Alys startled the man behind the desk when she burst into the yoga studio. 

“Oh good!” She leaned on the desk as she panted. “You are the man I needed to see.”

“Classes are done for the day,” Keegan drawled in his sexy, soothing voice. The same one that made her shiver in his public classes.

She smiled as she took in his broad shoulders, the sexy, fashionable beard, and his long hair pulled into a bun at the top of his head. He was a good fifteen years younger than her and his ass was a work of art she’d been studying three times a week for months in his yoga classes.

“I know it’s late, but I heard you do a special stress relieving class. Privately.”

He looked around before leaning closer. “Where did you hear that?” His beautiful lips pressed together between the beard that graced his strong chin.

“A friend heard from someone. Word gets around. I had an awful day. Alys rubbed her stiff neck. Price is not a concern.”

Keegan moved around the desk and took her by the elbow. It had been ages since any man touched her, never mind someone so young and handsome. His arm flexed against her, brushing against the side of her breast as he led her down the hall into an empty studio.

“What did this person say?” he asked once the door was closed.

“Just that it was a private class and helped relieve her stress.”

Keegan looked at her with his dark, sexy eyes. He was the reason she switched to his yoga center, to gawk at the eye candy and leave with wet panties after he adjusted everyone’s posture. He was far more hands-on than any other instructor and none of the women in his classes complained. There was a wait list for the most wanted class in town.

“My private class is very intimate but I promise it will relieve your stress.”

Alys’ mouth was dry, but her underwear was not. The intensity of his description left no doubt she needed his special touch. Her tongue swiped her lips. “I’m in.”

“I’ll get the private class disclaimer.” His eyes roamed her body and a smile crossed his face. “Strip to your bra and panties, Alys.”

Before she signed the disclaimer? She appreciated that he wouldn't waste her time with any warmup. Keegan would get straight to the relief she needed. Before she moved, the door opened again and he returned. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off.

He paused and appraised her again, the same sexy smile on his face. She grinned back appreciating his, well... appreciation. His hands popped between her, almost warding her back from his touch. “Here, before you go further. Sign at the bottom.” Alys took the paper and scanned the contract. Standard for a private class, she agreed not to hold him or the studio to liability if she hurt herself. In her purse, she found a pen and used the wall to sign her name. As he retrieved the agreement, she removed her pants and tossed them aside.

Keegan rolled out two yoga mats and loosed his hair to let it fall down around his shoulders. “Sit cross-legged and we’ll do a quick warm up.” His voice was like melted dark chocolate—warm, smooth, and sinful.

He led her through a standard routine without touching her. Then, “Hands and knees, Alys.”

She turned over and assumed the position. He knelt behind her and settled his hands on her hips as she rolled them under his instruction. “Slow your movements,” he commanded, as his fingers slid to her bottom, massaging her muscle as she moved more deliberately. “Like that, good. Okay back to cross-legged.” He sat behind her and guided one arm over her head and the other behind her until she held them together. “How does that feel? Too much?”

“No. Thanks to all the classes I’ve been taking my flexibility has greatly improved.”

“You are one of my more diligent students.” His voice was warm against her ear, making her shiver, as he covered her breasts. “We’ll hold this position for three breaths.” She matched her breathing to the rise and fall of his chest against her, then switched of arms as he focused on teasing her hard nipples through the elastic of her bra.

She cleared her throat as his arms moved away. “I think the bra is restricting my movements.”

He flicked the clasp behind her. “Can’t have that.” Keegan pulled the straps from her arms and sat cross-legged on his mat. He invited her to straddle his lap.

“What pose is this?” she joked as she settled on him.

“Stretch your arms overhead and clasp your hands.”

Alys lifted her arms, arching her back, thrusting her breasts at him.

“I could tie your wrists together and call it 'bound angel pose'.” Keegan’s hands squeezed her breasts together until he teased her nipples. She gasped as he pinched her. “Focus on your breathing.” When she was focused again, his mouth closed on one hot peak and it took all her will to keep her breathing even. He switched sides until she was squirming and moaning on his lap.

“You’re still very tense, Alys. I want you in child’s pose, knees spread.”

She settled on the floor, wanting to rock her hips or rub against something. Ride his mouth, ideally, she thought. She felt him behind her, his hands resting on her hips.

“This next part may increase your tension for a short period. I’m going to touch you most intimately. Are you ready?”

Alys clenched her thighs with a moan. “Yes, Keegan. Please, I’m so ready. I need it, I need you. To touch me.”

His lips pressed against the small of her back, then his palm brushed over her ass, finally, blissfully between her thighs. She swore there was a slight tremble in his hand as he rubbed her damp panties against her hot slit. He found her clit through the cotton and ground against her until she moaned, then his fingers stilled. Waves of arousal shook her body as she teetered on the edge, if he moved his fingers her stress would disappear.

“You must focus on your breath to get the most from my class. I’d be disappointed if I didn’t deliver all the stress relief promised.” His velvet voice rasped over her nerves, pitching her arousal higher. 

“It’s difficult when you…”

“Take a moment to gain control of your breath. We can’t move to more challenging poses until you master this one.”

Her muscles tensed with the need to rock against his hand or beg for more. She forced herself to even her breathing, counting four in, hold four, four out. 

“Slower,” he ordered. She moved to a six-count and that satisfied him. His fingers rubbed against her cleft in small movements until he ascertained she could remain focused. “I want you to move into a downward dog.”

Alys raised her ass in the air and distributed her weight between her hands and feet. “How’s my posture?” So many classes he’d come behind her and adjusted her position with hands that lingered on her hips or thighs. He shifted her hips to the left like always, except today he allowed his hips to brush hers and his palms stroked her inner thighs.

“Stop me if you feel any discomfort.”

Not a chance of that. 

She almost lost control of her breath when he pulled her panties to her knees. His calloused index and middle finger rubbed her soft mound; parting the silk lips, he circled her clit. Her arms shook first then her legs.

“Can you hold the pose?” he asked.

“Yes,” she panted.

“Breath control,” he reminded her and waited until she focused. “What if I make it more challenging? Open your legs a little wider, Alys.”

Before she could ask how, she watched him drop between her thighs. As his head tipped back, his tongue slid along her slit. From her position, she had a good view of his tongue working her heated flesh. He licked her swollen clit until her arms couldn’t take any more.

“Keegan, I can’t—my arms.” 

He left her and wrapped his arms around her middle to help her lower to the floor.

“Something to work towards,” he murmured in her ear. “Let’s get your focus back. Lie on your back and lift your hips into bridge pose.”

When she rolled to her back, she realized she was facing the wall of mirrors. She grabbed her panties to pull them up, but he knelt beside her and stopped her hand. 

“Leave them.” Keegan massaged her breasts again, rolling her nipples between his thumb and fingers. The sensations from his hands went straight between her legs, she’d been so close when her body gave out on her. “Hips up, Alys,” he said in the yoga instructor tone, deep, slow, calm. His hand on her ass helped push her hips up. “Good. I wish you could see yourself in the mirror. It’s a beautiful sight.” His palm rubbed her pussy to highlight what he was viewing. 

She feasted her eyes on him. “I have a nice view right where I am.” She raised her hand and rubbed his muscled forearm. 

He smiled; it was the smile of a man who knew his sexiness. “Flattery for your yoga instructor will get you special treatment.” He found her swollen clit again and brushed over it, his sexy eyes trained on her face. “Focus on your breathing,” he reminded her again.

She tried and failed, because he was rubbing her on the perfect spot, the part of her that was hot and needy and so sensitive, she might come if she could just squeeze her legs together. She tensed her thighs and pressed her hips higher, and they rocked in time with his movements.

Keegan stopped again. “You’re breaking the rules of the studio, Alys. If you can’t breathe properly, you won’t get the benefits. Let’s try again, from a cross-legged spot.”

Alys’ body did not want to listen; it wanted to grind against something, anything until she came. Reluctantly, she lowered her butt to the floor and sat across from him, panting from need instead.

He pulled his shirt off, revealing an impressive set of pecs covered in dark hair. This would not help her. She looked into his eyes with panic. “Keegan—”

“Listen, do you trust me to help you?”

“Yes. But, I need—”

“I know what you need.” He took her hand and placed it on his chest. “Look into my eyes and match my breath.”

She met his eyes and felt her hand rise and fall with his slow breathing, her inner tension melted away as she equaled his movements. Time ceased to exist for a moment as she was pulled into his gaze. The longer they stayed like this the more she wanted him to kiss her, balance his body weight over her, then fuck her until they were both satiated. And from the heat that built between them, she thought he just might.

Then he placed his hand on her thigh. “That’s better. I think we should try that bound angel pose. Lie back, remove your panties, then put the soles of your feet together.”

Alys pushed her panties off her feet and laid back into the pose—knees out, soles of her feet pressed together. Keegan bent and picked up her panties, then stood over her while he pressed them to his face, hiding his smile. That was a sight she would relive every fucking time he smiled at her from here until he moved on from teaching yoga. Or her bones became too brittle to attend any longer. Whatever happened first.

“Raise your arms over your head on the floor.” She stretched out, still looking up at him while he slipped the panties around her wrists, winding them to restrain her. She could escape, but she wouldn’t unless he ordered her. 

Kneeling over her he kissed her lips. His tongue glided into her mouth; her arousal lingered on him, filling her. He kissed down her body, teasing her nipples, the hollow of her belly button and the insides of her knees. He straddled her knees where they stretched to the sides, and his eyes were fire as he lowered to the mound between her legs. His lips massaged hers as she arched to meet him. A finger pressed into her, curling against her inner wall. 

“One finger or two?” The vibrations sent a shock wave of pleasure through her body when he moaned into her.

Before she answered, he pumped the second deep into her. The inferno burning in his gaze held her as his glorious tongue flicked her clit until lava poured through her. Her legs quaked under the power of the red-hot arousal spilling from her and her wails echoed off the studio walls. He devoured her as her body combusted into stardust and slowly fell around them until they came together to make her shape again.

When she opened her eyes, she found his concerned face hovering over her, his beard shiny with her desire. She reached up and ran her fingers over the slickness.

“Did that take care of your stress?” he asked, kissing her hand.

She sighed, stretching her loose muscles. “Uh, yeah. If you have any time in your schedule, I’d like to have a standing private appointment.” Her voice was soft and dreamy. Her stress was relieved many times over.

He laughed, a low, sexy sound that sent a shiver through her. His gaze flicked down her body starting a new wave of arousal. “As one of my favorite students, I’ll be sure to make time for you.”

Asrai Devin is a born brat. She is devoted to writing erotic romance. She lives in Canada where smut is the only thing that keeps her warm in winter.