Rainbow was so fucking horny she practically mauled Tara the second she saw her.

Luckily, Tara was up for it. Their lips met and the kiss was hungry and demanding, each taking what the other promised to give as the night stretched ahead of them. Of course they had a plan, but Rainbow needed a taste now. And if her sweet moans as she sucked Rainbow’s tongue are any indication, Tara was happy to give.

They came up for air. Tara giggled – a melodic trill Rainbow’d missed so much since Ardenne ended. Rainbow touched her forehead to Tara’s.




“It’s all I can do not to eat your pussy right here and now.” Rainbow never had much of a filter, but Tara was used to it. Rainbow tucked a lock of her newly-dyed purple hair behind her ear and led Tara into the bedroom of her small studio apartment, where her laptop was open, ready and waiting for Ian’s call. 

“I like your place,” Tara breathed, unwinding her pink scarf as she surveyed Rainbow’s collection of vintage Broadway posters, her stacks of law books and – oops – the various pairs of panties scattered on the bedspread.

Rainbow turned back, inhaling the sugar-cookie scent of her friend. “I like you.” Their lips met again, softer and gentler. 

They had all night.

“Is that it?” Tara whispered reverently, looking at the object beside Rainbow’s laptop.

Rainbow slipped an arm around her waist. “Sure is.”

She’d always had a rep for wildness but looking back, Rainbow still couldn’t believe she’d made a glow-in-the-dark dildo of her now-boyfriend’s cock. But who could blame her, really? Ian’s member was legendary, not only to Rainbow but also to Tara. And since Ian was on tour with All’s Well That End’s Well and Rainbow was lonely and worked up – and nonmonogamous – they’d reached out to Tara with an idea.

A reunion of sorts, except Ian was currently in Idaho.

Rainbow rested her head on Tara’s shoulder. “It’s almost time. Did you bring the…” She was never sure why she felt weird saying “harness,” but Rainbow had limited experience with strap-ons. Tara had more and was very enthusiastic for another go. 

With a sly smile, Tara rooted around in the overnight bag she’d brought and pulled out what looked like a strappy G-string made of hot pink leather. 

Suddenly Rainbow had to sit down.

“You okay?” Tara said, that sexy half-grin never leaving her face.

“Oh yeah.” Rainbow bit her lip. “I just…can’t wait for you to fuck me.” She’d used the dildo on her own, when Ian’s tours got particularly long or when she needed to blow off steam the night before a big exam. But the idea of this busty redhead in strappy pink leather, nipples standing at attention as she fucked Rainbow with Ian’s cock? Rainbow knew tonight would live in her spank bank for the next oh, twenty years or so.

“I wanna do it nooooooow,” Rainbow whined as Tara dropped the harness back in her bag. 

Tara perched on the bed, wagging a finger at Rainbow in a way that would look way inappropriate and sexist coming from someone else but from Tara, conjured visions of a sexy schoolteacher. “Now, now. We promised Ian we wouldn’t do anything until he called in. Which won’t be for another” – she checked her phone – “ten minutes or so.” 

Rainbow gave Tara her best puppy-dog face. (Hey, it always worked on Ian.) Rolling her eyes, Tara unbuttoned her cardigan to reveal the magnificent cleavage that Rainbow had somehow underestimated in her fantasies since this summer. “Happy?” Tara asked.

“Sorry, there are boobs near my face and I’ve lost all train of thought.”

“Turn over,” Tara said. “I’ll rub your back until he calls.”

“Rub your tits on my back? Pleeeeeeease?”

Tara leaned in and kissed her softly. “You’re insatiable. Never change.”

Rainbow was partly through the best massage of her life – Tara had magic hands and once in a while, even leaned over and rubbed her tits against Rainbow’s bare back, exactly what Rainbow wanted – when Rainbow’s laptop lit up.


She looked over her shoulder at Tara. “Ready?” 

Tara bit her plump lower lip and nodded, and Rainbow hit Accept.

You are now connected.

Then his face filled the screen and Rainbow forgot about everything except her lovely boyfriend, all thick dark hair and piercing eyes – she couldn’t help but describe him in romance-novel clichés, he was that handsome – and…

“How did you get a tan in Idaho?”

Tara burst out laughing and Ian shook his head. “California doesn’t have a monopoly on sunshine. It’s nice here.”

“Whereas it’s raining here,” Tara leaned into the camera frame. “Hey, Ian. You look all toasty warm.”

Ian grinned. “I’d weather a storm to be the same room with you two if I could, but…All’s Well That End’s Well.

“It certainly will.” And with that, Rainbow flipped Tara on her back and straddled the other woman, adjusting the laptop so Ian could see everything. 


Finally, finally, she could put her hands all over Tara – why had she waited all these months to reconnect? Not only was she up for an adventure in a hotel room or on Skype, her green eyes were so pretty, her tits so soft, and as Rainbow gently began to grind against her friend’s pussy, she swore she could feel Tara’s clit throb through her jeans.

She glanced over at the screen, where Ian’s eyes were wide, watching her and Tara’s every move. Rainbow knew that face. He was trying not to outright drool.

“I’m sorry, you two,” she said. “I don’t think I can hold back any longer.” Leaning over to Tara, who’d made short work of her cardigan and was now completely, gloriously topless, Rainbow whispered in her ear, “may I eat your pussy, beautiful?”

“I’ll fucking kill you if you don’t,” Tara groaned, and Ian laughed, taking his shirt off so both women could see…he’d been working out.

“Damn,” Rainbow breathed at the sight of Ian’s new triceps – and those pecs, though – temporarily forgetting that Tara’s bottom was still very unfortunately clothed until Tara took Rainbow’s chin in her fingers and gently but firmly redirected her gaze.

Back to work.

Loving that she had a virtual audience, Rainbow undid the top button on Tara’s jeans as slowly as she could physically muster, then slowly tugged down the zipper until Tara bucked her hips, silently begging Rainbow to go faster. Though Rainbow could smell Tara’s desire, she put a hand on the other woman’s hip. “Let me torture you a little.”

Tara let out a musical sigh and both Rainbow and Ian laughed. She could still see both of her boyfriend’s hands on camera. Apparently, Ian was torturing himself a little too.

“Peach silk,” Rainbow noted, sliding down Tara’s jeans until Tara could kick them off. “So pretty.”

She’d had it all planned – to tease, stroking Tara’s clit over her panties so she’d be begging for it – but now Rainbow was incredibly wet. The kiss at the door, Ian with his shirt off and smoking-hot bod, the massage, the thought of the dildo adventures yet to come…fuck it. She’d buy Tara a new pair of panties to replace the ones that Rainbow was now ripping down the center so she could dive face-first into her pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Tara moaned, followed by a string of unintelligible syllables, so Rainbow assumed Tara liked the way she was inhaling the other woman’s scent, using the tip of her tongue then flattening it out on Tara’s clit. God, she tastes incredible. She could feel Tara’s hands move through her hair, tugging at the roots at first gently, then harder. And if Rainbow weren’t mistaken (Tara’s perfect thighs were currently clenched around her head), did Ian just moan?

“Suck my clit.” 

That was definitely Tara, her voice at least an octave lower than normal. Rainbow obeyed, wrapping her lips around the delicate bud. She wondered if she could touch herself with one hand or hell, rub her clit against Tara’s leg – the sounds, the scents, the knowledge that Ian was watching from far away made Rainbow want to come so badly. 

No, she thought. Wait.

“I’m close,” Tara cried out and Rainbow braced one hand on the bed. Tonguing Tara’s clit, she slid one finger in, then another, then a third as Tara fucked the palm of Rainbow’s hand, crying out her climax in a way that sounded like singing.

“Jeez,” Tara said when Rainbow raised her head. “I forgot how good you are at that.”

“We’ll have to do this more often,” Rainbow said, and was met by Tara’s soft smile. She looked over at the screen. “You hard, baby?”

“As a fucking rock,” Ian said, grinning. 

“I think that’s my cue.” Tara rolled out from under Rainbow and headed to the bathroom, harness dangling from her hand, dildo in the other.

“You can get ready out here!” Rainbow called.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Tara trilled.

Rainbow looked at the screen, which Ian had adjusted so she could see him better.

All of him: so long and thick and hard as a goddamn rock.

Rainbow flopped back on the bed. “Are you both trying to kill me?”

Ian gestured toward Rainbow’s supine form and she swore she could feel his gaze burning through the screen, over so many miles apart. “You could get started. Just sayin’.”

She’d already taken off her shirt for Tara’s backrub but now, Rainbow stood, giving Ian the full view of her lace push-up bra. “Unng,” he groaned.

“Don’t even think about touching your cock,” she ordered, turning around and slowly unzipping, then shimmying out of her skinny jeans she knew he loved because they made her ass look plump and inviting. Over her shoulder, Rainbow heard Ian draw in a sharp breath – she wondered if he’d disobeyed her orders, and the thought made her pussy juice with anticipation. She was just standing up, flipping her waist-length hair for the stripper effect, when…

“Oh fuck.”

There stood Tara, just close enough for Rainbow to touch. The strappy harness accentuated her curvy hips, the hot pink color bringing out the cool red tones of her hair. Her perfect nipples were hard in the air, tits creamy and full. 

Then Rainbow looked down and almost passed out.

There it was: the replica of Ian’s cock they’d made together in the hotel room last summer. The lights were on but Rainbow could swear it was glowing. Like every good millennial slut she had a collection of sex toys, but this was the one she used the most, fucking herself into orgasms of oblivion with Ian's cock when the rest of him was away.

And now, for the first time, she was going to be fucked with it.

Tara leaned in, lightly touching her lips to Rainbow’s and slowly, gradually deepening the kiss as she pulled Rainbow closer. Ian groaned in Idaho, as Tara’s hands undid Rainbow’s bra and tossed it to the side, Tara’s mouth working Rainbow’s neck just how Rainbow liked it – lots of tongue with little nips of teeth, how did she remember? – as her hands slid down to cup Rainbow’s ass in full view of Ian.

“Spank her,” Rainbow heard Ian say, and without missing a beat, Tara did just that, once, then twice, then a third time as Rainbow devoured Tara’s mouth with her own, savoring the sweet sting and grinding against the hardness of the dildo, wondering if she could come right here and now.

She was on the verge when Tara turned Rainbow around so she was facing Ian, whose right hand was very busy.

“Do you think your girlfriend’s wet?” Tara asked, nipping Rainbow’s ear as Rainbow groaned, wanting to be fucked so badly but also not wanting this foreplay to end.

“Why don’t you find out, Tara?” he countered with the sexiest of half-smiles, hand working his cock up and down with an agonizing slowness. She could only imagine how Ian felt – and then Tara slid her hand down Rainbow’s thong and started rubbing her clit.

“Sooooo wet,” Tara drawled. “Ian, I think it’s time our girl got fucked.” She took Rainbow’s chin in one hand and gently turned her head. “Bend over for me, sweetheart.”

Not trusting her own voice, Rainbow nodded and with a gentle push to her lower back, Tara bent Rainbow over the bed, her face inches away from the screen.

“You ready, baby?” Ian asked and all Rainbow could do was moan as Tara gently but firmly slid inside her.

Rainbow wasn’t prepared for the sensation, the familiar shape and size that was also deliciously different with another beautiful human behind it. “Fuck me,” she whispered urgently as Tara began to do so, slowly at first, getting the hang of pushing in and out just the way Rainbow wanted, then gradually finding a hard, fast rhythm. Rainbow widened her legs, taking it all in, balancing her hands on either side of the laptop, watching Ian pick up speed as well as he frantically touched himself. She could tell by his face he was close.

“Touch your clit,” Tara said behind her, and the edge of authority to her voice made Rainbow even more desperate to finally, finally come. Reaching down with her right hand, she stroked and flicked her most tender spot, feeling the dildo move in and out, in and out, watching Ian pleasure himself, their eyes locked over miles and through megapixels. 

“Fuck, Tara,” Rainbow cried, and Tara slapped her ass again and the feeling was glorious as Rainbow watched Ian get closer and closer and she was getting closer too and she was going to fingerfuck Tara’s cute little pussy so hard after this. Rainbow’s clit hardened the way it did just before she had an intense orgasm and she screamed, a diva-happy trill like she’d never heard herself make, as Ian roared his climax and Tara giggled and Rainbow never wanted it to end.

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