Don’t Be

Rebecca Winter
11 mins read
Published about 4 years ago

“I’ll get us in,” he murmured in his smooth French accent as a sly grin curled around his lips. The streets were completely empty at this time of night, but I could see a throng of expensively dressed elite through the gilded fence, laughter swimming from their lips between sips of their elaborate cocktails.

Towering over Xavier, the security guard stool tall and firm. He eyed my less-than-chic jeans, white t-shirt and platforms, but the gatekeeper was no match for his suave charm, and we were led into one of the classiest parties I had ever been to.

Cascading plants, gold tables, and glowing lanterns dotted the outdoor paradise, and I watched the sun-kissed partygoers in awe as they danced atop the gleaming, glass-covered pool.

Xavier sauntered straight to the bar, his long, pinstripe-suited frame gliding through the cool night air. His hand clenched mine, and I melted. A forbidden party, and he, the forbidden fruit of my loins.

“I know Camilla will come out with me tonight,” Xavier purred. His crystal stare landing on me, and only me. We were sitting across from each other in the hotel courtyard surrounded by other colleagues, finishing up their drinks. The evening was coming to an end.

“It depends where we go,” I countered. I was unable to stop my heart from skipping a beat, unable to stop imagining his soft lips consuming mine. He took a drag of his cigarette and watched my cheeks flush. Whether it was from the wine or the sexual tension, I could not tell.

“Let’s go for a walk and see, Chérie,” he said, exhaling thin silver snakes into the air. He stood up, smoothed his shaggy, shoulder length blond hair back, and waved goodbye to the others. A couple of the British sales reps smirked knowingly, a wink twinkling in their smiles. But I barely noticed, and like a magnet, I followed his lead, unable to resist temptation.

We perched on stools at the bar, shoulders grazing and knees touching. We spoke about everything and nothing simultaneously. A sweaty bottle of Dom Perignon emptied before us as flirtation flowed and seduction swelled. The rest of the people at the party seemed to melt away into the abyss of our secret smiles and laughter. We never took our eyes off each other, his ocean blues seeping into my soul. This was an undeniable connection that I had never experienced before, and a growing craving deep within me demanded to be sated. Immediately.

“Are you seeing anyone back home?” he asked, sliding a cigarette in front of me.

“Sort of. It’s too soon to tell how I feel about him, you know?” I lit the cigarette, let my answer hang in the air and disappear with the smoke. “He’s such a lovely guy, really sweet, but there’s just…no spark. I need the spark.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back, gently lifted my thin cotton shirt, and ran his fingers along my hot skin. A delicious tease that made me wet.

“Do you know how you feel about me?” he asked, draining his glass.

Oh, god, I thought. Yes… but you have a wife.

“You’re… definitely something,” I replied, lacing my fingers in his. My conscience begged me to say no, but I was wishing, wanting, waiting despite my better judgment.

I could taste the sweet champagne on his kiss as he gently slid his tongue against mine. I could feel the shivers slither down my spine as he traced my jaw with his thumb. I could sense his urgency even though he pulled away slowly, tantalizingly. My red lips felt empty without his, so I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pressed myself into him, onto him, without a care in the world as to who might be watching.

I needed to feel him in a different way. I needed his flesh to mesh with mine. I needed him to fill me.

I needed to lose myself in him.

“I have an idea,” he said. “It involves emptying the mini-fridge and stargazing on the beach. What do you think, Chérie?”

“I think you’re brilliant. Let’s go.”

As we sat on the beach, I held his head was in my lap. My fingers twisted through his thick blond hair and we drank vodka sodas, letting the darkness mask our impending indiscretions. No words necessary, the salty breeze swallowed the thoughts of those that were waiting for us back home - a place that seemed an eternity away. I watched his breath rise and fall, which encouraged a confident calm to resonate deep within me.

Xavier tilted his head upwards, summoning me - my body, my mind, and my overwhelming desire. I took his lips with mine and drank him in. My hands explored his taut, tanned chest as we melted into the pearly white sand together. With one sudden movement, he was on top of me. His need was apparent, his erection even more so.

“You won’t be needing these anymore,” he murmured, momentarily breaking our hungry embrace.

Xavier never took his crystal stare off me as he reached for my sandals. He slithered my pants ever so slowly down my thighs and discarded them in the sand. His expert hands found their way to my shirt and lifted it over my head. My trembling body was his for the taking. He let his eyes crawl along my milky entirety; my tattooed shoulders, my black lace covered breasts, the curves of my stomach, the polish on my toenails.

“You are so beautiful. I could look at you forever.” I smiled, relishing his awe as he trailed a finger along my torso. He stopped just before my vagina, and a devilish grin spread across his face.

His fingers danced beneath my black panties, creating a rhythmic rubbing that made me wetter and wetter with every passing stroke. His touch was magic. He found my clitoris almost instantly, and I arched my back so I could give more of myself to him.

My breath grew shallow as he dipped inside and out. He kept going until I was shaking with pleasure, calling out his name over and over and over again. He pressed his hand over my mouth to silence me, to keep our beach bedding a secret. But he never broke his stride, and his commanding touch had me more turned on than ever before. Just as my sweet release was about to come, he stopped, teasing me, making me beg for what was next.

He pulled a condom from the pocket of his slacks, and I watched with admiration as he revealed his glorious, manly self to me - his creamy, flawless olive skin, a physique sculpted to perfection, and pelvic bones that led to a throbbing, breath-taking main event. He rolled the condom on, and now I was shaking with anticipation. My heart beat faster, and my bones ached to know what he was going to feel like inside of me.

He painted my stomach, breasts, and neck with his lips, his kisses branding my skin. I took off my bra and underwear so that I was completely naked, exposed to the glow of the moon and the soft California summer breeze. He glued my wrists above my head, and laid himself on top of me, bathing me in his warmth.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he whispered. “I can’t wait any longer. Give yourself to me, baby.” I spread my legs, opening myself to him. I gasped as he finally entered me, filling me completely, filling me with everything he had - love, light, and an all-consuming lust.

I moaned as his every thrust rippled through me. I wrapped my legs around him, so I could feel him deeper and deeper, so I could feel his heart in mine as they beat together. We writhed in the sand, engulfed by salty sweat. We held each other’s smouldering stares as time ceased to exist. I dug my fingernails into his back, and pulled him closer. I wanted more and more of him, and never wanted to let him go.

His hands were firm on my shoulders as he plunged himself into me. I cried out in ecstasy as he shook and gasped and consumed me. Basking in the tender aggressiveness of our undulating desire, we climaxed together - an orgasmic organism.

We lay side by side beneath the still night sky, the winking stars, and the smiling moon. Hands laced, we let the soft crash of the black waves swallow us as we caught our breaths and came back to reality.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured. My champagne-muddled mind spoked the words before I could think. He pressed his lips to mine, and tucked a strand of black wavy hair behind my ear.

“Don’t be, Chérie. My wife and I have an arrangement about this sort of thing.”

“Well, I’ve never done that before,” he murmured. His ocean eyes captured my green ones in the mirror as he wrapped his arms around my nude torso still dripping from the shower. We stood in the bathroom of his hotel room, remnants of our romp still covering the grey marble floor. His fingers were creeping dangerously, delectably close to my vagina and I was ready for round two, and three, and four.

I giggled. “Had sex on a beach?”

Mais non, Camilla,” he teased. “Slept with someone from work, a colleague. There’s just… something about you. This beautiful grace that I don’t want to resist.”

“Then… don’t.”

With the swiftest of movements, he spun me around, picked me up and sucked on my already hard nipple. Instinctively, my legs closed around his waist. My arms flew around his neck and my fingers scratched through his cool, damp hair. A fiercely frantic energy coursing between us as we kissed, our tongues doing the talking. I could feel an electric need seep from his skin into me.

His thin lips never leaving mine, he carried me to the bed and lay me down on my back, holding my legs apart, his hungry eyes dancing along my body. He let them linger on my exposed, pink flesh, his member swelling, my heart racing. Please fuck me, PLEASE.

Slowly, oh-so-damn-slowly, he lowered his face between my legs, resting on his knees. He stared at my waterfall-wet and begging vagina for what seemed like an eternity. He smiled to himself, and got lost in me, sliding his tongue up and down. He licked his lips like I was the sweetest, purest, most delicious thing he had ever tasted. I was in awe of his talents down there, having never been with a man who sensed exactly what I needed and wanted. A man who knew how to have me convulsing and moaning in a span of three seconds.

Xavier put his finger inside me while his tongue sang to my clitoris, and I filled him with my pleasure, with my need, with my heart. I came, more explosively and earth-shatteringly than I ever knew was possible.

“You have the best fucking pussy, ever,” he growled. “My god, Camilla, my god. So beautiful and delicious and sexy. But I’m not finished with you yet. Turn around.”

His command carried a softness and simultaneous firmness that told me that I could do nothing but oblige. I brought myself to the center of the bed and heard the sweet sound of the condom wrapper rip. Then, he was on top of me, covering me with his rippling muscles. I arched my back, lifting myself up to him. As he entered me, darts of pleasure swam through me. Hands on my hips, he moved in and out, slow and steady. His thrusts deliberately deep radiated throughout my entire being. He laced his hands around my neck, squeezed me firmly, and took me into his world. We cried out in ecstasy, melting together - perfect puzzle pieces.

“You. Just. Feel. SO. Good.” His every word was matched with a thrust. He brought his face an inch from mine, and stared into my soul, releasing himself and his relief into me. Pure bliss.

“Nothing could bother me now.” Xavier’s sexy European whisper tickled my ear. He brushed my hair aside with his thin lips, and gently rested them on my pale shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me. I moved my body into his lithe frame, and we surrendered to temptation one last time.