Dream Come True

Eva Monroe
7 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

Wrapped up in each other under a cozy blanket, you run your hands up and down the length of my body, reminding me I have to be quiet... I do a good job while you kiss my neck, but it’s so hard not to cry out when you pull my shirt front down, exposing me to you so you can play with my nipples, pinching and teasing…  

The more you fondle them, the harder it is to be still... I dig my hands into your back and shoulder doing my best to keep quiet... Then you slide one of your hands under the elastic waistband of my pants, whispering your instruction… “Spread your legs for me…” and I, of course, obey at once.

Discovering just how wet and eager I am for you makes you chuckle, soft and low, and my body wriggles under your touch. You tell me again to be quiet, or you’ll have to stop… My lips and tongue find your neck, hoping to occupy my mouth so I won’t make a sound.

With our bodies pressed together, your fingers expertly work me into a frenzy, while your other hand toys with my left nipple, making me arch my back… I lick your earlobe and try not to dig my nails too deeply into your back… but it’s so hard to hold it all in… 

“Please…”  I moan… and you smile at me. 

“Please what?”

“Please let me come for you…” 

And then, because you are generous and loving and oh so fucking good at what you do to me…  you let me come for you. And all I can say is “Thank you” over and over and over…  

Waking up on the couch, the highlights of my dream lingered. Your hands and mouth on me… you teasing my nipples… 

I stretched, arching my back, and felt the dampness between my legs. I’d only meant to rest my eyes for a few minutes after yoga, but I must’ve been asleep for awhile. The shadows in the room were slanted, and the light outside was the gold of magic hour.

The front door opened, and I heard your voice call through the foyer.

“Hey, babe! You almost ready?”

Damnit. The fundraiser.

“I, um…”

Coming into the room, you saw me in my workout clothes, rumpled and sleepy on the couch.

“You’re napping?”

“I’m so so sorry, I fell asleep! I can be ready in fifteen minutes.” I jumped up and hustled to the bathroom, tearing off my clothes as fast as I could.

“Good, because we need to leave in twenty. I was hoping for a drink with you before we left, but…”

I heard the disappointment in your voice and felt so bad.

“I know, love, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, just get cleaned up. I’ll go get your dress for you.”

I speed-showered, but made sure not to skip any grooming. I’d already let you down once tonight, I wasn’t about to leave any stubble for you to find later.

As I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a plush towel, you opened the door and handed me the dress I planned to wear. I hung it on the door and you offered me some lingerie. 

“I threw your yoga clothes in the laundry for you.”

“Thank you.” Taking the lingerie, I blushed, remembering my dream. “I had a dream about you taking advantage of me in those yoga clothes…”

“Oh, really?”

I nodded, my blush deepening.


“What did I do to you?” 

“Um… we were in the other room at a party, so you kept reminding me I had to be quiet… and um… you made me beg to come for you…”

“Huh. I’m sure I did…” Looking me over, you watched while I slathered my skin with lotion and fussed with my hair. Then, picking up the lingerie, you smirked before leaving the room.

“Dirty girls who fall asleep and have naughty dreams when they’re supposed to be getting ready don’t get to wear any underthings.”

 A small whimper escaped my lips, and you peeked back into the bathroom.

“Is that a problem?”

“N-no…” I stammered. A familiar tingling crept from my nipples down to the ache between my legs, and I wondered if being naked under my dress would be the extent of my punishment.

I quickly finished getting ready and slipped my dress on. Thank goodness it was black, so there wouldn’t be any see-through. Still… the fabric around my breasts was just loose enough to rub against my nipples whenever I moved, keeping them hard and perky. The skirt of the dress was also quite short… I’d have to be careful about not flashing anyone.

I found you in the kitchen enjoying some bourbon while you waited. Sometimes when you looked at me - and this was one of those moments - the glint in your eyes could only be described as hungry.

Wrapping an arm around my waist, you kissed me deeply, giving me a taste of the warm alcohol on your lips.

“Mmm…” you nuzzled my neck and murmured into my skin. “Thank you for getting ready so quickly. You look amazing. I’m impressed, as always.”

I grinned, a warmth filling me that only came from pleasing you.

“You’re most welcome. Do we need to get going?”

“Yes, but one thing first…”

Pulling back a little, you ran the tips of your thumbs over my nipples, lightly, making my breath grow ragged. I tried to kiss you again but you leaned back with a small chuckle.

“Ah, ah,” you gently chastised me, and continued grazing my firm, tender nipples. “I’m in charge tonight, understood?” I nodded, and you mirrored me. “Good girl.”

I moaned a little, always so susceptible to those words. You chewed your bottom lip, studying my face.

“Not right now, because I want to make you wait… but at some point tonight - in fact, at many points tonight, whenever I feel like it - I’m going to slide my hand under your dress and fuck you with my fingers. Would you like that?”

Nodding, I managed a small “Mmhmm…” before you took your hands from my nipples and smacked my ass.

“Of course you would.”

Wrapping your arm around my waist again, you led me out the door, and I already felt the wetness between my legs threatening to trickle down my thigh.

You parked the car outside the restaurant and turned to me with a devilish look in your eyes. Letting your gaze fall to my breasts, you licked your lips.

“Are your nipples still standing at attention for me?”

“Oh, yes. Very much so.”

“I’m going to need to see that before we go in.”

Fuck, you were so good at that… making my entire body quiver with just your words… 

Eager to please you however possible, I slid down the straps of my dress and tugged at the fabric until my breasts were fully exposed, nipples firm and perky just the way you liked them.

Reaching over, I thought you were going to torment them some more, but instead you made good on your promise.

Slipping your hand under my skirt, you pulled my thigh toward you until my legs parted, giving you easy access to my exposed wetness. As soon as you felt it, you let out a moan that sounded both amused and impressed.

“Damn… that naughty little pussy of yours is so ready for me…” 

And before I could respond, two of your fingers were inside me, reaching places no one else had ever touched, making me moan and writhe in my seat.

As abruptly as you started, you ended your delicious torment. Then one by one you stuck your fingers in my mouth, instructing me to suck them clean. 

“And you know why this is your job, yes?”

I nodded, happy to demonstrate what a good student I could be.

“Because it’s important to clean up my messes.”

With a satisfied smile, you winked at me and opened the car door.

“Good girl.”

I climbed out of the car wondering the same thing that always crossed my mind whenever you tormented me… Does it really count as punishment if I love it?

Inside, we spent a good forty-five minutes schmoozing and shaking hands, doing all the generic networking these events required.

In the back of my mind, I kept wondering when and where you would find a way to get your hand up my skirt again… The anticipation was driving me crazy.

I found my answer after I’d slipped away to one of the single-use restrooms. When I opened the door to rejoin the party, you were waiting in the hallway, barring my exit. Placing a hand on my waist, you gently pushed me back into the powder room, closing and locking the door behind us.

Nuzzling my neck, you murmured against my skin.

“Are you having fun, my sweet?”

“Mmm… mmhmm… I was wondering-”

I gasped as your fingers entered me again, biting my lip to keep from crying out too loudly.

“Hmm… is this what your dream was like? You needing to keep quiet while I fucked you with a bunch of people in the next room?”

My breathing grew more and more ragged as I struggled to stifle my moans… I nodded and answered you in a desperate whisper.

“Yes… oh, god… yes….”

With your other hand you pulled my skirt up around my waist, and I noticed you watching my naked ass in the mirror behind us.

Once again, you took your hand away abruptly, and this time you gave my bottom a few sharp smacks for good measure. Catching my breath, I leaned against the wall while you quickly washed your hands, grinning at me in the mirror. I waited to fix my skirt until you instructed me to do so, noticing that the wetness between my legs was making quite a mess.

“Can I… may I please clean up a little between my legs?”

Your grin turned into a broad smile as you considered my request.

“You can clean up the mess you’ve made on your thighs. But not between your legs.” You turned to me and cupped my chin in your hand, kissing me deeply. Then you pulled back and leaned into my ear, your voice soft and low. “That’s one mess I’m really enjoying.”

And with that, you made your exit, leaving me to do as you’d instructed. I leaned against the counter, overwhelmed with how heavenly it was to belong to you.

The ache between my legs had reached new heights. It was one thing to go without panties or a bra - or both - for you… it was another thing altogether to have you intermittently fucking me with your fingers, and then leaving me to simmer in my longing for you.

It took you so long to touch me again, I’d started to wonder if our fun for the night was concluded. But after we’d said our goodbyes, when we were making our way outside and around the building to the parking lot, I suddenly found myself pressed up against the cool cement wall.

With the weight of your body thrust against mine, you lifted my skirt until my ass peeked out ever so slightly. In the shadows, we were mostly hidden, but not completely. When a small group of people - Three? Maybe four? - walked by, heading away from us, you stopped and waited, just to make sure we wouldn’t get caught.

“You know you have to be quiet again… Can you do that?”

I nodded, biting my lip.

“Yes. I can be quiet.”

“Hmm… let’s see…”

And your exquisite assault on me began anew. It floored me, every time… how easily you overtook the depths of me, how utterly and completely I became Yours in those moments… 

I knew I wouldn’t last long this time. You’d gotten me so riled up over the course of the night, I wanted desperately to come. I needed it… I needed it from you.

With my hips bucking against your fingers and palm, I bit my tongue to keep quiet. Watching my face, you could tell. You could always tell when you’d brought me to the brink.

“Are you going to come for me, baby?”

My face flushed, my fingernails digging into your shoulders, I nodded, afraid I wouldn’t be able to use my voice without crying out in ecstasy.

A smirk took over your lips, and you breathed into my ear.

“Ask nicely, like a good girl.”

Fuck. Now I have to use my voice… 

Breathless, throbbing for you, I asked, as quietly as I could manage… 

“Please… p-please… may I come for you?”

You plunged into me, as deep as our bodies would allow, and with your lips pressed against my neck I heard you say, “Yes, you may… for me…”

And every fragment of my body released into you… It was all I could do to suppress the sounds of my rapture, until the peak hit and subsided, and I folded against you, basking in our collective bliss. 

Our lips met in smiles and kisses before you fixed my dress for me and led me back to the car. Snuggling against you, I looked up and bit my lip, feeling sexy and coy.

“So, um… when we get home… can it be your turn?”

You opened my car door for me, but held me close before I got in, kissing me and licking my neck, ears, collarbone… 

“Oh when we get home it is definitely my turn. It might even be my turn before we get there.”

Then you settled in next to me, taking your place behind the wheel, and we made our blissful way through the nighttime.

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Written by
Eva Monroe

Eva Monroe is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has a very active imagination and lots of opinions and frequently writes those things down. From screenplays to news articles to academic essays, Eva loves taking on the challenge of writing in new mediums, and her smut-tastic adventures with Bellesa are some of the most fun she’s ever had. Eva also co-produced two award-winning short films and has an MFA in screenwriting. Eva Monroe is not her real name.