A Little Closer

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Published almost 4 years ago

I noticed you right away.

Your beautiful curves hidden behind your office-appropriate clothing. Your expressions and body language that told me you had much more to offer than what was visible on the surface. Your long, dark hair and smoky green eyes that stopped me in my tracks on more than one occasion.

I had only dabbled in my bisexuality up until now, but I had this insatiable craving to touch your porcelain skin that just wouldn’t quit. The men in the office obviously noticed you too, but you kept it cool. Flirting just enough to keep them coming back for more, but not so much that it would cause a disturbance or undue drama down the road.

We had been working together for a few months. We communicated often via Slack about work related issues on several occasions. But we worked on opposite ends of the building, so that had been the extent of us getting to know each other. I sensed that there had been some noticeable electricity between us, bumping into each other in the ladies room, one catching the other staring at a stockinged leg at a staff meeting. An undercover back and forth of discreet, wordless innuendo. I was thrilled and confused by my feelings. I had absolutely zero idea of how you might receive any comments of invitations form me.

One afternoon, after a particularly tedious meeting for which you were not present, I headed to the ladies room on your floor. When I walked in, I saw you there. You were hastily dabbing a paper towel against your white blouse. It seemed that a collision at the copier left you with stains of someone’s green smoothie. By the time I walked in, you had soaked the front of your blouse in an effort to clean off the sticky, fruity mess.

You looked fairly upset and your cheeks were red hot. I assumed this had something to do with those perky nipples that you didn’t want to to share with the world. They were showing right through your bra and the thin fabric of your damp blouse. I chuckled to myself and reveled in the glory of this private wet t-shirt contest happening right before my eyes. I snapped back to reality at the sound of your exasperated sigh and decided that this was a moment to establish a little friendship born of sympathy, sprinkled liberally with lust.

I’m not naive, I’ve noticed that I can also turn the heads of both sexes. For a woman, I’m tall. Curvy, but also muscular. I've noticed the occasional coworker shifting his hard-on when he thinks no one can see. My sassy shorter hair makes the lines of my neck look like a silky luxurious length of fabric demanding to be admired and waiting to be stroked. I'm known around the office for my full red lips, and my round perky breasts are just heavy enough to press against any lingerie or top, showing off my almost perpetually hard nipples.

I entered the room and stood in front of the next sink over. "That's the worst,” I said. “Can I help? Do you have a spare blouse?”

You frowned at me and said, “I don't, but it's okay. It'll dry soon enough”

“If you’re sure.” I walked into a stall and closed the door behind me.

 “Thank you for being so sweet,” you said to me through the door. “We really don’t get much of a chance to chat. We should get a drink sometime and get to know each other better.”

My smile was hidden behind the door. “Yes, that sounds great” I buttoned up, and re-emerged to wash my hands. I noticed that your blouse was finally beginning to dry.

“Dope. I’d better get back to work,” you said.

When you passed behind me to leave the ladies room, you purposely walk close enough behind me for your breasts to graze my back.

You giggled. "Oops."

My face was as red and hot as a chili pepper, and I felt that rush of tingly sexual energy surge through my body, followed by a gush of wetness soaking my panties.

I smiled, and said, “It’s no problem.” My day was made. I was so turned on. It was unbelievable what that tiny interaction had done to me. I was turned on just as much by your brazen move as I was the actual sensation of your nipples dragging along my back.

Business continued as usual after that day. Not a single word was spoken about the bathroom incident.

That said, I had spent many a-night touching myself, thinking about your soft breasts on my back, the smell of your sweet perfume, your red hot cheeks. And your hard nipples.

A few short weeks later on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, the office was a ghost town. There were a few die-hards working here and there, but overall it was quiet. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. I was so ready to go home, but my workload wasn’t quite complete.

In an effort to refresh myself for the rest of the afternoon and banish the sleepies, I decided to go the ladies room to splash some cold water onto my face. At the last second, a little voice in my head told me to go to the restroom on your floor. “What the hell?” I thought, and I bolted for the elevator.

When I walked in, there you were again. I had to close my eyes and shake my head a little. I wondered if it was really you, or if was my imagination had simply concocted this beautifully sexy scene before me.

You were leaning against the sink with your arms folded across your chest. “What's up?” I asked.

“Ugh! The guy in the cube next to me is fighting with his wife, and I really just needed a break. I’m taking an extra-long pee break. Just hoping no one will notice I’m gone."

We began to chit-chat about the crazy week. We talked holiday plans, but I couldn’t concentrate. You were wearing that same sheer white blouse again, which made me positively ache to touch your nipples. You had on a short black skirt and black heels - you looked so fucking hot, I was hardly able to stand it.

My mouth went dry and my heartbeat quickened. Something inexplicable came over me and before I knew what I was doing, I took a few steps backward and locked the ladies room door.

I walked towards you, all the while you were giving me a look like you know exactly what I was doing. You were smiling at me in a devilishly hot way. I needed to have you.

It seemed like a mile between my body and yours, but when we finally connected, I reached out and pressed your shoulder blades against the wall. I fell against you, kissing your mouth deeply with my tongue roaming all around your mouth. I nibbled at your bottom lip, sucking on it, pulling it towards me.

The kiss left us both breathless as we pulled apart. We looked at each other from under eyelids heavy with passion and lust while we bubbled over with attraction for each other in the heat of that moment.

I leaned in towards you again, bent my head low and bit one nipple - hard - through your layers of lingerie and silky blouse. God, that silky blouse. You gasped and threw your hands back behind you, pressing them against the wall on either side of your pelvis. I bit one, then the other one. Hard. Again. You sucked in your breath and lifted up your leg, rubbing it along mine. You curled that leg around me, trying to climb me like a tree.

You were really something to look at. The desire was palpable. We both wanted more, but I pulled away from you. I kissed your sweet mouth again, and as I unlocked the bathroom door to leave, I whispered, “Meet me back here at 5pm after everyone has gone home.”

You stuttered and stammered. “Wh-what? OK I will.”

You were speechless and looking a little shaky. I wanted to give you some time to think about how this brief encounter went, and what more you wanted from me. And quite frankly, I needed some time to steel my nerves enough to make love to you properly.

The clock moved so slowly. I was entirely useless as an employee for the rest of the afternoon. Finally the clock struck 5. I wrapped up my desk, checked my e-mail, sent a text home to my husband letting him know I was having a drink with the girls, and tried not to obsess about what was about to happen. But I knew one thing for sure. My clit was buzzing, and I was beyond wet.

I heard the last staffer shout, "Have a great holiday!" and all of the lights went out but mine.

I took a deep breath and headed to where we had agreed to meet. You must have been anxious because you were already there. You stood there smiling, and your blouse was mostly unbuttoned. I locked the door again.

"Are you as wet as me?" I ask.

You emitted a husky whisper. "Why don't you tell me?"

I took your hand and led you to the small locker room off the end of the bathroom area. There is a bench built into the wall on one end there, and a shower on the other end. I stepped back and took a deep breath, settling my attention on you the way a gymnast focuses on the mat when she is about to take that first step of a floor routine.

My palms were sweating and my heart was slamming in my chest. I could feel my hard nipples pushing against my bra.

It was then that you began to strip for me. You swayed your lovely hips to imaginary music, running your hands over your breasts, which were still covered by your camisole and your partially unbuttoned blouse. Your nipples seemed to be on the verge of popping out at that point. In fact, if they were anything like mine, they've probably been hard since 2:30pm.

Initially, I had figured that I would be in the driver’s seat for the duration of this encounter, but you looked so turned on undressing for me that I just sat back and enjoyed the show. When you unzipped your skirt and wriggled out of it, I saw modest black lacy bikinis, with your cute ass cheeks peeking out. Then your blouse dropped, leaving your creamy, tanned shoulders gleaming in the fluorescent lights. You were left in your camisole and bikinis, hips still swaying to an imaginary, seductive beat.

You reached for my hand for balance, and stepped out of the rest of your lingerie and up onto the bench with your toes pointed towards the wall. I was so shocked by your forward nature. It was completely unexpected.

At that point, you bent over just enough so that your delicious pussy lips jutted out from between your legs.

"Fuck,” you gasped. “I need you to touch me. Kiss me, lick me, slap me. Something. Just do it quick."

“My pleasure.” I grinned as I stepped forward.

I placed my hands on your hips, and spent a few moments lavishing your butt with attention - kissing, squeezing, slapping, stroking and licking your cheeks one at a time.

Before too long, you were moaning and whimpering. Your breathing grew heavier by the minute.

Time stood still for us there in the bathroom of an empty office building. I was still completely dressed, but soaking through my panties. My body temperature was certainly increasing. I couldn’t get enough of you. I just wanted to devour every square inch of your gorgeous, enticing skin.

I reached up around you, and grabbed your breasts. They swung gentle and heavy. Your nipples tilted upward, just like mine. I gently tugged on them so you would lean over further and suddenly, I was in control once again.

"That’s a good girl," I whisper. "Give me better access to that sweet little pussy. I'm about to devour it. I need to taste you."

The sound of your anticipatory moan bounced off the walls around us. I secretly hoped someone was still out there, listening to us play in the bathroom.

I got to work. I gently ran my tongue over your lips from your clit all the way to your sweet opening, butterfly pressure against your soft wet flesh. Your lips were long and puffy. I savoured the flavor of your juices, snaking in and out and around their shape.

I licked so gently so that although you could barely feel it, the sensations were more intense than you ever could have imagined. The way your body trembled let me know that you felt it too.

The next stroke was a little deeper. I push my tongue further, tasting your juices and drawing more of them out.

My hands traveled from your hips down your thighs and back up again. Before long, you began to wiggle a little too much for my tongue to keep its rhythm, so I gripped your hips tighter and pulled your pelvis towards my face. You began to grind your hips a little more, clearly wanting more.

I nudged you forward just enough so that I could kneel on the bench between your feet. Holding your legs, I tilted my head back, and tickled your clit with the tip of my tongue. All at once I went from my face and mouth being fully involved, to just barely teasing you.

That was the beginning of the end.

I pulled away to look at you and make you wait a little longer. Your hands were against the wall, your luscious dark hair was cascading down your arched back and your cheek was pressed to the wall.

One more tickle to your clit. That's all it took. I had you bucking against my face. You smelled and tasted so fucking good. I stood again and continued to deliver soft slow gentle laps to the length of your pussy. I made sure to pay special attention to your cheeks, your ass and everything in between. It made you shriek.

I made you shriek.

It was time for the grand finale. I slid two fingers in with no problem, and started to pump into you. Slowly, but firmly. I felt your muscles tighten around my fingers and your heavy breathing bordered on hyperventilation.

I reached my right hand around again to squeeze your breast. I was surprised to feel your hand close over mine. You squeezed it so hard.

“Now, now, now, right now," is all that I could hear from you. Over and over as your inner walls spasmed around my fingers, and your juices dribbled down onto my chin.

Your orgasm was tearing its way through your whole body while you panted and whimpered. Your cheek was still pressed against the cool wall. Your legs were quivering so much that I thought I had better help you down. When I did, you collapsed against me, glistening with dewy sweat. You were smiling. You kissed me softly on the mouth, sucking my tongue and lips into your mouth so you could taste yourself.

“That was unexpected,” you said grinning, “but something I have been fantasizing about since I first saw you.”

I smiled back. I've wanted this for so long too, I thought.

I just wanted to stay and work on you over and over again all night, but I lowered you down and invited you to sit on the bench for a few minutes. We gathered ourselves and I watched you get dressed, which was strangely almost as sexy as watching you undress.

We kissed sweetly and softly one more time.

“I love to taste myself on your mouth,” you said. “I want you to taste you on mine sometime soon.”

We embraced as the final shudders of orgasm rippled through you, and we parted ways a little closer than when we began.