Read Me Like a Book

Sorcha Rowan
15 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

Sasha flipped the sign around and leaned her forehead against the door, enjoying the feel of the cool glass against her skin. 

Another day, another eight hours of a little more than minimum wage. 

“Everything okay, dear?” Betty’s voice pulled Sasha from her reverie. “Come get your evening cup and let’s talk about it.”

The scent of paper and ink lost out to the spicy cinnamon coffee blend that was always brewed around closing time. On her way back over to the counter, Sasha glanced at all the books she dreamed of adding to her collection. Here was the collection of romantic short stories she really wanted to read. There was the science fiction novel her friend had recommended. But then there was that accounting book she’d need for school that would have to come first…

Sasha took the offered cup and blew across the surface of the black brew. After closing, there was still an hour’s work or more to be done. This moment of warmth always helped them both carry on.

“Sit down and talk to me.” Betty patted the high stool beside her. “You’ve seemed off for a couple of weeks now. Everything okay?”

Sasha sat down and looked at her boss. As usual, Betty’s long, loose braids were held back with a couple of pencils. The older woman’s skin was as dark as Sasha’s was pale and she was as slender as Sasha was curvy. She wore jeans and a bulky sweater that protected her against November’s chill, along with the look of concern that always tied her uniform altogether.

“Just tired,” Sasha sighed. “Tired of feeling like school will never end. Tired of not being able to make ends meet. Tired of no social life…” She shook her head and stared into her cup.

“I’ve been there, darling.” Betty patted her on the knee and let her hand linger on Sasha’s denim-clad leg. “You’ll get past all of that. You’re smart as hell. Your business degree will carry you a long way. Who came up with our inventory system, hm? Who knows, by the time you’re my age, you could be the head of Random House.”

Sasha laughed and covered Betty’s hand with her own. “Thanks. But that doesn’t give me a whole lot of time.”

Not old enough to be her mom, though it would have been close, Sasha always thought of Betty as an older sister or aunt. Although, that didn’t quite fit any time she looked a little too closely at Betty’s lips or admired her long neck from across the shop...

It was Betty’s turn to laugh, flashing her even, white teeth as she did. Sasha loved the sound of her boss’s laughter. It grounded her and never failed to raise her spirits. 

“Flatterer. There, now that we’ve made each other laugh.” Betty raised her cup with her free hand. “A toast. To me, for pulling you out of a funk and to you, for caring for me so well.” 

Their knuckles rubbed when they clinked cups. Both lingered there until Sasha, somewhat regretfully, broke contact to drink. After they sipped, Betty spoke again. “I thought it might be boy trouble.” The sentence was quieter and held a question. 

“I don’t date. I mean I’ve had a boyfriend or two.” If that’s what you would call a couple of failed relationships in high school and a handful of dates. “Men are just trouble.”

Betty held up a hand and opened a nearby drawer. She pulled out a flask and poured a large splash of brown liquor into her cup. “Whisky? I won’t tell the boss.” When Sasha held out her cup, Betty poured an equal measure. “To being rid of man trouble.” 

Sasha enjoyed the warmth that spread out from her stomach and chest as she drank in the intimate setting. Betty had never talked about her private life much. Emboldened by that, and perhaps by the taste of whisky, Sasha responded to the unspoken nature of the toast. “Have you got man trouble, Betty?”

The bookstore owner shook her head. “Got rid of that a decade ago. I had a Mr. Betty but he and I didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. I find that life on my own is less complicated. It can get lonely, though.” Her dark brown eyes moved from at her coffee to hold Sasha’s gaze. “Sounds like you might be a little lonely too?”

Sasha took a long sip of her coffee. Their companionable silence turned awkward as she let the question go unanswered. It was true, she was lonely. She squirmed a little in her chair, uncertain about admitting the extent of that loneliness to anyone. The way Betty asked made her think it was more than friendly concern. Despite her worries about how it might affect their relationship, she found herself hoping that was the case. 

She nodded and bit her full bottom lip. “I try and stay busy, so I don’t have to think about it.”

Sasha never realized just how quiet the bookstore was until Betty set her cup down and scraped her chair in a little closer.

“I know what that’s like.” She took Sasha’s hand, this time clasping it in her own. “I know I’m your boss and I try not to get things tangled up, but…”

Sasha's throat was tight and her head buzzed. But before she could hesitate again, she set her cup down and brought Betty's cool, dark hand to her lips. The scent of her vanilla and cocoa butter hand cream filled Sasha’s nose. 

“Is this what you meant?” She hoped with everything she had that Betty would say yes.

Betty rose to her feet as slowly as she nodded. Her smile was soft and warm as she moved to stand between Sasha’s legs and looked down at her. She cupped Sasha’s round cheeks and thumbed the skin near the corners of her eyes. “Only if you want this as much as I do.”

Sasha cocked her head to one side. Her lips parted and the quiet “yes” that slipped from them was like a pin dropping in the impossible stillness around them.

Betty licked her soft lips and pressed them against Sasha, who sucked the bottom one into her mouth and put her now trembling hands on Betty’s narrow hips. Confident, yet gentle and searching, this kiss was unlike any of the stumbling tries she’d endured in the backs of cars or movie theaters. The tip of Betty’s tongue found the part of her lips with ease, ran around the inside of the full moue, and slid against teeth for an instant before retreating.

This kiss felt real. 

Meaningful. Momentous. This was the beat of a Pteranodon wing creating a hurricane. When she felt those lips move to her cheeks and her eyebrows, she sighed. The gentle attentions were soothing, but also awakened her need for touch. She wanted a thousand more kisses like that. And more. She wanted this woman. 

And this beautiful woman wanted her too. 

Sasha hooked her legs around the back of Betty’s knees and let out a long hum of approval. Her fingers worked under the bulky sweater and found warm skin and a firm, flat stomach. She traced around to Betty’s back and drew her in for a follow-up kiss.

This time she took charge, probing the older woman’s opened mouth, tasting coffee, cinnamon, and whisky. Betty's short nails drew down the sides of Sasha’s bare neck and up again to cradle her head, lightly massaging the tension from Sasha’s scalp through her buzzed auburn hair as their kiss deepened.

The two crooned in unison as Sasha’s hands slid up from the small of Betty’s back to her shoulder blades. No bra stopped her progress. 

Sasha chuckled as their lips parted. “Naughty thing.”

“Nature didn’t bless me as much as it did you.” Betty’s hands moved down neck and shoulders to rest her hands atop Sasha’s more than ample breasts. “That’s not without its advantages.” She kissed Sasha gently, a full lip kiss. Once it broke, Betty raised an eyebrow. “We could retire to the couch. It’s more comfortable.”

Because the bookstore actually encouraged its visitors to sit and read, there were plenty of soft places to rest. Sasha almost didn’t want to move, afraid to break the spell between them, but she got up and hand in hand they walked over. The springs squeaked under their weight when they sat down. With dampness between Sasha’s legs and her heart in her throat, she tentatively took the other woman’s head in her hands. She planted her lips against Betty’s and their tongues explored their willing partner’s mouth.

When Betty’s long fingers cupped Sasha’s mound and lightly pressed against the heated join of her legs, the kiss grew urgent and sloppy. Sasha wanted to show her how much she was enjoying this and to make Betty experience what she was. She groaned with the frustration of not knowing where to put her hands and wanting to put them everywhere at once. 

“Sssh.” Betty’s shush broke the kiss. “We’re not in a rush, darling.” She slid back a little to give Sasha access to her body.

Sasha worked a hand under the sweater and found a hardened nipple. When she teased and flicked it with her fingers, Betty moaned.

“That’s so good.” She pulled off her sweater, nodding for Sasha to do the same.

She felt a little embarrassed at having to be coached. Removing the sweater would reveal the least sexy cream-colored bra in the world. It had seen a lot of use, since finding a comfortable support for her huge tits was always a challenge. She was worried Betty would laugh at her purely functional underwear, much less the struggle it would be to her to get her sweater off. There was no sexy way to do it. 

“Sorry, I’ve never done this before," she said sheepishly. “I’m... a virgin.”

Betty’s eyes widened and then narrowed, taking on a more gentle quality. “Don't be sorry. Neither have I, at least not with a woman. I’ve often thought about it.” She said it the way people talked about making love to a movie star. Betty helped her guide the bulky, cable knit garment over her head. 

Encouraged by Betty’s cool assurance, Sasha freed her pale, freckled mounds. They hung free and pale pink areolae were puffed out. Her hands moved of their own accord to hide what she could of her tummy rolls.

Betty gently moved Sasha’s arms away. “Don’t hide your beauty,” she said as she cupped Sasha’s breast and trailed her thumb over puffy flesh. She leaned in and flicked at the nipple with her tongue. As she did, her hand caressed the soft skin over Sasha’s ribs, taking more of her shyness away with every touch.

“I’ve often thought about this too.” She sucked in the large nipple. Sasha hissed at the sensations. “And this.” Her hand continued to move down and she pressed her promise of more into the tender flesh just beyond Sasha’s jeans.

“With me?”

Betty nodded as she suckled and caressed Sasha’s breasts. Her lips broke contact briefly.  “So many times.” She popped the button on Sasha’s jeans and glanced up, not breaking the suction.

Sasha helped Betty with the zipper and worked her denim and boy shorts down over her wide hips to reveal the bright red hair covering her mound and upper thighs. The rich scent of her arousal filled the air, drowning out the aroma of cinnamon and coffee.

Betty continued suckling and massaging Sasha’s breasts. The more this woman in front of her worshipped her body, the less she worried what Betty might think of the dimpling on her ass and thighs. She’d never felt so sexy. 

Emboldened and grateful, she ran her one hand down Betty’s spine, raking her skin with short nails while the other cupped Betty’s tiny tit, playing with the hard, pebbled nipple.

Betty moaned against her creamy skin, nibbling and biting wherever she could. Her hand slid down the younger woman’s body to cup Sasha’s sex, tugging at the lips until they swelled and opened under her touch.

Sasha punctuated her breathy cries with a high pitched keening. “I need you inside me.”

With a deep sucking pop, Betty released her hold on Sasha’s left nipple. She nodded and smiled. “Can I taste you?”

There was a flicker of hesitation, worried that her taste might not be pleasant. But this woman wanted to know her body more intimately than anyone ever had. It filled Sasha with a boldness she’d never felt before. She ran her hands down her own body and grabbed her thighs, spreading her legs, hoping she looked as naughty as she felt. 

“Only if I can taste you once you’re done.”   

Betty stood and pulled her jeans down, though she left her light blue cotton hipster panties in place. “I practically demand it,” she said grinning broadly. 

Knelt between Sasha’s legs, Betty slid one finger into the nest of fiery hair and the slick lips at the center of it. Clearing the way to Sasha’s clit with her other hand, she lapped at it and circled it. 

“You taste so good, salty and sweet.”

Relieved to know her taste was pleasurable made way for even greater jolts of pleasure. Betty’s finger curled inside her, hitting her g-spot. Though Sasha was very familiar with her body, it was something altogether different to have someone else manipulate her in this way. Her head fell all the way back and her eyes rolled back with it.

“Sweet Jesus!” she screamed as Betty began sucking on her clit and added a second finger. Betty seemed intent on getting as much of her face into Sasha’s flesh as possible. Obligingly, Sasha wrapped her legs around Betty’s body and drew her in.

“More. H-harder. Fuck me. Oh B-B-Bettyyyy!” 

Sasha pinched and tugged at her nipples viciously as Betty slid a third finger inside. The fullness pushed her over the edge. 

“Oh, Christ, I’m coming.” The feeling was so much more intense than anything she’d felt before. Breath exploded from her lungs in a series of quavering moans, her brain sending pinwheels of fire through her body. 

Betty pulled her head back for a moment. “You’re Venus, my voluptuous goddess.”

Sasha’s hands scrabbled at Betty’s back. “God, don’t stop.” 

Licking her lips, Betty returned to her ministrations. Squelching noises from the rapid fingering and Betty’s sloppy, wet moans were music to Sasha’s ears. Her legs shook and spasmed around Betty’s body until her release flooded her with joy. 

Betty rocked back a bit, still fingering Sasha’s dripping slit. “You’re so gorgeous when you come.” She kissed Sasha’s stomach as she slowed her hand’s motions. “I want to love every inch of your fucking gorgeous body.” Fingers still inside, she stilled her hand completely as Sasha’s body pulsed in the aftermath of her orgasm. 

Betty showered the younger woman’s body with kisses as she worked her way up, finally pulling her hand free and licking her fingers clean. “You’re so lovely and precious to me.” She joined Sasha on the couch and hugged her still shaking body tight. 

Sasha smiled weakly and kissed Betty, tasting her own juices on the other woman’s lips — a mix of tangy sweetness and something like the sea. 

Between kisses, she managed to get a few words out. “Oh god, that was so amazing.” 

With their arms intertwined, they rocked together until Sasha came down from the haze of bliss to a state of warm completeness. She’d never felt cherished quite like this, by another person so focused on her joy and needs. 

“You’re even more beautiful than I expected,” Betty said gently fondling Sasha’s tits. “I remember thinking when I hired you how lucky you’d make someone.”

“You just didn’t know it would be you?”

 Sasha was still a little dreamy from her orgasm, but all of the praise being heaped upon her and the thought that she made someone like Betty feel lucky had rekindled the fires of her lust. She sat up, licking her lips as though about to settle into a fine meal, and pushed Betty back a little. 

“I think it’s my turn.” 

Sasha could feel wetness seeping through Betty’s panties against her leg. Knowing the other woman was as aroused as she was only further whetted her appetite. She kissed her way down to Betty’s neck and ran her tongue in circles at the hollow of her throat. 

“Yes.” Betty’s voice was lower and husky with need. “Bite me. Right there. Suck on me.”

Betty knew exactly what she wanted and how to ask for it. Sasha hoped to be that confident one day. 

She followed Betty's instructions to the letter. Sliding the blue cotton panties down Betty’s thighs, her fingers found the smooth, bare skin of Betty’s sopping wet cunt. “You wax?”

Betty nodded and smiled. “I like the way it looks on me and for a long time, I was all that mattered. I suppose I still am.” The hum of the “m" drew out as Sasha’s fingers continued to explore Betty’s vulva. Betty’s lips were smaller and tighter than Sasha’s and opened easily when she slid a forefinger into her waiting depths.

“That feels so good,” Betty said as Sasha drew tight circles with her thumb around the tiny nub of her clit. “Keep doing that, my love.”

Sasha kissed a trail to Betty’s nipple. The flat of her tongue against the hard flesh encouraged Betty’s long, slender legs to open wider. Sasha got as much of the tiny breast into her mouth as she could and sucked hard, releasing the suction only to latch on again. With each popping release, Betty made a “huh” sound.

The older woman cradled Sasha's head and guided her back up. “Much more of that and you’ll drive me crazy.” Betty kissed her—licking, sucking and biting her lips—while Sasha continued to slowly finger-fuck her.

Mewling with need, Betty bucked her hips, encouraging Sasha to speed up. As much as she wanted to get Betty to the same heights she'd reached, she pushed down the temptation to rush. She wanted to draw out the sensation of Betty’s cunt’s molten walls grasping her digits as long as possible. 

Sasha stopped; Betty whimpered. 

“It’s my turn to taste you, remember?” 

She took her place between Betty’s knees and pulled the blue hipsters down and off. She held them to her face and inhaled deeply. 

“I love the way you smell.” 

It was earthier and somehow spicier or sharper than her own. She tossed the panties over her shoulder spread Betty’s knees wide. She licked and sucked, teasing everywhere but the waiting slit. The texture of the smooth skin was like electricity prickling her tongue. The salt and musk filled her mouth as she ran her tongue in circles, committing the places that drew loader moans to memory. She came as close as she could to the top of her slit without touching it. Betty’s groans and pleas of frustration only encouraged her to continue the game.

Finally, it was too much for Betty. She tried to push Sasha’s head down. “Eat me, damn it.”

Filled with the confidence that came from making this very special woman beg, she looked up from between Betty’s thighs and smirked with smug satisfaction.

“Say please?”

“Please, girl, eat my cunt.”

Eager to comply, Sasha slid her tongue in as she had her finger. Though she did like the flavor, this was no delicate tasting. This was fucking. She held Betty’s delicate folds open with her fingers and plunged her tongue in again and again, drawing it all the way out to the tip and circling her clit every few strokes.

She could’ve tasted Betty all night long and judging from the way Betty responded to Sasha’s tongue lashing, they were of the same mind. But Sasha had to draw back. Relishing the earthy slick coating her tongue, she massaged Betty’s clit, which had nearly doubled in size since they started, with a finger to give her strained jaw a moment's respite.

Betty looked down at Sasha with a drunken, wanton smile. “Woman, you’re welcome to flick through my pages any time.”

Sasha went back renewed vigor, taking Betty's mound and engorged clit into her mouth and sucking hard. She lashed the area with her tongue and slid two fingers back into Betty's waiting cunt. 

In only a few strokes, Sasha’s fingers were met with eager contractions and Betty let out a low pitched growl. When she folded over, she reached down to find Sasha’s slit. There wasn’t much penetration, but the sensation of devouring Betty’s orgasm while her fingers flirted with Sasha's entrance was enough. Sasha drove her tongue as deep as she could into Betty’s dripping, squeezing cunt while her own trembling walls milked Betty’s fingertips and the two women came together. 

Again found themselves wrapped up in a tight embrace side by side, riding out their own private hurricane.

Being held by Betty earlier had filled Sasha with an elated warmth. This embrace was something else entirely. Here, they met as equals. The feeling of belonging and being nurtured, the exchange of body shattering pleasure and then a cocoon of warmth… Sasha didn’t want it to end. But what did this all mean for their relationship? Sex too often complicated friendships, never mind the boss/employee dynamic.

Like always, Betty quickly put her worries to rest.

“You are amazing,” she said, kissing Sasha softly. “That was just icing on the cake. I know we don’t have a lot in common, but I want there to be so much more to us than this.”

Sasha’s spirit bubbled up with joy. “Don’t have a lot in common? We love books, bourbon, and eating each other out.” Sasha laughed along with Betty before adding, “Seriously, we have differences, but I’ve known you for two years and coming here is my favorite part of every day. I love working with you and watching your eyes light up when you find the perfect book. Looks a lot like the look in your eyes now.”

“I may not have found the perfect book, but it seems we’ve started to get a good read on each other.”

“Well, now that we’ve gotten past each other’s covers, I look forward to what this book has in store for us.” 

She rested her head on Betty’s breast, happy to have found another upside to working at Betty’s books.

Written by
Sorcha Rowan

Sorcha Rowan was an erotic storyteller long before she published her first smutty fiction. She's dabbled in every genre but keeps being pulled back to erotica by of the sense of joy she gets from bringing pleasure to people's lives. She loves good craft beer, a new story on her tablet, and everything about fall. Especially pumpkin spice.