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Monique pushed my knees back, settled her lips around my swollen clit, and sucked hard. Laying in my nest of plush goose down pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets, she sent me to orgasm-land one more time. 

“I want to do this, Aimee.”

Her persuasion techniques were impeccable.

As we lay together entwined in a post-orgasmic haze, I thought about how good sex was whenever Mo booked us in her favorite hotel, Isosceles. This time felt different. Mo wanted something more.

“Just help me understand why it is so important to you, Mo.”

“I loved him, Aimee. I still do. It’s not like the way I love you. You are my true soulmate." Mo bit down on her lip and gazed out the window before turning back to me. "But Dan helped me understand myself as a sexual being. Because you accept me for me with all my sexy quirks, I want you to experience that part of me with him.” She rested her head on my chest and sighed. “Not only does he have a good spirit and open heart but he is a generous person. I’d love  to see what you discover about yourself,  if we are all together.”

“Wow, you have been thinking about this?” I hugged Mo close to reassure myself that she was it for me.

“Yeah, and it makes me hot.” Mo stroked my arms and played with my fingers, running her tongue over the tips and gently sucking on them. She was using every sexual trick at her disposal to convince me.

“Mo, you know I’ve never been with a guy?”

“I know, babe. I thought about that, too. While we enjoy each other, he’ll add his unique zing of pleasure to the mix.”

“Hmmm. Sounds like the movie is already playing in your head.”

“It is! Please say yes. I promise it will be amazing.”

“Mo, baby. Have I ever turned you down?”

“No.” Giving me a sheepish look, she smiled. “I know you will discover something, too.”

We had planned a simple dinner in the Isosceles signature restaurant. Dan arrived promptly at 7:30 p.m. I like punctual people. 

Mo introduced us. Dan’s hair matched his dark eyes; his clean-shaven look surprised me. Except for being tall, he seemed ordinary. I laughed at myself for thinking he’d have a sign on his forehead saying, “I do three-ways.” I could see how most women would be interested in him; he projected ease with his presence. 

Dan proved to be an eloquent conversationalist with a pleasing, open personality. It surprised me that I held no jealousy toward him over his past relationship with Mo. Instead, I found myself curious about this impending sexual adventure. 

It helped that Mo stayed by my side, providing extra assurance. She touched my curly hair and caressed my thigh and held long gazes. After my favorite chocolate hazelnut cake, Mo suggested we head up to the room. She stroked my arm and reached across the table to squeeze Dan’s hand. 

The elevator ride previewed things to come. I stood in the center between Mo and Dan. Encased in the tiny space the heat emanating from their bodies accented the heady mix of male and female sex fragrance. I wished scent came with color so I could watch it disperse in the air, seeing how it mixed-like when an octopus released ink into the water but instead of black we each had rainbow colors.

Mo unlocked the hotel room door. We walked into the sitting area of the suite and all sat on the large contemporary rose sofa. I noted it was a heart color and reminded me of pink quartz and unconditional love.

“Aimee, Mo told me you agreed to our get-together for her, even though you’ve never been with a man.” My mouth went dry. “I want to respect that and assure you I am all about connection.” 

Mo leaned into my side and squeezed my knee.

“Thanks, Dan. I know that Mo always looks for ways to make sex better, more interesting, and hotter, if that’s possible.” I glanced at Mo and threw her a smile as I caressed her hand resting on my leg. That is her type of thing. I get that. What about you, why are you here?” 

Dan sunk further into the couch as he fiddled with the ring on his hand.

“Fair question, Aimee. Sometimes you meet people and know you are supposed to be together. The harder Mo and I worked to stay together, the clearer it became it wouldn’t work relationship-wise. Sex was our glue, but it didn’t bind to our hearts the way she needed.”

With that answer, I realized three things. Dan was not a human sex toy, he understood that Mo loved women, and she loved me specifically. In addition, I could see that Dan truly loved Mo. 

“Mo just has that certain something that makes sex with her extraordinary,” Dan added. “She’s creative and vibrant during sex.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I think that’s why we’re all here. It was her idea to get us all here for connection, fun, and to show me something new.” I pointed to each of us. “A threesome.” 

Mo playfully slapped my thigh and Dan laughed.

“This may finally be my chance to have heart sex with her," he said. "Even if it’s through yours. I’m leaving at the end of the week for Japan; my company’s exploring a change in its headquarters locations. I’m happy that before I leave, I get to meet the person who captured Mo’s love and share that.”

I turned to Mo, wondering who the generous person was now. She was doing this for him, not herself. It was about gratitude. Mo’s glassy eyes brimmed with love for me. Any nerves I had disappeared. I would lead with my heart and show Mo how much I loved her.

“I hope our  explorations will illuminate what you two have together,” said Dan.

“I love Mo. If she wants this, then I’m game. My only request is to save all the penis tricks for her, okay?”

Dan laughed. “You got it, Aimee, no penis tricks for you.”  

Looking from Dan on my right and Mo on my left, I exhaled a slow breath. This gathering felt surreal and edgy. It was like a switch had turned all three of us on at the same time.

Having picked up on my assessment, Mo leaned over and kissed me. She twisted a lock of my corkscrew hair around her finger and I stared into her caramel eyes. Mo nestled her nose under my ear and licked my earlobe.

“When Dan touches you,” she said, “imagine it as part of me… and then when we move together, oh la la.”

Dan waited for me to acknowledge the suggestion. Warmth radiated from his face, and I realized this sexual adventure suggested a deeper bond. Dan had extended an invitation for me to experience him, and I would feel Dan’s love for Mo, in return.  My body hummed with anticipation.

I repositioned my long, kinky hair and offered my neck bare to Dan. Mo snuggled in close and continued to nibble my ear and kiss my neck while Dan eased in on the other side and repeated what Mo did. 

I sizzled every time a tongue touched me, and it stoked my fire. Each tongue seared me, marking their intense feelings on my body. When both tongues dabbed my skin, it was like an electrical current surged and sparked everywhere in me. I never imagined myself as a sexual conduit, but the energy that emanated from their tongues to my body made my blood sing and my heart open.

Mo and Dan worked in tandem on my neck and ears. 

“Is it good, babe?” asked Mo.

“Yes, more.”

They helped me slip off my top. I floated on pleasure. Soft yet strong fingers glided over my breasts, teeth nipped my skin as they moved across the bra.  They unwrapped me like a precious gift and my heart soared. When they lowered each bra cup and latched on to my nipples, I was sure I left a wet spot on the couch.

As Mo and Dan shared their delight in my body, they glanced at each other with a hungry look. It changed everything. I had experienced the intensity they had sent to me and I no longer wanted to be the recipient. I wanted to be an active participant. 

I dug my fingers into the hair at the base of Dan’s neck and place my other hand at the back of Mo’s head. As their mouths got closer together on my skin, I tugged at both of them. 

“Dan, kiss Mo. Use a beautiful open mouth with tongue.” Mo’s breathing was racing into Dan's mouth when he followed my directions. “Mo, let me hear how good he is.” 

I had a front-row seat to oral exploration at its finest. Their moans caused my clit to throb and that was the accelerant I needed. I rubbed my tits and licked my lips. 

“Wait," I said. "I want in, too.”

I moved into the space they opened up for me, and as they each stroked my face, we joined lips.

The three of us hit a rhythm of tonguing and kissing, together. Connect. Disconnect. Reconnect. Over and over. 

I ripped the buttons off Mo’s shirt and unclipped her bra unleashing what I wanted: skin. I craved more skin. I massaged each breast and gave quick kisses to each nipple. Mo returned the favor. 

My night of discovery had officially begun. 

“Mo,” I said, “what do you think about a Dan sandwich?”

“Ooh, what’s a Dan sandwich?”

I turned Dan’s body to stretch his legs out wide on the couch and I slipped in behind him. I explored his back running my fingers up and down his shoulders and then peeled off his shirt.

“You need to sit in front of him, between his knees, with those luscious breasts pressed into his hard chest. Mine will be on his back and then let’s rub all around.”

“Oh, this sandwich comes with a side of bossy, too,” said Mo, raising an eyebrow at me.“How does that sound, Dan?”

“How about some nipple action on me?” Dan asked. “Maybe, pinch and rake them.” 

I pressed up tight behind Dan as if we were one body. If he wanted heart sex, he was about to get it. When I slid my arms up under Dan’s and scraped my nails across his nipples, he shuddered, which only brought him closer to Mo’s waiting breasts. I considered the double dose of lust headed Mo’s way, and desire burned through me.

Soft and hard-edged bodies merged. I alternated between rubbing my breasts into Dan’s back and clawing his nipples. It surprised them both when I locked my arms under Dan and then reached out and tugged on Mo’s nipples, too. It brought Mo up on her knees. She kissed Dan. Then she leaned her huge breasts in Dan’s face and reached around him to grab my face and kiss me over his shoulder. After the kiss, Mo blushed and her eyes misted over.

“What is it, baby?” I cradled Mo’s face and ran my fingers down her cheek.

“I know you’ve never let a guy get this close. You must really love me.”

I kissed Mo’s nose and then her mouth, the reassurance I knew she wanted. She needed my approval every step of the way.

“Aimee, you up for more? I’d love to suck Dan off in the shower and I want you to join me. Will you consider it?”

I worked to create a vision and enhance my link to Mo. “Baby, can I eat you while you do him?”

“I can’t think of anything more divine.”

Dan was so tall and Mo so short that if he stood on the shower ledge, Mo could blow him as they both stood. I dropped a towel to the shower floor behind Mo and knelt down.

I thought about Mo’s intense pleasure. Lavender scent mixed with the water-filled shower space and I was heady with desire for Mo. When the moans and breathing intensified, I spread Mo’s legs. I ran my tongue up her inner thighs and licked from the slit of her pussy to the crack of her ass. As Mo trembled, I gripped my hands on her thighs and pulled her apart further to the glorious view of a glistening pussy and a puckering asshole.

I loved that Mo got off on giving, but I wanted to be that person for her now. For once, I would tip the balance with gusto and Mo would have to receive it. The more I licked, lapped, and waggled my tongue around the pussy of my dreams, the more the perfect little ass bud twitched. Mo drenched me in her slippery essence, and I coated my teasing finger, ready to delve into her asshole once her orgasm began. While having her pussy sucked, combined with a little rhythmic pressure against her asshole, Mo’s orgasm started. I licked harder and faster as I moved my finger in and out to the beat of Mo’s head bobbing on Dan’s cock. How could I feel this connected to my woman? Was it Dan’s presence? Did he amplify what we had? Dan’s grunts, Mo’s gyrations, and my exploding pelvis sealed our three-way orgasmic connection.

 Exhausted, the three of us showered, dried off, and then fell onto the king-size bed in the bedroom with me in the middle. The view of the city lights from the bed celebrated my arrival into a new frontier. They sparkled, glowed, and shimmered, just like me.

“Aimee, thank you,” said Mo. "You stepped outside yourself for me and are so courageous.”  I tugged on her hand as my heart grew.

“Was it what you hoped for?”

“Are you kidding, it sizzled.”

“I know you turned Mo on, Aimee. She was like a vacuum cleaner on me. I’m not sure I have ever come so hard. That was all you.” Dan picked up my hand and kissed it. “What you two have is exceptional and I thank you for allowing me to share it. Of all the memories created in one of my hotels, this one has to be my new favorite,” said Dan.

“Your hotels?” I asked.

“Didn’t Mo tell you? I am the founder of Isosceles. Our mission statement is, ‘We connect you.’” 

Stunned and laughing, I shook my head. “No, Dan. Mo left out that detail. But I can attest to the fact that you embody your mission statement. You connected. Mo’s right, you bring out goodness. Tonight, it mingled in some very pleasurable ways.” I clasped Mo’s hand and squeezed. “Since this is your bon voyage, is there anything else we can do for you?”  

“That’s up to you, ladies. Use me well.”

As my mind swirled with the implications of what I’d learned tonight, a ‘we connect you’ idea emerged. “Mo, how about you fuck his cock and I’ll do his face?”

“Baby, for real. You’d let a guy do that?”

“I’ve never let a guy give it to my girl with me present, but here we are. It’s for us, Mo. While we’re pleasing Dan, I’ll be loving your mouth with a good tongue lashing.” 

Integrated sexual magic had happened in the hour we laid on the bed talking and snuggling.

Naked and ready, Dan sprawled himself out on the bed. He must have loved my idea because he was rock hard. Mo pumped his cock in her hand before she rolled a condom on it. I held my breath at the possibilities. Poised over him, she lined up his shaft, and her pussy sucked him in. Dan groaned as Mo rode him. Mo reached her hands out to me and steadied herself, and they shook as we touched. I sensed Mo’s need and want. This was it. The true connection she wanted. Dan’s mouth would be between my legs and he would become a conduit to amplify our desires. 

Facing Mo, I straddled Dan’s head and gingerly parked myself onto his face. He reached back and wrapped his hands around my ass cheeks, anchoring me to his mouth, and started pleasure business. My breath stuttered on the intake- as I accepted a man’s intimate pleasuring for the first time. He pushed and pulled on my ass cheeks and received a famous face pounding on his wicked tongue and suction cup lips. 

I loved Dan’s relentless efforts and thought he was trying to kiss Mo through my core. 

With our palms outstretched and pressed together, Mo and I rocked on Dan as we gazed into each other’s eyes. We bent our elbows and with foreheads touching, we merged.

I drifted on the steamy, starry vision. Mo was grinding on Dan’s crotch, and me on his face. Then Mo and I opened our arms to one another in a complete embrace. Our tongues and mouths forged a new joining. 

Together, we three became a living art form and created a triangle that I would forever know as Isosceles. 

Written by
Dr. J.

Dr. J. writes erotica while enjoying the island life in Florida. She is a retired sex therapist, crafting her first erotic romance novel set in a sex education institute. Everyday life inspires her stories and she finds sexy writing inspiration in every corner of her world. Her latest work can be found in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3 and The Big Book of Submission Volume 4.