Amaretto Sour

F. Leonora
3 mins read
Published over 2 years ago

“That is too sweet,” he said after she ordered her cocktail.

Kit pursed her lips, and swiveled around on her bar stool.

With her hair pulled up in a bun, pink vintage dress circa 1940 and a decadent cameo that grazed her impressive cleavage, too sweet was exactly what she was going for. When her amaretto sour was placed in front of her, she leaned toward the bartender and smiled softly at him.

“Extra cherries, please,” she said making eye contact to make sure he would not be stingy.

He smiled back and dropped in two extra cherries. Then his equally vintage-suited up and suspendered colleague appeared next to him and dropped a couple more cherries into the drink.

“There you go, honey,” she smiled, adjusting her bowtie. “They match your outfit!”

Kit smiled at the bartender, and turned back to her date.

“You can’t be serious,” he said, his eyes moving below her cameo.

Taking a sip of her amaretto sour, she dipped her finger in the glass to pull out a cocktail-soaked cherry.

“Are you?”

He scoffed.

“You want the same thing I want. I know you do. You want me to fuck the sweetness out of you…”

She rolled her eyes. In fact, Kit wanted to slap him, but she did not want to create a scene in Prohibition. When she started this evening, she figured she would have a nice drink with Thom, who she had been chatting with online for a while and who was as into the retro lifestyle as she was. But from the moment he judged her drink, she was done.

He continued to talk about the filthy things she wanted him to do to her. But she was not turned on in the least, discreetly ogling the gorgeous bartender who had put two more cherries in her drink instead. Jackson was on his nametag. She also smiled as Josephine’s nametag came into view in front of her too, while she plucked at the cherries she had saved for last at the bottom of her drink.

“Would you like another, honey?” Josephine asked.

Thom answered before Kit could.

“No, she wants a real drink this time. Give her a–”

“Yes, I would like another amaretto sour,” Kit added. “With extra cherries.”

“Are you serious? I have kind of had it with the sweet and innocent act, Kitty–”

The second she heard “Kitty”, she snapped. With schoolgirl taunts about Hello Kitty resurrected, she got up and walked away.

“Where are you going, Kitty?”

Thom’s voice grew distant as she walked into the bathroom, and plopped herself into one of the plush pink lounge chairs. The door opened behind her, and she was afraid Thom had followed her in.

“Are you okay, Kitty?”

Kit turned to find a sexy bartender in her suspenders, buttoned-up shirt, tailored pants, and bowtie.

“It’s Kit. No one calls me Kitty.”

Josephine nodded and walked out again. She returned holding an amaretto sour with a pyramid of cherries inside, presented on a Prohibition branded lace doily.

“He’s still out there, chatting up a new hopeful conquest.”

Kit sipped the very sweet amaretto sour, letting her tongue swirl around the cherry pyramid.

“You are way too pretty for him anyway!”

Kit laughed.

“Thank you,” she said, caressing her cotton candy pink stockinged leg. “It’s nice when us girls stick together!”

“Yeah, it is!”.

“How late are you working tonight?” she asked Josephine looking in the mirror to see her reflection.

“Why, are you gonna wait for me?”

Kit blushed, which made her even pinker in her outfit.

Josephine moved to leave the room.

“Another amaretto sour, doll? Extra cherries?”


“Do you want anything else, doll?”

Kit stood up, she and Josephine were eye to eye in the bubble gum pink lounge.

“What did you have in mind?”

Josephine’s lips tasted like maraschino cherries, and her curves underneath Kit’s hands were equally as round and sweet. Pressed to the cushioned wall, Kit was already sloppy wet between her legs. When Josephine pulled away, she chewed on her lower lip. Kit swooned from the amaretto sour and Josephine’s lips.

“Was that what you had in mind, Kit?”

Kit grinned and pulled her close, running her hands over Josephine’s sinfully curvy behind.

“I have a show tonight,” Josephine whispered, “otherwise I would have gone home with you.”

The two women exchanged numbers, and Josephine walked out of the ladies’ room. Kit had one final lingering look at Josephine’s backside until she reached the bar.

“There you are!”

Jackson. She walked over to the bar with a smile, confident her lipstick was not smudged.

“I needed to make this for you.” Kit looked at the champagne glass filled with cotton candy, that dissolved as Jackson poured champagne over it. “On the house for the pretty pink lady…”

She didn’t need another drink, but he had made it just for her and she had wanted to have a little face time with him all night.

“Thank you,” she said, raising her glass to him.

“That guy you were with was really lame,” he said. “With a girl looking as sweet as you do...”

“You’re making me all red.”

“No. I could,” he said looking right at her, “but I haven’t yet. I am trying to be the gentleman that creep was not.”

Kit looked around for any sign of Thom.

“He left with another girl,” Jackson explained. “If it had not been her it would have been anyone...”

“He did not seem that way online, but in person… lame.”

“That cocktail sweet enough?”

“More than enough. Can I have extra cotton candy on the side?”

“You always want extra!” Jackson laughed handing her a ream of cotton candy.

She did not know how to eat it delicately, so sticky threads stuck to her cheeks. Jackson caressed her cheek softly.

“You are making it really hard for me to not make you turn red, Kitty.”

“My friends call me Kit.”

“Does anyone call you Katherine?”

“You do.”

She stayed with him until the bar closed, eating lots more cotton candy.

His loosened tie and suspenders hanging over his hips while counting money was the sexiest thing through her cotton candy vision. Jackson closed the pouch with money, and turned to see her looking at him.

“Will you come see me again?” he stood in front of her, as she arched back against the counter.

“If you want me to.”

“I want...”

He licked cotton candy from around her mouth, and on her lips. Kit grabbed his suspenders to pull herself closer to him. He barely moved his lips from hers. Every time she thought they were done, another sweet kiss.

They exchanged numbers, as he walked her outside to find a taxi — the Prohibition taxis were as pink as her dress. She crawled into one with leftover pink roses from the bar, cotton candy and a wet kiss from Jackson.

She closed the door on the tip of her cotton candy. Plucking that piece off and popping it into her mouth, she smiled. It really was the sweetest date night after all…

Written by
F. Leonora

F. Leonora is an award-winning sex blogger and erotica author, and the host of the flash fiction writing meme "Friday Flash" and moderator of the SexySmut subreddit.