. Not finding a trace of his wife, and with the maidens refusing to utter a word, he takes matters into his own hands. Climbing down secret stairways, Ari nimbly moves past his guards undetected, on an angry hunt for his wife. It scares him to think about her motives, remembering how they met—when she previously rebelled against her father. It was for Ari's betterment that she did escape that day, but now he has a terrible feeling this time is different. 

Out in the village, Ari's streetwise skills dominate his practiced, royal stance, leaping from rooftop to rooftop with stealthy skill. He cuts through battered, abandoned tents, scanning every hidden passage, with no sign of Sage. Agonizing to the point of losing his mind, he calls for his Genie, needing mystical assistance. The Genie implores him to stop the chase—the danger of a prince being out beyond his kingdom without his guards isn't worth the risk. Ari insists Sage means more to him than his own life. He is prepared to do whatever he must in order to secure her safety. The Genie tries to block him, causing multiple hazards to appear in his path, until Ari yells for him to quit playing games and vanish. In the light released from the genie's departure, he sees Sage's frame and figure through the missing bricks in a broken wall. Not knowing if she is alive or dead, he rushes ahead.

Pain shatters his heart at the first full glance of her laying naked with the rogue thief, and the sound of wild love making wafting in the air. Sage straddles the dirty gangster, riding his groin with depraved abandon. Frozen, Ari is at once vaguely turned on by his wife's nudity and repulsed at the lewdness of her act. He eyes his sword, contemplating using it on himself after beheading the adulterer. Instead he enters the decrepit abode, similar to the hole he once lived in, and yanks Sage's long, sweaty hair, pulling her off the loaded gun. The thief scrambles, breathing heavily, his rock hard thickness dripping with Sage's creamy juice. Ari slices his sword in the bad man's direction, threatening imminent death. He fiercely warns him to never, ever touch his wife again or face execution. 

In a flash of clashing metal, the gangster rips Ari's clothes with his own fierce knife. He flips the sword from Ari's hand, rendering him defenseless. The prince has lost his edge, too pampered in his palatial lifestyle. Sage slips from his grips, dressing instantly, all the while screaming with disgust. Ari retrieves his sword, offering a duel. The gangster accepts, combating the ex-street boy with ruthlessness. Sage huddles in the corner, hiding her excitement over the fight, guiltily torn between them. Both rivals slashed and bleeding, the gangster hangs over the prince, foot on his slashed chest, his weapon drawn at his throat. Sage doesn't make a sound, heart racing with skewed emotions. Ari accepts his untimely fate, anticipating his brutal death, but the opponent withdraws, setting him free. Ari jumps up, dragging Sage to his side, swiftly exiting the ramshackle tent.

Sage weeps as she and her husband return back to their isolation. Once in their chamber, Ari cries at her feet, pleading for Sage to explain her intentions and justify the lewd adultery. She has no kind words, or looks of love, and not a care to be forgiven. A woman whose passion has turned to hate feels no remorse. She reminds him this is her kingdom—one he was invited into—and that she answers to no one but herself. He can go back to his planning, closed-door meetings, and drink spirits with his men till all hours of the morning, as he's done so many nights before. No longer will she long or cry for her man—the one she loved more than any creature alive—as he only gives back mild pleasantries in return. Retreating to her private room, she orders him not to follow and bolts the door.

Sage tools away in anguish, longing for the passion of her lowly lover, despising the power-hungry wimp she married. She seduces a castle servant, stroking his hard rod till it drips and goes limp, into revealing the secret hiding place of the Genie's sacred lamp. Ari, confused and lost in a deep depression, sees Sage carrying the lamp. He insists that she drop it, but Sage's serene eyes convince Ari to at least listen to what she has in mind. It was Ari's foolish play with magic that brought them together. Perhaps now if they seek the wisdom of the trusted Genie, a solution to their failing union might arise. Not trusting her, Ari reminds his wife of the eternal rules of his magic. The Genie cannot kill anyone, nor can he make someone fall in love. Whatever emotional complexities Sage is experiencing, mystical action may not be the answer. Sage nods in absolute understanding, easing Ari's fear. 

He does what she asks, and calls out the Genie, but Sage has control as the one who holds and rubs the lamp. Suddenly, the genie morphs and spasms, uncomfortable with his new owner. Now in Sage's stronghold, she imagines her first wish. Ari yells to not abuse the irreversible power of wishes, and think with her heart and not her hate. Downcast eyes spew forth the devilish desire of the princess—to meet the whores whom once stroked her husband's ego before he was a married man. Let them parade in front of him, to see if his lengthy rod still reacts to their prowess. Ari is ill, demanding this ridiculous behavior to end, but the spell has been cast. Two becomes five, then ten slithering sluts dancing, amorously inviting his legendary maleness deep within their goods for sale. Sage taunts the whores with money strewn about for them to scrounge, but her husband refuses to entertain the sickly apparitions. 

Instead, a horrid feeling of dread fills Ari's soul as the blasting horns of the guards break the awful silence. Ari runs for his men, anticipating an invasion, but the threat is only that of the intrepid street rat, coming to claim his royal stake. Equipped with a violent arsenal, the gangster stares Ari down. Standing in the corner is Sage, smiling proudly, having used her second wish in the appearance of the intruder. The prince faces his foe, unknowing as to his wife's next wish, unveiling his sword. A fight for territory ensues, destroying priceless sculptures, and castle heirlooms. Fresh wounds on top of infected cuts from the night before, bleed out, but the men battle on. Their blood flings at Sage and the gangster is instantly joined by several, virile gutter hoodlums, weapons drawn into the fight. Ari and his men are unexpectedly outnumbered. Needing the upper hand, the prince climbs a wall, before deploying his group for the roof. Feet burning on boiling hot metal and tiles, he loses his footing on the edge. Slipping fast down two floors, he catches himself with his hands, but his sword drops forty feet below. Fingers on fire, he loses his hold, tragically falling to his doom—impaled through the heart by the blade of honor gifted to him on his blessed wedding day. Sage doesn't flinch, dismissing the howling, sorrowful genie without asking for a final wish.

Sage's promise to love and honor is washed away with Ari's last breath. In her rage-filled, selfish eyes, she can only see the bounty of what she can have without being tied to a marital prison. A woman in her prime with a thirst for life and lust supersedes all else. She must be catered to constantly, or die by the sword. Greedily, she looks over her vicious crew, lustfully awaiting her command. The princess orders them to remove their street garb and bow, pledging their absolute devotion as her sexual man-slaves from now until all eternity. They must swear to dedicate their lives to serving her every pleasure, satisfying her never-ending desires and demands without question. Vibrating with salacious delight as they kiss her precious feet, she pets the heads of her admiring, well-hung harem, confident that she will be fulfilled forevermore.

Written by
Kay Brandt

Kay Brandt is a seductive storyteller, award-winning adult filmmaker, and bestselling author, delivering a passionate blend of story and explicit, graphic content. Some of her most notable works include "The World of Cherry" e-book series, which has gone on to become the biggest budget lesbian adult films ever made. Since their release in 2011, they have been deemed erotic classics.