Third Party

Samantha Lynn
15 mins read
Published almost 4 years ago

From the start of our relationship, my partner and I knew that, at some point, we would have a threesome.

He wanted to experience two girls sharing him, and I enjoyed having sex with both men and women. And although we had discussed it many times, I’d always pause when he’d express his desire to sleep with a woman that he’d seen online. I wanted our sexy trio to happen organically, and I revelled in the thought of spontaneously coming together, and then, later, coming together.

I’d all but put the thought out of my mind the night that we went to a bar for karaoke night with a friend of eyes. The bar was dive-y and crowded, but with enough alcohol and the right people, anything can be fun. We danced sloppily and sang off-key to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears as we slurped down sugary mixed drinks.

When it was time to stagger home, my partner Derick, our friend Mari, and I clasped hands to make our way back to her car. It wasn't until we arrived at the vehicle that we finally came to the realization that there was no way she could drive home yet. She mentioned something about sleeping in her car until she sobered up, but we knew that was out of the question. 

Though I had space in my room, I was hesitant to offer it - I was starting to get horny and just wanted to be alone with Derick. But understanding that there was no other choice, I consented to having her sleep over, and we all walked back to my apartment together.

Once inside, we got undressed and into bed. Derick had slept with Mari before me, so we were all comfortable with our partial nakedness. As soon as I shut the lights off and snuggled against Derick’s bare chest, my horniness returned. Derick had told me that we couldn’t have sex while Mari was in bed with us, but that element of forbiddenness made me wild for him.

I began by running my fingers lightly across his abdomen, down his stomach, and back up again. I heard his breath hitch slightly when I reached just below his belly button. I kept trailing his body, moving my fingers over his flat planes and up to his muscular shoulders. I scratched him softly, feeling him shudder with the sensation.

My body was heating up with want for him, and I pushed my mouth to his ear: “I want you. So. Bad.”

I shivered at the truth of my words, started to claw into him, doing anything to get myself close to his body. I felt his hot breath against the shell of my ear: “I want you too. So. Bad.”

He nibbled my ear lobe, lightly kissed the nape of my neck. Knowing that our movements would be shrouded by the blanket, I brought my hand to his boxers. I felt his growing bulge, caressing, stroking it through his underwear.

“Fuck me in the bathroom,” I demanded breathlessly, my voice a forced hush in his ear. I wanted him all to myself. He slid his hand under my shirt and pinched my nipple. I stifled a moan. “Please,” I whispered.

But Derick hates being ordered around, especially in bed. He is Papi - he is cocksure, he is dominant, and I love it.

And Derick knew what I didn’t: Mari wasn’t sleeping. While I was whispering in his ear, Mari was fondling his crotch. I learned this when I found a hand that wasn't my own grasping for it.

A primal, territorial sense arose in me. “Mine,” I whispered to Derick. “Mine.” I covered my hand over his clothed package, holding it away from Mari’s wandering hand.

She kept trying to feel him, and I knew that there was only one way to show them both how I felt. I took off my panties, pulled down his boxers, slipped a condom quickly on him, and then climbed on top of his erect penis.

The atmosphere in my bedroom changed instantly. Mari, who’d been furtively fingering herself next to us, leaned over to kiss Derick. They made out while I bounced up and down on his cock. Then Mari came over and kissed me while Derick slapped my ass.

Derick rolled me over so that Mari had better access to my mouth. I told Mari to sit on my face, and I licked and sucked her pussy while Derick thrust in and out of me. I moaned into her soaked pussy, feeling every inch of Derick’s cock inside me, and sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned as she flooded my mouth with her cum, riding my face through her release.

As an orgasm pushed its way through my own body, Derick removed his cock from my pulsating pussy and I understood what he wanted. “Get on your back,” I ordered Mari. She did as she was told and slid off my mouth to lie down.

In the darkness, I could just barely make out Derick’s white-toothed grin. He pushed his sheathed cock between Mari’s open legs, and their two silhouettes becoming one was almost enough to make me cum a second time.

This time, I straddled Mari’s face, and she pushed her warm, wet tongue into my warm, wet pussy to explore it. I gasped at the sensation, throwing my head back and grinding my lips against hers. She moaned into me as Derick fucked her. The vibrations hit my erect clit and sent me over the edge once more.

I twisted around to face my partner, giving Mari access to my ass. Derick grabbed my face and kissed me passionately while Mari licked my puckered back entrance – a first for me. I groaned softly into Derick’s mouth, loving the way Mari’s tongue probed my hole. I opened my lips for Derick, massaging my tongue with his.

I couldn’t help pause for just a moment and listen to our sex sounds filling the room: the wet slap of Derick’s hard cock plunging into Mari, the sloppy slurp of Mari’s mouth rimming my pink rosebud, our combined pants and groans and grunts. It was just so deliciously dirty, and I never wanted to be clean again.

An electric wave surged from my pelvis to my toes, pulling me out of my brief reverie and into another orgasm. I buried my ass into Mari’s mouth, writhing as Derick kissed and bit my neck. I heard the soft suction as he pulled out of Mari.

Derick got onto his back. “Ride his cock, Baby,” I told Mari, and she instantly moved to sink down onto him. For a moment, I was unsure where I should position myself.

But then I had an idea: I crouched down between Derick’s legs with my ass in the air and drew his balls into my mouth. His moan told me I’d made the right move. I kept slurping on them, revelling in the sound of his little noises as Mari continued to spear herself on his cock.

“Babe,” he called to me breathlessly. “Get up here.” I quickly crawled up to him, tingling at his request. “Get your pussy on top of me.”

My eyes widened and I opened my legs over his mouth, wiggling slightly in reaction to his stubbly face. I perched onto his waiting lips and cried out involuntarily when he began to taste my dewy inner sanctum.

He had told me before that he was a talented head-giver, but had never really shared these talents with me. Until now. As he worked his way around my vagina, examining every one of my inner folds, I felt the beautiful agony of his teasing tongue. I ached for release, skirting the edge with each lick.

“Derick,” I moaned, alight with feeling. Behind me, Mari moaned in sync, making her way to eruption as well. I knew then, that he wanted us to cum as one. He wasn’t ready yet, so we couldn’t be either.

I panted as his lips caressed my clit, and gripped his short hair between my fingers. “God!”

I heard him chuckle softly under his breath and I’d never hated or loved him more. “Fuck, Derick, fuck!” What little control I’d had over him was completely gone, and we both knew that. I needed a pause, needed to make someone else cum. I was too turned on and he would continue to tantalize me if I stayed on his face.

I got on my knees and rotated, telling Mari it was, “My turn.” She hopped off of my partner’s cock, and I got on all fours. Derick murmured as his hands spread me wider. He entered my juicy hole easily, and I relished the fullness of his rock-hard member.

Mari hungrily covered her mouth with mine. I cupped her enormous breasts with one hand, and balanced myself with the other as Derick fucked into me. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, delighting in the breathless whine she emitted. It was hard to pay attention to anything outside of Derick’s penetration, but I forced myself to focus on Mari’s erect breast buds and her tongue intermittently flicking between my parted lips.

I dipped a finger into my slippery pussy, near my cock-filled hole, and coated the digit in my juices. Bringing the finger back to Mari’s chest, I painted one nipple, then the other, with the slickness. “Fuck,” she whimpered, and I continued rolling and tweaking the hard, pink mounds, pinching and pulling at them for effect.

Derick carried on fucking me from behind, thrusting in and out to an improvised rhythm. He shifted his hips forward, reaching deeper into me. I squeezed Mari’s tit as his cock-head grazed my pleasure spot, and let out a string of intangible curses.

“Fuck,” he moaned under his breath and switched his rhythm to keep hitting that spot. “Yesyesyes,” I babbled as Mari nipped her way about my upper body. I grunted when she reached my tits and took a nipple into her mouth.

The sweet pain of sharp teeth encircling my sensitive mounds combined with Derick’s steadfast G-Spot pounding sparked lightning in my body, and I exclaimed audibly. This time, a gush of cum squirted out, rousing a groan from Derick as he pounded away.

Mari came back up to my face and we kissed more as I did all I could to steady myself on my hands and knees. I thrust back onto Derick and we fucked each other in sync, while Mari crawled under me to drink up my cum. I could only take two more thrusts with her licking me before my sensitive parts needed a break.

I stopped moving my hips to signal this to Derick, but he gripped my hips for a couple more lovingly torturous deep thrusts. I growled and whined in response, and pushed Mari passionately off my quivering cunt.

Derick finally removed his cock from my entrance and got onto his back for break of his own. Mari re-saddled his erection, burying it in her dripping pussy. I retook my place between Derick’s legs, popping his balls into my mouth once again. He keened, as he had before, and I felt them start to move upward.

I moaned softly, and grinned. This was the telltale sign that Derick was going to cum soon.

I heard Mari riding Derick vigorously while I licked and sucked at his balls. “Kim,” he moaned, and I went over to him. “Do you want it?” I didn’t need to ask for clarity; I knew what he meant.

Derick cumming on me was a huge turn-on, and he wanted to save his spunk for me. “Yes, oh my God,” I told him, eargerly pinching one of my nipples.

“Flip over,” I demanded Mari, understanding that Derick would be able to cum more easily on top. Ever the obedient third, she popped off my partner’s member and rolled onto her back. I could just barely make out the flop of her massive tits as she squirmed, awaiting Derick’s hard penis.

“It’s happening soon,” he told me through gritted teeth, and pushed my face to his. We kissed with acute ferocity, all thrashing lips and probing tongues. He exhaled hard in my mouth and twisted one of my nipples roughly with fingers. I nodded – he was about to cum.

“Kim, lay down,” he instructed, murmuring swears. In one swift motion, he pulled out of Mari, tore off the condom, and leaned over me. Hot cum spurted from his cock-head, decorating the corner of my mouth. I sat up and engulfed his pulsating cock in my mouth, swallowing the cum being shot down my throat.

I loved the way he tasted, and ate his cum whenever the opportunity presented itself. I’d never swallowed his load completely before though, and he responded to this with a new, animalistic moan. He panted and wheezed as his orgasm washed through him, and collapsed into the bed with eyes squeezed shut and jaw slack. After a few moments of gasping and writhing, he opened his eyes and grinned goofily.

“Fuck, that was the hardest I’ve ever cum,” he told us in an awe-struck voice. Mari answered him by kissing me. She leaned down to kiss him as I licked the residual cum off my mouth. I planted a devilish kiss on his twitching cock-head, and laughed as growled at me.

Turning on my bedroom light, I inspected the aftermath of our trio. Derick and Mari lay entwined, their hair sex-tousled and faces flushed. Both were covered with little red marks and bruises – evidence that I’d definitely bitten them everywhere.

“That was… wow,” I said to them. I took in their naked bodies, glistening slightly with sweat and cum. Derick’s uncut cock was just beginning to lose its stiffness and Mari’s nipples were still erect. 

They both nodded. “Yeah,” Derick retorted, “Fuck.” Mari simply nodded a second time, her bare breasts jiggling in unison.

Derick grabbed his phone, and showed me the screen. It was nearly 5 AM. “Get in here, Kim,” he called, and opened one of his arms for me to snuggle into. I smiled again, shut the light off, and got under the covers, resting my head on his chest. We quickly fell asleep, our mass of tangled, naked bodies exhausted from our late, erotic evening.

The next morning, Mari left to get her car, and Derick and I discussed the previous night’s events.

“We’re definitely doing that again,” he declared excitedly. “Absolutely,” I agreed. “With someone else?” 

He nodded. “We’re going to fuck a girl together. I loved watching you control her.”

I shivered at the thought, feeling myself start to get wet again. He was also getting turned on by our conversation. “Fuck… Derick,” I breathed. His expression changed and he pushed me onto my bed.

“Tell me how you’re going to dominate our next Third,” he growled as he palmed his growing erection. I let my dirty mouth ramble, painting him a glorious picture of our future sexcapade.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Derick grunted and pushed his cock into me, fucking me where we’d fucked another girl just hours before.