Getaway With It

Madeline Sommer
11 mins read
Published over 1 year ago

The room was cloaked in darkness, and I felt invisible. Silky streams of moonlight flowed through the small crack between the curtains, just barely enough to highlight silhouettes of a bed and the lumps of people sleeping soundly in it across from us. Nobody was making a sound, making the shadows seem even more intense. Everyone was dead asleep from the long day we’d had. Everyone except me. In the dark silence of our room, I felt invisible, enjoying this quiet moment of bathing in the warmth from your arms wrapped around me. 

Sharing a room with our friends on our last summer getaway wasn’t exactly ideal. We had only been dating for about three months, having met through mutual friends at the start of summer. So, the relationship was still fairly new then, and the sex still hot and urgent. We could barely keep our hands off each other when we were together, which made sharing a bed that weekend all the more difficult. A little privacy in a hotel room after dark would have been nice. But we had all chipped in what money we could spare for a road trip at the end of August, which wasn’t much so all we could afford was one double bedroom between the four of us.

Before we got together, we had both gone quite a long time without a steady partner but you made learning how to be with someone new less stressful than I remembered and more fun than I’d anticipated. In bed, it was like discovering the things I liked for the first time all over again, and in the process, I was picking up the things you liked as well. While I was always trying to think rationally and keep myself rooted in reality, you were more spontaneous and imaginative. We balanced each other out beautifully, both in and out of the bedroom.

Though you were more experienced than I was, you never made me feel bad about that. You were very patient with me as I learned more about myself and as we figured things out together. While I tended to over-rationalize and root firmly in my familiar reality, you were more spontaneous and imaginative. The contrast did wonders for our dynamic and we balanced each other out beautifully, both in and out of the bedroom.

You opened me up to so much possibility that, before you, I’d never explored. You made me feel safe and were so respectful of my boundaries. I was eager to re-evaluate those boundaries with you.

You started slow, eventually introducing me to some of your kinky favorites: handcuffs, light rope play, a little blindfolding. It was this commanding confidence in the bedroom that made me weak in the knees. Where you were hard, I was soft, and where I was inexperienced, you were there to guide me. I will always appreciate your patience with me. It was a perfect match.

One of your greatest skills though was the art of your tease. We might not have been able to touch as much as either of us would have liked that weekend, but those days were filled with subtle glances, your eyes darting to my lips as I’d apply lipstick before we went out for the night. You would ghost your fingers over the curve of my ass when our friends weren’t looking, giving me a silent reminder of what you would do to me the second we were finally alone.

Your boldness spurred me on and I started teasing you in return, letting my hand rest easily on your thigh at dinner, pretending I didn’t notice as it made its way slowly up towards your crotch. We were both careful not to let anyone know about our game, but the deliberate tension between us built until it was almost unbearable. I suppose it was only a matter of time before that tension broke.

I was finally starting to fall asleep myself when I felt your hand start rubbing circles into my hip. I probably should’ve let myself drift off right there as your fingertips traced shapes into my hip bone, but I was drunk on drowsiness and found bravery in my fuzzy inhibitions. The last three days of teasing and denial had filled me with unresolved sexual tension, and even the tiniest touch had me desperate for release. I gently shifted my ass, getting closer to you.

I was tired of waiting.

My hips moved in small circles, the heat between my legs steadily intensifying. I half-expected you to playfully shove at my back or flip over, thinking the presence of our sleeping friends next to us would turn you off. But when I felt your erection through your underwear, my own heartbeat grew faster in response and I stopped caring about anything beyond our sheets

Shifting again, I leaned back and let my lips meet yours, a silent exchange of consent, an agreement to continue this risky game. Your fingers danced over the soft skin of my stomach and thighs, making their way to the sides of my panties and dipping under. Even then, you were taking your sweet time, and my anticipation did nothing to speed you up. You savored every inch of me, bringing me right to the edge and making me beg you for more. But I couldn't bed. I couldn’t say anything, so my hips continued to tease you, sending you the message loud and clear that I was getting impatient. 

By the time your fingers reached my lips, I was dripping wet. When a single finger grazed over my throbbing clit, I gasped softly at the heat and pleasure pooling between my legs.  I clasped a hand over my mouth; keeping my breathing even and quiet wasn’t easy as you let your fingertips drag over my clit, rubbing and teasing me endlessly. Your erection throbbed with excitement into my ass, and I let my pussy inch along your cock so you could feel the slickness through your boxers. As if to reward me, your rhythm on my clit intensified and you applied pressure to the sweetest spots. Shamelessly, I rubbed myself back in forth on your hand, doing my best to keep the bed from creaking as I shifted on the mattress. 

I’d always secretly wanted to try some type of exhibitionism but, even despite your boldness with these things, I was afraid the request would scare you away somehow. I couldn’t quite explain the appeal to this specific kink, but the idea of being caught in the act always brought a surge of adrenaline to my body whenever I even thought about it. That combined with the whirlwind passion associated with it drove me crazy in a way I never expected it to. Although it had always been attractive to me, I hadn't wanted to risk bringing it up and ruining a somewhat-new relationship. 

This felt like a safer approach. The people in the room were completely oblivious to the sneaky acts going on just a couple of feet away. But, even though nobody had made a sound or even shifted in discomfort, the risk that was building along with our teasing was still very intense. The fact that we’d already gotten so far without disturbing anyone mixed with the knowledge that we could be caught lit a fire inside of me. 

You shifted your hand lower to trace my entrance with two fingers, pressing a kiss to the back of my neck when you felt how insanely wet you’d made me. You pushed your fingers inside of me, my body gladly expanding and tightening around them. My mouth fell open as an even stronger wave of desire washed over me and ignited every nerve in my body. When your fingertips curled up to my g-spot, I had to bite down on my lip to keep from crying out. The motion continued, pumping into my walls as they squeezed around your hand. 

Carefully, I reached around under the covers to grab your wrist and push your fingers deeper. It was enough to make my legs shake even as they were still pressed together. For a moment, I worried the others would be able to hear the pounding of my heart echoing through the silent room as the adrenaline thumped inside me.

My hand drifted from your wrist to the waistband of your underwear, another hushed request. You planted another kiss to my neck and, still completely silent, slid out of them. Moving your knees carefully up so you could slide your boxers down was a feat, and I shifted my body forward to give you room to undress. 

My ears were piqued to every noise in the room: the sound of our friends softly breathing as they slept, every shifting noise between sheets, even the soft hum of the air conditioning unit.  Everything was heightened. The room was too dark for me to see really anything too far in front of me, and all I had to go off of was the now-deafening sounds throughout the room. Making sure nobody was awake, you resumed your spooning position behind me once you were free of your underwear. The firm weight of your cock against my ass was entrancing, and I reached behind once again to move my panties to the side, exposing myself for you. 

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, you slid yourself into me. I lifted my hips slightly to help guide you. The intimacy of your body against mine, feeling your cock stretch and fill my pussy inch by inch, was almost too much for me to handle in silence. You breathed softly into my ear, breath hitching as you filled me completely. My mouth dropped open, but your hand was there instantly to cover it, reminding me of the risks we were agreeing to take. That combined with the feeling of you sliding inside me drove my desire to new heights. My insides burned for more, for you to flip me on my stomach and fuck me until I forgot my own name, but that wasn’t possible, not tonight, not with our friends in the room. My pleasure spiked again, and I arched my back to take all of you in.

We moved in sync as silently as we could manage, my hips bouncing as you thrust yourself into me. Each thrust brought a new sensation of heat and desire. My wetness coated every inch of your cock as you picked up your pace, fucking into me as hard as you could within reason. I felt my orgasm start to build and pushed back into each thrust, my pussy throbbing around you with a need more powerful than I’d ever felt before. 

It didn’t last long, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t tear through me like scissors through paper. My body clenched tight around you and the crash my orgasm sent my head spinning. My body was whipped into a world of emotion and sensation so strong I couldn’t understand the reality of it. I felt your cock throb inside of me as you reached your own climax, both of us muffling ourselves at the peak of our desires. You didn’t stop until you’d milked both of our orgasms to completion and we were left to shiver in the aftermath, wrapped up in each other like a knot of string. 

You pulled yourself out of me gently, leaving me to lay in a puddle of my own jumbled thoughts as you somehow relocated your underwear. Quietly, inconspicuously, you peeled yourself from the covers and headed for the bathroom. The shattered pieces of my mind slowly picked themselves up and reassembled, and before I knew it, you had returned with a small towel in hand. You handed it to me as you climbed back in bed, finding your position behind me once more, and let my hand guide yours as we discretely cleaned up the mess we made between my legs.

And just like that, your arms were wrapped around me once again. The adrenaline had worn off as my body came down from its intense release, and it seemed you were feeling the same exhausted satisfaction I was. Despite my drowsiness, my mind buzzed with disbelief that we had just gotten away with something so risky, yet rewarding. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my lips, feeling sated and warm — and a little dirty.

Written by
Madeline Sommer

Madeline Sommer is a writer and artist currently residing in beautiful Colorado. She passes time by fantasizing about traveling, making more art, and, of course, sex. She’d like to give all the credit to her overactive and sometimes dirty imagination.