A Real One

Leandra Vane
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Published over 1 year ago

I hoped Zach might ask us who wanted to scene with him first, but my wish was not granted.

“Well, Beth, we negotiated tying you up, but I have nothing to tie you up to. Perhaps Joanne would oblige?”

I bit my tongue. I’d pushed too hard this week, and now he was plucking at my tension by doing Beth’s scene first. I let out a slow, hot breath and found my center. I knew something like this was coming and I was prepared to endure the wait. Zach might like to play, but he always made the outcome worth the torment. He was a master of deliverance.

“Sure,” I answered with a polite lilt in my voice. At least helping with Beth’s scene would give me something to pass the time. “Or should I say, yes, Sir?”

There was that smile. “You should,” he answered. “Sit.”

I perched myself on the seat, the heels of my boots wedged into the rod between the legs of the stool. 

“Cross your arms, so that your fingertips are lined to your collarbones,” Zach instructed.

I obeyed his request.

“Now you may wait until I call upon you again.”

I closed my eyes. Behind me I heard Zach begin to prepare Beth for the scene, giving her a massage and stripping her clothing away. I strained my ears to hear their whispers as the rest of the partygoers had ramped up the festivities. Laughter and squeals and the pops of impact toys began to pepper the room. There had only been a few at first, but now the sounds were ricocheting through the house. I set my jaw and clenched my eyes tight and focused on my partners as they conversed behind me.

Zach didn’t usually resort to bondage—he demanded obedience from his words and bare hands. Thus I was not surprised when he enlisted the help of a rope-rigger named Alana to do the work. My knowledge of rope wasn’t the sharpest. I was too much of a slut for paddles and floggers. The rope Alana had was not very thick, but it was soft, and purple, a playful color that in that moment did not amuse me. 

Alana started by composing a chest harness around my torso and arms before moving on to tie Beth to me. Beth’s arms wrapped around my chest as she stood up behind me. I had left my arms crossed, and Alana secured Beth’s hands between mine. If I wiggled my fingers I could almost touch my thumbs to Beth’s pinkies.

Alana flashed me a smirk before she left, and something about it made my stomach drop. I almost called her back to check a knot, just to postpone the scene a moment longer, but I held in my sudden dread.

Zach slid into my line of vision and stood before me in total Top Mode. My mouth went dry and my brain buzzed. I didn’t understand. This was Beth’s scene. Why was I feeling the anticipation?

Zach parted his lips but said nothing. A beat of two seconds passed and he leaned in close.

“I’m going to be very clear and say this once. This is the only scene I’m doing tonight. So make sure you get what you need. Both of you.”

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Leandra Vane is a romance author and book blogger. Her work explores themes including sexual fantasy, kink, disability, polyamorous relationships, and intellectual freedom. 

Her book review blog is entitled The Unlaced Librarian and you can keep up with her on Twitter @Leandra_Vane

Written by
Leandra Vane

Leandra Vane is a romance author and book blogger. Her work explores themes including sexual fantasy, kink, disability, polyamorous relationships, and intellectual freedom.