Camp Ardenne 4: Glow in the Dark

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“You wanna do what to my cock?”

“Shhhh!” Rainbow said, inclining her head toward the table of ninth graders. Ian sucked in his lips.

“But really,” he said, lowering his voice to a scratchy whisper, “you’ve got to be shitting me.” 

She bit her lip teasingly, the way she knew he liked. He rolled his eyes, hip to her tricks, but hey, he hadn’t said no. “I thought it would be fun,” Rainbow said, twisting her hair, festooned with the streaks of bright colors that earned her the nickname. (So much better than Elizabeth.) “And a way for me to remember you after the summer’s over.”

Ian scooted closer, sliding an arm around her waist. “As if I’m going anywhere.” His lips tickled her ear and he added a flick of his tongue. To the table of horny ninth graders behind them, it looked like a cozy embrace between counselors – intriguing, yes, but nothing overtly sexual. 

Tell that to Rainbow’s girl parts, which were tingling so hard, she was surprised they weren’t making noise. She felt like a human pinball machine, hurtling toward full tilt.

Having a fuckbuddy was so much fun.

Rainbow and Ian weren’t serious, never had been. After this summer, Rainbow would dye her hair back to a color found in nature and study entertainment law at UCLA. Ian was set to tour with a production of the new Adam Rapp play. But the summers were always theirs, since they lost their virginity to one another at seventeen, right here at Ardenne. Unless one of them was in a serious relationship – and they usually weren’t – they went at it like goddamn bunnies from June to August, and met up two or three times during the off-season.

Just like some had Paris, Rainbow and Ian had their sweet, smutty summers at Ardenne. Now that era was coming to an end. Rainbow tried not to hope they’d continue, meeting up at law school and on the road, but she knew there was no guarantee. Hence…

“Can you blame me for wanting a souvenir?” Rainbow murmured, stroking Ian’s knee under the table. “It’ll keep me warm when you’re so far away.”

“During those frigid California nights?” He cleared his throat – code for I’m hard in the middle of the cafeteria – and she took her hand away. “Fine.”

Her cheeks went pink with anticipation and she badly needed to cross her legs. “Really?”

Ian smirked. “Really. I’m flattered.”

“Good!” And then Rainbow had an idea. “What if I brought… a friend?”

Ian’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline. 

Boys were so easy. 

“We’ve never done that,” he murmured.

“Maybe I’m feeling adventurous.” Rainbow scanned the cafeteria for prospects. “Any preferences?”

“Ian!” Kimberly called from across the room.

“Improv emergency, no doubt,” Ian said, grabbing his tray. “Ten o’clock after lights out? I’ll get a hotel room in town.” He grinned. “Could get messy.” Rainbow nodded, not quite believing her luck. “Oh, and Rainbow?” His dark eyes flashed and he smiled in that lazy way that hooked her from day one. “Surprise me.”

“Thanks for doing this,” Rainbow said as she and Tara made her way across campus to Ian’s Jeep, grass and then gravel crunching under their feet.

“Hey, the second you showed me the package, I was in,” Tara said. Reaching up, she gracefully let down her messy bun, wild red waves spilling over her shoulders. Rainbow tried not to stare. She’d also been purposely looking away from Tara’s boobs all summer. 

Tonight, she’d get up close and personal.

“Have you had one before?” Tara asked, snapping Rainbow out of her reverie. She didn’t know the head music instructor very well, aside from her gorgeous voice and penchant for covering the Lumineers on her ukulele – which was both adorable and not the least bit obnoxious. She worried Tara would laugh at what she was about to say.

“I haven’t,” Rainbow said, studying her glittery TOMS. They’d made her feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she found them at Nordstrom Rack last May, but now just seemed childish. Naïve. 

“Hey, don’t worry!” Tara’s heart-shaped face was kind. She reached a hand out to Rainbow, blue eyes questioning. Rainbow nodded and Tara took her hand, threading their fingers together. Rainbow tingled from head to toe. 

“If anything, it’s easier than one-on-one,” Tara assured her. “You can tap out and watch if you need a minute. Less pressure.” She added with a smirk. “Trust me, you literally can’t do anything wrong, because guys love two beautiful women together.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” Good thing Tara couldn’t see her redden in the dark of the night. Rainbow tried not to be vulnerable, not in front of her and Krysten’s dance students. Not in front of anyone. Except Ian.

It was after lights out, camp was quiet except for the requisite cricket-chirping. At the edge the parking lot, Tara stopped and turned to Rainbow, a soft smile on her face. “So beautiful I want to kiss you right now?” The question in her voice was endearing. Exposed. Rainbow wished she could be that brave.

No sooner had Rainbow nodded than Tara’s lips were on hers, soft and supple. Wow. She’d kissed girls before, but nothing like this. Pulling Tara closer gently, Rainbow deepened the kiss, feeling the other woman’s hard nipples against her own. Tara’s tongue massaging hers, Rainbow’s hands traveling up her waist and fondling her amazing tits — if Rainbow didn’t have such a wild night ahead, she could have come right then and there.


Ian, at his Jeep. Tara and Rainbow broke apart, giggling, and Rainbow whisper-yelled shhhhh! as they ran over and jumped in.

“Let’s go,” Ian said, pushing his foot on the accelerator. “Thanks to you two, I’m like a rock already.”

“That’s Chevy, not Jeep!” Rainbow yelled and they all burst out laughing.

Once they were settled into the hotel room, Rainbow unwrapped the box from its brown paper (thank you, sex toy companies who understood discretion).

Tara giggled. “I can’t believe we’re about to make a dildo of you, Ian!”

“Not your typical threesome, huh?” Ian said, reaching out so Rainbow could hand him the box. “Oh my god, Rainbow.” He gave her an incredulous look. “You got glow in the dark?”

Tara burst into a melodic peal of laughter, flopping back onto the bed. Rainbow wanted to climb on her then and there, but she knew she had to wait. At least until she slathered the molding mixture on Ian’s erection.

Rainbow bit her lip, raised an eyebrow at Ian. “Are you really that surprised?”

He rolled his eyes and grinned, looking more like John Cho than ever. “No,” Ian said, leaning over to kiss her. Rainbow’s second kiss of the night, and it was just as good as Tara’s, but different. More aggressive. Now that the three of them were alone, in a hotel room, a taste of what was to come.

She couldn’t wait.

“Is he hard yet?” Tara squeaked, then laughed. “I’m sorry. My voice goes up like a million octaves when I’m excited.”

She was excited. And judging from Rainbow’s nipples, so was Rainbow.

“Can we strip you down?” Rainbow asked, and now it was Ian’s turn to laugh.

“I’m not sure how well you know Rainbow,” Ian said, standing up and pulling her with him. He slid an arm around her waist and started kissing her neck. Rainbow shivered, flashing back to all the times they’d fucked over the years. He always knew how to make her scream. He nipped her earlobe before addressing Tara, still sprawled on the bed, looking very turned on. “But she always says what she thinks.”

Tara stood up, facing Rainbow and Ian, nipples hard as cute little pebbles. She spread her arms. “Have at me.”

Unwrapping this beautiful woman head to toe was like the best, sluttiest Christmas morning.  As Ian unhooked Tara’s bra while tonguing the back of her neck – a move that always got Rainbow going – Rainbow dared to get on her knees and kiss Tara’s soft stomach, right around her belly button. Her creamy skin tasted sweet and delicious, her curves neverending. Rainbow really, really wanted to eat her pussy, but she’d never done it before – 

“Wait,” Tara moaned, her voice breathy. Rainbow looked up and Ian lifted his mouth from Tara’s neck. “I could do this all night, don’t get me wrong,” she said. “But the dildo…”


Oh, right.

Ian grabbed the box and studied the instructions. “It says I’m supposed to be hard before you put the molding stuff on me.” All three pairs of eyes went to the clear outline of his cock protruding through the denim of his jeans. Ian cleared his throat. “Well…”

But now Tara was eyeing Rainbow, a hungry look in those clear blue eyes. “Maybe,” she said, “I better borrow your girl so we can make sure.” 

Ian grunted, and Rainbow knew this meant he was turned on, but she couldn’t pull away from Tara’s steady gaze. 

Rainbow was wet. She was ready. She desired this curvy goddess, standing there in nothing but a lace thong. 

“Rainbow?” Ian said. His eyes widened at her, only if you want to. 

Oh, she wanted to.

“Yes,” she said, voice deep and throaty. Her knees were shaking so she sat on the edge of the bed.

Tara wasted no time, not even bothering to undress Rainbow. She collapsed to her knees on the floor, flipping up Rainbow’s little tulle skirt and yanking down her purple G-string, diving for her pussy like a woman starved.

“Oh god,” Rainbow sighed as Tara’s tongue found her clit and stayed there, making featherlight circles, then longer, stronger strokes. Fuck. She’d kissed girls, played with their tits, but she’d never actually had sex with a woman. Either the timing was off, or the girl didn’t completely do it for her. Here and now, laying back as this beautiful redhead ate her out while Ian watched, slowly shucking his shirt, then pants, then boxers to reveal his long and straight, perfect hard cock, Rainbow thanked her lucky stars she’d waited for the right moment.

Her hips started to move of their own accord and Rainbow ran her fingers through Tara’s silky red hair, which was tickling her thighs in the loveliest possible way. “She likes a lot of suction,” Ian said helpfully, and Tara obeyed accordingly like the good girl she was. 

Sitting behind Rainbow on the bed, Ian put his arms around her waist. “Lean against me,” he murmured as he pulled her back into him. He licked her ear as Tara worked her over, licking and sucking, and Ian watched, growing harder into her back by the second as he kissed her neck, played with her nipples the way he knew she liked. He was so hard. Rainbow wondered if he would come – they might have to start all over again, but oh god, who cared? – and then she realized she was about to explode. 

“Ohhhhh,” she sang out, voice trilling in a diva-like way she’d never heard come out of herself. Her head fell back into the dip of Ian’s strong shoulder as she fucked Tara’s pretty face, riding through her climax, until Tara, sensing she was done, rested her head on the inside of Rainbow’s thigh, gently licking the delicate skin.

Sitting up, she pulled Tara in for a long, deep kiss, savoring her own spicy taste. “Uh,” Ian said, “I think I’m ready.” He grinned while Rainbow and Tara, both giggling, rushed to the bathroom to get the supplies ready.

When they came back, Ian was laying back on the headboard, gently stroking his cock. “So how should we do this?” he asked. 

Rainbow didn’t want to keep him waiting too long, but she drank in the image as Tara’s hands slid around her torso and started gently but firmly fondling her tits.

“Here,” Rainbow said, pulling off her halter top with the built-in bra. “Easier access.” Now completely nude, she moaned as Tara pinched her nipples, wondering if the other woman was hungry again…

“I’m about to explode!” Ian cried, only half-joking.

“You big baby,” Rainbow joked.

She took her time, using her hands to fix the wet molding powder onto Ian, as Tara sprawled on the bed next to Ian. She took his face in her hands and kissed him lightly, running her hands over his broad chest. It was so hot, but Rainbow had to concentrate on her work. 

“Hello, old friend,” she crooned to Ian’s cock, which twitched at the sound of her voice, as she slid the wet latex-y substance over it. 

Waiting for it to dry, Rainbow scooted up next to Ian and nibbled on his ear. As he moaned, she breathed in the scent of his shampoo and marveled at the sight of his perfect cock, a replica of which would soon be hers and hers alone.

Well, maybe she’d share with Tara.

“Does it feel dry?” she murmured in Ian’s ear and on his other side, Tara laughed.

“Way to talk dirty to me,” he said with a grin. Rainbow relished this, how they could be silly and put the “buddy” in fuckbuddy. “Yeah, I think we’re good.”

She carefully slid the mold off of Ian, and tossed him a damp washcloth she’d thought to bring out.“Take care of each other!” Rainbow called over her shoulder, making sure to swing her hips as she traipsed toward the bathroom.  Please, please take me seriously.

Rainbow had to admit, she’d been nervous about this whole thing. The dildo kit promised nothing would go wrong, but she worried she’d screw it up and burn Ian’s cock with hot water or something. Pouring the rubber into the mold, she also inserted the small vibrator she’d paid extra for. She thought about using this on herself, possibly on other women, through the long, cold winter before she and Ian returned next summer and got wet all over again.

She was contemplating rubbing one out when she heard a small sound, like ripping, and realized someone was opening a condom. 

Hightailing it out of the bathroom, she was hit with the smell of sex and greeted by a lovely view of Tara, on top of Ian and fucking him senseless.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” Ian groaned, and Rainbow knew that meant it was good, Tara was turning him on, squeezing her pussy around him the way he liked. For a moment she just watched them, skin on skin, Tara’s tits jiggling, pearl-pink nipples stiff and head of tangled red hair thrown back with abandon. 

This was so much better than porn.

“He feels good, doesn’t he?” Rainbow cooed. “So generous, but so relentless, when he wants your pussy.” Tara nodded, leaning over to grasp the headboard. Oh, now it was really getting good. “I got you, sweetheart,” Rainbow said, deep and throaty, as Tara sighed, high and sweet. Rainbow cocked an eyebrow, bit her lip. “Mind if I join?”

With one hand, Ian beckoned her over, and Rainbow bent down to give him a long, lingering kiss with extra tongue, taking every bit of him she wanted. “Best first threesome ever,” Ian grunted, looking into her eyes when she pulled away, and Rainbow’s heart leapt at the admission. He’d been vulnerable too, they’d done it together, and in this moment she loved him more than ever.

Tara’s sighs became cries, and Rainbow vowed to help give her the orgasm of her life.

Rainbow straddled Ian’s legs, just behind Tara. “May I touch you?” she whispered in a bucking Tara’s ear, and Tara breathed yes, twisting her head around so Rainbow’s lips met hers. Tara sighed into Rainbow’s mouth, not breaking the kiss, while Rainbow’s hands played with Tara’s breasts, pinching her nipples so hard Tara broke her mouth free to cry out, before sliding one hand down Tara’s stomach to find her clit. 

“Take what you need,” Rainbow murmured into Tara’s ear, tongue flicking her earlobe while her fingers worked over Tara’s clit. Tara leaned back against Rainbow, giving Rainbow easier access to her lovely mouth, her swanlike neck, her dreamy tits. “He’s so fucking hard and so demanding and he fills you right up,” Rainbow added and Tara began crying out as Rainbow kept playing with her hard nub. 

Rainbow reached down and began to flick her own clit, her other forearm resting against Tara’s breasts, finding Ian and Tara’s rhythm as she began to slide her fingers in and out, imagining the vibrator that would be just like Ian and fucking herself with that, craving her own orgasm along with theirs. “Oh god, I’m gonna come,” she cried, and soon Ian’s moans and Tara’s shrieks joined hers as they fucked each other while Rainbow’s dildo formed in the bathroom. 

Lauren Emily lives (and loves) in Chicago, and is the author of the novel SATELLITE.