The Business Trip

K. Carney
8 mins read
Published about 4 years ago

After spending the day drinking vodka by the pool, Cassandra returned to her hotel room only to discover that she had been locked out. A cleaning woman eyed her suspiciously as she wandered the hallways wearing nothing but her bikini and a wet towel.

Eventually, she remembered that Steven was staying on the same floor. She shuffled to his room and knocked frantically on his door. After a few minutes, Steven stuck his head out and saw her standing there, shivering, hair still wet. Cassandra, disheveled, struggled to explain: "I think I lost my room key."

He kindly invited her in. His room was dimly lit, with sections of the newspaper strewn about the floor. He handed her a bathrobe. "I'll make you some tea".

She put on the bathrobe and took a seat at the small desk near the window, “Wow, your view is so much nicer than mine.”

He chuckled. “You can come by whenever you like.”

“You’re such a gentleman,” she said. “I’m sorry about all of this.”

“Not at all, I was actually hoping for some company.”

There was a brief silence as he poured hot water into the tea-cup. She admired his figure as he did so. He wore a black polo shirt with khakis and stood barefoot on the carpet. Cassandra had always thought of him as the sexiest guy in the office. He was refined, soft-spoken and engaging. The two of them had shared a rather passionate embrace at the Christmas party last year, and she sometimes found herself musing on his relationship status.

“Hope you like the Earl of Grey,” he said with a dimpled smile.

“I like him just fine,” she said in an exaggerated British accent.

He dragged the bedside table over to the desk and sat on top of it. “So Cassandra, how do you like Los Angeles?”

She tried not to giggle.

They talked, and laughed, and flirted for an hour. Steven played 80’s pop music from his cellphone. Cassandra came out of the bathroom twirling, the white bathrobe floating like a cape behind her. The lights of a nearby bridge shimmered through the window.

Stephen was sipping whiskey from a wine glass. “I love your hair when it’s curly,” he said finally.

She gasped, covering her face with her hands. “Really? I find it makes me look goofy.”

“No, not at all,” he said, rolling the ice cubes around in his glass. “Straight hair is so... businesslike.”

“Well we’re not in the office right now. So, I guess we can do as we like.”

There was a smiling silence that hung between them for a moment, and Steven placed his hand on her thigh. She leaned in and kissed him under the lamplight. His lips were sweet with the taste of whisky.

The kiss was incredible. Their lips fused with sublime suppleness. The bathrobe came untied as they traded tongues. She felt his grip on her thigh; his touch was firm but restrained. After a few minutes, she took his hand and led him to the couch.

The couch was small and sprinkled with floral patterns. Steven sat down, but Cassandra remained standing. She shed the bathrobe coyly, her blue string bikini now dried. Steven reclined and she noticed the contour of his swelling dick in his khakis. She leaned over him, and placed her hands on his upper thighs, allowing her breasts to dangle in front of his face. She kissed him and said, “I just dried myself off... You’re going to make me all wet again.”

Steven grinned, closing his eyes as she grabbed at his pants. She undid the button with careful dexterity and tugged at the waistline. He was wearing boxers in a tartan pattern, with the head of his dick poking out of the bottom. She slowly climbed on top of him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

They continued kissing fiercely with sensual groans. Cassandra grinded along his hardened shape as he pawed at her shapely ass. She broke away from the kiss, and untied the strings of her bikini top. Tossing it across the room, she revealed her perky, teacup-sized breasts. Steven took her left one in his hand and brought the pink nipple into his mouth. Cassandra threw her head back in ecstasy. He lightly licked at her areola. She could feel her bikini bottoms getting damp again. She clumsily pulled off his boxers, his dick sprang up and she took it in her hand. His girth was impressive, and Cassandra’s hand looked small by comparison as she pulled it back and forth.

“You like touching my cock?”

“I do,” she said with a shy whisper. "It's so big."

They kissed again and she crawled over him to the other side of the couch. Steven took her ankles and jerked her curvy hips closer. She looked at him with curious anticipation. He tore away the blue bottoms in one forceful tug. Cassandra smiled, her frizzy, blond hair now glowing golden in the lamplight.

Steven eyed her pussy hungrily. It was partially shaved with only a small, dark tuft of hair. He liked it. He thumbed her glossed lips, peeling her apart like pages of a newspaper. He took her into his mouth and she brushed her hand through his dark hair.

“Oh fuck!” she howled.

It seemed like forever since anyone had made Cassandra feel this good. Steven weaved a wonderful knot with his tongue. Her ankles shivered with pleasure. He held one hand on the inside of her thigh and squeezed her breast with the other. Her breast was still wet with his saliva and he softly pinched at the edges of her nipple.

Cassandra stared down at Steven’s head. She held his hair in her fingertips. It was almost too much. She squirmed, feeling that she was close to coming.

Steven came up for air, brushing his bangs out of his face. They were both panting like animals. Cassandra turned herself over, feeling the fabric of the couch on her nipples. She hoisted her small, tanned ass into the air. Sounding out of breath she asked, “Do you have a condom?”

Steven did, of course. But he wasn't ready to fetch it just yet. "Can we just focus on you for a little while longer?" Cassandra wasn't used to this. Foreplay usually felt... rushed. It felt like an appetizer to the main dish. She always felt like she was meant to enjoy herself, but that the ultimate goal was for her male partner to come.

But Steven wouldn't let up. He licked her clit and slid his fingers inside her. Watching her in this state was making all the blood rush to his cock. He kept licking and playing until her toes curled and she finally exploded into his mouth. He fucking loved it.

Steven walked over to the bathroom and returned with a condom, his dick saluting her as he walked. He tossed her the bathrobe and she draped it over the couch, adjusting the placement of her knees. He applied the condom right in front of her face. He wanted her to watch, he wanted her to take note of his meticulousness. Steven seemed to hold his dick in his hand as though it were a dangerous weapon.

Cassandra braced herself as she felt him gliding behind her, the couch seemed to creak, and music was still playing from his phone. She felt him tap his tip a few times against her spread pussy glistening in the lamplight. She felt Steven’s dick gliding outwards for a while before he slipped the head inside her. Steven noticed her gripping the armrest.

“Tell me if it hurts,” he said. She nodded, feeling his fingers on her hip and the texture of the couch brushing against her tits.

It was like a dream. Their bodies moved together in a timeless rhythm. He slowly eased his wholeness into her and she rode him steadily in the soft glow of the lamp. Their skin now gleamed with sweat.

“Fuck, Steven. You feel so good. Fuck me deeper,” she commanded.

She felt the slap of his hand against her ass. The sound of their fucking echoed through the room. Cassandra had to stabilize herself. She lowered her left leg until she felt the carpet on her bare foot.

“Oh God,” she prayed. Her tits were swaying back and forth, as she shouted, “fuck!”

She came. A second time. She came with him inside her. Her spine cringed and curved. She cried until her voice ran out.

Cassandra turned over and saw Steven looming over her. He took off the condom, with his left hand he jerked himself off. She pressed her tits together and he came all over them. She felt his warm, white cum fall generously all over her chest. She liked this a lot more than she expected.

They stayed there on the couch for a while.

“Shit,” Cassandra said. "I can’t stop smiling." Then they took a shower together, scrubbing suds over each other.

He lent her a large t-shirt, and she hid herself in the bed and flicked on the television.

Steven handed her a menu. “Okay, pretty lady. Let’s get you some room service.”