A Sir from the Sauna

Timothy Bishop
11 mins read
Published over 1 year ago

“There are saunas, and there are saunas,” my friend Calvin had told me. “This is a nice sauna — like a European one. It doesn’t have glory holes or whips. Really, it’s more of a traditional bathhouse that we gays have taken over. Some guys play and some don’t.” 

Cal and I had been friends since I was 17 and he was 18. He was the first one I’d ever experimented with, and when I moved to the city he was the first to tell me about the sauna. He went there often with a group of gay men that he was friends with, and he’d asked me if I’d like to come. I’d only recently arrived in town and didn’t know many gay men yet, but wasn’t sure if this would be for me. Before the sauna, Cal placated me with the promise of going for some drinks first and if I chose not to go to the sauna, that was perfectly fine. 

At the pub, Cal introduced me to his friends: Patrick, a successful writer for television, Maurice, a photographer, and Jonathan, a policy analyst who had come to Canada from Lebanon at a young age. All three were very kind, witty, and charming. We were all in our mid-twenties and found that living in the city as opposed to the small towns where we came from was a massive improvement for our self-esteem. We shared a bottle of white, and then one of rose. I fell into a long conversation with Maurice about our shared dreams of living in rural Quebec near the campgrounds frequented by gay men. I began to feel at ease with these men. By the time the cheques came, I felt as though they were people I had known my entire life. As we walked toward the sauna, I felt like these new friends knew me in a way that people had known me my whole life could not. 

When I walked in the door, the sauna really seemed to have a pleasant environment to it, and one that was sexually charged in the most gentle manner. A kind man let us through the interior gate, and I noticed two older men smoking cigarettes on a terrace. Once inside, we all paid our entrance fee and went to our assigned lockers. Most of the men there were older, which made our presence all the more noticeable. I was careful at first not to look at the other men but noticed that they were all looking at each other and being playful with one another. I slowly undressed, feeling the eyes of the older men in the room turned then to me, and despite my nerves, I took extra time to put on the proper show for them. 

Maurice came towards me, wearing only a towel. He looked at me kindly and said, “It’s okay if you feel nervous.” I sighed a breath of relief, and he embraced me in a hug. As I undressed he said to me, “James, your briefs are so cute. I’m so glad that Calvin has introduced us.” With that, he gave me a supportive tap on the ass, and we walked downstairs in our towels. 

The scene was truly a memorable sight. There were three showerheads, with two men showering under them while talking. There was a table, where one man lay naked as two other men washed and massaged him. Maurice led us to one of the sauna rooms, where he pulled off his towel and sat down. He introduced me to another friend named Peter, who moved behind him and started massaging his shoulders. A bigger, harrier man, Peter exuded strength and confidence, and we could only bow down to him. Maurice relaxed under his strong grip, and I could really begin to sense the energy of what was ongoing: a playful group of men who left the door open for sex with one another and weren’t afraid to express their interest. 

As Maurice was massaged, I could see Calvin and Jonathan in the background. Jonathan had his arms around Calvin and had started to massage Calvin’s ass. The two of them had an incredible connection and were gorgeous to look at. Jonathan’s strong ab muscles were in relief, and his cock was evidently hard underneath the towel. Calvin’s bubble butt was being caressed by Jonathan’s firm hand. Calvin slowly undid Jonathan’s towel and wrapped his beautiful lips around Jonathan’s cock. I could see his bright blue eyes staring up at Jonathan, like a dutiful boy pleasing his master. I was so happy for both my friend and myself in this moment.

Jonathan saw me staring, and grinned. He began to thrust into Calvin’s mouth, who moaned and only increased his rapid moves on Jonathan. I could feel myself getting hard, and wanting some action of my own. 

Peter and Maurice looked at me, and then looked at each other, as though they had come to a wonderful idea. 

“Come with me,” whispered Maurice, taking my hand. 

Peter followed behind us, and the two of them led me outside of the sauna, leaving it to Jonathan and Calvin to make their own. 

Peter and Maurice led me to another sauna. This one had a strong scent of poppers, and as if on cue, Peter produced a small bottle from his towel. He handed them over to Maurice, who took a big whiff of them and instantly grew harder. Peter smelled some as well and then handed them to me. 

“I don’t know what it’s like,” I confessed. 

Peter smiled and said, “I’ll give you a sample.” He inhaled again, and then pulled me in to kiss him. I could feel myself get lightheaded and hard, and to feel my ass open like it never had before. I found myself sitting on Peter’s lap, having him wrap his arms around me and kiss me deeply. 

“Boy,” he said to Maurice. “Let’s introduce our new friend to the club the appropriate way.” With that, Maurice got on his hands and knees and awaited further instructions. Peter gestured for me to move closer to him, which I did. He looked at me and said, “Maurice is gonna show us what he does best,” and spread my legs open. Peter spread his open as well and moved me on to his lap so that our cocks were touching. 

Maurice grinned and began to do something at that time I had only seen in porn: he sucked us both at the same time. I’d received blowjobs before, but nothing like this. Maurice had such a skill with his mouth, using his smooth tongue to tease us and get us both hard. I could feel Peter getting harder against me as I did, and he kissed me as we both got sucked by Maurice. 

Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “I’m gonna come!"

I prepared to pull out of Maurice’s mouth, but Peter shook his head and slapped my ass for encouragement. We both came at exactly the same time. Maurice swallowed both of our loads and grinned at his job well done. 

“Good job, boy,” Peter said to Maurice, patting him on the back. The three of us relaxed in this sauna together, appreciating the heat from the sauna and from one another. 

Peter led us back to the showers, where we saw Jonathan and Calvin showering as well. Calvin and I looked at each other and hugged, so grateful for what this new adventure in our friendship had opened up. 

After the shower, we all went for a soak in the hot tub, each man clean but also pleased with the night’s filthy events so far. Peter had me under one arm and Maurice under the other. He asked about Calvin and my friendship, and I blurted out, “We’ve been sucking each other off forever.” Everyone laughed at this. Peter looked at us both and said, “Well, we’re practically the only ones here, and it’s warm enough to go on the roof. If we go up there, why don’t you guys show us how you’ve done it for so long?” 

We looked at each other and knew that this had to happen. 

We all walked upstairs to the roof together. Peter opened the door and invited us outside. Everyone removed their towels and spread them out on the rooftop deck. Calvin and I lay down upon them and kissed as we had so many times over the years. I ran my fingers through his soft hair, feeling a new appreciation for my friend whom I had cared about for so long. He ran his fingers through my chest hair down to my cock and cupped my balls firmly. He moved his face down to my hip bone and licked me all the way up to my nipples, getting me harder than I could possibly imagine being. 

I shifted so that I could suck him as well as he sucked me, getting him as hard as me. Calvin’s cock was one I had sucked many times but one that never ceased to thrill me: thick and beautifully shaped, with a lovely foreskin to suck on. I slid my mouth up and down and pulled his balls down with my free hand to get him extra hard. Peter and Jonathan and Maurice surrounded us, all of them growing harder by the minute. We five were all horny for one another, and they all seemed to be loving that Calvin and I were putting on a show for them to enjoy. 

Most noticeable was Peter and the erection growing again under his towel, right in my line of sight. Taking a respite from sucking Calvin, I looked up at Peter. 

“Sir,” I offered. He immediately perked up at this title. “I want to suck you and Calvin like I was sucked earlier.” He grinned and pulled off his towel. He positioned me as he wanted me, giving my ass a firm spanking as he did so. He and Calvin put their cocks in my mouth, and I went to town. 

It was a highlight for me in so many ways: getting to give the best blowjob I had ever given, to two different men at the same time. I had gone there with the intention of making some friends but actually wound up finding a Sir. Sir waved the poppers bottle under my nose, and I could feel my ass expanding once again. 

Just as this happened, Calvin shot his load in my mouth. Sir removed his cock from my mouth, allowed me to swallow, and then turned me around. “It’s time to put on a different show for the other boys,” he told me to my elation. He held out a condom for me to put on him, which I did with great ease. He had one of the other men hand him a small bottle of THC-infused lubricant. I’d been fucked before, but I knew this was going to be a special experience. “Crouch over and let me explore that beautiful boy butt of yours,” he said, grinning. 

Sir started out by opening me up with one finger, and then two. I began to moan out of excitement, feeling the joy of being the youngest cub in the den and being shown off to the others. Once I could take three fingers with ease, he slid his beautiful cock inside me. I could feel my walls expanding with great ease, helped by the poppers, the lubricant and the joy of the camaraderie. 

I enjoyed getting fucked by my new Sir for close to an hour, as the summer sky darkened above us. By this point, the other men were turned on to the point that they couldn’t hold it in any longer. Jonathan and Maurice were jerking each other off, and in unison, all four of us came together. We all lay down on the towels together, a puddle of beautiful gay men who had and would continue to enjoy each other. 

Since that night, I’ve made a point of going to the sauna every week. It’s as fun as it was that first night, but getting taken home by my sauna Sir is what makes it an extra special treat. 

Written by
Timothy Bishop

Timothy Bishop is a certified travel consultant by day and lover of tender smut. He can usually be found at your nearest red wine location.