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The little chime rang as Ella opened the door to the bustling restaurant. She panned the room, looking for her friend, knowing she was, as usual, just a little bit late. 

Dirty Brunch was always called for 11 am, but no matter how good her intentions were, Ella was always last to arrive. She wasn’t proud of it but at this point, she felt there was little she could do. 

Ella and Kris met every Sunday at their favorite hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot with worn-in booths, permeated with the scent of fresh coffee and french toast. The bar might have been a more appropriate venue for their conversation… but they didn’t care. They deserved to have their cappuccinos in pretty cups too, even if they were going to discuss blowing strangers at the back of the bar and failed attempts at threesomes.

The two girls became friends one summer during college, meeting as research assistants in a Cognitive Psych lab. Neither of them had any real recollection of the experiment. It had something to do with eating chocolate and measuring one variable or another... but they had bonded over sharing sex stories and eating the research material. Unsurprisingly, neither gal had gone on to pursue a career in consumer psychology. Kris worked in the beauty industry; Ella was a writer. 

Dirty Brunch began once they openly acknowledged their mutual sluttiness and need for an audience to divulge the dirty bits. They were slightly different in their tastes, but what they had in common was that they really liked to talk about it after. It was both cathartic and mildly titillating. Kris liked BDSM, public scenes and sexual humiliation. Ella was a little more sensual, with a penchant for orgasm denial and wearing bodily fluids. 

On this particular Sunday, Ella found her friend in their usual booth reading some pop science book. She settled in, and gave her usual apology for being late. Kris nodded, and told her not to worry. The waitress, who loved these two after overhearing their conversation one day, arrived promptly to fill cups and take orders. They always got the same thing to share: toast, fruit, poached eggs and a huge side of bacon. Ella looked at Kris and said, “1… 2… 3… Shoot. No judgment,” and they pinky swore on it.

Kris went first. 

“Well,” she said, “I ran into Owen again last night at a party. You know, that guy I hooked up with a couple of months ago? We were basically inseparable the whole night and by 1 am I was going down on him in the bathroom of a Wendy’s. Then he made me cum from oral while I held my leg up on a toilet paper dispenser! It was super hot. At the end, I pushed myself so hard into his face that the whole thing fell off the wall.” 

Ella snorted. 

“No judgment!” said Kris.

“None!” Ella replied sweetly. “That’s a fantastic story. I love that you can just let yourself go like that, seriously.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” said Kris. “Now, how about you…” 

“Well, I do have a little something to report but it’s nothing special.”

Ella smiled innocently. It had been a while since she had had anything interesting to contribute to the conversation. Her tastes were quite singular and she didn’t always find an opportunity to meet the type of person she sought.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” she added looking away, teasing.

“Fuck you, Ella,” Kris goaded. “Dish.”

“Fine.” It’s about time I told a decent story, Ella thought. 

She inhaled and began.

“It all began at my friend Anna’s place last night. I had gone over to hang out a little. We’d both had a killer week and our plan was to stay in and basically not get off the couch except to refill the wine.”

She paused to sip her coffee and build the suspense.

“So anyway, at, like, 11 pm, Anna passes out. She wasn’t really drunk… Just exhausted and fell asleep while watching Netflix. Around 11:30, I was tinkering on my phone when I heard this noise from the doorway. Then… a doorknob turning. Anna hadn’t mentioned anyone coming over so I automatically assumed we were about to be gutted and dumpstered. Not to be dramatic.”

Kris rolled her eyes. 

“Anyway, I peeked into the hall and I saw a guy closing the door behind him. He was a little older than us, maybe early 30s. He had this interesting look, like somewhere between a professor and a biker. It doesn’t sound hot but it worked.

Leather jack, preppy shoes, glasses. Built biceps and chest.…” she drifted off. She loved a built upper body. Not too overpowering, but enough to demonstrate who’s boss.

“He noticed me and said hello. His name was Aiden, and he was staying in the roommate's spare bedroom while she was out of town. 

“And?” Kris asked

“Anna was asleep, so we just chatted in the kitchen,” said Ella, pausing to take another sip of coffee

“Okay…” Kris drawled. “And?”

“I’m getting to the good stuff, I swear,” Ella grinned, but she let Kris squirm a few seconds more before she continued.

“So, we sat in the kitchen together for a good hour, just drinking wine and talking about life. He let me do most of the talking… So, I was telling him about school, family, my writing… He told me he was in video editing and…” Her phone lit up on the table, pulling her from her story. “Shit. I have to go. I totally forgot about this appointment I have downtown and I have to catch the bus. I’m SO sorry.”

Ella slammed a twenty dollar bill down on the table. She quickly ran out the door, leaving Kris sitting in the restaurant confused and alone. 

Kris looked down at the table, noticing a white piece of paper peeking out the bottom. She lifted the money and saw that Ella had left a little slip of paper with a web address scrawled on it in her handwriting. 

“Ella, what the fuck…” she said to herself. Still, she pulled out her phone and typed it in. It took her to a dropbox with a single file. Kris sighed and opened it, feeling nervous about what she might see.

When the file opened, a video popped up on Kris’s screen. She quickly plugged in her ear phones and shooed away the waitress who was about to bring over more coffee. 

The scene on her screen was of a living room with couches, an ottoman, and a coffee table. It was night time. Kris didn’t recognize anything about the place until she saw her good friend Ella appear in the frame with just panties on. Kris had always been a little curious about her friend—she was just as curvy and luscious looking as she’d imagined.

Another person then entered the screen who fit the description of the guy Ella had been gushing about—the roommate’s friend. He was shirtless and wearing jeans that hung loosely on his hips. Ella got to her knees in front of him and looked up. He looked down at her and patted her head affectionately. Then, to Kris’s increasing squirm and discomfort, she watched as Ella unzipped him, pulled out his hard cock and began sucking it. 

Kris sat there, stunned, crossing her legs a little tighter.

She wondered what Ella was getting at by sending this to her, but her thoughts were interrupted by a change in activity. The guy, clearly into Ella’s cock sucking abilities, had disengaged and was moving some furniture around. The coffee table was now out of scene and the ottoman was in the centre. 

He was holding something, Kris noticed, but what was it? A mic? 


A Hitachi. 

Okay then.

He lay it down on the ottoman and pulled Ella up by her hair, pushing her down so that she was straddling the ottoman with the vibrating wand between her legs. He came up behind her and pushed her back down so that her ass was completely exposed. 

Ella began to move, grinding subtly into the ottoman. Kris felt the heat in her cheeks and guiltily looked around the diner. She squirmed in her seat. With the sound of the Hitachi whirring in her headphones and the vision of her friend grinding into it, she resisted the growing urge to touch herself. 

Aiden crouched behind the ottoman and gave Ella a couple of really good, hard spanks and she moaned in response. Even in the dark video, Kris could see her skin turning pink. Next, he took his hands and spread her apart slowly to show off her ass to the camera, and to Kris. 

The camera zoomed in on Ella again and Kris watched as Aiden began licking her ass while she rode the Hitachi. 

“Who is holding the camera?” Kris wondered. She watched on as Ella, helpless to the pleasure she was feeling, grinded herself shamelessly into the vibe while trying to shove her ass into her lover’s face. Ella moaned louder and grabbed her own breasts, twisting her nipples. The rawness of the scene was astonishingly beautiful and Kris felt terribly dirty watching this video in the middle of a busy diner. 

Ella continued to grind on the vibe while Aiden licked her ass. Slowly she grinded harder, her hips swerving back and forth while he stayed face-deep in her ass. The unmistakable sounds of him stroking. Then, he smacked her hard on the ass seconds before Ella came loudly and animal-like. 

Kris bit her lip.

Aiden got up and ordered her to do the same. As Ella moved off the ottoman, a giant wet spot was clearly visible. Good work, darling, Kris thought. Ella knelt again in front of the man as he jerked himself off until he came on her chest. Then to Kris’s surprise, Ella put her hands on her cummy tits, rubbed them, and ran them through her hair. Ella gazed directly into the camera with her cum covered hair and winked. Then Anna appeared, smiling and waving for a brief second before the screen went black.

Kris sat there, hot and bothered. Ella, baby, what are you doing to me... she thought, feeling deep affection and gratitude for her friend. Kris didn’t know what to do with herself. Her panties were wet and hot. Ella’s exhibitionism was as unexpected as how turned on she was by it… 

Kris leaned back in her seat and imagined herself on camera with them, with her legs spread while Ella licked her clit and she rode the Hitachi while having her ass eaten was by Aiden. She could hear herself cumming loudly in Ella’s mouth, feeling Ella nibble at her lips, licking around her sensitive spots while she came down and reset for more…

She couldn’t hold it off any longer. She had to get out of there and make herself cum now too.

Kris signaled the waitress for the cheque. 

After paying, she walked calmly around the corner to an abandoned alley, and knelt behind a dumpster. She pulled down her pants and spread her legs as wide as could while staying her knees. She then pulled up her top and felt the midday breeze on her nipples which were already hard. 

Kris propped her phone up against the dumpster, opened her camera app, and pressed record. With her left hand, she grabbed her breast and then she spat into the right.  She furiously rubbed her clit in the alley behind the dumpster in broad daylight, filming until just after she came hard with a guttural sound. Then, she pulled down her shirt, zipped up her pants, and looked around. 

It was only then that she realized there were ten different apartment windows overlooking the alley. Anyone could have seen her. Anyone could have taped it. The thought made her feel ready to go again but she knew that probably wasn’t wise. 

Instead, she composed a quick email to her friend Ella, attached the video she had just taken, and pressed send.

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