Two Yeses

Oya Calor
14 mins read
Published almost 4 years ago

It happens naturally. Surprisingly so.

I sit at the posh beach bar, eyeing them both. Trying to be both obvious and not obvious at once. The bar is a wooden semi-circle painted with a blue and white sailing motif, and they sit across from me, maybe 20 feet away.

Black. One in his late 30s—tall and fit. The other about 20 years older, a tad shorter, with a bit of a belly. Both with shaved heads that suit them, and sunglasses that mirror mine. They look and sound American. Not father and son. Too chummy, with a slight standoffishness. It seems to me they’re trying to pick up women, but lack the usual directness characteristic of more obvious men.

My solo trek to Barbados is rising with the tide. My gift to myself for my 32nd birthday. Toronto to Barbados. I have an AirBnB on the beach to myself for two whole weeks.

I have been doing this a while: checking men out as pairs. As two parts of a whole. I joke about this new tendency with my friends.

To be clear, I have been fantasizing about it actively for close to a decade. I am proud of myself for having come to the crucial realization that I’m too much woman for one man to satisfy, and that perhaps the solution to all my frustrations is to find not one, but two good men.

Twice the challenge, you may say. Twice the impossibility. But although I have actually entertained the possibility of a life with not one, but two husbands (yes, I have), I mostly just want to test the waters with a foray into the mechanics of it all.

Mechanics? You may raise your eyebrows. Yes, I really want to fuck two men. At the same time.

I’ve seen it done in porn. And I know women who’ve never watched porn who’ve done it. It’s all the worlds for me. It has become the epicenter of my want. I have multiple seats of desire. I want them all fulfilled. And filled.

It’s damn hot outside. Maybe 30 degrees. My favourite level of heat. I’m darker than my usual caramel brown. A blessing that my Brazilian father has passed down to me. But already a week in the sun has turned me a rich, reddish ochre brown.

People love my colour and tell me so in the streets. I know it, and play to my strengths in a hot white bikini. The top begins just short of the side of my small tits and the bottom exposes just enough of my ass to reveal it as cuppable. I’m also in shape. Toned.

The pair of men have noticed me and my darting eyes, and are staring back between slow sips of beer and casual-looking conversation. My dark rum on ice is going down faster than their bucket of cold brews.

I know I’m being daring. And it scares me a little. My heart beats faster. Are these two the type to actually entertain such an idea? What if they do? Am I ready to take on a couple of strangers? Is this scenario even safe?

I stare into my drink, swirling the ice around. I hold a pen in my other hand, my notebook before me. This is a thing I do at bars, when I want to be a young solo woman with every reason to be there. I order a hard drink and I wield my writerly materials.

Noble. Hot. Smart.

I look up to find the young one lifting his glasses up onto his head and looking full at me. I smile and he smiles back. The older one looks my way too, but with his glasses still on, and nods, friendly-like. And then, I do what I do best. I entice… while turning my back.

In this case, literally. Holding the buff one’s eyes for a couple of seconds longer than a respectable girl would, I hop off my stool, drain my glass, turn toward the beach, and strut my shit brazenly and slow as molasses so they get a good, long, view of my cuppable ass.

I want them to imagine it in their hands. I want them to imagine me bent over for them to spread me open and look inside. And so that’s how I walk. I know they’re seeing it, but I don’t look back.

I’m not really sure why I do this. I get too close to the flame and I flee, but not before dancing circles ‘round its brightness.

The next morning I wake up tired and sweaty, and dress slowly: bikini first, followed by an oversized men’s button-up shirt that was given to me by my ex. I like it ‘cause it’s extremely thin, white, translucent.

I leave it open. White shirt, white bikini, brown skin. Beach breezy. I decide to start my day with a meditative walk along the shore before breakfast, before anything. I grab my water bottle and head out to wet my feet.

It’s early yet, just past seven, and there are very few people wandering the sand, except for your odd runner. I’m suddenly inspired by an old woman running the shoreline barefoot in nothing but a bikini.

I usually only run in appropriate footwear, but I drop my water bottle and shirt and decide to run to the end of the beach and back. A good kilometre. I’ll earn my breakfast today.

I get into it fast and hard. Before I know it, I’m speeding up, relishing the challenge of running in sand, feeling it in my thighs and ass. Might as well go home looking better than when I left, I think.

Then, there he is. Sitting by himself at the end of the beach in only swimming trunks, at the place where a giant boulder interrupts the shoreline. He looks pensive, elbows resting on raised knees, staring out to the sea. He is dripping wet and breathing deeply. I stop short and walk slowly up as he turns to notice me. It’s the young one from the day before. My heart skips.

“Hi,” I say. Self-conscious, but not. I’ve worked up a sweat, and I know it looks good on me.

“Hey. It’s you,” he says. “From yesterday. You’re the little cock tease that showed off her ass for me and my friend.” He grins, eyebrows raised, harmless-seeming. But I am taken aback by how he has spoken to me.

“Um-I…” His boldness makes me wet. I’m rarely put in my place.

“Relax, babe. I know your kind. You like to tease. That’s all good. You made me hard, though, and I wasn’t looking for it. We’re just here to chill, Zeek and I. Came all the way from Chicago, first-time vacation. We work in construction. Hard labour type stuff, y’know? But when we saw you yesterday, man. I was like, damn Zeek, I’ll flip you for her. And then you were gone. You and your fine ass.” His eyes are bright. Laughing.

I don’t know what to say, so I laugh. 

I always laugh. It’s one of the reasons men love me, but also why they detest me at times. “I’m Lila.” I put out my hand, and he takes hold of it firmly. Sustained eye contact.

“Lila,” he says. “A pleasure. I’m Yuseph. You’re looking damn fit, Lila. And no wonder. Out here, running up a sweat so early in the morn.”

“I try,” I say. “Well, uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a tease,” I half-lie. “I was checking you guys out, but I got kinda shy and intimidated is all.”

He is staring at me, hard. Looking me up and down with his devious, glittery eyes. The man is fine, even buffer up close. Water dripping from brown skin.

“Checking us both out, huh? Maybe I’m the one who should be intimidated.”

My face goes hot. It doesn’t happen often.

“Your, uh. Your thing’s a bit loose.” He points at my bikini bottom. I look down to find that running has considerably loosened my semi-skimpy bikini from its usual nestle on my hips.

The thing has crept to one side to reveal about a third of my pussy. Not the opening part, but almost a whole side of it. I waxed before leaving, so it’s just bald skin. I am mortified, but become wetter as I quickly adjust.

“Dear god,” I say, trying to brush it off.

He isn’t laughing anymore. “I love bald pussy,” he says. “So soft and perfect to the touch. And I especially love sucking the flavour from a salt water pussy.” He looks me dead in the eyes. And I look back. Weak at the knees.

“I’m making myself hungry,” he chuckles, breaking the tension. “I gotta go get dry so I can go eat something. Walk me to my room? I’m staying just over there.”

He points to a chalet-style beach house up on the bluff. I hadn’t noticed it before. “Zeek has the room next to mine. We splurged.” He smiles. “Ya only live once, right?”

Yuseph’s room is minimal, beautiful, colourful, clean. A simple rug on the orange tiles, windows thrown open to the sea, and a giant bed covered in white sheets.

“You hungry too?” he asks. I nod.

“On your knees, then,” he says softly, dropping a pillow to the floor.

My body is shaky, warm, heavy. I comply, kneeling on the pillow. “Stay here,” he says. He disappears into the bathroom and returns without his swimming trunks on. He stands in front of me. He is huge and hard, and I stare, getting wetter by the second.

“You ready for breakfast, baby? You sure earned it.” I nod, and he grips his cock, slowly dipping the tip into my mouth, just enough to tickle my tongue. I’m drooling for it. I’m the kind of girl who likes to have her throat filled.

“Mmmm,” I murmur.

At that very moment, the door opens, and I freeze, reflexively covering myself, although I am not naked.

It’s Zeek. He looks startled, totally thrown. But just kinda freezes there, like me. He stares.

“What, you don’t knock? In or out, man. Close the door,” says Yuseph, remarkably calm, and remarkably naked. Zeek silently comes in, shuts the door, and just stands there.

“Hi,” I say, still kneeling on the pillow.

“Lila, Zeek. Zeek, Lila,” says Yuseph.

“Lila here tells me she was checking us both out yesterday, man. Imagine that.”

I laugh.

“Oh yeah?” Zeek is stockier, hairier, just under six feet, but also toned in spite of a mild belly. Very attractive in his own way. Older, like my father’s age. 55. He too is only wearing swimming trunks.

He puts his hands on his hips, checking me out. “I thought for sure my friend Yuseph here would win out over an old man like me,” he laughs. “I can’t lie, sweet girl. We were both eyeing you like crazy yesterday.”

“Well, come in then.” I hear myself saying it, and I can’t believe where I am, who I am, what I’m doing. I like it very much.

Zeek goes to the bathroom and also comes back naked, and dry. I have two big black cocks hovering just above me now. Yuseph reaches down and yanks my skimpy top aside to play with my tits, pinching my nipples, caressing. I hear myself crying out.

“Spread your legs,” he says. “Show us that silky little pussy, baby.” I spread my legs and Zeek pushes my bikini bottom aside completely to reveal my soft, bald, brown pussy. I stick my finger in. It slides.

“Don’t touch,” says Zeek. “That pussy is ours.”

“Ok,” I say.

“Hands behind your back,” he says. So I listen.

My wet pussy clenches with excitement. My pussy and tits are both fully exposed, even though I am still wearing my bikini. I look up, staring into both of their eyes. They tower above, staring back.

“What a good little girl, right?” says Yuseph to Zeek.

“Yes, my brother. She is.”

“Open your mouth, sweetheart,” says Yuseph.

I open it wide as I can, and he very slowly moves his cock into my mouth, over my tongue. Slowly, slowly, but firmly, he continues. Gently, it hits the back of my throat, and I don’t resist. I let him in.

Before you know it, Yuseph is all the way in, fucking my throat hole, while spit froths out the sides of my mouth. His balls slap my chin. He moans. I open my legs wider. My centre burns. Zeek starts playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit with two rough fingers. Rubbing my whole pussy with his fist. I move my hips, rubbing myself all over his fist.

“That’s right, baby. Ride that.” I do, and I wet his fist really good, while Yuseph continues expanding my throat. I choke. I gag. Water pours from my eyes. My pussy gets wetter.

“Get up,” orders Yuseph, taking out his cock. I do, and he pulls my top off. Zeek gets my bottom.

“Mmm, what a fine little girl we have here,” says Zeek, admiring. “How’s her throat, man?”

“Nice and tight, like a good little beach whore,” says Yuseph. I stand there naked. “Are you a good little beach whore?” asks Yuspeh.

“Yes,” I say.

“Good. That’s what I like to hear. Are you going to let both of us fuck you, little beach whore?”

“Yes… I’ve never done this before,” I say. “Two, I mean.” I smile.

“That’s alright, baby. We’ve got you. Get on the bed and open your legs as wide as you can. I wanna taste that saltwater pussy of yours.”

I spread my legs open on the bed. Zeek is tying my wrists to the headboard with a fluorescent sarong. “Is this ok, baby beach whore?”


“Open your legs wider,” he says, observing my position. “We both wanna taste.”

I open my legs so wide it almost hurts, and, to my surprise, they both kneel down.

At the same time.

First, Yuseph. His tongue runs along my inner thigh, over the place where my legs meets my body. He kisses, licks, bites. Zeek is already kissing and sucking my clit, lightly. His tongue flicks into my pussy, momentarily. I go fucking wild. My hips buck. They each grab hold of one of my ankles to restrain me.

“Stay open,” orders Yuseph. He dives right in and licks me fully. All of my pussy. Wet on his tongue. Zeek, still gripping my other ankle, moves down to spread my ass open.

“Fuck man, this little slut has beautiful holes, buddy.”

“Yes she does. And they taste sweet, like coconut.”

Holding my ass open with both hands, Zeek sticks his tongue in and starts to fuck it like that. He flicks his tongue back and forth inside my tightest hole. Meanwhile, Yuseph sucks on my pussy and then sticks his fingers in, sucking harder and rubbing my g-spot from inside at the same time.

I am on fire. Wider than ever. Open. I move, I thrust, I scream, from the bottom of my throat. I rotate. I pulse. I cum. I gush all over them both.

“Wow, we have a squirter on our hands,” says Zeek.

“Delicious,” says Yuseph, coming up for air. “Let’s see if we can make her do it again.”

He unties my hands. He sits on the bed, leaning against the headboard. “Come sit on my cock, beach whore. I wonder if your little pussy can fit me in. Let’s give it a try.” He grabs a condom from the nightstand, rolling it on.

I squat over him and sit down slowly, facing away, reverse cowgirl as they call it in porn. His tip stretches me and I gasp. I keep sitting, and he fills me. All the space I have.

“Wow,” he gasps. “You are the tightest little girl I’ve ever had. Move for me, baby.”

“You feel so fucking good,” I say. “You’re rubbing me in just the right spot without me even moving. That’s how good a fit this is, daddy.”

I have never called a man I was fucking “daddy” before, but this is called getting caught up in the moment.

As I ride him, he guides my hips with his massive hands, rough from all the construction, I think. The thought moves me deeper. Deeper. I moan. He is rubbing me right there. Yuseph can’t help himself either. His low groan is real. And raw.

Zeek meanwhile is playing with my tits, bouncing them around on his hand, getting low to kiss my stomach. His other hand rubs my clit. Heaven is a woman with two men to please her.

My back arches, I come close, but miss it slightly. Yuseph lifts me off his cock by my hips and sits me square on his face. He licks and tongue fucks my ass some more, while Zeek comes closer to spread my pussy lips wide and look inside. He kisses it.

“Man, of all the things we’ve shared, buddy,” he says. “I’d say she wins out.”

Yuseph tongues my ass while Zeek fucks my pussy with his tongue. All the while, Yuseph holds me there by my hips. His face a seat. I have never been open so wide. Like a sea.

“Can I fuck your asshole, baby?” asks Yuseph.

“Yes, please,” I whisper.

He pulls me down swiftly and slowly slides into my ass. It’s big, I won’t lie. But I am so fucking turned on and so wide open and I’ve gushed already and loosened my everything, so the sliding is tight, but easy.

I scream with pleasure. Scream is the only accurate word. And Zeek doesn’t let up. He keeps licking my pussy, circling round my clit. It is too much. I sit all the way down on Yuseph’s cock and follow my flow. My legs are open wide and I tilt forward and backward, massaging his stiffness with my tight, open ass, while Zeek slowly rises from his service.

“Can I fuck your cunt now, baby slut?” he asks. “You ready to have both your coconut holes stuffed, girl?” He too grabs a condom.

“Yes, but be gentle, daddy” I say.

He stands at ease, bends over some, and slides right in. I have never, in all my years, experienced such pleasure. Yuseph slides in while Zeek slides out. Zeek pumps my pussy while Yuseph pounds my ass. Happy holes. Wet.

I feel like a wide-open spread eagle beach whore who is only good for her holes, and I spread my legs wider. I pump both of those hard cocks with my tight fucking holes until I come again, this time, screaming, arching, squirting an arc into the air, and falling backwards off the bed. And laughing.

Once I can breathe again they pick me right back up and plug me up with their cocks again. Fucking me more. All before breakfast.

I am beginning to feel lightheaded, but just as I’m becoming concerned about a lack of real food, Yuseph bursts forward into my asshole, all the way to his base, and comes hard, yelling out. I cry out with him, experiencing a newer, deeper pleasure, all the way in. And then Zeek makes a sideways move and thrusts upward in my pussy, yelling “Fuck!”

And then they both roll those condoms off and rub their cocks all over my tongue. I lick them clean. Slurping, starving. Every drop. Tastes like pineapple. All of it.

Over breakfast, the three of us discuss endlessly important yet inane topics: work, love, family, food. Food has never tasted so good. We discuss alternate universes where a writer from Ontario and two construction workers from Chicago can live together in a beach house on a bluff and make bliss.

I think it’s time to open my imagination just as wide as I opened my legs to let Yuseph and Zeek fuck me senseless. Maybe even wider.