Summer Heat

Jayne Renault
10 mins read
Published almost 4 years ago

The whole night had been a slow, excitingly painful build. Kind of like that orgasm that just won’t release. 

Hopefully that’s not some brutal foreshadowing for what’s to come.

I couldn’t focus on any of the words she was saying. If I watched her lips, I imagined them caressing my neck, my lower back, my inner thighs. If I tried to listen to the sound of her voice, it turned into a hungry whisper brushing against my ear as she embraced me from behind. If I looked into her eyes, I found myself locked into her gaze as I pinned her hands overhead and rode her like nothing else mattered. 

Every syllable she uttered pulled the blood a little closer to the surface. I feared that if she ever finally touched me, I would quite literally explode.

I felt heat... 

Scratch that.

I felt like I was IN heat. 

Something about sitting on a patio on a warm summer night with my favourite lady really had me craving a lot more than the bar could serve me.

Sweat was starting to collect under my ponytail. I drained the last few cold drops of diluted amber liquid from the glass. She watched intently as I swirled the last small flecks of ice cube around the bottom. 

“What do you say we get out of here?” she said.

Finally! I mean… “Yes, please.”

The air was balmy, the sky was clear, and the promise of release was overwhelming. I walked a pace or two behind her to observe the nuances of her body movements as we strode across the parking lot to her car together.

I heard the click of the locks right before I wrapped my fingers around the handle. She flashed a smile at me from over the top of the car, and we both got inside.

The car purred in approval with the turn of the key. She put the vehicle into reverse and gave my thigh a playful squeeze as the car lurched under the shifting inertia. I felt my face go flush as an overwhelming heat coursed through me. The spark of touch was almost as fresh as the first time I felt it.

The passing streetlamps brushed soft light over the vehicle as we moved down the sleepy city streets. I watched as each stroke glinted off the polished face of her wristwatch; her hand was resting loosely on the gearshift. Her eyes softly scanned the road in front of her, completely unaware of how desperate I was to touch her.

I don’t always take control, but when I do...

I put my hand suggestively on her thigh. She looked at me, then down at the shadows in her lap that I was caressing before she resumed her instinctive scan the road. She merged onto the freeway, and I felt my heart rate elevate as she shifted a little in her seat, silently inviting me to continue.

I tucked my feet under my hips and leaned in closer to her. Her grin was curious as I moved my hand in between her legs to stroke along the idea of her wetness, surely wondering where this sense of determination was coming from.

"I really need you to fuck me tonight."

She laughed, the opposite of a complaint. “We will be home soon.”

“I think I want to get a head start anyway.”

Both of her hands gripped the steering wheel a little more tightly as I gingerly pried the button on her pants open and slid my hand down between layers of fabric.

She sprung to life almost immediately. Heat and pulse pushed firmly back into my fingers. I pulled out momentarily to unzip her fly and invite a little more space as she continued to swell against the curve of my palm. I teased a finger, then another past her underwear and saw a blind man’s first glimpse of skin-to-skin connection.

She gently bit her bottom lip in a feeble attempt to keep her mind focused enough on the important task of getting us home unscathed.

At a red light, I maneuvered my finger between her folds, taking a teasing dip into her wetness. She pulsed with excitement into the pad of my fingertip.

"You're playing a dangerous game, my dear," she chided through a long sigh.

There’s only so much you can do comfortably in a vehicle, let alone a moving one, but I did what I could. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I leaned over my bent knees to get my face a little closer to her crotch. She shifted again in his seat. I felt her shudder from the heat of my breath as my mouth skirted over her belly. 

The closer I got to her, the less I could see. Not that it really mattered. I closed my eyes and tucked a stray hair behind my ear as my lips communed with her navel, working my way down into the gap in her zipper. My tongue stretched as far as it could go, just barely reaching the apex tip of her mound.

“Mmmy-God…” she gasped.

The position was far too awkward to maintain, so I rose and studied her face instead. She playfully avoided my gaze, pretending to concentrate on the road. I kissed her cheek and pushed her hair aside to expose her neck and shoulder to me. She giggled and sighed intermittently as I teased her neck with my lips, my tongue, the heat of my mouth as scoured every inch of skin I could find like I didn't already know every curve, and my hand slipped back down her pants. She was squirming in her seat, wriggling more with every spin of the tires beneath us. 

“If you keep that up, we might not make it home,” she said. “Which would be a real shame because I’ve been looking forward to getting you back to my place all night.”

“You too?” I laughed into the shadows on the floor. “I don't know what's going on right now, but I have been crazy horny all day.”

I pressed my lips to the always impossibly soft skin in the crook of her neck and breathed her in as my fingers danced around her swollen clit.

"I don't know either, but I am not complaining."

She crawled up to a free space in front of her building and the car came to an abrupt halt. She leaned back momentarily, allowing the headrest to catch her skull as it lolled back. She ran her fingers through my hair and cradled my skull in her palm. 

“Babe, this is amazing,” she sighed. “But we should probably get inside.”

“Right now?” I said, playfully as I slowed my rhythm and slid one finger into her.

I caught her gasp with a kiss and the space filled with the scent of her when I pulled my hand away. The streetlamp outside her place sparkled off the whites of her eyes when she finally opened them again. I sucked my finger clean and flashed her one more coy look, bit down on my smile, and opened the door, crawling out into the cool night air.

I practically skipped away from the car and smiled as I sensed the summer freshness slip past my lips. Embracing the new lightness I felt as I strode up the walkway to the front door, I spun around in a circle with my arms wide.

By the time I was facing the building again, she had caught up to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist from behind and kissed the back of my neck through my hair.

"You're acting very strangely," she said. "But I'm very into it."

I giggled and she took me by the hand, leading me up the front steps. Turning the key and opening the door, she invited me into the familiar darkness.

“I think my roommate might be home,” she whispered.

I turned around to face her and threw my arms around her neck. “And?”

She laughed quietly as I kissed her neck and she gestured towards the hallway that led to her bedroom. I walked along the length of the corridor until I found the open door and stepped inside. I hopped up onto the bed, got up onto my knees, and turned to face her as she closed the door quietly behind her. I tugged impatiently at the edges of my top as if I was confused by its mere existence.

As she approached the bed, I edged towards the foot to meet her. I wrapped my arms around her once more and pulled her in close to me. I felt my entire frontbody line up with hers. On paper, we were the same, but I marvelled at every way we were different up close. Despite the thin layers of material still inhibiting the inevitable communion of our flesh, I pressed my lips into hers. I felt the gentle strength of her hands caress my lower back and hold me in place as we exchanged the heat from our mouths.

I peeled my top off overhead and felt her warm hands slide down the exposed sides of my body towards my hips, which she used to pull me back in towards him. I reached my hand down between us to fumble gratuitously with what in that moment felt like an intricate pulley-and-lever system preventing me from removing her pants. 

Jesus, when the heck did she have time to do this all up again since we left the car?

While I worked on her buttons and zippers, she lifted her shirt up over her head too. She crawled up on to the bed with me. I pulled her naked body down on top of me as I wriggled out of my own jeans. She peeled them from my ankles and threw them somewhere onto the floor, and pressed the weight of her hips into mine as she found her horizontal place over me once again.

I smiled, baring my teeth as I threw my head back into the pillows. I’m not sure if it was out of glee or hunger, but it was beyond my control by then. I grazed up her back and into her scalp with my nails as her mouth found its way down the side of my neck.

"I think I know exactly what you need," she said. "What colour do you want me to fill you with tonight?" 

I loved that we had reached a point in our togetherness that our playthings were identified through something as simple as a colour-coding system. 


"Ha, I fucking knew it."

My laugh was constrained by the full weight of her body pressing into me when she reached down under the bed for our box of treasures. I nuzzled into her while I waited for her to find what she was looking for. 

She kissed me quick before she peeled herself from me and hopped off the bed to slip into her favourite harness. She looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her bum for my benefit, which I slapped affectionately when she was all strapped in. With "purple" fastened into place, she rejoined me on the bed, stalking up my body like a hungry predator. The cock may have been synthetic, but the shift she made towards her more masculine energy when she wore it was very real.

Her mouth reached out for mine and pulled me into her. My hand grasped the firm girth of her purple phallus as it palpated indiscriminately at the gap between our legs. I felt the hunger swell in me. My cravings manifested as a frenzied, yet localized tension at my main points of entry. I gripped the head of her smooth silicone cock, trying to invite it towards the wetness pooling just beyond the edge of my labia. But she held her hips steadfast, hovering just far enough to deny me the next step.

She clucked her tongue at me. "Someone is really hungry, hey?"

She swatted my hand away and rubbed the purple dildo up and down, from perineum to clit and back again. Up, down, around and around. I groaned impatiently and ripped the elastic from my hair. 

"This is torture."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No... Definitely not."

She just laughed at me. 

Leaning back into the pillows, I hastily grabbed the cock back from her and guided the silicone tip to its mark. I was done with this tease, done waiting. I placed my other hand on her hip, urging her in towards me, and closed my eyes as if eliminating one sense could immediately enhance the sensation of her sliding all the way inside me. Her forehead gently touched mine, and I heard her breath deepen as I filled her ribcage with my ecstasy.

I screwed up my face in the darkness and gasped as she pulled away from me. Without fully disconnecting, she plunged back into me anew. I dug my nails into her back, nibbled her shoulder, and wrapped my legs around her waist, pulling her in deeper with her every thrust. 

Pressing the weight into her knees, she scooped one hand beneath me and with my arms around her neck, she leaned back and pulled me up onto her lap with an ease that has always impressed me. I planted my feet into the mattress on either side of her and she buried her face in my breasts as she guided my hips to slide up and down her glistening purple cock. 

But that wasn't quite right. I needed more, harder, deeper. I fell back into the bed and spun over onto all fours. I said nothing; I simply dipped my chest closer to the bed and presented my ass to her in the minimal light of the room. 

"What did I do to deserve you?" she said as she gave my ass a squeeze followed by a sharp smack. She didn't have to see my face to know I was beaming.

She placed one hand on my hip as the other guided her cock back towards my ravenous pussy. I clutched the fitted sheet in both hands and pushed my hipbones into her before she had a chance to thrust towards me.

The intensity of this position awoke some animalistic nature in me. I snarled and took a pillow between my teeth to stifle a scream as she plowed into me from behind. I flipped my wild hair back over my shoulders, encouraging her to pull it. She grabbed hold of my mane and I gasped a sigh of approval, pushing so hard back into her that I felt her hipbones bruising the flesh of my ass.

With my makeshift ponytail, she pulled me so close to her that my spine pressed into the swell of her chest. She clasped her other hand gently around my neck as I reached overhead to run my fingers through her hair. I licked my finger on my other hand and I reached down between my legs to find my throbbing clitoris. I aggressively swept my fingertips back and forth over the swollen surface as she continued to reach over and over into the core of my bliss.

She pushed me back down onto all fours, and slowed her pace slightly and increased the depth, eventually filling me completely at the end of every stroke. She pressed her palm into my back, forcing my chest deeper into the mattress. I counteracted this force my arching my lower back even further, to the point that I thought my spine may bend in half, pushing my hips up higher. She slowed right down, increasing her force at the depth of every thrust to tap into my innermost walls.

"Do you want a vibrator up there, babe?"

"No, no, no, don't change a thing. This is perfect."

I felt the gradual build of pressure growing in the space where my clit and fingers met as I continued to rub oblong circles around the hood. My muscles clenched her silicone member even more tightly than the grip she held on my hair, and I pressed my face firmly into the sea of pillow and mattress before me. I felt my moans straining to escape my throat, and my hips gradually stopped pushing back into hers as I began to lose control of my motor functions.

I wailed into the darkness as a wave of heat exploded in my loins. I felt the release and subsequent contractions cling to her shaft. A string of shivers moved from the base of my skull towards my tailbone and set all of my hairs on end. 

“That's it, baby,” I heard her say somewhere behind me as my orgasm ripped through me. 

I coughed, choking on the dryness that the heavy breathing had left in my throat as I lifted my face and gasped for new air. Either my eyes were closed or I blacked out for a second. Hard to say for sure.

I collapsed when she slid out of me. I heard her stepped out of the harness as I began to come down. She curled up next to me and kissed my neck while she drew faint lines up and down the length of my torso with the very tips of her fingernails. 

"Don't you dare fall asleep on me yet," she said. I didn't even notice that she had pulled a new toy from the box until I heard the buzz of the vibrator light up the room. I was met by her most playful feminine smirk when I opened my eyes. “We're just getting warmed up.”

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