Staging a Comeback

Veronica Loren
17 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

As a warm gust of wind fills my villa, I close my eyes. In that moment, I can almost hear the thud as the last constricting chain of heartbreak unfastens its grip on me and falls to the floor. I take a sigh of relief as the sultry ocean breeze from the turquoise sea below continues to seduce me back to life.

This trip was exactly what I needed to mark the beginning of this new chapter. 

When I open my eyes, I walk over to the full-length mirror and remove my silk robe to admire my naked body. The afternoon sun has left its mark, the milky imprint of where my bikini was in stark contrast to the rest of my olive skin. But fresh tan aside, something else seems different. 

Have I lost weight? To check, I squeeze my stubborn, longstanding companion – my small belly. Nope, still there. Yet I feel lighter… sexier. 

There’s an unmistakable hum of excitement pulsating through my being – something I haven’t felt since before things started to go downhill with my ex-boyfriend.

To investigate further, I get closer to the mirror. I examine my face. My eyes look brighter, less sunken. I look happy and relaxed, rather than depressed and tense. Then it hits me. The face looking back at me is the sassy, uninhibited woman I once was.

Wow, I really did lose myself in that relationship. 

But some time and a considerable amount of therapy later, my heart no longer aches for him. 

What’s more, I’ve reconciled my polarities – that I can be both the “good girl” and the kinky seductress in whatever combination I see fit. I’ve dropped the shame I was carrying around, the result of my strict upbringing and disparaging comments my ex would make about my sexual past.

And what better way to celebrate my healing and growth than with this press trip? When my editor gave me the assignment to review a luxury hotel on the Thai island of Koh Samui, I wasted no time packing my bags and leaving Sydney’s dreary winter behind.

So here I am. Alone in my fancy villa and ready to take this new chapter by storm. The first call of business? To finally replace my tired vibrator with the real thing. Effective immediately.

I look over at my ornately carved, wooden four-poster bed and decide to make this the scene of my sexual rebirth. And with that, I slip into a long backless dress and leave my villa for sunset drinks with nothing else but my strappy sandals and the key to my front door.

As I enter the decadent open-aired bar, the sun is making its grand descent into the ocean, leaving vibrant smears of orange, pink, and plum across the sky. 

The view is breathtaking, and the bartender isn’t bad either. As I approach the bar, I walk past tables of couples making small talk about their plans for the next day. I can feel all eyes on me–the men sneaking a peek at what they shouldn’t, and the women sensing my sexual prowess. 

Yeah, I’m on the hunt. But I don’t want their men. In fact, I don’t want to trade places with any of them. Tonight, I want nothing more than to be seduced by a sexy stranger… or two, if I’m lucky.

As I sit down at the bar, careful not to expose my bare pussy as the slit in my dress edges up my thigh, the bartender walks over to me.

“Hey there, I’m Sofia,” I say with a huge smile.

“Welcome, I’m Jack. I’ll be your bartender tonight. What can I get you, Miss Sofia?”

“Hmmm, I would like something that you’ve never made for anyone before. Something strong, bitter and with a lot of passion, please.” 

A grin as alluring as the sunset lights up his rugged face before he replies, “It would be my pleasure to please you.” 

As he gets to work, I drink it all in. The tight shirt that’s constricting his clearly defined biceps. The stubble on his face. His firm ass as he turns to meticulously labor over my drink. My hungry eyes follow his every step.

After a few minutes, he proudly produces his masterpiece on the bar.

“What I will tell you is that it contains tequila, chili, and vermouth. But it’s going to take a lot more than a cocktail to find out the other ingredients…”

As my mind ventures into fantasyland, our flirtatious repartee is cut short by a bored looking couple asking for happy-hour cocktails.

Begrudgingly, he puts on his best hospitality smile and goes over to make their mojitos. Meanwhile, I start to wonder whether he likes to dominate his women… Gosh, I hope so. I’m way too horny for vanilla sex tonight.

As I start to fantasize about my ass being slapped by his weathered leather belt, I notice two men in their late 30s sitting at the opposite end of the bar peering over at me while chatting with each other. 

One has brown hair, a beard and artistic tattoos running up his strong forearms cut off by his crisp white shirt.

His friend looks Scandinavian with piercing blue eyes and a shaved head. At first glance, his looks don’t grab me in the same way his handsome friend’s do, but he has a hardness etched into his aura that intrigues me.

After a mutual performance of our best undress-me-eyes, the dark-haired guy gestures for me to join them. I look over to the bartender. He’s got his hands full with drink orders, so I take a deep breath and walk over to introduce myself.

My stomach is bubbling with nerves. Or is it excitement? I can’t decide, but conclude that there’s definitely some magic blowing in the breeze tonight. And if I play my cards right, I might just get what I want.

“Hi, I’m Sofia,” I say with a confident smile. “I thought I’d break the staring competition and take a closer inspection of the contestants.”

My bold introduction makes both men laugh before the brown-haired guy leans over and kisses my cheeks.

“Hello, I’m Ricardo. In that case, I feel in order to have a fair competition, you should sit down and join us for a drink before making your assessment.”

Everything about Ricardo screams sex. His handsome but mischievous face, earthy aftershave, and off-the-cuff, playful banter…

I look to his friend sitting next to him, his brilliant blue eyes firmly fixed on me, waiting for a similar welcome.

“Hey. Andreas,” is all he says.

“Please, take a seat,” says Ricardo, looking amused by the short exchange between Andreas and I, before saying, “Don’t worry about my Norwegian friend here. They take a little longer to heat up than us Brazilians.”

I take a seat and their story unravels. They met in Bali a few years ago, and since then, have been making wood-carved furniture for resorts around the world–which is why they’re here.

“And what about you?” says Ricardo in his sexy, melodic accent.

“Well, I’m one of the lucky few who gets to write hotel reviews for the kind of travel magazine that winds up on one of your coffee tables.”

“In that case then, I hope your words and our coffee tables meet soon,” says Ricardo with a flirty smile. “So tell me, lucky Sofia… are you seeing anyone?”

“Well, actually, I broke up with someone a while ago.”

“Is that right? Well, seems you and Andreas have something in common. He was left heartbroken just a few months ago.”

I look to Andreas, but he looks down at his feet.

“And can you believe that this handsome Viking hasn’t been with anyone since?” Ricardo says, wrapping an arm around Andreas and affectionately slapping him in commiseration.

“Thanks, man,” says Andreas. “Discreet, as always.” 

Sensing Andreas’ awkwardness, I confess that it’s been a while for me too, and change the subject by asking how they like working together. 

They look at each other and laugh. “Well, I’m not one for chasing or schmoozing with clients, that’s Ricardo’s domain,” says Andreas.

“Oh most definitely! I love this shit, flying around to different resorts, closing deals, and of course, talking to beautiful women like you,” Ricardo says before grabbing my hand and kissing it.

“Oh yeah, I can see that you play to your charms well,” I say while laughing at his smooth gesture.

“Yeah, you have to watch out for this one,” Andreas warns with a playful smile. “Truth be told, I’m happiest working alone in our warehouse, slowly sanding back each piece of furniture to give to it its own unique feel. It’s the artistic process and attention to detail that I revel in.” 

As Andreas continues to talk about the wood he uses, I lose my concentration when I notice his rough hands and contemplate whether his skills as a lover are as equally as ‘thorough.’

While there’s no doubt Ricardo is overtly handsome and charismatic–qualities I’m drawn to–there’s a quiet confidence about Andreas that’s turning me on in a big way now too.

After a few more drinks, professions and confessions of heartbreak laid bare, our conversation ventures to where it had been tiptoeing around all night… sex.

Our craziest. What we liked. What we didn’t. And lastly… what we wanted to try.

“I insist, ladies first,” says Ricardo. “Tell us what you’ve always wanted to try, but never have...”

His hand begins to stroke my thigh, sending an instant jolt up to my warm pussy.

I take a sip of my cocktail, find my composure and contemplate whether to downplay my fantasy. But instead, I decide to own what I really want. Without any shame.

“Well, I’ve never actually had a threesome,” I confess. 

Ricardo’s hand creeps further up my thigh. 

“Please,” he says. “Continue.” 

I take a glance around the bar and notice we’re the only guests left. I spot the bartender – his playful demeanor has been replaced by annoyance. 

“And well, ummm, lately, I keep fantasizing about how hot it would be to be totally ravished by two men.” 

The two men wait while I take another sip of my drink and finally muster the courage to add, “Two men who are respectful and chivalrous most of the time. But who have this other side, a darker side that they let run wild during sex. Men who aren’t afraid to make me submit to our deepest, dirtiest mutual desires. To totally dominate me as their shared slut.”

At first, my surprise confession shocks their sun-kissed faces. 

Oh god, did I really just say that?

But then they look at each other like they’ve just landed the biggest client of the year. Seems like no poker faces are needed to close this deal.

“Well, we’re really all friends now,” Ricardo remarks, his enlarged pupils signaling that ‘friendship’ is the last thing on his mind.

Meanwhile, Andreas’ deep blue eyes bore into every cell of my being.

I feel awkward all of a sudden and rub my sweaty palms along my thighs. I have no idea who should make the first move. 

Sensing my unease, Ricardo tenderly takes my hand. 

“Beautiful Sofia, I would love to make this fantasy of yours come true – if that’s what you want?” The carnal look in his eyes has been replaced by a reassuring gentleness. One that I feel safe in trusting. 

Andreas comes closer and stands on my other side. “Well, in case you didn’t know, Vikings are known for their conquering skills,” he says while stroking my cheek with his rough palm. “So, it would be an honor to do my heritage proud.” 

“And I’ll only be a wild man if you want me to be. If you want to stop, at any point, just say ‘stop,’” he assures me while wrapping my unruly hair caused by the unforgiving humidity behind my ear. 

“A wild gentleman,” I say. “Just how I like it.”

I’ve lived out this fantasy in my head so many times. I wasn’t sure whether reality could ever compete. A bit like when your favorite book is turned into a movie, but it seems like the situation unfolding here might be one of those rare situations where the movie is actually better. 

Way better.

And to kick off the opening scene, Ricardo takes the lead like the confident Latin lover I expected him to be by pulling me in for a strong, passionate kiss while his hungry hands run down the naked curve of my back. 

Every inch of my body melts into the juiciness of the moment until reality is jarred by the music being switched off mid-song and the lights going out, followed by the barman briskly leaving for the night. 

Unfazed, Ricardo grabs my ass and pushes me against the bar, his hard dick rubbing against the sheer fabric of my dress. When he discovers I’m wearing no underwear, he wastes no time and starts fingering me.

I place a hand on Andreas’ tattooed thigh, slowly edging my way up his muscular legs. I pull him closer so I can kiss the man who has unexpectedly been making me extra horny all night. Our lips meet, but he pulls back, the animalistic glow in his eyes telling me that he gets off on watching.

Meanwhile, Ricardo lowers himself to the ground and lifts one of my legs up to rest over his shoulder, so he can devour my pussy with his talented tongue. His skilled licks send my head back in pleasure, nearly causing me to lose my balance. 

In the distance, I can hear muffled voices approaching, followed by the sound of flip flops smacking against the wooden path that connects the beach with the bar. But I’m too turned on to care. As the voices get closer, their footsteps come to a standstill. Their chatter ceases. Ricardo’s mouth continues to suck, lick, and blow on my pussy. Meanwhile, Andreas leans in and gently kisses me before whispering, “You love that people are watching, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I say between moans. “It drives me wild.” 

Eventually, the footsteps start up again and quickly fade into the distance as they continue down the path leading back to the resort. I run my nails through Ricardo’s thick brown hair and pull Andreas in tight and say, “Why don’t you show me which pieces of furniture you made with your bare hands back at my villa?” 

When we get inside, I let my disheveled dress fall to the floor. While Ricardo and Andreas sit on the couch that’s facing the floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the ocean, I pour us each some whiskey.

“I propose a toast. To uncharted territory.” 

We clink our glasses and drink. 

“Let’s play a game, boys.” 

I walk across to a wooden bookcase and run my fingers along it.

“You reply either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when I touch something you’ve made.”

I can see by their charged expressions that I’m now playing to their egos as well as their dicks.

I run my hands along the empty bookcase, they say “no” in unison.

I walk over to the intricately designed coffee table, and they proudly exclaim “yes” as I bend down to touch it.

Continuing with my tour, I walk over to the dining table and when I run my hands over the curved contours, they reply with a resounding “yes.”

I then walk over to a small, thin table by the glass windows that has a vase of fresh frangipanis, I caress the table and pull out a flower.

“Yes,” they reply in a trance-like state.

“Well played, boys.” I lean against the table and run the petal-end of the flower between my breasts down to my pussy while looking directly at the fully-dressed men. “But I think I’d like to play another game now. Got any suggestions?”

Unexpectedly, Andreas takes charge.

He gets up from the couch, unfastens his belt and kisses me forcefully.

“I definitely have a few things in mind. But first, is this really what you want? To have Ricardo and I own your body?”

“I want it all. You, Ricardo... and to begin with, this belt of yours,” I demand as I stroke the soft leather strap.

And with that, Andreas pulls me off the table and pushes it into the middle of room. He then bends me over the table so my upper body is against the smooth wood.

Before the stinging hits, I hear the sonic boom of his leather belt cracking as it unmercifully whips my ass over and over again. I alternate between screams and moans as the pain is soothed by my kinky desire to be dominated by these two men.

Then the whipping stops.

For what feels like a lot longer than a minute, I can only hear my rapid, shallow breath and the ocean. I try to ground myself in some sense of reality and tune into the waves gently lapping at the shore. 

The suspense is broken when a hand repositions me to the center of the table. I then feel the belt wrapping around my lower back and the table, before being fastened tight. 

I’m completely powerless. Bent over and tied up at the mercy of two strangers I just met in a bar–and I fucking love it. The earthy aroma of the oak is even more intoxicating given it was hand-carved by the men who are about to fuck me… while being strapped to it.

I hear footsteps move to the front of the table. I lift my head up, and Ricardo welcomes me with a filthy smile. He then unbuttons his trousers and pulls out his hard cock, which I welcome with my obliging mouth.

While looking up to his gorgeous big brown eyes, I slowly suck the head of his cock, pausing occasionally to draw gentle circles around it with my tongue. With a touch of impatience, he pushes deep into my mouth until his cock reaches my throat. He holds it here for a moment before pulling out to let me catch my breath. 

My tongue playfully teases the head of his cock again until he can no longer resist, and he takes control of my mouth again by greedily pushing his cock deep into my mouth. We repeat this delicious game many times over, occasionally with him letting me set the pace so he doesn’t cum. I suck slower, so I can enjoy his full cock. I don’t want this game to end, not yet. 

After a few more minutes, I feel Andreas’ hands spreading my ass cheeks and then a tender tongue slowly licking me from pussy to ass and back again. 

As my hips dance in tune with Andreas’ tongue, the belt cuts into my lower back. I don’t want him to stop, but I can’t take it anymore. I want both of their dicks inside of me. Sensing my impatience, Andreas rubs his hard cock against my pussy, I try to push him inside, but he steps back and slaps my ass. 

“You naughty, impatient slut…" says Andreas in a firm, confident voice. “Let me tell you something.”

Ricardo pulls out of my mouth to ensure I listen to what his business partner has to say.

“When we make a table with a piece of wood like the one you’re tied to, we sand it back, removing any damage from the elements. We strip it to its wild, natural core. So sometimes we need to be extra rough to get it to suit our demanding needs. Do you understand?”

“Yesssss,” I moan. “I’m ready to submit to your needs.”

And with that, Andreas finally thrusts his cock into my pussy and gives me what I’ve wanted all night: a good fucking. Ricardo runs his fingers through the brown curls of my hair and lifts my head so I can suck his delicious dick again. I lose track of the boundaries that exist between our three bodies. I feel myself opening up more and more, free falling into my sexual reawakening that I made happen. 

When Andreas fingers my ass, I start to snake and curl against the table as uncontrollable tremors ripple through my body.

When my orgasm slows, they switch ends. Andreas stands over me and watches as his friend fucks me... hard. Each time Ricardo pushes himself deeper into me, the table rubs back and forth into my soft skin. 

When Ricardo cums, his rhythmic fucking slows down until he collapses into his final thrust and onto my body.

Then Andreas lifts my head so I can look into those piercing eyes that hooked me just hours earlier and fucks my mouth until he cums in the back of my throat. I swallow every last drop.

Arggh, how’d I forget to set my alarm!? 

I look at my vibrator perched on my bedside table and roll my eyes. Yep, another late night spent reminiscing about my trip. First day back at the office and my editor is not going to be impressed that I’ve missed the morning meeting. 

As feeble excuses fill my hurried mind while I get dressed, the bruises on my hips catch my attention, spreading a naughty smile across my bronzed face. 

A week has gone by, and they’re only just starting to fade. But something tells me that the memories from that delicious night will leave a permanent mark on my psyche… reminding me of how empowering it feels to own whatever role works best for me.

Veronica Loren is a mischievous writer, yogi, and traveler with a penchant for wild times, both real and imaginary. 

Written by
Veronica Loren

Veronica Loren is a mischievous writer, yogi, and traveler with a penchant for wild times, both real and imaginary.