Ankali: Initiation

Jenn Wodtke
8 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

Content Warning: This story is an excerpt from a longer work which features a submissive woman willingly exploringly an elite BDSM community. It includes graphic depictions of rough bondage, erotic torture, and public humiliation as she challenges her hard limits in her conscious search for the perfect Master.

Enjoy your kink responsibly.


Danita was riding high. Once she made her decision to pledge Ankali, everything moved fast. Home, family, and friends left behind, almost forgotten in the blur of getting to the city, undergoing grueling testing and questioning and parties, all to determine to whether or not she would be accepted as an apprentice.

Tonight was the final party. She would either be accepted and assigned a master and living quarters, or sent home with a small stipend to acknowledge the time she had spent pledging. The rules had been clearly laid out: she would be taught to obey, taught to give pleasure, taught to endure—pleasure and pain. It had been made clear to her that mistakes were expected, but she’d be punished accordingly. She would experience moments of defiance and resistance. While that was understood—given the intensity of the training—continued, sustained, refusal to submit would result in her dismissal. She knew to expect the gamut of emotions: joy, rage, despair, hatred, and apathy, and she knew her body would belong to her master first, senior Ankali second, and herself a distant third. The demands on her, it had been stressed, would be great, and difficult, and sometimes more than she might think she could bear. 

Still, she was not daunted and eager to start her training, if she had convinced the council that she was worthy. She checked her dress—an unexpected gift from Starlight—and was amazed at how different she looked out of her dull village garb. The dress was slit high up her left leg, exposing most of her thigh when she walked. The back dipped so low that a hint of her buttocks was visible. It was cut very high in the front, all the way to her neck, but any thought she had that the front was modest went out the window when she put it on. The fabric in front was thin and very tight, so that while covered, anyone who gave her the merest of glances that night would see every curve of her breast and nipples.

Anywhere else Danita would have refused to let anyone see her, but this was Ankali, and her obedience was expected. Besides, the other women would be dressed similarly. 

There was a knock on the door. Tomas was to escort her to the party tonight. After a long look at her, from head to toe, he nodded approvingly and offered her his arm. They walked the short distance from her guest room to the ballroom. Once inside, Tomas quickly fetched her a glass of champagne, which she sipped gratefully. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for clues on faces as to whether or not her application was to be successful tonight.

“Tomas,” she whispered. “Where are the women?”

“What women?” he asked.

“All of them. Any of them. It’s all men,” she hissed. There weren’t many guests, but they were all male. All attractive too, she thought. Interesting. She made eye contact, possibly for the last time. If she was accepted, she would not be permitted to look her superiors in the eye unless expressly bidden to do so.

He shrugged. “You are the guest of honor, thus the only female here. There, it’s Headmaster Dylan. He wants to see you.”

Headmaster Dylan glided up to Danita. “So pleased to honor you here tonight,” he said, as he kissed her hand. “You look marvelous.”

“Thank you,” she murmured. 

“I understand you believe you have the physical and emotional toughness to make it through the years of training required of you.”

Danita nodded. “I do.”

“Are you ready for one last test? To impress me and the council?”

“I am.”

“Then come, they want to see you.”

He took her hand and led her up a few steps on to a raised circular dais. The surface was intricate, inlaid with different colored wood and leather, creating a beautiful floor.

“Kneel here,” he said, pointing out two soft leather patches on the floor.

Delicately adjusting the hem of her dress, Danita sunk down onto her knees, pleasantly surprised at the softness of the leather under them. Headmaster Dylan placed a hand on her head and smiled down at her. “Pledge Danita, are you ready for your final test?”

“Yes,” she declared.

“You may choose to stop at any time, by saying ‘revoke.’ If you do so, you will be sent back to your village and may never again pledge. Do you understand?’

She looked at Headmaster Dylan. “I will not revoke.”

He stepped to the side and indicated two more leather patches just in front of her. “Then place your hands there.”

Danita obeyed, leaning forward to do so. Headmaster Dylan crouched down beside her and nodded approvingly. “Good.” So quickly that Danita didn’t even see it happen, he snapped two metal cuffs around each of her wrists and then hooked them into an eyelet in the floor. Danita stared at the floor incredulously, realization dawning that what she thought were pretty designs had an entirely different, and functional, purpose. Each piece could rise up slightly above the floor and be repositioned anywhere. Her eyes snapped up to Headmaster Dylan, nervous and questioning. 

“Your final test,” he said. “Do you wish to revoke?”

She shook her head no. Two more cuffs snapped around her ankles. Danita’s head whipped back to glance over her shoulder. Tomas had secured her ankles to the dais too. He smiled encouragingly at her.

She turned her attention back to Headmaster Dylan, who she knew to be in charge. In his hand was a tablet. Keeping his eyes locked with Danita’s he made two swipes. The plates her wrists were secured to began to move, and Danita with them. She had no choice but to shift her weight as she was pulled along, her hands moving forward and apart. No longer able to kneel, she was effectively placed on all fours. Dylan swiped again, and her ankles were forced open in response. Seeing her stubborn attempt to keep her knees together he paused and waited.

Defiantly, she kept her knees closed. Shrugging, he signaled Tomas, who quickly attached another set of cuffs just above her knees. Dylan’s finger hovered over the tablet, letting her watch and feel the complete control he held over her body. He swiped, and her thighs began to spread. Danita said a small prayer of thanks to Starlight, who must have known of her impending trial and kindly bought a long dress to help Danita stay covered.

Dylan crouched down again, a gag in hand. “Open your mouth,” he ordered. Danita paused. “Or revoke.” 

Slowly, she opened her mouth and received the gag. Dylan tied it tight at the back of her head, under her hair. 

“Good girl,” he said, running a finger underneath her jawline.

From his pocket, he pulled out a knife. Mercifully, what he did next was brief. He’d been in her place and understood the first few minutes were the most difficult. Panicked anticipation of what might be coming had derailed many a pledge. So to get her past those first perilous moments, he slit her dress along the back from straps to hem and it fell to the floor in a heap. Her panic was quickly replaced with a new emotion she couldn’t yet name but made her whole body tingle. She was gagged, tied to the dais, breasts swaying slightly with her labored breaths, pussy and ass exposed. Through her haze, she noticed the sound in the room was different now and looked around to see what changed. Men, more men, had come into the room. Immediately she understood her first test: to endure the humiliation of being the entertainment, their plaything on display. She took a deep breath and focused on the first spark of arousal that had begun to grow inside her. She saw Headmaster Dylan nod at Tomas.

Tomas approached, metal clinking in his hand. “I think we’ll start slow,” he said to Dylan, who nodded his approval. Onto each nipple, he attached a small metal clip. The teeth bit into her skin, causing her to groan. “It’s not all pain,” Tomas whispered, before tonguing both her clipped nipples. Her groan changed from pain to something different as Tomas continued to lick and tease and the murmur of the crowd grew louder in appreciation.

As Tomas kept licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, Headmaster Dylan moved behind her. A stiff metal belt was locked around her waist, then he reached between her legs, letting his fingers lightly circle her asshole, almost but not quite pushing inside. He moved his hand further, fingertips grazing her clit, as he clipped another piece to the belt at her belly. This was a long necklace of sorts, strung with numerous large silver beads. Slowly, Dylan pulled it back tightly, the beads first pressing down on her clit, completely covering her vulva, then between her ass, and up the small of her back, finally attaching to the back of the belt. She wiggled to loosen it, but instead, Dylan pulled it one notch tighter. There was a smattering of applause from the crowd as she trembled. The pressure of the beads tight between her legs and the constant grip of the clips on her nipples made her groan again, lower and deeper from inside her.

Tomas’s tongue stopped its tease. He pulled out two long metal chains with a ball weight on the end. These he attached to the clips on her nipples. He smiled at Danita’s groaning and wiggling, but nothing she did eased the intensity of the sensations. Coming to the front to look her in the eye, Tomas flicked one of the balls, causing its weight to swing back and forth, tugging on the clip. The small teeth attached to Danita’s nipples rocked back and forth, causing a riot of sensation, biting and releasing, the weights pulling the teeth harder into her flesh as they swayed back and forth.

Meanwhile, Dylan started rubbing her ass with slow circular motions. He rubbed faster and faster, the friction causing warmth on Danita’s ass. Thwack! Suddenly he smacked her cheek, causing the weights on her nipples to sway and pull. The beads jostled against each other on their chain, moving against Danita’s skin. She groaned around her gag as sensation wracked her body. Soon Dylan settled into a rhythm: rub, smack, pull back and watch. Rub, smack, watch. The crowd was larger and more attentive, enjoying watching Danita’s pledge initiation.

Her body adjusted to the rhythm of Dylan’s smacks and the echoing movement of the beads pulled tight against her ass and clit, the tiny teeth biting and dancing at her nipples. Soon, her body was moving with Dylan, anticipating, eager for the next touch that would send another wave of sensation through her entire body. At one especially hard slap, she almost collapsed as a radiant heat flooded her. Tears dripped from her eyes at the intensity of her pulsing, throbbing body.

“Headmaster Dylan,” Tomas said sharply. “Stop. She’s had it.”

He stopped and came around to look at Danita’s face, streaming with tears. And the puddle on the floor under her. “Yes, indeed she has.” He removed her gag. “Some of the men will approach and touch you. When they do, you are to keep your eyes down and say, ‘Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Headmaster Dylan stood. “Tomas, are you ready to tally?”

“I am.”

“Very good.” He turned to the crowd. “Good sirs, we have here a pledge. You have witnessed her very first performance. If you found it satisfactory and believe her worthy, please demonstrate your acceptance of her by laying a hand on her and allowing her to thank you. Once you have done so, please make your way to the banquet hall for refreshments.”

There was a murmur as the crowd began to chatter and move throughout the room.

She felt a hand on her head. “Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence.” The hands continued, mostly on her head, some on her shoulder and back. As the hands touched her and moved to the banquet hall, the room grew quiet. Soon it was only Headmaster Dylan and Tomas, who whispered briefly to each other. Then she saw Headmaster Dylan’s feet move away, joining the others in the banquet hall.

Tomas knelt and quickly removed her belt, clips, and bindings before helping her rise. One arm slung around her waist, he escorted her back to her quarters and into her bed. He tucked the soft linens around her and smoothed her hair away from her face. She heard the door open, someone enter, and then leave again. She opened her eyes and looked at Tomas, who was dipping a cloth into a basin of water. He sat on the edge of the bed and wiped away the remainder of her tears and strain.

“You did well tonight,” he said. “Very well.”

“So I made it?”

He laughed softly “You did, indeed.  There were forty-four voting members here tonight. All but two of them touched you. No one has ever had such a high vote. Headmaster Dylan is very pleased.”

She smiled. “Good.” 

“Tomorrow you will be honored. You may sleep late, and there will be bread and meats and cheeses in your chambers when you awake. There will be a banquet tomorrow, and you will be pampered throughout the day. But now, sleep. You deserve the rest.”

“Thank you,” she said, closing her eyes. A delicious lassitude had taken over her body and she felt calm in mind as well.

He smoothed her hair once more and laid a light kiss on her forehead before exiting her chambers, shutting the door behind him.

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