Chapter 2

The Chase

Jaxon Lee Rose
10 mins read
Published over 1 year ago


August 15, 2008
London, England

The room was far lusher than I’d thought it would be. Lakely had outdone himself. I’d wanted a nice hotel room, something really lush to surprise Rurik with because he was always the one who surprised me with the luxurious endeavors. 

It made me feel a little bad. 

Not enough to change my plans though. 

Rurik was spread out on his back on the king size four poster bed, completely naked. 

I had insisted. 

His dark hair was loose and curled around his face. It did nothing to hide his squared features, his sharp nose, the stiff line of his jaw. It made his skin look paler than it was, which made his brown eyes stand out even more from beneath his hooded brows. 

He watched me, from beneath those brows.

 Not like a hungry, starving, lustful man. No, he watched me with curiosity, with intention, with a mild bit of wariness. 

I’d insisted he strip, but I’d chosen the opposite route with my fishnets and stilettos, crotchless panties and a full bust corset and a babydoll robe. Black velvet and latex and lace.

In no way, did I match the room with its pink and lavender decor. Rather, I looked like I’d stepped out of a dungeon, and under any other circumstances I would have hired out a dungeon for a full night of fun. 

Not tonight. 

Tonight I crawled over the bed until I straddled his hips. 

He ran his fingers over my thighs. 

“What did I do to deserve such a treat tonight?” he asked. “I figured you’d be out to get me like never before. You never cease to surprise me.” 

“Yeah?” I asked. 

“Never a dull moment with you, Little Kitty.” 

I ran my fingers along his chest, drawing pink lines in his skin with my nails. 

“Almost fifteen years and I still surprise you? I think we’re doing better than most married couples.” 

“Nooo,” he whined, gripping my hips and rolling me against him. I was already wet. It couldn’t be helped, and I slide against the length of him and he hardened beneath me. “Don’t say the M word. Say the F word, that’s the one I like.” 

I lay down along his chest, pressing as much of myself against him as I could and nuzzled his face with my own, brushing his jaw with my lips. 

“Mmmmarrige…” I drew the word out. 

“Nooo,” he said. 

“What about matrimony?” 

“That’s a hard no,” he said pushing his hips up. 

I rubbed myself along him but didn’t let him enter. 

Not yet.

I sat up a bit and took both of his wrists in my hands and put them together in front of me. Tucked down the front of my corset I had handcuffs that I’d picked out special for tonight. His eyes widened a bit and his lips curled into a smile. 

“What about the word Mistress?” I raised his arms above his head and hooked the cuffs around the top beam of the headboard. I clicked the cuffs into place. 

“That’s the M word that I do like,” he said, “what did I do to get such a treat?”

I captured his mouth with mine and kissed him, hard and deep, the same way he liked to fuck me, I liked to kiss him. 

“Do you want to ask me that again?” I asked, running my tongue across his lips. 

“What did I do to get such a treat, Mistress Cosima.” 

That was better. 

“Let us call this an early thank-you,” I said sitting up. I reached down between my legs and wrapped my fingers around his hard length. 

His breath caught in his throat and his voice was choked. “What are you thanking me for. Mistress Cosima?” 

I would have gone down and run my tongue along the length of him and brought him to the edge, but I wanted him too much in that moment. I pressed the tip of him inside me and slowly slid down his length. My body was tight, not quite ready yet, but it was wet and I liked the pleasure that rode on the near brink of pain. I liked the feel of pushing him inside when I was too tight for the girth of him. 

“It’s a thank you for the laptop you’re going to buy me,” I said. 

His chest rose and fell with the effort to contain himself as I moved against him. I really didn’t give him a chance to respond before I started working myself over him, moving at just the right angle to rub my clit against the front of his body. I started slow, but I picked up the pace, rubbing hard and fast against him until that so familiar tightness blossomed deep inside me. 

I gripped his jaw with my hand and slid my fingers inside his mouth and curled my other hand around his neck. It wasn’t big enough to even begin to wrap around his throat, but I pressed down until he started to flush. He ran his tongue around my fingers and I rolled myself against him harder, faster. Any other bed would have broken from the force of it already. Every time I felt like he was close to finishing I pressed down on his throat, just enough to distract and delay his release. 

It paid to not be human. 

I rode his body until my own exploded over him. I screamed from the force of it and could only dig my fingers into his skin as my muscles twitched and spasmed. It was hot and fulfilling and made every muscle in my body feel relaxed and open. 

Sex really was the best therapy, which is why he was going to be so frustrated after this. I kissed him again and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth.

When I pulled away I lifted myself off of him as well. He was still hard as a rock and ready to finish as soon as I gave him the opportunity. 

“No no no no no,” he whispered as I pulled away from him. “Get your ass back up here.” 

I slid off the edge of the bed and walked around to the foot of it. “That’s no way to speak to your Mistress,” I said smiling down at him. My body was still riding high off the endorphins and it felt amazing. Standing over him like this made it feel even better. 

“Get your ass back up here, Mistress,” he growled and yanked at the cuffs. He must have meant to break them because his eyes widened in surprise when they didn't. 

“I had them specially made with iron,” I said. “Kind of like the chain you put on my bike.” 

He looked back at me and I could see it on his face. He was starting to get it. 

“No,” he said. “No no no. You get back up here, Missy. Get the key.” 

I grinned at him and pulled the key out of my cleavage where I’d stashed it.

“Yes,” he said. “Bring it here. Now.” He was worried. It was all over his face. He pulled at the cuffs but he was useless against them. I walked around the bed again and set the key on the bedside table where he had no chance of reaching it. 

“I would like to say thank you again,” I said, “for the great time I've had tonight. It was just what I needed to get in the mood for my date later. Ooh and for the laptop.” 

“Nooo,” he kept saying. “There is no date and there is no laptop — wait what date?”

“With Lakely,” I said, “this room wasn’t free, you know.” 

I slipped off the babydoll robe and crumpled it up over his manhood and went into the bathroom to get my dress on over my corset and fix my makeup. 

“Cosima!” He yelled. “You are not leaving me here. Don’t you dare. I apologized for Portsmouth. I’ll buy you the laptop you want. Un-cuff me from this bed.”

I came back into the room and pulled my hair out of its bun so it fell down around me. It was almost to my waist now, it needed a cut, but I’d refrained because I knew Rurik liked it. 

“What do you think?” I asked. “Do I look nice?” The black dress was simple and long, nearly floor-length and fitted perfectly over the corset. 

“You’re gorgeous,” he said. “You are never not gorgeous, but if you leave me here we’re going to have words.” 


“Big words, Missy.” 

I went through all of the motions. Got my purse together, made final touches on my makeup where he could watch. I even picked up his clothes and folded them up at the base of the bed. I made sure to pull out his wallet and take the credit card I needed and tuck it snuggly down into the front of my corset. 

“You won’t do it,” he said snidely. 

“Don’t worry,” I said. “The maid will be coming in at 6 AM. She’ll make sure you get free. Hopefully. In the meantime, I have to go to dinner with Lakely to pay my debt for this … very satisfying encounter.” I sat down on the edge of the bed. “Now, I would make it easy on you and tell you where I’m heading next, but I’m not, because I’m still pissed off with that stunt you pulled in Portsmouth.” 

“I apologized!” 

I twisted his nipple. 


“You were an asshole. I thought I was going to get lynched, or worse.” 

He laughed so hard it came out as a snort because he tried to hold it in. 

“I thought you were going to rip that poor kid’s man-bun off. I went back and paid him extra after you took off like all of hell’s devils were after you.” He kept laughing and couldn’t stop. 

“Yeah, ok. You lay there and laugh.” I looked back at the clock. “You’ve got six more hours to sit there and giggle. I just hope that this,” I gestured to all of him, “doesn’t scare off the maid, otherwise, you’re screwed.” 

“Maybe I’ll just screw the maid,” he said smugly. “I’m feeling rather irresistible and vulnerable right now.” 

So he wanted to be like that. 

I pulled my red lipstick out of my purse and crawled back over the bed so I could get to him properly and spelled out ‘irresistible and vulnerable’ on his chest. I had to do it in two lines, but thankfully he was so broad I made it all fit. 

“Very mature,” he said. “Do you feel proud of yourself? I hope you feel proud of yourself because this is a whole new low.” 

“What were you saying earlier?” I asked. “Almost fifteen years and I’m still surprising you? Surprise, bitch.” 

“I will get you for this,” he said flatly. 

I patted his leg. “I’m sure you will, babe, but in the meantime …” I flipped on the television to the infomercial channel. “You can watch all of these lovely jewelry ads. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some ideas.” 

I crawled off the bed, tidied myself up one more time and got my stuff. 

He watched me, and now his eyes held the promise of retribution. He was already plotting, I could see it. 

I pointed back at him from the doorway. “You better not be late for pancakes. If I eat all of them I won’t fit in this corset anymore.” 

I stepped out into the hallway and closed the door sharply behind me. 

I could hear him bitching out loud all the way down the hall and to the elevator. 

Written by
Jaxon Lee Rose

Jaxon is an American fantasy writer currently living in Melbourne. She spends most of her time engrossed in the pages of her next story, but when she emerges from her fantasies she goes to work as a 3D artist and video game developer. She enjoys listening to erotica audiobooks, which also deters any would-be visitors, and sitting on the beach to write her next salacious adventure. She always has a steaming cup of chai tea close at hand along with an abundance of kitten cuddles.