She Loves the Attention

Bridget Bellecerise
13 mins read
Published over 1 year ago

“Hey, daddy, I have a favor to ask.” 

I’m sitting on his lap with my arms wrapped around his neck. I let my lashes brush against his face as I get closer to his ear. Unfair of me? Maybe... 

But I’ve been wanting this for years, and Nick is the perfect candidate. 

He puts his hand on my thigh, moving it upward, toward the heat of my body. We’re so close that my voice carries over the pounding music, the din of the crowd. PDA has never been an issue for us. Even on the night we met, I was coiled around him like a snake in the middle of the crowded bar. Tonight, we are tucked away in a corner, which has allowed for an aggressive make out session. I’ve just come up for air and his other hand is still knotted in the hair at the nape of my neck. 

“Anything, baby.” 

He’s breathless and I can feel his cock hard under my ass. His dark brown eyes move across my heaving chest and he traces his hand under my shirt, stroking my warm skin. I run my nails up his chest and feel his cock twitch under me.

Yeah, definitely unfair.

“I want you to fuck my mouth while Greg fucks me from behind.” 

I pull back a little to gauge his reaction. His dick hasn’t deflated, which I take to be a good sign. 

“I want you to watch my face as he comes inside me and then I want you to fuck me too.”

He closes his eyes and groans, and I kiss the ridge of his neck that’s exposed. I grind on his cock when I finish.

“I want to be a dirty fucking slut and I want to be so filled up with come that it hurts.”

He pushes me off of him and stands up.

Fuck. I totally read him wrong. 

But then he presses me to the wall with a firm grip around my throat, holding his whole body against mine. I can feel his cock straining through his jeans and I gasp, whimper, look up at him. He presses his thumb into my chin and tilts my face up to his. When he speaks I feel his hot breath brush across my face, smell the whiskey on his breath. 

“You think you can be a dirty fucking slut, huh?” He squeezes my waist tight with his big hand. “You think you can handle two cocks at once?”

“Yeah, daddy.” I can barely get my answer out, his grip around my throat is so tight. “I wanna try.”

“I think I can arrange something.”

I wait for them, as instructed, in a hotel room. Nice enough, if not generic, but the bed is big and plush. I’m laying on top of the bed on my belly, nervously kicking my thigh high clad legs above me. Reruns of Seinfeld are playing on the TV, starkly contrasting with the sexiness of my current situation. 

I suggested Greg, Nick’s best friend, who not only has flirted with me on a few drunken occasions, but I’ve also noticed he and Nick getting tantalizingly cozy during some late night hangouts. They’re both handsome, fun, ideal for this fantasy of mine. 

I’ve been getting texts all day, instructions and pictures from Nick and an unknown number. The anticipation has been killing me, especially since the last text I received from the mystery man.

Make yourself come. I want you wet for me.

Damn, daddy.

So now I’m most certainly wet for him, after touching myself to the thought of being filled by two cocks. I wait for them, my short, flippy plaid skirt barely covering my swollen, slick pussy. My rumpled hair falls into my face as I sip a hastily made cocktail I swiped from the mini bar. 

I hear a swipe of a key card and gulp, my teeth chattering in anticipation. I turn over to face the door, and prop myself up on my elbow in what I hope is a cool, sexy, and not at all freaking out kind of way. At the very least I know my tits look amazing in my red lace bra. 

Nick steps in, grinning, followed by—oh fuck yes—Greg. He’s smiling too, a little shyly, and steps in with some hesitation. 

“Hi, Nick. Hi, Greg.” I smile at them. 

“Hi, gorgeous. You ready for us?” Nick asks.

“Absolutely.” I’m beaming now. Excitement and anticipation have overcome the nervousness that previously gripped me. I kneel at the edge of the bed and wave, too eager to play it cool anymore.

They both cross the room and stand over me. Greg lightly traces his fingers up my thigh, his gaze trailing slowly up my body until his icy blue eyes meet mine. I shiver a little and look up at him, admiring the broad shoulders filling out his soft t-shirt.

“Tell us your safeword, baby.”

“Grapefruit.” I laugh a little and lean towards them. “This is gonna be fun.” 

My face is inches from Greg’s chest, and Nick leans into us so I can feel the warmth coming off of their skin, smell Greg’s clean laundry scent, the sweet musk of Nick’s cologne. I run my palms against both of their chests, pull Nick’s face down to meet mine. I kiss him deeply, then push him away. I look up at Greg and bite my lip, daring him to come get me. He chuckles and takes me by the throat, kissing me lightly and then harder, pushing his tongue between my lips, feeling me out. 

I break away from them and smile, my face already raw from their scruff, my eyes half closed and hungry. I run my hands down to the bulges in their jeans and groan when I feel how hard they are for me. 

“Can I see?” I ask, look up at them with a doe-eyed innocence we all know I don’t have. They reach for their shirts, and I get a glimpse of abs, of hip muscles angling downward. 

“Actually...” I say. They stop, look at me, waiting. “I wanna see you,” I look at Nick, “undress him.” 

Nick looks at Greg and takes a step forward.

“Would you like that, Greg?” I ask.

He nods, biting back a smile, and Nick slowly lifts his t-shirt above his head, revealing a strong body, a lightly hairy chest. I lean back on the bed, enjoying myself. I’ve always wanted a sexually fluid man, and now it looks like the universe has given me two. 

Thank you.

Nick’s hands are at Greg’s black leather belt now. Jingles crack through the tense air and then the zipper comes down and then—a pause. 

“Go on, babe, your turn.” 

Who knew I was such a director.

Greg is clumsier but enthusiastic, and soon he and Nick are both shirtless and standing inches apart. I reach under my skirt and start touching my bare pussy. They watch me hungrily. I press my fingers into my wet hole and say, “I think you should kiss.”

Greg takes Nick by the chin and kisses him roughly. I can see the muscles in their necks straining, the sharp lines of their jaws are moving rhythmically, tongues entwining, hands pressing into strong biceps. 

Absolutely fucking gorgeous.

Not wanting to interrupt, I slide off of the bed and pull each of their jeans down, then their boxers, until two hard, perfect cocks are standing at attention. I stroke one in each hand, loving the feel of their warm skin, the tips slick with precum. Nick and Greg are groaning into each other at my touch, and I kneel below them, my mouth watering. 

I take one into my mouth, my tongue flitting around it, then the other, then the other. Over and over again until the boys pull apart with a sucking sound. Nick sharply tugs my hair back so that I’m looking up at them, and the cocks hovering above my face.

“We didn’t forget about you, baby.”

He pulls me up and starts to kiss me. Greg is pressing into my back, kissing down my neck. Now there are two pairs of hands on me, pinching my hard nipples, running over my ass, fingers thrusting into my pussy. I’m whining into Nick’s mouth, loving the feeling of overwhelming pleasure. I can’t tell where I end and they begin. I feel so safe and whole pressed between their two hard bodies that I almost protest when Greg breaks away to toss me onto the bed. 

He kisses me feverishly, tearing off my bra, while Nick yanks my skirt down and pulls off my boots. Greg moves on top of me, the heat of our skin colliding. I drive my nipples into his chest while he roughly pulls my hair. I forget about Nick for a brief moment until he nips at my inner thigh and traces his breath tantalizingly over my clit. 

“Get down here, man,” he says. 

Then they’re both between my legs and I’m moaning at the tongues pressing into my holes, flicking over my clit.

I hear Greg say, “I wanna taste her on you.” They stop licking me and I look up to see them making out again, my juices covering their faces. I watch them go at each other - God, it’s sexy - and then reach down to grab them both by the hair and push them back between my legs. The eat me hungrily, their tongues jockeying for their position over my swollen clit. I’m so wet all over that two fingers slide easily into my ass, two more in my pussy, and I feel tight and open and filled up all at the same time.

The spark of my first orgasm surprises me, whips through me like wildfire. I arch and then collapse, laughing when two grinning faces emerge from between my legs. Their soaked mouths kiss up my body, making me tingle all over. 

I feel like jello, and I allow Greg to pull me across the bed so that my head is hanging off the edge. He stands with his cock waiting above my open mouth. Nick settles between my legs and rubs his tip across my swollen clit, sending shocks of pleasure through me. 

“Are you ready, baby?”


I gasp when I’m stuffed with both of their cocks. Greg supports my head, my mouth is wide open as he face fucks me, working himself deeper and deeper. The jolts of Nick between my legs make the cock in my throat reach further. The boys build up a rhythm, and I’m hypnotized by the feeling of being perfectly pinned by two throbbing cocks. 

Eyes closed, I reach down and start rubbing my clit with one hand, my groan stifled but loud, tightening my pussy around the cock splitting me open, pumping in and out. The boys pant, gasp, and then I feel hands on my breasts, running along my thighs, my stomach.

“She’s so fucking hot,” I hear between their breaths, then, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna come.”

Then I’m screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes,” as Greg pulls out of my mouth, splattering me with his hot come. I love the feeling of it covering me and then Nick pumps into me hard. I feel his cock pulse and he fills me up. I’m still rubbing myself frantically and the feeling of his heat burst inside of me breaks my limit and I come, my pussy tight around him, milking his cock. 

“Fuck,” I say. I can’t move, and the boys collapse next to me, panting.

After recovering, Greg gets up to grab us some drinks and snacks from the minibar. We have a lazy, naked picnic on the bed, flipping through channels, joking and laughing with each other. 

I get up to pee, and when I come back, the boys are after each other again, their dicks hard and ready for round two. I laugh and take a running jump onto the bed. They open up and pin me down, covering me with kisses, their hot breaths tracing over my body. 


I lay in Nick’s lap while Greg rolls on top of me, working his cock into me. I sigh and close my eyes, relaxing as he moves rhythmically above me. 

“Is this what you wanted, baby? Are you full yet?” Nick murmurs into my neck. I laugh, reaching back to scrape my nails up the nape of his neck.  


I push Greg away and, flipping over, take Nick’s cock and stuff it inside of me. As I start to ride him, I grab Greg’s face to kiss him and work his cock with my hands. 

“Think we can make room for both of you?” I ask, my eyebrow raised. 

Nick groans and grabs a fistful of my hair, kissing and nibbling at my neck. 

“There’s lube in my purse.”

Greg grabs it, soaks his fingers in it, and works one, then two fingers into my ass. I cry out, desperate now to have both of my holes filled.

“Let me sit on you, daddy.”

Greg sits obediently on the bed, his cock straight and waiting. While still riding Nick, I lube up his head, the shaft. I take my time stroking him, then hop off of Nick and turn around to sit on Greg’s thick cock, pressing my back into his chest. I take my time easing him into my ass, slowly, patiently working him into me. He’s groaning.

“You feel so good, baby.”

Nick bows in front of us, sucking my clit into his mouth. I run my fingers through his hair, panting. All I can say is, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” over and over again. I’m opening up and Greg’s cock reaches my limit. I move in circles, massaging him with my tight hole. He squeezes my tits, licks up my neck, sending shivers through me. Nick’s head is still moving between my legs. I feel electric and I’m ready for more.

I grab Nick by his jaw to pull him up to my face, then kiss him and say into his mouth, “Fuck me.”

Greg leans back into the pillows and wraps his arms around my chest to hold me steady while Nick positions himself and pushes his tip into me. I gasp from the intensity of Nick’s thick cock stretching me out. 

“Just relax, baby, we got you,” Greg says to me. I take a deep breath and open up completely. Nick works himself deep inside of me and I can feel them rubbing against each other through my skin. 

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, give it to me please, I love it, give it to me.” I can feel them on either side of me, pistoning into my wet holes, a pleasure I’ve never felt before. 

“You’re so fucking tight, baby,” Nick says, pumping into my pussy faster now.

“Yeah, don’t stop,” I say, “You’re gonna make me come, please, please let me come.” 

Greg holds me by the throat. “Fucking come, baby, come for us,” he snarls into my ear. 

I scream, tighten, gush, scream louder at the feeling of Greg pumping my ass with his come.

“Yes! Oh my fucking God, yes!”

Nick pulses into me hard and I feel him fill my pussy. I’m tingling, so sensitive, and I’ve never felt so full and filthy and content. 

I reach back to kiss Greg lazily, then turn to Nick. He slowly pulls out of me and I work myself off of the cock in my ass. I can’t help but laugh at how much come pours out of me, streaming down my thighs as I walk away. 

“Thanks for that, y’all,” I say, heading to the shower. “You really know how to make a girl’s dreams come true.” 

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Written by
Bridget Bellecerise

Bridget Bellecerise keeps herself busy by conquering the mountains and men of Colorado. While she doesn’t like being told what to do when her clothes are on, it’s a different story in the bedroom. She draws her inspiration from her adventures in dating and the hot fantasies that occupy her mind.