Rebecca Winter
11 mins read
Published about 4 years ago

“The day I’ve had, babe, you wouldn’t believe it. 5 years working on sets as a DOP and the director just keeps harassing me. Belittling me. Humiliating me…Oh, more wine?”

She nodded, watching as the amber liquid splashed into her glass. She wished that she could climb in and submerge herself to drown out his droning monologues. It was their second date and she was already regretting the intimate setting. There was no escape here from his never-ending stories, hand gestures that made her dizzy, and a voice she didn’t remember being so high-pitched.

“She probably just likes me and wants to get a rise out of me. But if she thinks for one second that I’m putting up with this for the rest of the filming, she can take her ‘vision’ and shove it.”

On and on and on he ranted and raved, and on and on and on her mind faded and flitted back to their first encounter - excitement in a back alley way, writhing until sunrise, undeniably hungry for each other. These pleasantries, if you could call them that, were getting the best of her, and she longed for the urgency of that night.

She didn’t know how they had ended up talking. She had a vague recollection of an introduction through a friend who then her friend who suddenly slipped away shortly thereafter, leaving the two of them chatting and flirting and touching all evening. She found herself entranced by his words, fascinated by his fast-paced film industry life as he relayed behind-the-scenes knowledge from sets she could only dream of stepping foot on. He was illuminated by his passion, and she was jealous of that. Her life, stuck behind a screen, answering emails and creating reports that she barely understood, was monotony at its finest.

They leaned against the wooden fence, emptying drink after drink. Flowing conversation was interrupted occasionally by acquaintances that wished to know how they were doing. He laughed at all her jokes and quick-witted blunt truths. His gaze would rest lazily on her face, seeming to never tire of her. She felt free, and beautiful, and admired. It was a welcome change from her recent track record. She would watch his eyes follow her crop-top as it crept up when she brought the cigarette to her mouth, and relished his obvious, unabashed desire.

She knew her stare lingered too, but she couldn’t help it. He was the epitome of every man she had conjured up in her dreams, featuring a cloud of cool confidence, and raining mystery. She admired his style: a loosely luxurious white t-shirt that clung to his body in all the right places, long, shaggy, dark locks gathered atop his head in a man bun, blue jeans cuffed to perfection, his neck dotted with black tattooed tendrils, and chocolate eyes that melted her heart.

She’d had this feeling before and foolishly missed it. That instant enchantment where the rest of the world seems to disappear. They shared a thirst that they both knew would be quenched in the nearest of futures.

“I need to taste you,” he murmured, inching towards her in slow motion. She felt her heart flutter. She had no intention of resisting. As he lay one hand on the fence, his other closed gently around her neck. His lips finally met hers and she could feel his smile. She could taste the sweet summer sweat and soda staining his tongue. They relaxed into each other, softly and easily. The sounds of the dwindling party gradually became the echo of a distant melody.

“Should we go somewhere… a bit more private?” Reluctantly, she pulled away, but could feel people watching them. Was it judgment? Jealousy? Joy? She couldn’t tell. She couldn't care.

“Yes, beautiful. The things I’m going to do to you will surely require it.” His smile was sly and dangerous, winking with promise. He grabbed her hand, leading the way, and without even thinking of saying goodbye to her friends, she followed him down the windy, deserted roads, where they found the perfect alleyway - dimly lit, and enticingly quiet.

His naughty need was fierce and fast, and he wasted no time getting down to business. He pushed her against the brick wall. He slid his hands under her shirt to feel her smooth, flawless skin, and caressing her breasts, all the while ensuring their lips never pulled apart. Her fingernails dug greedily into his toned back, branding him with her need. She pulled him closer so there was no space between them. His breath was hot and heavy in her ear, his beard licked her face, and she could feel his erection firm against her leg.

“There… easy access.” His fingers slipped inside her in a matter of seconds, like a magnet to her wetness. She could feel his lips curve into a grin as he explored and controlled her with one hand below the belt, the other hungrily pulling her long hair back.

“Fuck, I like you. My ocean.”

The moans that escaped her mouth were loud and visceral, coming from somewhere deep within her, a palace of pleasure she had not known existed. They echoed through the alleyway, hopefully not disturbing the people bound to be sleeping at this hour.

He reveled in her satisfaction. His eyes held hers as he massaged her clitoris in slow and sensual circles - just the way she liked it. They kissed, and she shook in his embrace. A delightful warmth spread through her.

She was about to climax. She couldn’t take it any longer, when suddenly, the reverie and their rhythm was broken with angry words spat out from an apartment above.

“Can you take your damn, pre-dawn sexcapades somewhere else? I’m trying to sleep up here!” The window shut with a rattling finality, and she leaned against the bricks, simultaneously trying to catch her breath and stifle giggles.

“Don’t worry, beautiful,” he whispered. “We’re not finished yet.” He kissed her tenderly, put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. The smell of a clean shave, of morning fog, of autumn, of a man filled her nose. Fuck.

They walked the streets in a comfortable silence. The stillness of the leaves and the trees swallowed them, and she wondered where he was taking her.

He approached a park that glowed in the half-asleep sun, and took her by the hand. He led her to a secluded spot amidst a few towering bushes. They were simultaneously concealed by lush green, and exposed to the heavenly, cotton candy sky. She shivered with excitement, never thinking herself the type of woman so consumed with lust that she would need to make love in a public place, but she knew this would be a night she wouldn’t soon forget.

As his hands began to undress her, she found herself praying no one would be out for an early morning jog. His touch was gentle yet possessive, and they helped each other shimmy out of their clothes. Naked, at long last. He left a trail of kisses along her abdomen, breasts, shoulders, neck, nose, eyes, and finally, her lips.

She sat up, propping herself on one shoulder so she could see him. All of him. His body was a masterpiece - sinewy muscles and lean limbs painted in tribal tattoos, a stream of hair leading from his belly button all the way to his growing member that she couldn’t wait to have inside her. She ran her hands down his toned torso, and began stroking his glorious erection. Sliding her tongue along its smooth shaft, she felt him shudder and took all of him in her mouth. She moved up and down, keeping her tempo slow and steady, and used her free hand to massage his testicles. He shuddered and gasped, commanding her to go faster. His hands grabbed onto her hair, guiding her speed.

She kept going, enjoying his moans and satisfied sighs. At the sweet spot just before his release, she crawled to him, asking where he kept his protection.

She unwrapped the condom, and gently slid it over his penis. Smiling with anticipation, she climbed up to straddle him. Slowly and teasingly, she lowered herself onto him and could feel every centimetre of his penetration. A depth so profound that it sent her heart pounding and her head spun.

She rode him, her legs clamped to his sides. She rocked her naked body back and forth, and leaned forward to kiss him, to devour his need. His eyes never left hers as he took her nipple with his mouth and licked it, letting his tongue hover over her piercing.

“You feel incredible right now,” she whispered, leaning back. She placed her hands on his chest to steady herself as her movements became faster and faster.

“I know, baby,” he moaned. “It’s like, I can feel your womb.”

He sat up, pushing her body backwards so that she was now on his lap. Her legs twisted around his back as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. His member sunk deeper and deeper inside her. Their rhythm intensified, and their locked limbs moved in tandem. His majestic thrusts sent waves of pleasure crashing through her veins.

She was about to come. Her moans were uncontrollable. Her entire body trembled, and her nails digging into his back. With the sun peaking through the marshmallow clouds, they finished together, bathing in the serenity of daybreak. Their breath shallow, their sweat mingling, they held onto each other for dear life, her head resting on his shoulder, his hands stroking her hair.

“Well, that’s the best all nighter I’ve ever pulled.”

Cupping his face and tilting it upwards, she brushed her lips against his and smiled.

His fist slammed the table and brought her back to reality, bursting her daydream bubble. Reluctantly, she focused her eyes and studied his face. She couldn’t believe this was the same man sitting in front of her. The same one to whom she had made exquisite, shamelessly public love. “So, what do you think, babe?” He sucked down the last of his beer and stared at her expectantly.

“I think it’s time for round two.”

He smiled mischievously, stood up and undid his pants, his erection already visible through his jeans. She took off her blouse and pushed him onto the bed.

Ah, finally. Some peace and quiet.