Chapter 4

I Dare You

Lauren Emily
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Part FOUR: Swing Me Around


Jules nods. The rope is secured to the headboard, straining her arms in a way that isn’t painful but reminds her she has nowhere to go, nothing to think about except what’s about to go down between her legs.

“So strong,” he murmurs, his large, smooth hands running over her thighs before he asks: “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she breathes, and he dips his head between her strong thighs.

The second Jack’s tongue brushes her clit, Jules arches her back and moans.

This isn’t a dream.

Three days earlier . . .

“You did WHAT?” Evie shrieks. Luckily the frat boy crooning Luke Bryan on the mic drowns her out.

Liam’s eyes are so wide Jules is surprised his glasses haven’t popped off his head. “You know,” Evie stage-whispers to him, “our Internet is like, higher than high-speed now.”

Jules rolls her eyes, giggling. “Not possible. He tinkered with it before he –“

“Tinkered with you?” Liam cracks, high-fiving Jules.

Evie, who’s about two and a half cocktails in, tries to use her tongue to find her straw before finally giving up. “I’m just mad you didn’t get a picture of this stud.”

Jules throws up her hands. “And when would I have done that, Eves? Before or after he was inside me?” Making me scream like a banshee.

“Seriously, you’re my hero now,” Evie babbles, slurping.

“I wasn’t before?” Jules asks, mock-hurt. 

“You know what I mean.” Evie and Liam follow Jules’ gaze to the bar, where Jack, in a tight T-shirt, is uncapping a beer while chatting animatedly with a grizzled regular. “I still think it’s weird he lied to you about having a girlfriend,” Evie says.

Liam shrugs. “Eh, I get it. He didn’t know Jules. He wasn’t in the mood for . . . stuff.” He looks back at Jules. “Did you get a new dare?”

Jules shakes her head. She and Jack have been texting and talking on the phone about non-sexual things: books they love, that one improv teacher at Second City with perpetual allergies but killer timing, Jules’ upcoming gig. Jack was so easy to talk to, she hadn’t even thought about another dare.

Until now.

“I was thinking,” Jules says, lowering her voice, “I’d dare myself.

“Ooo!” Evie squeals, clapping her hands in tipsy glee. “What’d you have in mind?”

Jules answers more tentatively than she’d like, but fantasizing about this was one thing, putting voice to it quite another: “More than one person?”

Liam looks contemplative and Evie scrunches up her nose. “Too much?” Jules asks.

“No, no.” Evie shakes her head. “I’m just… thinking how you’d arrange something like that.” She adds, “I guess you could go to a party…”

Jules matches Evie’s sly grin. “Does your boy know about that?”

Evie bursts into giggles. “You mean, how we met during a threesome?”

Liam chokes on his drink, leading to a coughing fit that has Evie whacking him on the back and Jules running for the water cooler.

“Thanks,” Liam says. “I’m a dude – you can’t just spring that on me.” He takes a sip of water. “Better now. Details? Pretty please?”

Evie and Jules exchange a smirk. “College thing,” Jules says. “We were drunk, and it didn’t go very far because twenty-one-year-old boys are terrible at sex.”

“Hey!” Liam protests. “Buuuuut, yeah.” He looks at Jules and Evie with a lascivious smile. “If you ever want another go-round…”

“NO,” Jules and Evie chorus, and Jules throws a balled-up napkin at Liam.

“Honestly?” Evie says, cheeks pink. She slurps her drink and takes a deep breath. “I’d be up for it again. Just not with my bestie.”

Liam kisses her. “You are one badass girlfriend. We can talk more about it when you’re sober.”

“Yay sex!” Evie squeals, loudly kissing Liam back.

Jules shakes her head, smiling. “Okay, Ms. Drunkypants, I’m getting you a Coke.”

“Bring back tacos!” Evie yells as Jules makes her way to the bar, and the sexy man behind it.

“We don’t serve food,” Jack says, garnishing Evie’s Coke with extra limes and waving away Jules’ money. “Think she’ll mutiny?”

“Nah,” Jules says. “If history’s any indication, she’ll get in a long conversation with our Uber driver before making Liam put on Zoolander and passing out during the opening credits.” She sees Liam and Evie taking a drunken selfie and smiles, glad her roomie’s found a quality dude.

Jack chuckles. “I like them.”

“If only they’d stop breaking the couch. Oh, by the way,” Jules says, leaning on the bar. She chose this low-cut top for maximum exposure of her assets. “About my next dare–

“Say what?” Jack says, now mesmerized by her cleavage. Check and mate. 

“Aw, you’re such a man!” Jules says, straightening up. “You know, the dares?”

“You still want to do that?” Jack’s now very busy cleaning a glass. Why can’t I ever get a read on him?

“Uh, yeah,” Jules says. “They’ve been good for me. Very good.” 

Whatever funk Jack was in, is now gone. He leans on his elbows, face very close to Jules – if she moved just an inch, they’d be kissing. “I’m in,” he says in that salted-caramel voice. “Give me a day or so?”

“Actually,” Jules says, “I was thinking I could dare myself and you could keep me accountable. Except I might need your advice on how to set things up.”

Jack raises an eyebrow and grins. “Whatcha got?”

“Group sex.”

“What, um…” Is it just me, or is he flustered? She’d thought nothing could surprise a bartender. “configuration?” Jack finishes.

Jules thinks for a second. “Probably no more than four people. And I’d want another woman in the mix. I’m . . . curious.” She smiles, knowing this is catnip for ninety-nine percent of straight men. Also, it’s true.

She would never admit this to Evie, but she has some nice memories of that night and none of them involve the guy. She remembers how soft Evie’s lips were, the little noises she made when Jules touched her (amazing) tits. Jules wants to try girl-on-girl again, with someone whose dirty underwear she hasn’t seen.

Jack throws a bar rag over his shoulder, biting his bottom lip in a way that makes Jules want to bite it too. “I’ve been wanting to try group play as well, and I … know some people. Would it be okay if were one of the guys?”

Do NOT jump him. Play. It. Cool.

“Yeah,” Jules says, gulping. “Yeah. I think that’d be good.”

Just then, someone calls Jack’s name. “I gotta go,” he says. “But give me a couple of days – I’ll keep you in the loop, and you can change your mind at any point, okay? I want you to be one hundred percent comfortable.” He pulls out his phone. “You free Sunday?”

That fast? Jules nods again, before she can think twice. “Great,” Jack says, looking deep into her eyes and smiling, before heading off to pour a drink.

People are still drinking and chatting, but Jules’ world has shifted.

In three days, I’ll be naked with Jack.

“More Prosecco?” Cici asks, blue-green eyes sparkling. 

“Just a little,” Jules replies, settling back on the couch in Cici and Tom’s apartment. Cici leans over to pour and Jules tries not to gawk at her gorgeous rack, heaving from her V-neck dress. Is this how straight guys feel? 

Not only is Cici beautiful, but Tom resembles an underwear model, even with his clothes on. And better yet, Jack’s swinger friends are completely delightful. They’ve all been messaging on Facebook since Jack confirmed their “playdate,” talking about everything from consent ethics and do’s and don’ts for tonight, to their favorite podcasts.  

Jules isn’t sure what she expected, but so far this feels like a normal evening with fun, nerdy people who have her favorite sparkling wine on hand.

Then again, no one’s started fooling around yet.

Next to Jules, Jack stretches an arm across the back of the couch. “This okay?” he whispers and she nods. She can feel his body close to her, radiating heat. 

“Jules,” Cici says, perching on the armchair next to her. A little smile plays on her pretty lips. “May I kiss you?”

Here we go.

Gulping, Jules squeaks her assent and feels Cici’s soft lips on hers.

“Oh,” she breathes. Jules can taste the Prosecco-bubbles on Cici’s tongue, and she moves closer, goes deeper, wanting more. As Cici’s hands gently move down Jules’ back to squeeze her ass, Jules moves her mouth to Cici’s neck, hearing the other woman purr.

Suddenly, Jules feels a presence behind her, and a different set of arms slides around her waist. “Jules,” Jack murmurs, lips brushing her earlobe, “can I kiss your neck?”

Drunk on Cici’s kisses, she nods.

Cici is now passionately kissing Tom, who has pulled Cici’s dress over her head to reveal exquisite cream-colored lingerie that glows against her pale skin.

Jack’s mouth is a little tentative, but grows confident as he uses his lips, lightly, gracefully, then his tongue, to explore the back of her neck, then the top of her bare shoulder, slipping off the spaghetti strap of her dress. Jules had been so worried they wouldn’t have chemistry. She is not disappointed.

“Room for more?” Jules opens her eyes at the sound of Tom’s British accent. Tom mirrors Jack, moving his mouth and hands over Cici from behind.

“Stay still, bunny,” Cici whispers, kissing Jules slowly while reaching under the hem of Jules’ dress. “Very nice,” she murmurs upon discovering that Jules didn’t wear panties. Jack puts a finger under Jules’ chin and turns her head to kiss him. She feels his tongue dance with hers as Cici plays with her clit, rubbing and flicking it just right. Jules moans in Jack’s mouth, then leans against him as he nibbles her ear and starts on her neck again. She sees Tom shed his clothes to reveal rippling muscles and begin to stroke himself.

“Oh god!” Jules cries as she bucks against Cici’s hand, feeling Jack’s firm hands on her breasts, his mouth on her shoulder. As she surrenders to orgasm, she revels in the sheer decadence of all these mouths and hands, doing anything she wants.

“Well,” Cici says, pulling back, smiling at Jules. “Shall we move to the bedroom?” 

Jules pulls off her dress, naked and ready. “Absolutely.”

“Oh, Jules, Jules, goddon’tstop!”

Jules moves her tongue against Cici’s clit as Tom pounds Jules from behind, his big cock sliding in and out.

This is what hedonism feels like.

She’d never eaten pussy before, but Cici’s feels slick, inviting. Kneeling next to the bed with her face between Cici’s legs and breathing in her spicy scent, Jules tries to remember what she likes men to do to her. She loves hearing Cici moan and beg her not to stop, loves Tom thrusting into her, a delicious blend of punishment and reward.

Jules lifts her head for air and sees Jack sitting behind Cici, cradling her in his arms as he caresses her breasts, pinching her nipples. 

“Oh fuck!” Cici cries as Jules slides two fingers into her and curls them towards her, sucking on Cici’s clit as Cici grinds against her face. Tom’s thrusts grow harder, faster and Jules comes as Cici does, raw and beautiful.

Jules crawls toward Jack as soon as she recovers.

“Hi,” she says, straddling his lap and kissing him hard and deep, tasting smoke and whiskey. “Enjoying yourself?” she whispers in his ear.

“Oh yeah,” he grunts as she kisses his neck, feeling him bare and warm under her. “But,” Jack says, pulling back. “I’d love some more time with you.”

Jules tries to ignore the rapid beating of her heart at those words. It’s just sex, she tells herself. Live in the moment. Next to her, Tom is laid out while Cici sucks his cock, her mouth moving up and down and for a moment Jules and Jack watch, rapt. Running his hands up and down Jules’ back, Jack turns to her. “I’ll do anything you want,” he says, and his eyes are dark, intense.

“Anything?” Jules asks with a grin.

“All right, love?” Tom asks, tightening the rope one last time. Even him tying her up was erotic in itself, the way he maneuvered the rope gently but firmly around her, explaining everything as he went. 

“Yes, thank you,” she whispers, and Cici leans down to kiss her, long and full. Jules drinks in the kiss with her eyes open, watching Jack watch her as he has been this whole time, pure lust in his eyes.

“I think I’ve got it from here,” Jack says softly.

“May we watch?” Cici asks, taking Tom’s hand as they settle next to Jules on the bed. 

Jules giggles. “I’m an actress. I love an audience.” She inhales the aroma of pure sex in the room, then fixes her gaze on Jack.

As he comes toward her, Jules savors the sight of his body, lean and muscular with a light dusting of hair on his pecs, the sexiest happy trail she’s ever seen and a lovely, bobbing erection. She desperately wants to suck him, to fuck him, and knowing she can’t take control turns her on even more.

Then Jack lowers his head and Jules gives in.

His tongue is perfect, brushing her clit in light strokes that gradually grow longer, stronger. “Mmmmm,” Jules coos, writhing against her restraints. She can feel the hair on his head and his stubble, both so soft, tickling her thighs as he slowly but surely savors her pussy. “Oh, Jack.” She rolls her hips, fitting her cunt to his mouth as Jack dips his tongue inside her, then goes deeper, hands running up and down her thighs.

“Just like that,” Jules manages, knowing she’s not going to last much longer. She hears a sigh next to her and turns her head, where Tom is on top of Cici, fucking her. Jules catches Cici’s eye and grins.

Then Jack starts thrusting into Jules with his tongue and Jules forgets everything.

“Please,” she cries as he strokes her hips, holding her down, respectful of her body but confident she’ll cede to his control. She wants to come. She wants him. She wants everything.

Scissoring her legs around his head, Jules gives in to her orgasm, squeezing Jack with her thighs. He comes up just long enough to give her a sexy grin, his lips wet with her, before diving back down as she grips his head.

Oh Jack!” Jules cries, seeing her thigh muscles clench as she slides three fingers inside her. Trussed up, with every nerve on fire, she feels wonderfully and completely used. Her arms ache and her body is on fire as she takes Jack’s lovely mouth, thrusting her hips again and again, her voice joining Cici’s as they come in unison, a harmony of primal screams.

PART FIVE: Take a chance on me

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