Three's a Great Time

Timothy Bishop
14 mins read
Published over 1 year ago

My husband is an attractive man — tall, clean-cut, with a maturity beyond his years paired with an innocence of sorts. He has bright green eyes, soft brown hair, and a jaw that most movie stars would give anything for. 

It’s six years we’ve been together, and three since we got married. We still have one of our wedding invitations on our fridge, proclaiming “Ryan and Keith are taking the leap!” 

While it may be the only leap for many couples, for us, it was the first of many. This rainy fall day proved that our greatest leap was to come not from a trip to Amsterdam or Israel, but rather in the comfort of the Victorian home we were lucky enough to own. Lately, though, our mutual struggles with insomnia had made our love life more difficult than it had been in so many years. 

Ryan is a history teacher, and in many ways is about as traditional as they come. When we met, he was 18, and I was 20. We were in University at the time, and while many other guys our ages were out at the bars every night and spending their time on Grindr, Ryan and I were at our place in Sherbrooke, spending next to nothing on rent while building our life together, and growing cozier. Ryan always said I was all he’d ever wanted, and I felt the same about him, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he would have enjoyed getting to know his body and self better through meeting different men. He had some hesitations about the other men I’d slept with before he and I met that lingered past the college years, which is why he was so hesitant when I told him my friend James was in town and I’d invited him for a casual dinner tonight. 

“Ry, it’s been eight years since James and I slept together,” I told him as he reluctantly put a table cloth on the table and prepared three place settings. Ryan rolled his eyes and looked at me. “Keith, I’m in no way suggesting that you and James are going to fuck in the guest room after I doze off. I just find it funny that you’re so excited to see the guy whose virginity you took when you’re too tired some nights for me”. 

I walked over and wrapped him in my arms, and felt him relax. He was right — I had been too tired sometimes lately to give him the loving he wanted. From the first time that he sat on my cock all those years ago, I’ve never felt such joy as I do seeing my husband experience the ecstasy that comes with our lovemaking. But lately, something was missing. Ryan was looking for something that I couldn’t necessarily not satisfy, but he had yet to experience different lovemaking styles. “I love you,” I told him. “I can definitely tell James we’re not feeling well if that’s what you’d rather” 

Ryan smiled. “No,” he said. “It’ll be nice, I haven’t seen James in years. You said he was just back from England, right?” I nodded. “Maybe he’ll have an accent.” 

Ryan laughed, and we got back to preparing dinner. 

 About half an hour later, our doorbell rang. I hurried to answer it — was I perhaps excited to see James for more than just his friendship? It had been a long time since we had slept together last, but I could remember the electricity that sparked between us well. It was something I continued to hold onto. 

I pulled open the door, and there was James. He reached over the doorstep and wrapped me in a hug immediately. It was still the same James I had known and made love with all those years ago, but there were certainly changes in his look. His round face had smoothed out over time, and while his jawline was nothing like that of my husband’s, a thick, soft beard had accentuated it and added a certain symmetry that hadn’t been there before. James also had gotten his ears pierced, and the studs really brought his new look together. James’s arms were larger and thicker than I’d known them, and while it was he that had bottomed for me long ago, I wonder what his stronger arms might be capable of now. I immediately became enwrapped in the idea of James and I holding Ryan between the two of us. As our hug broke up, I asked how he was doing. 

“I’m well, Keith. Better than I’ve been in years.” James flashed a wide grin my way, and produced two bottles of wine. I led him into the kitchen — Ryan had been devoting so much of his time to renovating our home and it was truly something to be proud of. Ryan was just placing dinner on the table as James and I walked into the room. 

I know my husband well. Ryan’s eyes diverted the minute he looked at James, and I could tell that it wasn’t from displeasure, but rather embarrassment. He was trying not to stare, but I could tell that he was looking at James’s biceps and forearms. As Ryan reached for a corkscrew, I could see him trying to hide his erection from James. I was both astonished and exhilarated by this new look on my husband — the tight corduroy pants he was wearing made my own cock stiffen and think about how when James left tonight I would for sure be ready to open up my husband and fuck him bareback. 

We sat down to dinner. James began asking Ryan how he’d been 

“Oh, I’m well,” said Ryan. “The teaching’s going well, and the house is coming along.” 

James smiled. “I can’t believe you guys own this place. It’s truly a work of art,” he said as he looked at our high ceiling and our sun porch which was closed for winter. 

Ryan smiled back at him and said, “It’s so nice to entertain — we mean to have friends over more, but it’s just not as easy as it used to be.” He then put down his fork and said, “Honestly James, it’s really so lovely to have you here. I had some hesitations… Some lingering fear from days gone by of losing Keith to someone else. But now that you’re here, I can really remember how kind you always were to us.” With this, he stood up and wrapped James in a sweet hug. He then said, “I can see why Keith was so quick to take your virginity all those years ago!” 

James laughed, as did I. It was unusual for Ryan to be so frank, but James seemed to like it. James flashed him a smile. “Well you both look good, but you always did. I miss Europe, but I’m happy to be home for a bit. I’m glad to be befriending some gay men right away. In Berlin, I spent a lot of time at saunas with other gay men so I have to find my circle here for that too!” He finished by refilling his wine glass. 

I began to suspect that James also had an ulterior motive in coming over. I refilled my wine glass as well, and Ryan’s, finishing the bottle. None of us were drunk, but there was a thickness in the air around us, and the spicy energy that was emerging was something I couldn’t ignore. I looked over at Ryan — could my old suggestion that we add another man into our sex lives perhaps be coming true? On our wedding day, we had promised to love each other through the unexpected surprises, and my husband’s flirty behavior now was a surprise that got me excited in a way I hadn’t been in a long time. 

“Why don’t we move to the upstairs living room?” suggested Ryan. “I’d love to show James the rest of the house.” 

I agreed, as did James. We carried our wine glasses up — three men who had known each other since they were barely more than boys, two of whom had matured before their time and one who was there to bring them back to their youth. I began to fix a fire in the fireplace, and Ryan opened another bottle of red. His eyes were focused on James as he did so. James put on a great performance of smelling the wine before sipping it and saying to Ryan, “You have a really, really gifted palate.” He looked over at me, and I could tell that he was undressing me with his eyes. Would the real thing be possible tonight? 

“James,” I started. He and Ryan both looked at me. “Would you like to stay the night tonight? We have so many extra rooms and we’d love to have you.”

“Sure!” responded James. “Just let me call my folks and tell them not to report me missing.” We laughed, and he stepped outside the room. 

I looked at Ryan, and he looked at me. I walked over to the couch and gave him a big kiss. “Keith, are you okay with me being flirty?” said Ryan anxiously. 

“Yeah… In fact, I encourage it,” I answered truthfully. “Honestly Ryan, I really want us both to have an active love life, and I’m so glad that you’re open to trying some new things.” I leaned in and kissed him again. We lovingly locked lips. I knew that no matter what happened tonight, my husband and I would continue to have a deep connection. 

Just then, James came back into the room. He’d rolled up his shirt sleeves and undid the top button of his shirt — a move I remembered from years ago, when he wanted to show off his chest hair. I invited him to sit on the couch with Ryan and me. He sat very close to us, and I offered my open hand to him, palm up. He put his hand in mine, and we squeezed hands — a silent invitation to open up the possibilities of that evening. He put his other hand on Ryan’s thigh. Ryan let out a soft moan, as James began to stroke his thigh up and down. The two of them leaned in and kissed each other. It was such an exhilarating thrill, to see my husband melt in the arms of my treasured friend. As they pulled apart, James turned over and kissed me as well. I remembered those lips well, and put my hand on James’s hip. As this happened, I could see Ryan out of the corner of my eye, his anticipation building at the idea of James and I both fucking him. 

“James,” I said. “How about we show you the bedroom?” James grinned at this idea, and took Ryan’s hand in one hand, and mine in the other. I opened the door. Our master bedroom is a work of art, with a wooden floor, a balcony, high ceilings and an ensuite bathroom. Ryan slipped into our closet for a moment. 

I took James onto the bed. We kissed tenderly, and then fiercely, as I unbuttoned his shirt. His famous chest hair had increased in the years since I’d seen him, and I put my tongue on his nipples. I licked his left nipple, then his right one. James had always been sensitive there, and time hadn’t changed that. He moaned in appreciation, and I undid the top button of his dress pants. I pulled them off in their entirety, leaving James only in the tight blue Andrew Christians he wore that showed off his big cock. 

Ryan came back into the room in a silk black robe, and approached the bed. James took his hands and brought him on to the bed, kissing him softly. James then easily pulled open the robe. My husband had never looked better. He wore the black jockstrap that I had bought him as a gift, which he had always been too shy to wear to the gym. Ryan was not nearly as hairy as James, but seeing these two gorgeous men that I cared for sharing a special moment made me harder than ever before. James slid his hand down into Ryan’s jockstrap, and then squeezed Ryan’s bubble butt. He looked over at me and said, “Keith, I’ve always appreciated you as a friend, but sharing your sweet man with his peachy ass is really next level.” With that, he kissed Ryan and motioned for him to turn over. Ryan and I kissed, and I pulled off his jockstrap, beginning to massage his cock while James massaged his ass and gently began rimming him. 

Ryan was clearly on a whole new level of ecstasy, and moaned like I’d never heard him before. I stroked him more, and James went in even deeper on his rimming. Ryan began to pant out of sheer sexual pleasure and groaned out a “Fuck me.”

James and I looked at each other in excitement. 

“Hey James, ever tied up a bottom before?” I asked as I took out the handcuffs that I liked to use on Ryan sometimes. Ryan smiled widely. He loved getting handcuffed. I took one arm and James took the other and we attached my husband’s arms to the bedpost. With Ryan’s legs spread wide, I lubed up James’s cock and he lubed up mine. Slowly, we took turns opening up Ryan. 

“Oh god, oh god, that’s so good!” Ryan screamed at the top of his lungs as James pounded him harder and harder. 

“Oh god, I need to stop for a second,” said Ryan. 

James immediately stopped and looked up at me. “Keith,” he said, “I want you to fuck me, while I fuck Ryan. How does that sound?” 

I leaned over, gave him a kiss and said I’d love that. 

My cock was already hard and lubed up, and I lubed up James’s beautiful ass, just as I had when we were barely men. As I entered him, I remembered how warm and good he felt, and this hadn’t changed. Rather, James was a truly versatile performer, appreciating my tender loving while also giving good love to Ryan. 

The three of us began gyrating together. Me opening James up, James stroking Ryan’s sides as he fucked him, and Ryan being the happiest I had ever seen him. We were a buzzing unit, three men committed to exploring each other and pleasuring each other. 

Finally, the moment came. Ryan exploded and came on the wall, while James came inside him and me inside James. James and I moved forward and embraced Ryan, the three of us becoming a single cuddling unit. 

We slept through the night. Ryan was more relaxed than I’d ever seen him, being cuddled between two men, and James slept soundly, spooning my husband in his arms. When we woke the next day, we all three kissed, and made an excellent breakfast together. None of us felt the need to dress, as our night together had led to such an intense feeling of pleasure and comfort together. 

As James prepared to leave, he gave each of us a hug and a kiss. I asked if he would come back soon, and he said he would love to. After we sent him off with hugs and kisses, Ryan and I walked back to the bedroom and cuddled together again. 

“Keith?” asked Ryan. 

“Yes honey, are you okay?” 

“Oh yes,” he said. “ I just wanted to say thank you for bringing James over. I think I needed that more than I knew.” 

I laughed and kissed him again. “I’m glad, too, babe. But now, I’m going to have you all to myself.”

He laughed and turned himself over for me to enjoy. 

Written by
Timothy Bishop

Timothy Bishop is a certified travel consultant by day and lover of tender smut. He can usually be found at your nearest red wine location.