Bedtime Breakdown
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My appearance at the party elicits a common series of reactions from pretty much all of our friends: First, they’re thrilled to see me. They ask how I’m feeling, if my migraine is gone. Then they notice my tits. Most of them stumble over their next words, a few of them laugh awkwardly, and some of them just stare, openly enjoying the view. Some people offer a hug, and press against my tits for a few extra, lingering moments. All the friction makes my nipples stay hard as tiny rocks.

Cassie, my friend who I bragged to and got myself in trouble with, wags her eyebrows at my chest and says, “Wow, babe, you look… cozy,” with a flirty giggle.

When Taylor approaches and hands me a drink, I’m so full of lust and bashfulness, I feel like my cheeks must be bright crimson.

“So glad you’re feeling better,” she grins, ogling my breasts, and the flush of my skin deepens.

You join us, sliding an arm around my waist, and I’m overwhelmed by the very recent memory of being fondled by both of you simultaneously. I want it to happen again, badly.

As if reading my mind, you covertly slide your hand up my waist, landing just under my right breast and giving it a little jostle.

“What do you think, pet? Should we invite Taylor over for dinner one night this week?”

“I’d like that, very much,” I reply.

“Maybe you could wear your little French maid outfit,” you suggest, and my breathing gets a bit heavier.

“Mm, I believe I would like that very much,” Taylor chimes in.

I shift my weight, practically made of smiles and blushes.

“That sounds fun,” I agree, and grab the hem of my tank top so I can tug the neckline down even lower, so you can both watch as I nearly expose myself completely, right there in the living room. You let me do it until my nipples are about to peek out, then you take hold of my wrist and stop me, gentle and firm.

“Now, now… You be a good pet. No flashing your tits at the party unless I say so.”

I almost pout, but stop myself before I end up tied to the bed again.

I reply with an obedient “Yes, daddy” and sip my drink.

Glancing around the room, I notice plenty of our guests watching me. They stare at my barely covered tits. They watch you slide your hand down to rest on my ass, casually squeezing and rubbing first one ass cheek, then the other… It all makes my desire to come for you so urgent, I have to squeeze my thighs together. 

All I can do is wait, patiently, parading around our party in my slutty little outfit. The ache and throb of my clit are at an all-time high as I subject myself to a night of leering, smirking, ogling looks… and loving every second of it.

At long last, we say goodbye to our last guests, Cassie and her boyfriend. On her way out the door, Cassie gives my ass a little swat.

“Glad you’re feeling better, hot stuff,” she winks. “Love that tank top.”

At Cassie’s reminder, her boyfriend takes the liberty of eyeballing my tits one more time.

“Me, too,” he smirks. “You should take Cassie shopping. Help her pick out some of her own see-through outfits.”

Cassie playfully bats at him, but they both laugh. You chuckle with them, and I smile, flustered at their parting words.

Once we’re back inside with the front door closed behind us, you wrap your arms around my waist and tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“So… Did you have fun, pet?”

“Yes, sir, I did. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. How did it feel to have everyone staring at your tits all night?”

My bashful fidgets take over, and I have a hard time making eye contact with you when I answer.

“It felt… um, a little embarrassing… but also… really hot?” I offer.

“Mhmm… that’s good,” you murmur, your soft gaze full of warmth and care for me. You ask for more details as you lead me over to the couch, and I tell you all about how people reacted to my scandalous outfit, and how naughty it made me feel. Sitting on the couch, you direct me to kneel between your legs, facing you.

“Yes, daddy,” I comply.

Carefully, gently, you lift my tank top over my head, tucking the fabric behind my neck.

“Grab your elbows behind your back.”

I obey at once, the posture making my bare tits extra vulnerable to you.

 Then you hoist my skirt up over my waist and slide my panties down to the middle of my thighs. You strip me this way - exposed, but not completely naked - when you want to remind me that even if I’m enjoying myself, whatever happens is designed to chastise me and teach me a lesson.

Leaning back to admire your handiwork, you take your time studying me… enjoying yourself while I shift and blush under your scrutiny.

“What did you learn today, my naughty kitten?”

“That… um… if I want to wear slutty clothes in public… or, um, not wear a bra or panties… I have to get your permission first, sir.”

“Correct. And if I’m not available to grant permission?”

“I… then I have to wear underthings, and… not dress… like a slut. Sir.”

“Also correct. What else did you learn?”

“That, um… delighting my friends with naughty stories about us will… get me in trouble, sir… and that um, trying to… hide my bad behavior will… get me in lots and lots of trouble… because it’s rude and… disrespectful when I… avoid responsibility.”

“Very good, pet. It pleases me when you can recite your lessons so well.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“It will please me even more if you can demonstrate this learning in the future.”

I lower my lashes, feeling extra chastened in my stripped, repentant position.

“Yes, sir. I’ll do better, I promise.”

“That’s a good pet. Now open your mouth.”

I do as I’m told, tilting my head back just a little, giving you easy access. One at a time, you slide each of your fingers in and out of my orifice, making saliva dribble down my chin. Taking spit from your own mouth, you shove three fingers into mine, commanding me to suck. As I carry out your instructions, all the extra spit makes me slobber, drooling onto my naked tits.

“Fuck… yes…” you admire, watching me suck, surrendering myself to you. “That’s my good, handy little object.”

I whimper and suck harder.

“You like it when I fuck your mouth, don’t you,” you prompt, and I nod and ‘mmhmm’ in agreement, loving the feeling of our spit on my tits. The hungry, slurping sounds that spill forth from me, unbidden.

Pulling your fingers away, you laugh a little as the drool gushes out of me. I watch as you unbutton and unzip, sliding your pants and underwear away from your body. With your knees apart, you guide my face toward you… Instinctively, I stick out my tongue. You brace your hand against my forehead, stopping me with a smirk.

“What is it you want, my slutty little treat?” You tease.

“I want to… put my mouth on you, please, sir. I want to s-service you… please…”


“Please, daddy? Please may I serve you?”

Shoving my face into your crotch, you slowly rub yourself all over my eager face and open mouth, groaning into me.

“Fuck, yes, you may…”

I lick and suck and nuzzle you, letting you grip my hair and guide me as you will.

“Do you like it when I fuck your face, slut?”

My view of your face isn’t clear, but I can hear the smirk in your voice.

I nod, my getting-fucked face muffled against you.


You pull my hair, yanking me back to free my mouth.

“Tell me,” you command.

“I love it when you fuck my face, daddy-”

I can barely get the words out before you jam my face against your groin again, thrusting into me. Obediently, I open wide and stick out my tongue, letting you rub your clit against my eager, willing mouth. I moan into you as you climax, your hips bucking wildly. You push me into you further, smothering my face with your juices.

Spent and sated, the tension in your body releases. Languishing against the couch, you caress my hair while my head rests against your thigh.

Reaching over to the coffee table, you hand me a fresh glass of water. I take a sip and pass it to you.

Getting a good look at me, you smile and raise your eyebrows.

“You’re in quite a state, my dirty girl,” you taunt.

I can only imagine. I feel like an utterly delicious mess. Taking out your phone, you snap some photos of me kneeling in front of you. 

“Sit on your hands,” you instruct, and I comply.

Then I hear the telltale ding of a video recording.

“Look at this dirty little mess of a pet,” you say with a grin. “Tell me what’s happening with your body, my naughty slut. Describe the state you’re in.”

With a swallow, I decide to start at the top.

“My, um… hair is a mess from you pulling it, and… my face just… got fucked, by you” I stammer, and you smile behind your phone. “So it’s… covered, in your come… And, um… I h-have your spit, and mine, all over my face and tits… and um, my… pussy… is really, really wet… Sir.”

I wriggle as I talk, pinning myself down as you instructed.

“Hmm, let’s see…” you say, and my breathing grows ragged as you slip your free hand between my legs. You pull it away before I can so much as moan, but even that brief moment was enough. You hold up your fingers for the camera, all but dripping with evidence.

“That is an extremely wet pussy,” you observe.

Putting down the phone, you offer your hand and help me up.

“Take off your clothes,” you instruct, and I strip until I stand naked before you.

Guiding me toward you, you pull me down until I’m sitting in your lap. Fondling my tits, you nuzzle against the bare skin of my arms, shoulders, neck… 

“Do you want to come for me, pet?” You ask.

“Oh, god, yes, please. Please, daddy, may I come for you?”

I blurt it all out with such eagerness it makes you laugh.

“So, that’s a yes, then?” You tease.

I laugh with you, unconcerned about masking my desperation. You love it when I’m desperate to come for you, so why hide it.

“Since you like being slutty and watched by strangers so much, you can be slutty and watched by me,” you announce. 

“Yes, daddy,” I agree. “I want to be slutty while you watch… I want to come for you so badly, please…”

“Of course you do,” you murmur, squeezing and pinching my nipples, “my dirty little come whore.” Your tone is full of playful, chastising affection, making me moan and wriggle on your lap. I lean against you and look up, begging with my eyes and my words.

“May I please, daddy? May I please come for you?”

“Yes, my sweet treat, you may.”

As predicted, it hardly takes any time at all. Slipping my hand between my legs, I stroke myself while your fingers find my mouth again. You gently slide them in and out while I moan and shiver, every inch of me alive and tingling.

Naked and writhing in your lap, your hands touch me everywhere but between my legs, I rub my clit for you… Gently at first, then working myself up into a quick and easy frenzy. As the energy builds inside me, I ask you again, like a good and obedient pet.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come… May I please come for you, daddy… Please?”

“Yes, pet,” you murmur, and I erupt with release, crests of pent-up pleasure coursing through me, washing over my aching, wanton, lustful body… Your mouth finds mine and you kiss me, long and slow and deep, while I come - so so hard - just for you… 

As the orgasm ebbs, I collapse against you, curling myself into your lap and nuzzling your neck with little murmurs of delight. Holding me close, you tell me what a good pet I am for you. I smile and kiss your neck and thank you, for giving me all of the wonders I deserve.

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