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Work had been stealing my sweetheart all fucking month and by the time he got home he was too tired to do anything. Sometimes even too tired to sleep. He'd toss and turn all night long, trying to get those precious Zs. We couldn't even keep our scheduled playdates. And when he canceled our playdate for the one day he had off to go out with his friends... well let's just say this grumpy kitty sharpened her claws. 

I decided to have a night out clubbing with my girls since he was going out with the guys. I didn't know when I'd be home, but I knew he'd pay when I got there, in a very delicious way. A way that he normally makes me pay when I've misbehaved. My inner submissive was turning into a dominant. I was going to show my man what happened when he forgot my needs. 

In order to have courage and most of my faculties, I only drank two alcoholic beverages and then tossed out the designated driver line at the other places we went. It gave me free water or soda to drink and I was also able to fend off the sweaty hands of strangers as they tried to paw me on the dance floor. 

When I got home, Grant was sound asleep. My lips puckered and I pulled out the fuzzy handcuffs that were reserved for me. Using the little bit of light from the hall nightlight, I captured one wrist and cuffed it to the other above his head through the slats of the headboard. I grabbed two more and cuffed his ankles, one to each corner. I pulled the rest of the covers off of him and turned on the lamp. My honey was naked. How sweet of him to make things easier for me. 

He was blinking from the invasion of light. We always slept with it as dark as possible. It had been something for me to get used to when we first moved in together. It was difficult to go to the bathroom when you're writhing on the floor after bumping something precious into the bed frame, after all. 

"Babe? What's going on?" 

I waited. I wanted him to realize what happened. And then I couldn't stop the evil smirk that appeared as he went to rub his eyes, but found himself trapped instead. 

"Babe?" He only called me babe when we weren't in play mode. When we were in play mode I was kitten or slut, depending on which role he had me playing. Tonight, I would be called something else entirely. Mistress

"You can call me Mistress." I went to rummage through the toy trunk – yes it's an actual trunk – to find something to torment my partner with that would get his attention. I didn't want to hurt him. I wanted to tease him until his balls were blue like my metaphorical ones after not being utilized for a month. 

I started with a riding crop. As I drew it down his body, I paused to tease his nipples. I dragged it along his thighs but didn't touch his cock or balls. His cock, just lying there, barely half mast, started to perk up. 

"Babe... what the hell is this about?" My temper flared about his ignorance and I paused in my ministrations. I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment. 

"You may call me Mistress. Your safe words are Yellow and Red." I wouldn't tell him that I'd thought about leaving or cheating or begging and pleading for attention. I would find a way to work this out. 

"Mistress, what the fuck is this about?" The disdain in his voice was obvious. I could hear Grant’s teeth grind as he spat the words at me. I growled right back at him. Grant's breathing was rough and his eyes were a little wild. I wondered if he'd never been cuffed before – or perhaps he had and it was a bad experience. Either way, I established the safe words and he wasn't a stranger to knowing how they worked. 

"This," I gestured to him being tied up, waving the crop in front of his face, and snarled, "is about you not being home enough to even have a quickie with me.” Smack. “This is about canceling our playdate on your only night off to go drinking with your friends.” SmackSmack. “THIS is about me taking some control over our relationship for once." I snapped the crop against his chest three more times. SmackSmackSmack

Grant panted and his eyes rolled like a wild animal when trapped. The pink marks appeared across his chest and I waited. I wanted to know what was going through his mind. Did I look like this when he punished me? Like a rabid animal stuck in a trap and unable to break free? He remembered how to breathe again and his eyes focused on me as I molested the riding crop like I wanted to molest his cock. 

"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have canceled. I know we should've talked. I've just been so run down lately and I hoped a night out would get me a decent night of sleep so that I could come home to you like a new man tomorrow. The project is done. We completed everything." The hope in his voice didn't sway me. I knew he wanted me to undo the cuffs and cave. I refused. If he said Red, then I would stop. Instead of letting him go, I smacked him with the crop again. 

"I think it's time I took control. To show you that I won't put up with being neglected." The smack made him gasp, the pink welt it left behind made me smile. I smacked him again as he hadn't indicated he wanted me to stop, and then again. I smacked his thighs, the sides of his calves, all over his chest and I teased his nipples. 

Grant's cock was full and hard against his stomach. I set the crop aside and rubbed my hands along his legs, his arms, soothing away the hurt. I couldn't help but want to touch him all over the way he sometimes did for me. I pinched and flicked his nipples until they stood proud and pert. I hadn't been allowed to touch myself, to orgasm, while he had shot off loads of jizz in the shower or whenever else he felt like it, for a month. Tonight was my night to get off. 

I pulled out some strawberry lube, my favorite flavor, and dumped some into my hand. Taking his cock, I coated it with the shiny oil. Grant groaned as I touched him, lifting his hips to press himself harder into my hand. Earlier he had been stalwart in his quiet as his eyes watched me, lips pressed tightly together as he took the punishment I deemed necessary. 

"Oh, is that what you want? You like it when I stroke your cock for you?" I gave him my best baby-voice as I moved my hand up and down his meat. I loved the taste of him with strawberry. I wanted to give in and slide my bright red lips down his shaft, but I resisted. I put steel in my spine and stroked him over and over again, rubbing the lube into his hardening length. 

Grant started getting into it, writhing against my caresses and I paused. I pinched his nipples hard and he cried out in pain, tears welled up in his eyes. I remembered when he had done that to me when I was enjoying his touch too much. Payback was a bitch and tonight I was getting mine. I wondered what other fun things he hid in the toy chest from me. 

I found nipple clamps and thought about putting them elsewhere. I looked at him, holding them in my hands, testing their strength between my fingers as I eyed his balls. 

“No, that’ll fucking hurt.” I almost, almost, did it because he didn’t use a safe word. I walked over to rub his balls and his head fell back against the pillow, his eyes closed. Bending over, I flicked, licked, and sucked his nipples until they were standing at attention again and clamped them. 

“Oh, fuck,” Grant was struggling against the cuffs now, his eyes looking at the clamps. I had put them on the lightest setting. Which was a helluva lot lighter than what he’d ever used on my nipples. 

“Really? I have them on the lightest setting sweetheart. You use them way harder on me.” I ran my fingers along his thigh and climbed up onto the bed. I’d gone out tonight without panties on even though I hadn’t planned on cheating. I just wanted my thighs to be sticky when I climbed on top of Grant tonight. 

As I straddled my whimpering man, I pulled my skirt up over my hips. I shifted and placed my lower lips along his lubed-up shaft and moved back and forth along his length. He continued having issues with the clamps and I paused to lean over and kiss him. I kissed him hard, pushing my tongue between his teeth to get his attention off the pain. It was the same he’d do for me. 

Grant responded to the kiss, sucking on my tongue and twining his with mine. His hips bucked against my wetness and I sighed into the kiss. I wanted so bad to have him inside me, on top of me, holding me down and by the hair as he gave me every thick inch. I felt the ridge of the head of his cock rubbing against my clit and increased my speed. I pinched my own nipples to increase the sensation in my hot little nub below. I nuzzled his neck, he smelled so good and clean. His soap and his scent mixed together with the smell of sex and I moaned into his ear. 

Grunts replaced the whimpers from Grant and I shuddered above him as I continued to ramp up my own desire. I knew he was having fun, too, but this was for me. As he bucked his hips, back and forth rubbing against me, I coated him in cream. 

“Oh, yes, that’s it, that’s a good boy,” I felt the little rapture run through my body, zinging my nerves and lighting things up. Sweat coated Grant and I knew he wanted to bury himself inside me, but I kept teasing him, gliding along his length, because I wanted to hear him beg. 

“Babe, please,” he panted, his chest heaved. I paused and looked down at him. I slapped him across the face just hard enough to get his attention. 

“Mistress, please.” A new light shone in Grant’s eyes as he accepted the correction. Tonight, I was in charge and he was my sex slave. I decided the best way to keep him from trying to get his way would be to keep his mouth busy. 

I shimmied up his body, leaving a trail along his abs and chest. I pulled myself up using the headboard and shoved glistening goodness into his face. “I think you need to put that mouth of yours to better use.” 

Grant didn’t hesitate. He loved the taste of me and would go down on me until I begged over and over again for him to take me. Sometimes he would and other times he would leave me wanting. This time, he’d make me reach climax or suffer the consequences. 

As he stabbed at me with his tongue, trying to get deeper with each thrust, I reached below me and tightened one of the nipple clamps. They were such a nice set, easily adjusted. Once I had the right one tightened, I switched hands and did the left. The way he moaned and grunted into me told me he noticed. 

I wanted his cock in my mouth so much, but I refused to allow myself to turn over and take it. It would only be a way of giving in and I thought about leaving him hard and needy all night long. He changed what he was doing and started flicking and licking my little pearl of pleasure. My eyes rolled back into my head and I held tight to the headboard so I wouldn’t accidentally smother my lover. 

Cream covered his face and my skin glowed. I moved off of him and took a few moments to gather my wits about me. I kneeled beside him and grabbed the bottom of my dress. I shimmied out of it and dropped it onto the floor, followed by my best bra. Leaning down I kissed Grant again, tasting my juices on his lips, his tongue. I licked along his chin and jaw. 

I enjoyed how his chest rose and fell as he struggled to keep control. I wanted to take away even that little bit of alpha maleness. I dragged my nails down his chest, leaving a trail of pinkish red marks to his hips. The sounds that came out of his mouth, the way his body arched into my nails, spurred me on even more. 

“Good God, woman. Why haven’t we done this before? Do you always feel this way when I torment you?” Grant’s words were breathy, raspy from the groaning and crying out earlier. 

“Usually. Sometimes. Once the pain turns into pleasure I feel free and wild. Is that how you feel?” I tightened the clamps just a little more and he writhed against the bed, his eyes widened again and he breathed hard to get through it. 

“That’s the tightest they go, my love. The same setting you start me out on more often than not.” I stroked his cock again, covered in my cream and strawberry lube. His eyes closed and he ground against me. 

I moved to kneel between his legs and licked his balls. The mingling of my juices, the strawberry lube, and his own maleness engulfed my tongue. I sighed in pleasure which caused Grant to shiver and pull away. I sunk nails into his thighs and sucked his ball into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it like a lollipop. 

As he squirmed beneath me, I looked up at him. His eyes met mine and I enjoyed watching the way his eyes rolled, closed, and then opened to meet mine again. I sucked a little harder, brushed my teeth against the sensitive skin and moaned against the flesh. Hot drops of pre-ejaculate drizzled onto his belly. His stomach clenched, tightening the abdominal muscles I loved running my tongue along. I switched to his other nut and repeated my previous performance. Grant’s skin glistened beautiful with sweat and I could see that he was truly enjoying being my slave boy. 

“You’re so beautiful, Mistress.” When I stopped, his head fell back to expose his neck and his chest rose and fell as he tried to remember how to breathe. “Please don’t stop. Please, I’ll do whatever you want.” 

I ran my tongue up along his sack, the length of his cock, pausing to tease the head and lick the mess from his belly. I crawled up his body, kissing and licking my way to his throat. When I reached my destination, I grazed my teeth against his skin. He was shaking beneath me, this alpha male of mine. 

“Do I look this wonderful and amazing to you when you’re punishing me, my love?” The words I hadn’t meant to utter escaped as I whispered them against his ear. I nibbled his earlobe and then slid back down his body to press him against my opening. 

“So beautiful,” he said, the words coming out soft and sweet as he exhaled. The feeling of the head of his cock against me made my insides feel like melting butter. I lifted his length and inserted him slow and steady, inch by aching inch, regardless of my mind screaming to thrust myself down as fast and hard as I could. 

My moans joined with Grant’s as we sang out our mutual pleasure as I tortured us both by moving slow, oh so slow, down until our hips met. Feeling him shift beneath me, I yanked the chain lightly that connected the nipple clamps. He froze, the pain engulfing him. 

“No. You’ll not be moving. You are my slave and I will use you like a dildo. Stay still and do not come.” I punctuated my last command by touching his nipples lightly. I knew I would have to let them go, but not yet. 

“Tell me you understand, slave.” I slapped my hand on his chest to get his attention focused. 

“Yes, Mistress. I understand. I am your slave, your dildo, and I will not come until you give me permission.” 

Poor Grant, how he struggled to get out all those words. I knew he was feeling his nerve-endings shrieking with pain and pleasure throughout his body because I had been there. Many times. 

I could feel the pulse of his heart in his cock. I clenched my lower muscles around him and he forgot how to breathe all over again. I leaned forward and started riding him in earnest. I started out slow because regardless of the fact that I was in charge here, I knew if I didn’t pay attention I would give in and beg to be taken. 

Riding him on my own, without his fingers digging into my hips, gripping me tight and lifting me made things a little difficult, but I managed to make us both sweat and gasp and shudder while I tried to get a good rhythm on my own. I had my hands on his chest to help me bounce up and down, my nails digging into his flesh as I let my head fall back to be swept away by the intense pleasure pulsating through my body. 

"Oh God, OhGodOhGod." I lost all sense of myself as one of the best orgasms ever ripped through me. I felt shredded and pieced back together as a new person. As I came back down, I realized just how much fun and powerful it was to be in control. I reached forward and started loosening one of the nipple clamps. 

"Oh, fuck," he shuddered and writhed beneath me as the feeling came back into his nipple. I leaned forward, sucking and licking. He cried out, his eyes clenched shut tight. I glanced up and saw that his hands were in fists. The feeling of the way his body bucked into me was delicious with its wildness. I felt another climax building inside me and the muscles writhed around Grant’s length. My eyes fluttered and I almost gave in, but his words interrupted. 

"Mistress, please, oh fuck please, I'm going to--" I removed the other nipple clamp just as slow as the last one and repeated licking and sucking the sensitive flesh. I whimpered and whined against his skin, my nails clawing into his sides as I tried to hold on. I knew he was going to explode inside me, permission or no permission. What did I want to do? Punish him more or give him permission? I decided on mercy and rolled my hips against his, pausing in my torture of his nipples. 

Holding on tight wasn't working. I'd leave scars if I sank my nails any deeper into his skin. I wasn't sure what to do, but I had to make a decision, "You can come, slave. You can come." My words registered the second time and he bounced me up and down so hard and fast I thought I was going to be thrown like a rodeo cowboy. I dug my fists into the bed sheet and held on. I didn't even try to ride him; it would be impossible to keep up with the wicked bucking. 

I couldn't stop the moans that surfaced from deep within me. It felt like my entire body was the orgasm as it swept over me, lighting up my insides like sirens in the night. Grant joined me in my song of release and moments later we were both panting and slick with sweat. 

I didn't recall laying down on his chest. Grant's heartbeat sounded like a staccato drumbeat to my ears. When I could move again I found the keys to the cuffs and released him. I expected punishment to come for what I'd done. Perhaps I'd be sent to sleep in our guest room – the worst punishment ever. 

"C'mere, baby." Grant gestured for me to cuddle with him as he rubbed his wrists. I, a submissive, had forgotten the most basic care. Instead of crawling up to him, I rubbed his ankles and feet, making sure that he could feel everything. Once that was done, I crawled up onto the bed and he kissed me with a gentleness we hadn't shared in years. 

"I'll never ignore you again. I promise. If you don't mind doing something like this again to me now and then when I get off track, that is." The satisfied smile on his face said it all, he may be my dominant, but I had all the control in this relationship. 

"Yes, Sir." I kissed him, then got up long enough to grab the covers while he turned out the light. We snuggled close and tight, our fingers entwined. Happy and sated, together.  

Flipping the Switch came from a Masturbation Monday prompt post by Kayla Lords, who helps us all find our better sexual selves.

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