Lab Chemistry

Jessica Krueger
11 mins read
Published over 1 year ago

I glanced over my computer, purposefully aimed to the side so I could see across the lab to the man everyone called Dr. Kincaid—my temporary boss. 

Tonight, he sat within his glassed-partitioned office in his high-backed leather chair staring at his computer screen with a scowl on his face.

What was he working on this late on a Friday night?

I released a sigh and tried to drag my eyes back to my computer screen, but the images of atrophic cells weren’t as interesting as Dr. Kincaid’s narrowed features when he set himself back to concentrate on his work. His chiseled jaw had a five o’clock shadow that added a ruggedness to his otherwise regal appearance. The white lab coat strained against the sleek build of his muscles as he leaned back in his chair.

My lips still tingled from the unexpected kiss we shared at the Halloween party the week before. His exuded confidence had been my downfall when he wore a Scottish costume: tight white T-shirt, red plaid sash, and a kilt that highlighted his muscular legs.

When we kissed, his concentration had been solely on me—and man, had it been fiery. 

All the way up until Monday, when he greeted me with a slow-burning gaze but a professional greeting.

“Don’t stay too late, Sam, my coworker Sharon said as she walked past my open lab space on her way out. It’s the weekend.”

“I just have to get this last thing done, and then I’ll leave,” I answered. “Have a good night.”

“You too.”

At this rate, with my mind enveloped in thoughts of Dr. Kincaid’s warm hands on my body, I wasn’t sure I would finish my work. I was slacking on purpose, wanting this night to end on a different note. My finishing with an orgasm was on the table. Though, whether I could make it back to my house or not, I was unsure.

My gaze wandered back to Dr. Kincaid’s office. His head turned and our eyes locked from across the room for the third time that night. Only this time, no one else was in the office. Fire rose from my chest to my cheeks, heating my entire body with a lasting feverish intensity.

He lifted his hand and crooked his finger, motioning me to him.

My heart stopped a moment before galloping out of my chest. My hand went to the gold chain around my neck, nervously playing with the bare band. 

Why was he calling me in? 

Biting my lip, I hopped to my feet and ran my fingers down my lab coat. As I walked toward his office with all the sultry confidence I could muster, he watched me approach from under his dark lashes. Though his face was still that of my stoic boss, I knew what lurked beyond that serious demeanor. I wanted to kiss him just to see him smile again, like he did that night. 

When I reached the entrance to his office, I leaned into the doorframe and took a deep breath to settle my nerves—it didn’t help.

“Did you want something?” I asked, with a nervous smile.

He leaned forward in his chair, elbows braced on the large cedar desk. He clapped his hands together and pressed them against his lips just under his nose. What would those lips feel like against my neck, breasts, or even my pussy? When I squeezed my legs together, I became acutely aware of a trickle of wetness.

“I’m just going to come out and say it.” He pressed his wide hands against the table, making the veins under his skin even more evident. “Sam, you’ve been a great asset these past three weeks.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.”

“But,” he added, “you’ve also been a distraction.”

My mouth went dry, and my heart thundered in my chest. I pressed my hands, which were practically shaking with desire, against my sides. Otherwise, I feared they may have wandered over my body. “A distraction?”

“That came out wrong.” 

I sure hope not, I thought to myself.

“What I’m trying to say is…” he said as he rose to his feet and undid the only button of his lab coat, "can I take you out for a drink tonight?”

I licked my lips and swallowed. “I don’t think I’ll make it through a drink.”

He stopped, hands tucked into his pant pockets, bracing his lab coat open. “Why is that?” he asked, concern lining his eyes.

“It—it’s…it’s just…” I released a long sigh and steeled myself. “I can’t stop thinking about the kiss we shared.”

With a quirked eyebrow in my direction, his lips peeled back into a smile. The breath exploded from my chest—that damn smile got me every time.

“That makes two of us. I really wish we hadn’t been interrupted.”

“Me too,” I said, breathless. As a sudden thought came to mind, I gave an anxious chuckle.

“What is it?”

I licked my dry lips. “I hope it’s not too bold, but I… well, I wanted to find out that night if you were wearing the kilt properly. You know. With nothing on underneath.”

“Oh, really? I may not be in that kilt now, but—do you want to start where we left off?”

I simply nodded. As I reached for the gold chain around my neck again to twist out of habit, my left hand crossed over my chest, brushing the peak of my breast. The accidental touch sent a pleasurable shock up my spine causing me to arch slightly. His igniting gaze tracked every movement.

His slid out of his lab coat and set it on the back of his chair. As he walked out from behind his desk and toward me, I scanned him all the way from his socked feet, up his pant legs to the crook of his groin where I found an obvious bulge. As my eyes skated upward, they locked with his intense brown gaze. My blood pooled low in my core, as my heart rate rose higher. When we stood toe-to-toe, my head slanted upward to hold his gaze, I could smell the mint and spice of his aftershave.

“Tell me what to do,” he demanded.

“Kiss me.”

I barely got out the whispered reply before his lips were on mine. They were as soft as I remembered. The force made me moan, all the suppressed desire from the past week scorched fire through my veins. Lips still together, I tore my lab coat off, releasing some of the heat. When my lips parted, his tongue entered with a demanding touch. I brushed my tongue against his—searching, wild, and hungry. 

One hand caressed my face, as the other grabbed and pushed against my hip, forcing me back against the glass of his office with a resounding thud. I didn’t care; we had the whole place to ourself. Tongues locked, he pushed his body into mine. His hard cock rubbing against my clothed pussy made me squirm. His strong hand swept up my body until he found my breast. I moaned when he kneaded my breast before pinching my nipple through the Jersey fabric.

“I’ve wanted you so badly,” he murmured, kissing a blazing trail down my neck as he continued to rub my taut nipple between his thumb and pointer finger.

“Me too.”

As his lips moved down my chest, the drag of his light stubble tingling against my skin, he pulled the soft-stretchy fabric of my low-cut shirt down to kiss and suck the swell of my breast. My nipple prickled with need. I grabbed at the strap of my bra and tore it down, exposing my rosy red nipple. He gazed down and smiled, rubbing his hips against mine before dipping his head to my chest to give me what I asked for.

My breath hitched when his lips brushed over my nipple, hardening it to an even firmer peak. His tongue darted out before his mouth closed over it in a hard suck that sent a shock straight to my clenching pussy. My legs shook and went weak. Dr. Kincaid pressed into me, holding me in place as he kissed his way back up my body and his hand massaged my free breast.

“Tell me what you want,” he said, his warm breath tickling my ear, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise.

With my breath haggard and face burning, I tore at the button of his shirt to undo it. “I want to feel you,” I demanded.

He grunted his approval, making me smile as a sense of confidence I hadn’t had before washed over me. Together we got his coat and shirt off, leaving his muscular torso exposed. I ran both hands over his pecs and felt the soft bristles of his short chest hair. My nails dug into his skin when he kissed me again. He groaned in return and his hands found the clasp on my pants before tearing them down my body. As he rose, I skimmed my hand down his chest until I reached his bulge. 

“You’re so hard…” I moaned, grabbing at the length of him through his pants until I felt the broad tip of his penis. My legs quivered at the thought of him inside me. He grabbed my ass in both hands and pulled me against him, trapping my hand against his penis. With the cheeks of my ass spread around my thong, air licked at my wetness.

“Fuck my pussy with your tongue,” I demanded, wanting to feel the thrill of that confidence boost once more. It paid off - Dr. Kincaid smiled that heartwarming grin I was after, and I melted. 

I wrapped my legs and arms around him as he lifted me right up off the ground. As he walked us across the room, his hardness pressed into the crotch of my satin thong with every step. He set me down on the clear side of his desk and once again our lips locked in a wild kiss; my body thrummed with anticipation of what his kiss promised.

His eyes drank me in. “You’re so sexy.”

Clad only in blue satin thong and the bra pushing up my breasts, I surrendered into my body, self-assurance flowing in euphoric heaps. Lifting my feet to the edge of his desk, I gazed at him from between my legs. 

Dr. Kincaid grabbed at my thighs and pulled them apart to kiss along the inside of my calf as he lowered himself to his knees. He brushed his lips on my thigh as he pressed the satin into my clit and swirled it around. I jumped and moaned as the pleasure soared from my groin to my bobbing breasts.

“You’re so wet,” he groaned, biting right into my thigh.

Before I could respond, he pulled my thong to one side, exposing me, and I watched him descend until I felt the heat of his mouth.

“Ah, fuck!” I exclaimed. When his tongue swept over my clit, my hips rose off the table.

I felt the pull of his smile between my legs. He licked my clit repeatedly with his bold tongue. My senses heightened on the growing shocks around my clit, my back squeaking and sliding in the puddle of accumulated sweat on the desk when he sucked on the little nub and shook his head. I tangled my fingers into his unruly black hair and held on as his tongue and lips kept me in ecstasy, my toes curling and my vaginal muscles trying to clench around something—anything. So close to that edge, I closed my eyes, head thrashing...

Until a cool breeze of abandonment replaced his tongue. When I opened my eyes again, I found him standing before me, his hard penis standing at the ready. My mouth watered as he stepped toward me, offering himself to me. I sat up, took his warm dick in my hand, and stroked it down to the base.

I pushed on his hips with a stern touch. His breath hitched when I leaned over and suckled his tip between my lips, smelling my own arousal. Turning my head to the side, I smiled up at him before sliding him down my throat and sucking as I came back up. His smooth but hard-as-rock penis throbbed in my mouth, causing my mid-section muscles to spasm with anticipation. A strong hand on my shoulders slowed me to a halt. I gazed back up at him, a smile still playing on my lips.

“You’re mouth feels so damn good. I can’t wait to fuck you.” He pushed me back against the table and absently stroked his penis a few times as if unable to help himself before he positioned it at against me. Staring me down, he rubbed his tip over my clit down to my warm, slick entrance. We both groaned when he tore himself away and pushed against my clit once more.

“Tell me what you want,” he demanded from between his clenched teeth.

“Dr. Kincaid, please.”

His eyebrow ticked upward in question, demanding I say it.

“Fuck mem please. Just—ah!” His penis sheathed home in one fluid thrust. He groaned and grabbed my thighs, holding me to him as he pulled back and thrust again.

“Yes…” I whispered, sweet shocks flooding my body from his thickness finally filling me completely. 

He grabbed the back of my neck and held me in place as he kissed and thrust into my body repeatedly, deeper and harder. Our bodies slapped together. The table rocked with his pounding thrusts, and I was approaching that edge again. I grabbed my breasts, and he ducked down to watch the action. Knowing I had his undivided attention, I moved one hand into his line of sight.

“Ah, yes…” he groaned, continuing to thrust. “Touch yourself.”

I happily obliged, dancing my hand between my folds and around my clit in tandem with his thrusting.

“Fuck!” I shouted.

“That’s it…” His encouragements whipped my hand into a circling pattern, which matched the rhythm he’d set with his steady thrusts. “Come all over me.”  

The sudden added sensation of him sucking my nipple back into his mouth sent me careening over the edge. My body went taut and my breath stilled in my lungs as my muscles spasmed in a wave of pleasure that rocked throughout my body. 

Dr. Kincaid smiled, an expression of complete and utter satisfaction I hadn’t seen from him before. With one fluid motion, he twisted my orgasm-limp body to the side. Bowing over me, he captured my lips in a kiss as if he was claiming all of me and began a slow rock into my tight pussy that was still spasming around him. 

With each timed thrust, he built my crescendo again, but this time with a slow vibration of tightening muscles. 

I couldn’t possibly?

He threw back his head and his paced turned from deep and languid to frantic and wild. The heat of his urgency sent another sudden wave of heat to wash over me. As he grunted through a deep finishing groan, his veins protruding from his neck, I came again along with him. 

His face fell to the valley between my breasts and we both panted until I drifted back to reality.

“Did that satisfy your curiosities?” he whispered.

“Yes, thank you, Dr. Kincaid.”

“Call me David.”

Written by
Jessica Krueger

Jessica Krueger likes to think of herself as a chemist by day and a writer by night. She has published journalism and personal essays. Her genre of choice in both reading and writing is paranormal romance.