Penelope's Walk

Patricia Ray
15 mins read
Published 12 months ago

“I always wanted to be smaller,” Otto says after a long pause. “Not a lot, just a bit.” 

He was pondering on Penelope’s question about why he slouches so often.

“I love that you’re tall and big,” she says. “Why would you want to be smaller?”

He shrugs. But his broad shoulders stay up for a few seconds as if he's in doubt of finishing the gesture.

“You haven’t met my dad yet.” He lets his shoulders fall and smiles apologetically. 

Behind him, the sun flickers through the window of Penelope's kitchen. They are sitting at her worn-out Formica table. There are more crumbs of her croissant beside her plate than on it. Penelope has always been a messy eater. She waits for Otto to continue.

“Let me put it this way,” he says, “I’m not that convinced that I naturally deserve a place in this world. I tend to think that I take up too much space.” Otto sounds serious. 

Penelope senses a sorrow hidden away in this big lump of a man that she’d met three months ago at an anniversary of a mutual acquaintance. The DJ at the anniversary party that evening had liked his decibels a little too much and Otto had had to hunch over and lean in close to Penelope to hear what she was saying to him. At 6 ft 5, he towered over her petite physique. His largeness hovering over her had been a new sensation for her; she’d never been so close to such a big man. After he'd asked “Sorry, what?” three times, they'd decided to go to the roof terrace to continue their conversation in peace. She cannot remember how long they'd stayed there chatting, but she knows she'd doted on the arousal she'd continued to feel. His hefty body made her want to be as close to him as the circumstances allowed.

And now, in her kitchen, well after she's had the chance to be as intimate with him as her lust that night had demanded, he is confessing to being ashamed for being grand. Penelope cannot accept it.

“So, your mind thinks smaller than you really are?” she asks.

“My mind actually makes me smaller. People don’t perceive me as tall. In a crowd, it’s often me who gives way to other people. Haven’t you noticed?”

“To me, you're a giant,” she says.

“That’s because you’re a tiny pixie.” He grins. He clearly loves her being so much smaller than him.

She sticks her tongue out. Penelope is just barely 5 feet tall and of slender build. 

“All the growth energy has gone into your boobs and bum,” Otto had said after their first night together. He was right. She's petite but curvy. An unfortunate combination if you love shopping for lingerie like Penelope does. But she does like how her appearance turns the heads of both men and women.

“It’s like with penises,” Otto continues in a lighter tone. “Some are more evidently large than others.”

Penelope laughs. “What’d you mean?”

“There's the two types, right? The meaty ones and the blood ones. In a non-erect state, the blood penis is kind of small. It only grows and feels big under certain circumstances. Whereas the meaty ones are simply big. They just puff up a bit when necessary.”

“Are you comparing your self-image to your penis?” Penelope is trying not to burst out laughing.

“I guess I am,” he says and they both laugh.

Penelope finds it endearing that Otto speaks so honestly and how he's able to laugh at himself. But she does resist his way of looking down at himself.

“I don’t want you to slouch,” she says to him while taking one of his large hands in both of hers. “I want you to feel as big as I see you the whole time. From the first time we met, I was overwhelmed by your size. Whenever I look at you and take in that body of yours, I get wet.”

Otto raises an eyebrow, but he doesn't say anything. Penelope cannot read him well yet, so she asks, “Does it shock you when I say that?”

He smiles and shakes his head. “Not at all, it just surprises me. You haven’t talked like this before.”

“I’ve been careful,” she admits. “A lot of men find it threatening. Do you want me to continue?” He looks at her with an amused smile. He pushes his chair back from the kitchen table and shifts himself in his seat. Like he wants to show her he's ready for her explanation. His long legs in an open stance. She glances over to his crotch and notices a slight bulge. Mentioning her wetness has already triggered a stir. She takes this as an encouragement to continue.

“I want you to overwhelm me,” she says. “I want you to occupy my space with that fucking chest of yours. Those legs that are like hams from another planet. I want to climb into you, explore every nook and crevice. After we met, I had this fantasy about you. In it, you stand naked against a wall with your cock erect. A force of nature. I ape upon you as if I am bouldering. I end up with my feet up against the wall on either side of you. My hands entwined around your neck. My pussy juicy and eager to descend on your throbbing crown. You cup my ass with those enormous hands of yours. Holding me and then slowly lowering me so your cock can enter me. My labia giving way to you. You enter me so deeply and fill me so intensely that I come spontaneously.”

While Penelope tells Otto her fantasy, he lays a hand on his cock and kneads it into full growth. She looks at him with her big blue eyes. To him, she gazes into the world as if there’s always something to explore. It's exactly what drew him towards her that first night. Her daring look, her obvious audacity to be herself in a world that isn't always that welcoming.

“Stand up,” she says as she rises from her seat at the kitchen table. It is almost a command. When Otto stands up too, she notices how he straightens his back. 

There he is, she thinks, my giant.

Penelope takes the lead and Otto doesn't mind at all. When she steps towards him, he stretches out to embrace her but she stops him. He waits, in eager anticipation of what she has in mind. Small as she is, Penelope is a woman to be reckoned with. Her scent and sensual proximity makes Otto highly conscious of his own presence. His sentiments about her have been at odds. Is he properly attracted to her or is she a lure into an abyss? Their physical difference seems contrary to their mental energy. To say he's intrigued by her is an understatement.

Otto watches her as she lowers his pants and urges him to step out of them. He hopes that she will kneel and take his cock in her mouth, but she stands up and pulls up his shirt. He puts up his arms and takes over from her as she isn’t able to reach over his head. He stands naked before her. Just as she had described in her fantasy. But she doesn't crawl up to him. Instead, Penelope takes Otto’s cock in her hand and starts walking. He can do nothing else but follow. 

She glances over her shoulder to him and smiles. With each step, he stands taller and walks more self-assured. She makes him follow her through her apartment. Relishing the fact that she is holding his firm cock in her hand, she feels pride. To be able to make this big man grow in more ways than one arouses her in just as many ways. She welcomes the pulsating flutter in her pussy with every step. Her wetness is so palpable that she thinks it will soon trickle down her legs. With every step, she contemplates their last 24 hours together. 

They’ve made love four times in that time. This is only their second weekend alone together. Her daughter is with her ex. Otto has agreed once more to leave his tattoo shop to be minded by one of his employees.

Penelope married at 21 and her daughter Tess was born soon after. She divorced at 30 because she felt that it was the only way to take her life back into her own hands. Kevin hadn’t been a bad husband and he is a great dad but for Penelope, life needs to be explored not consumed. 

Meeting Otto was unforeseen. She hadn’t set out to start a new relationship. She's still figuring out how to combine motherhood with personal growth and her ambition as a jeweler. But she gave in to her intuition that this mighty man might be something worth exploring. 

The sex has been great so far, but earlier this morning, Otto really let himself go for the first time. She'd rolled over on her belly, lying down, her face buried in her pillow, allowing him to enter her from behind. As he approached his climax, his full weight was on her and he went wild for a few minutes, barely able to control his urge to come.  

Her loud moan sounded like a desperate cry for more. She wanted him to go as deep as she could have him. It made him pull back until the tip of his cock had nearly left her before thrusting himself inside her again with a force he’d thought might be too much. She’d shuddered into a climax, her left leg trembling involuntarily underneath him.  Otto had come brutally too. 

“Fucking hell!” Penelope had cried out. She’d never had her first vaginal orgasm before.

Gasping for air Otto had immediately rolled off, afraid that he would smother her to death if his relaxed body fell on top of her. But she clasped herself to him, hissing, “Don’t you fucking leave me.”  

He wrapped her in his arms and it felt like she was the last piece of a puzzle, and it fit perfectly. It was still early and they fell asleep for another two hours. When they woke, the late morning sun was banging on her roller blinds. Penelope had simply stated, “Coffee?" and after taking in Otto’s content smile and the way it tingled her, she left her bed to fire up her brand-new Italian espresso machine. Otto had brought pre-baked croissants the day before together with a jar of fig jam his mother made from her own garden. After baking off the croissants, she’d laid it all out on her kitchen table. For a moment, she listened to Otto showering and a big smile caused her dimples to appear. When Otto came out of the shower they’d kissed and sat down for breakfast. It was soon after that she asked him about the slouching.

Penelope stops walking. She is still holding Otto’s stiff cock.

“I’m dripping,” she says as she looks back and grins.

He's pressed up right behind her now. He reaches under and slides his big hand along her pussy and cups her whole sex. The tip of his fingers caresses her clit, slides over her wet lips, passes her pussy hole and continues to spread her wetness over her asshole. Penelope moans and clenches his dick firmly.

Two hands grab her waist and he lifts her like a feather. Penelope squeals as Otto turns her around as if they are in a pas de deux. She clasps her hands behind his neck, realizing what he is aiming for. She welcomes how his hands cup her ass as she’d imagined in her fantasy. She thinks of Tinkerbell, fluttering through the air like a hummingbird. She's a pixie alright.

She feels his confidence swell as he walks backwards until he finds a wall. Penelope puts her feet up and boulders upwards against the wall until she hangs in mid-air. She unclasps her hands and lets herself freefall down to his cock. Otto holds her and, slowly but surely, impales her. She gasps at how completely he fills her. His hands not only cup her ass but with every slow push, he spreads her buttocks wide. The stretching of her ass makes her shiver with pleasure. The colder air of the room contrasts with the heat of her sex and asshole. 

As Otto drives in and out of her with more force, Penelope is flung up and down. Her boobs bounce along and the fierce movement makes her want him to go faster and harder. Coming down again and again around his girth, Penelope loses herself to the rippling sensations of her most tender flesh. By now she’s pierced her nails into his chest. Not just as a handhold but with the urge to further unite their flesh. She wants to mark him. To claim him as much as he is claiming her. 

Otto remains strong and tall like a tree. His only movement is the thrusting up of his hips, driving his cock deep inside her. The familiar surge of an imminent orgasm makes her breathing erratic. She starts to tremble all over. It is almost epileptic. She wants to cry out but only short, high-pitched notes arise from what little air vibrates past her vocal cords. She pushes herself down firmly. Otto seems to understand her ache and holds her in place, pushing her down on him even harder. Penelope twerks on his hard-throbbing cock, her Kegel muscles contracting; the intense sensations overwhelm her. She closes her eyes and for a split second, she thinks of how Taoists call sublime sex Joining Energy.

“Penelope. Look at me.” 

Otto’s voice brings her back, out of her inner world. She opens her eyes and instantly locks with his. She sees her need to come reflected in his eyes. And he sees it in hers. In real-time, this moment lasts less than a second, but Penelope and Otto float in a vacuum and time stretches itself over them. She sees him smile and she loves how the corners of his mouth curl up to accompany the sparkle in his eyes. 

He drowns in the blue of her eyes, reminiscing on Yves Klein’s famous Blue as well as the artist’s infamous Leap into the Void and how now, it seems that what Klein had sought for was similar to what Otto now sees in Penelope’s…

Penelope lets herself go. Her whole body relaxes into her overtly stimulated senses. She floats indeed. As if in slow motion, she watches Otto’s mouth open wider. A loud low growl escapes him. She feels his fierceness as his semen gushes deep inside of her. It provokes her own orgasm and in that most joyous release she finds her voice again and cries out. 

Penelope clasps her hands around Otto’s neck and breathlessly delves her tongue into his mouth. Their kiss is a surge, a wild attempt to express how they feel. Penelope wants to keep Otto inside her as long as possible. But she also wants this man to feel her inside him. She reaches under and probes the rim of his asshole with her finger. His response is one of surprise. He grunts and his body seems to momentarily freeze. His pupils widen and for a brief moment, Penelope's afraid she’s overdone it. But then he arches and pushes his ass backwards, welcoming and accommodating her. 

Penelope slowly pushes her finger further in and watches how Otto takes her boldness with pleasure. He starts to laugh but he's panting and drooling until it sounds as if he's almost choking. She watches him closely as she wriggles her finger, curious to see what it does to him. She sees his eyeballs roll back and feels him grinding himself back into her. He is trying to satisfy his need to come again. It arouses her to the point that another climax of her own starts to build quickly. She wants to urge him on with her finger up his hole but as his cock thrusts in and out of her pussy, she's got to let go. Their panting synchronizes and they growl and moan until they collapse violently on the ground, unable to stay standing. The impact coincides with another orgasmic climax for both of them.

Barely aware of how they’ve ended up on the floor, Penelope and Otto are entwined in an almost desperate embrace. They keep on kissing and licking each other until their lungs force them to take a breath.

Otto lifts Penelope up in his lap and she happily crawls into the confines of his large body. She inhales the strong scent of their combined juices. There is so much of him, inside and around her, that she can hardly cope with how she feels.

“You made me walk tall,” he whispers. “You made me fuck as I’ve never fucked before. And you fucked me too.”

Penelope giggles. “Pixie fucked her giant.”

Otto’s deep, hearty laugh fills the kitchen.

Later in the day, they talk about so many things at once, it's like they're catching up for time they didn't know they'd lost. In the evening, they decide to go out for dinner. As they walk through her neighborhood Penelope watches Otto carefully but she doesn't see him slouch. She slides her hand into his and he lovingly smiles to her.

“Where are we going?” he asks.

She shrugs. “I don’t care. I can walk forever.”

Written by
Patricia Ray

Patricia Ray is the pseudonym of a Dutch-French screenwriter. She recently found out that writing erotica is a lot of fun. Her first erotic romance stories were self-published in 2019.