Crossing Borders

Keri Fields
9 mins read
Published 5 months ago

 “I just can’t do this anymore,” Sheila sighed as she watched her co-workers through the full-size window in the breakroom. She was glad it was a one-way mirror so they couldn’t see her moping.  

“Can’t do what?”

Sheila jumped and turned around. She had thought she was alone and the question surprised her.  

“David?” she gasped his name and phrased it as a question, as if she had suddenly forgotten who this gorgeous new lawyer was. The one that she’d been flirting with since the moment he had joined the firm a few months ago.  

“What can’t you do?” David asked, walking up to her. He stood so close she could feel the heat from his body.  

“This,” she breathed. “Um... this day-to-day routine.”  

She was proud of herself for managing to get the words out. She normally lost her breath in his presence. But she couldn’t keep doing this either. Not only could she not keep up this day-to-day monotony, but she also couldn’t keep denying her feelings. Sure, she had made herself a promise back in school that she wouldn’t date any other lawyers. Well, not until she made partner at least. It was one of many boundaries she had set up for herself; one of many rules.  

But hadn’t it been said that rules were made to be broken?  

“That’s it?” David asked, his voice rumbling in his throat. She wanted to kiss it smooth. “That’s what you couldn’t do?”


Fuck it, Sheila thought. She’d been following the rules her whole life. Today she wanted to break one. To cross one of her own stupid, self-imposed boundaries.  

“And this,” she said, stepping forward before she could change her mind. Her lips met his roughly, but then she pulled back just enough to soften the kiss.  He let it be soft for a minute, and then he consumed her mouth with his. She moaned and leaned into him. When he pulled away, she whimpered.  

“You couldn’t do that anymore?” he asked with a low chuckle. “I don’t remember doing that before now.”

“No,” she said, suddenly shaking. “I mean, I can’t pretend to not want the things I want anymore.”

“And I’m one of the things you want?”


“Let’s see about that,” he said, taking her by the arm and leading her to the window. He positioned her facing the glass, so that she could see outside to the rooftop patio where their coworkers were eating lunch. “Put your hands on the window.” 


“Put your hands on the window and don’t move.”

His voice was stern but gentle and she found herself letting him position her. When she put her hands on the window, he reached around from behind her and started to trail his fingers gently up her legs and under her skirt.  

“Wait,” she said, starting to push away from the window.  

“I said,” he put her hands back on the glass, “don’t move. This is how you’re going to show me if I’m one of the things you want.”

She never let people tell her what to do. Never. But... today was about breaking rules, right? 

She rested her palms against the glass and let his fingers resume their trail up her legs. She looked out at her coworkers, repeating to herself, they can’t see you. And she knew they couldn’t. It was a mirrored window and she knew no one could see in. But being able to see everyone else caused her adrenaline to spike. She was shaking with anticipation.  

When his fingers pushed up against her panties, she felt the wetness of her desire soak into the fabric. He tucked his fingers under the wet fabric and between her throbbing lips. She gasped loudly and squirmed, but kept her hands on the glass.

“Yes,” he whispered into her ear. “I think maybe you do want me.”  

“Yes,” she echoed as his fingers found her clit and massaged around it. He worked his other hand down the front of her shirt and into her bra, finding her nipple with ease and pulsing his finger and thumb to squeeze her nipple as he sped the rhythm of his fingers in her panties.  

She was panting as the pressure built. There was so much danger of being caught, doing this in the middle of the day in the breakroom while everyone else was right outside the window.  

Which only made it hotter.  

Sheila began to shake. An intense heat began to build, igniting her every nerve. She pushed her pussy into his hand as an explosion of heat burst through her body. He pressed harder and moved faster until she was moaning uncontrollably. Her entire body tensed and then she cried out as she came, completely soaking his hand.  

When she stopped quivering, he pulled her panties slowly down her legs. She felt weak and allowed him to lift each of her feet in turn so that he could remove her underwear completely.  

She turned and collapsed against the window as he pocketed her panties.  

“Well, I got what I wanted,” he winked. “Did you?”  

“Yes,” she said, wanting to shout with excitement but controlling herself. “Yes, but...”


“I want more.”  

“Good,” he smiled wide and she wanted to melt.  “I’ll pick you up in front of your building tomorrow night at nine.  Wear the sexiest underwear you own.”  

“It’s a date,” she said, giving her brightest smile, trying to appear confident even while still shaken.  “And what should I wear over my sexy underwear?”

“Something elegant,” he said, turning to walk from the room, “that’s easy to take off.”  

Ever since David had left her shaking and dripping against the breakroom window, she hadn’t been able to get him off her mind. Hell, she’d finished herself off three times since then but it didn’t seem to give her enough satisfaction. If anything, bringing herself to orgasm had only heightened her desire for him. Sheila wanted his hands on her again, his lips kissing and biting her.  

She picked out an understated back cocktail dress. It was a simple number with support at the top which meant she could go braless, and it ended above her knees to allow for easy access. Plus, black worked for any occasion, so it should work for whatever he had planned. Unless he was only going to take her to the movies. Which didn’t seem likely after what had happened yesterday. She wondered if there was going to be food, but even more than that, she wondered if there was going to be booze. She wasn’t sure she’d make it through an evening of crossing over her self-made boundaries with a man she’d fancied as badly as David without a little help.  

“No,” she looked at herself in the hall mirror.  “You can do this.”

A taxi pulled up out front and she watched him step out onto the sidewalk. Damn but he was a hot plate of sexy in a suit.  

Sheila waited until he’d knocked on the door until she went to open it. She needed a minute to breathe. Just follow his lead, she told herself.  You need a change to your routine. You need to be bold.  

You need to get laid.  

Well, she thought, a good plan is a good start.  

She would follow his lead, no matter where it led. Just for tonight, of course. But if it was anything like yesterday, then, man... what it night it would be.  

Sheila opened the door to find that hot piece of eye candy poised under her front light in such a way that he had an actual twinkle in his eyes. Who knew a porch light could be so magical.  

She may have sighed.  

He chuckled and offered his arm. “Shall we?”  

The cab ride was short, which was a shame because David smelled so good and the tight quarters gave her an excuse to sit so close she could feel his warmth through the sleeve of his jacket.  

Just as she was getting up the courage to reach out and lightly drape her fingers on his arm or nudge her calf into his (or grab him with both hands and strip him naked here in the backseat...) the cab pulled over and stopped.  

“We’re... we’re at the aquarium?” Sheila asked as he helped her out of the car.  

I got dressed up for fish?  

“After a fashion,” he smiled. “We’re actually going to the adults-only fundraiser that they host on the outdoor patio every Saturday. This way.”  

He led her away from the main entrance of the aquarium, to a side door which was blocked off with a velvet rope and manned by staff wearing elegant attire. After showing his ticket confirmation on his phone, David took her arm and led her through a reception room and outside again through a second set of doors. The room opened out to a vast patio overlooking the river. The ground was tiled in iridescent blues and greens that sparkled around the myriad globe lights that scattered the area. To their left was a fully stocked buffet and to their right was a twenty-foot tall tank sunk into the wall of the aquarium. A whale shark swam past them behind the glass and when it caught her eye she gasped in surprise.  

The gentle interior lighting from the tank reflected off the floors and gave a wavy underwater appearance to the entire patio and the nearby portion of the river. Everything else in the distance was dark, which gave the party a feel of privacy and a tiny bit of magic.  

She decided these were the kind of fish she could enjoy dressing up for.  

Sheila eyed the generous buffet table and nearby drink station, the live band behind dancing couples across the patio, and the numerous guests contentedly wandering between them or enjoying their food at the tables near the river. It was a delightful setting that she was eager to explore and certain to enjoy, but... 

Hadn’t David specifically asked her to wear something that was easy to remove? This wasn’t exactly a place of debauchery.  

Uncertain about how to broach the topic, Sheila heard herself saying, “Do you come here often?”

I could kick myself right now.  

David chuckled.  

It was a good thing his laugh was sexy as hell.  

“The money for the entrance goes to a good cause. I’ve always had a soft spot for this place,” he said. “But I brought you here for an entirely selfish reason. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do and from the moment I watched you panting with need in the breakroom the other day, I knew you were the person I’ve been waiting for.”  

The memory brought a heat to Sheila’s face as her core tightened with need at his words. The effect was so swift she gasped again. 

Careful, she told herself.  You keep gasping like that and you’re going to end up with hiccups.   

His hand settled lightly on her lower back, gently moving her forward.

“Come,” he whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her hair and causing her to shiver.  

He led her to an opening in the wall behind the buffet, directing her to the right down a long hallway. They passed some bathrooms and then the wall to their right changed from a solid concrete to a translucent bluish green. It appeared to be a thick glass wall, shaded with the color like a tinted surface meant to allow light to pass through while allowing some privacy. Light from the patio seeped through and she could see foggy shadows passing by on the other side.

“There are a few offices up ahead and the kitchen was the other way down the hall,” David said. “People don’t come down this far.  At least, not very often.” 

She put her hand to the translucent wall, “Do you think they can see us?” 

“Yes,” he said. “They can’t see us clearly, and we’re near the edge of the patio, but anyone looking this way right now would see the shadow of your hand pressed up against the wall.”  

He came up close behind her and began to unzip her dress.  

“What if someone comes this way?” she asked.

“Then they’ll see me taking off your dress,” he answered.  

I should stop him, she thought.  I really should.  This isn’t the type of thing I normally would do.  And besides, isn’t this illegal?  

But, in truth, she didn’t care. In fact, she rather wanted to get caught. She couldn’t remember the last time something this exciting had happened to her. She listened to the subdued murmur of the not-so-distant crowd while he pulled her dress over her shoulders and down to her waist, exposing her taut breasts. Her breathing sped and all thoughts became a blur. She became nothing but sensation as his hands slowly explored every inch of her exposed skin.  

Damn, but she was glad she wasn’t wearing a bra. The tantalizing feel of his fingers caressing her skin pulled her nipples into tight buds and when his hands brushed over them she moaned, leaning back into him.  

He moved his hands to her legs and pushed the bottom of her tight dress up to her waist, then slid her panties down. He removed them much like he had the other day, pocketing them again. Sheila was now wearing just the skimpy dress, which was only encircling her waist. She was otherwise fully exposed and loving the feel of the cool air conditioning against her skin.  

David guided her wrists to place her palms against the wall.

“Don’t move,” he growled.

His hands went back to her chest, squeezing her nipples and massaging her breasts until she was convulsing with pleasure. His hands moved down to her pussy, and when his fingers expertly circled her clit, she cried out in pleasure, overwhelmed.  

“David,” she panted, “please.”

“Please what?” he whispered in her ear.

She pushed back into his hips, too far gone with need to be ashamed of her wanton behavior.

“Please, David,” she begged, “please, I need you inside of me.  I need you to fuck me.”

Sheila didn’t know when he’d opened his pants, nor did she care. She felt only relief when his cock pressed against her opening, and when he slid himself deep inside her wet pussy, she shivered and moaned, collapsing forward against the wall in pleasure.

Her breasts pushed firmly against the wall, her nipples tightening almost painfully against the cold, smooth surface. As he gripped her hips tightly and drilled into her with force, she moaned loudly in abandon, wondering, hoping that the people on the other side of the wall could see her face and her tits pushed up against the glass.  

Would anyone come to investigate, or would they simply watch their shadows dancing from the patio? Would someone find her like this, half naked in public and being ravished wildly?

The thoughts swirled through her mind as tension built in her core. Her limbs tingled and her body became tense from her eyelids to her toes. She pushed her hips back into his as he pushed into her harder and faster until she feared she would collapse completely. She cried out as her body shook itself violently in pleasure, and with a final powerful thrust, he exploded within her and his chest fell onto her back as he hugged her close. They stayed locked tightly, her breasts still shuddering against the glass, until they were able to steady their breathing.  

Finally, David straightened himself and helped her to stand as well. He pulled her dress back into place and she let him, not certain that she would have full control over her fine motor skills yet.  

“Is that what you wanted?” he asked. “A way to push past your boundaries now and then?” 

“No,” she gasped for breath.

“No?” he looked confused.  “But I thought...”

“Not every now and then,” she interrupted, flashing him her brightest smile. “Every damned night.”  

He laughed deeply, from surprise and relief.  

“I thought you wanted to break away from routines,” he teased.

“It turns out,” she smiled, “some routines are worth keeping. This is the kind of nightly routine that never gets old.”  

“Well they don’t have these fundraisers every night,” he gently wiped a strand of hair from her eyes. “They only do these nighttime events once a week.” 

“Once a week,” she repeated, nodding. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and leaned in for a kiss. “It’s a date.”  

Keri Fields is the author of Unwrapping a Mistress for Christmas.

She has been telling stories for as long as she could hold a pencil, although these days the process requires a great deal more coffee. A fervent believer of fairy tales and happily ever afters, Keri enjoys writing and reading all kinds of stories… though her favorites are the kinky ones.

She is currently working on her next great adventure.

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest!