Miles High

Jenn Wodtke
7 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

Gia was envious. All around her passengers were deep in slumber. Unable to get remotely comfortable in the middle seat of the middle aisle, she climbed as delicately as possible over the two passengers on her left and made her way to the back of the plane. Finding a small, quiet corner, she began to work through a series of exercises to get the blood flowing back into her stiff legs. 

Another passenger with the same idea made his way over. He smiled as he began his own stretches, cricking the kinks out of his neck and shoulders.

“Brutal flight, isn’t it?” he asked.

She smiled. “Yep, ten hours in the middle seat.”

“Ouch. That’s rough.”

“But it was a great trip. Totally worth the miserable days of travel.”

“First time to China?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was. I was with a group of sex educators. We’re opening a sister school in Beijing, so we had a week-long conference with the Chinese sexologists to talk about curriculum, attitudes around sex in China, that kind of stuff.”

“Sounds interesting.” His next lunge brought him a little closer to Gia.

“It really was. There were so many amazing people with cutting-edge ideas.”

“I bet,” he murmured. “So what’s your specialty?”

“I specialize in helping men gain sexual confidence.”

“I see,” he said. “So you’re a muse.”

She laughed softly. “A muse. I like that. I’m going to use that on my website.”

“Please do.”

“So what were you up to in China?”

He shrugged. “Business. Boring stuff. Not nearly as interesting as talking about sex for a week. So did you learn any new tricks?”

“Honey, I wrote the book on tricks.”

“You don’t say.”

Gia didn’t reply, just smiled at him speculatively as his gaze traveled up and down her body as she moved and stretched. She altered her exercises slightly to give him a better show.

He watched her for a few minutes, then glanced around, his eye pausing on the restroom. Slowly he brought his gaze back to Gia.

“So. I’m going to go into the restroom. I think you should count to five and then follow me in.”

Gia’s own personal decision-making process often hinged on whether or not the following adventure promised to be an entertaining story to tell when she was a little old lady. She’d already amassed enough to write a book. Joining the mile high club was an adventure she didn’t yet have in her sexy book of secrets. With the electricity sizzling between her and this stranger, she didn’t even have to think. She nodded, eyes locked on his.

Quickly he moved to the restroom and stepped inside, leaving the door unlocked. Before making her move, Gia looked around and saw no one was paying attention, so she slipped inside after him. He pushed her up against the sink as he locked the door behind them.

Immediately their mouths were on each other, hands groping and sliding under clothing. Gia was backed up against the sink, legs spread. It wasn’t enough.

“Put your leg on the toilet,” he ordered in her ear.

Kicking off her flip-flop, she bent slightly and slid her right leg out of her panties and yoga pants.

“Better,” he murmured. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick, ready to thrust into her.

“Hang on a sec,” she said. She reached down between them, pushing him all the way back against the door. Unable in the limited space to give him full strokes, she satisfied herself with running her thumb over the tip, spreading his wetness around. She squeezed, alternating fingers and pressure. One of her old tricks.

“God,” he swallowed his moan.

“Shhh,” she whispered and stood on her tiptoes, rubbing his tip against her, not letting him thrust up until she was ready. Finally, she let her weight sink down on to him.

They both managed to say silent, except for their ragged breathing. His hand snaked up into her hair and gave a sharp tug. He smiled as she bit her lip in an effort to keep quiet. He could feel her cream a little harder at being used so roughly.

As his thrusts increased, his hand moved from her hair to her hips. As he pushed up into her, he pulled her down onto him, causing them to both moan ever so softly at the depth and pressure.

He began to move more quickly, frantic to come before they were caught. She encouraged him, biting his ear and pressing down onto him as much as she could as her own orgasm built. Her vagina began to contract at a frenzied rate, gripping and releasing him an infinite number of times a minute. Suddenly she relaxed against him, pleasure flooding her body. He reacted by thrusting even faster, making soft, guttural noises in the back of his throat as he shuddered and went soft. 

They panted together for a moment, regaining their composure. She giggled, “That was fun.” 

He smiled into her neck. “It sure was. Nice work, muse.” He pulled out of her and straightened up. They both began the acrobatic task of trying to fix their clothing in the tiny space. Respectable again, he gave her a quick kiss before opening the door and stepping out.

“Nice to meet you,” he tossed over his shoulder as he went back to his seat, ignoring the line up of people waiting for the restroom. The first in line, a little old lady, huffily slammed the door as Gia stepped around her, cheeks pink with exertion. Two of her colleagues were next in line.

They both stared at her, eyes wide.

“Did you just?” asked Kyla, Gia’s roommate on the trip.

“I did,” she said.

Her second colleague said nothing, just gave her a discreet high five as she walked past. As she neared her seat, her gay friend got up. Standing behind her, he propelled her forward to the galley, where there was a bit of space.

“Spill!” he demanded. “Did what I think just happened happen?”

“Yep,” she said, all smiles. She gave him all the dirty details, much to his delight.

“Girl, you are awesome. Awesome. I bow down to your superior pick up skills.”

“Most eventually do,” she grinned. 

They headed back to their seats, Gia climbing over her aisle-mates again. Once seated, she flipped open a magazine, knowing sleep would continue to be elusive. Not even two articles in, her seat phone rang.


It was Mike, a member of her group.

“Hey. So, I was thinking about what you just did,” he let his voice trail off.

“Oh, yeah?” There was a tease in Gia’s voice.

“Wanna meet me at the back of the plane?”

“Alright,” Gia agreed. Tucking the magazine into the seat pocket, she made her apologies once again and headed to the back of the plane.

In the same nook she did her stretches earlier, Mike was waiting for her. No flight attendants in sight, they started making out, intense, but as quiet as possible. 

Hand already between her legs, he whispered,  “Restroom?”

Gia nodded, but this time entered first. As soon as the door closed behind Mike, she had her flip-flop off and her naked leg up on the toilet.

Mike wasn’t so fast to strip. Completely clothed, he ground himself up against Gia as his tongue worked her mouth. The rough denim of his jeans rubbing her clit furiously, coupled with her high state of arousal from her previous fuck, made her gasp and come again within mere seconds. She left a wet spot on the front of his jeans, but he didn’t notice until much later, too focused on the smell of Gia. It’s her mingled with the come and sweat of another man, and somehow, Mike found himself with the kind of hard-on he hadn’t seen since his teenage years. He’d always loved a good competition. And a good fuck. 

Ripping his zipper down, his cock shot out of his jeans. Gia tried to grab it, but Mike yanked her hands up and over her head. The cubicle allowed him to brace her arms on the walls, his hands white-knuckled on top of hers.

“Oh, no,” he said. “Not your hands. I want your cunt. Your silky, smooth, hungry cunt.”

She nodded, mute, desperately ready. The already constrictive small space, coupled with his hands holding hers still as she twitched from her second orgasm, had her dripping. At her nod, Mike slammed into her again and again. Desperate to get him as deep as possible, she pushed back down into him.

“Yeah, you know how I like it,” he whispered. “Keep doing that.”

With all her might, Gia pushed down to meet his thrusts. But his force pushed her back up onto her toes, every time. 

Silent, looking into her eyes, Mike threw back his head in a silent howl as he blew a teenage sized load. She smiled. It was always a compliment. As his dick stopped pulsing, he eased out of her and pulled his zipper up while she squirmed her leg back into her pants and found her flip-flop.

“Twice in one day, and on a plane to boot. This is one for the books,” she said as they redressed.

“That was fucking hot,” he said. “Even if I had to be number two.”

“Not my fault you’re not more original,” she threw back. He managed a swat on her ass for that before the door opened and they stepped out.

Kyla was once again waiting for the bathroom. Her eyes widened as Mike came out first, followed by Gia.

“Nuh uh!” she exclaimed.

Gia just smirked and nodded. Smelling of sweat, sex, and self-satisfaction, Gia silently climbed back into her seat, reclined it as far as possible. A perfect denouement to a week of sex education.

A few minutes later, Gia joined the ranks of the sleepers, snoring slightly, head filled with sexy dreams.

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Written by
Jenn Wodtke

When she isn’t traveling the world in search of inspiration and excitement, this writer and sex educator calls Vancouver and Tokyo home. Jenn's writings embody her passion for sexual empowerment, her fascination with the darkness of the human psyche, and desire to entertain her audience.