Beesley’s Books

Samantha Lynn
7 mins read
Published about 4 years ago

“There’s a new bookstore opening up!”

She had been so engrossed in her latest library find that the shout echoing from the foyer had genuinely startled her. With a soft thud, Fiona Fitz fell from her position on a careworn sofa onto the floor.

“Really, Mel?” she responded angrily. She dusted herself off as she stood to face her obtrusive roommate.

Melanie was an excitable girl who tended to over-use exclamation points and hyperbole. She wasn’t the worst roommate, but it was admittedly difficult to deal with some of her quirks. Fiona could read through hurricanes, Air Force jet demonstrations, and atomic bombs, but Mel’s outbursts were nearly impossible for her to drown out.

Mel entered the room and shoved Fiona’s arm. “I thought you’d be grateful,” she remarked, sarcastically rolling her eyes.

“I am, I just…” Fiona gestured to the book that had flopped off the sofa with her.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. You read.” Mel stomped out of the living room and proceeded to loudly start preparing a meal in the adjacent kitchenette.

She knew Mel wasn’t actually mad; they’d been living together for about a year now and these tiny spats were just a part of their roommate banter.

Fiona sat back in the maroon chair and reached for her novel. She thumbed through the pages trying to find where she’d left off. It was then that what Mel had said finally clicked.

She needed to know more about this bookstore. She found her page, stuck a bookmark in, and snapped it shut. Tucking the book under her arm, she went into the kitchen to ask. “Can you tell me more about this new store?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Mel said, faking reluctance.

Her subsequent smile indicated that their earlier exchange was already in the past, and as she julienned a red pepper, she delivered the details of her recent find:

“It’s so cool, Fi! So it’s just about ten minutes from us, on the corner of Eighth and Miller. It’s where Mom and Pop’s Pie Shoppe used to be, remember? They moved to a bigger location, so now they’re expanding to savory pies! Isn’t that great?”

Fiona’s face reminded Mel of her point.

“Oh, oh right, sorry! So the shop! It’s a new and used bookstore that also sells, like, records and quirky gifts and shit! It seems, like, right up your alley! Well... Of course it is – it has books!” She chuckled at her own joke, snorting a little.

Fiona groaned at her for stating the obvious. She’d been a bookworm her whole life, rarely found without her eyes glued to a page. She frequented libraries and bookstores, always on the hunt for her next great read. She loved classics, fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. Her dirty little secret was that erotic stories were her favorite genre, but she’d never admit that to anyone.

Having read just about every sexy book in her local library, Fiona was eager to discover what this store’s adult section might have to offer.

“I’m gonna go check it out, I think,” she said, more to herself than to her roommate, who was back to talking about Mom and Pop’s Pie Shoppe. Mel nodded as she stirred her fragrant broth. She preemptively grabbed her phone to play music while she’d have the place to herself.

Fiona gathered her book tote, keys, and phone, and set out to find the new place. As she exited her complex doors, she realized that didn’t know the store’s name; in the end, she figured that Mel had given her enough information to navigate.

Sure enough, on the corner of Eighth and Miller Streets sat a bookstore that was once a pie shop.

Even without directions, the store’s sign would have been sufficient. A massive open tome with the words “Beesley’s Books,” written in cursive and stacked on top of each other greeted passersby and window shoppers. Fiona thought it was nice, if not a little tacky.

She opened the store’s door, feeling giddy as she let herself in. She always got this way with new bookstores, especially used ones. The combination of that unique, musty smell old books have and the fresh, earthy smell of new paperbacks delighted her olfactory senses, drawing fond memories of a childhood spent in stores just like this.

She couldn’t help grinning as she looked around the shop. This was her happy place for sure.

After basking in her reverie for a few moments, Fiona started toward the used book section. It was in the back of the store, hidden away from public view. She would have missed it altogether had she not caught that telltale whiff of dust and aged paper as she passed through the Science aisle.

She trailed her fingers along the bookshelves, casually browsing while keeping her eyes keen for the romance novels. Once she spotted them, she shamelessly made her way over, knowing no one was around to see her indulge herself.

Surprisingly, the area was impressively large. Several shelves were dedicated to used erotic novels, categorized by type of sex discussed. Her eyes widened a bit; she’d never seen a store that knew or cared so much about erotic literature.

“That was my idea,” a smooth, deep voice said from beside her.

She swiveled her head to find a man standing next to her – tall and tan with close-cropped, dark hair. He was wearing in a baseball tee, skinny jeans, and a devilish smirk, which made Fiona flush.

The man raised his hand and gently brushed a thumb against her flaming cheek. Her eyes grew wide again.

She recovered quickly, though not completely. “Hey,” was all she could muster. It came out softly, yet unforced.

“Hey yourself,” he sent back. “So you like this stuff?”

She tried to think for a moment. “I… kind of?”

It was a lame answer and she knew it. So did he, but apparently he didn’t mind. He nodded, glanced at the shelves, and then back at her.

“Which author is your favorite?” he asked.

“Henrietta Gould!” she exclaimed, then covered her mouth, surprised by her enthusiasm. “Sorry,” she muttered through her palm.

This guy was clearly hitting on her and she was blowing it. He was attractive, sexy even, but she had been caught off-guard.

“Actually?” the guy asked, astonished. This time, she just nodded in response. “Mine too!” he said, smiling as if she’d just given him the best news in the world.

She smiled back; maybe she wasn’t ruining her chances with this mystery guy after all.

“I’m Fiona.”

“Oh right, didn’t tell you my name, woops,” Mystery Guy said. 

She waited. 

“Chase. I work here.” He laughed a bit as he said it, realizing he should have given her that information in the first place. “So if you need help finding anything, just ask.”

“I do,” she ventured. “Need help finding something,”

Chase raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

She thought quickly about how to retort, but she was distracted by what she really wanted – to fulfill a fantasy that she had of sleeping with someone in a bookstore. She just didn’t know how to ask without stating her desire too overtly.

“I’m looking for a Henrietta Gould that I haven’t read yet. Something specific.”

“Well, which ones have you read?” he asked her.

She gathered her courage and turned back to face him again. Locking eyes, she said, “All of them.”

She watched the way his mouth dropped open and then quickly closed again as he regained his lost composure. “I see,” he answered through what sounded like gritted teeth.

She took a moment to look around. They were still alone, still shrouded from view.

She heard Chase clear his throat. “I’m sure we can find something you’re interested in.”

His response was vague. She wondered if he’d done that on purpose, and she played along as if he had been. “I’m sure we can,” she said, hoping her tone implied what she wanted it to.

“Follow me,” he said, guiding her to the “G” authors.

She did as he’d directed and found herself staring at a row of familiar titles. Unconsciously, she raised her left index finger and ran it along the Henrietta Gould spines, stopping on one book. She pulled the novel off the shelf and showed it to him. “Sunrise over Atlanta,” she read the title aloud. “This is my favorite.”

Chase lowered his eyes to the cover, scanned it, and then looked back at her. “I don’t think I’ve had the chance to read that one,” he said with a slight grin. “Can you tell me what it’s about?”

Fiona gripped the book a little tighter. She just noticed how close he had gotten to her. Normally, this behavior would have been alarming, off-putting, but something about him and this bookstore really turned her on. She understood that all she’d have to do was tilt her head back a bit, and the tall boy would be able to bend down to meet her lips with his.

In that moment, Chase grasped her face in his hands and ducked his head to kiss her. He pecked her lips just once, then dove into her mouth with his tongue. She kissed him back with vigor, and he pressed her into the “G” shelf.

Fiona had never been kissed so aggressively in her life. It was a rushed, sloppy kiss that was mostly tongue and all rough. The kind of kiss that carves out longing for more. His strong hands gripped her cheeks, then her shoulders, moving down to her round butt and squeezed. He slapped her ass and she couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped from her mouth into his.

“You like that, huh,” he grumbled into her neck as he nipped at it.

“Yeah,” she answered, her voice husky with want.

He slapped her ass again. This time her moan slipped out un-muffled.

“Fuck,” he groaned against her collarbone. “I want you, Fiona,” he told her, clutching her ass in his hands. “God, I want you. I saw you perusing the romance section without a care and you were just so fucking sexy in your little flowery dress with that perky ass just begging to be slapped. I couldn’t help myself.” He admitted all this to her with growl that made her shiver.

“So take me,” she stated simply, yet seductively.

That was more than enough for him. He snaked his hands under her dress to the front of her panties, caressing the lacy waistband. Slipping a hand into her underwear, he felt around her outer lips and stopped when he reached her pink pearl.

“There she is,” he remarked under his breath, one arm wrapped around Fiona’s waist while the other pressed to her clitoris. Fiona gasped when she felt his fingers on her center – she’d been with very few manually-skilled guys and was genuinely shocked by his prowess.

She did all she could to remain standing as he deftly circled her clit, each movement sending a new wave of pleasure through her body.

She was so locked into the delicious warmth building at the base of her pelvis that she lost track of her moans. Chase raised his hand from her waist and stuck his index finger in her mouth, subtly quieting her. They were, after all, in a bookstore.

His breathing sped up with her every sound. Her pussy moisten in his hand, and she bit down on his finger as a familiar heat made its way through her body. Arching her back, she cried out with the sensation, “Fuck!”

Chase quickly withdrew his hand from her underwear, which he hastily dragged down to her ankles. He undid his belt and popped the button on his skinny jeans, unzipping to reveal his swollen package beneath his boxers. He reached in and pulled out his stiff cock. Fiona stared at it hungrily, her pink tulip still dewy from coming moments before.

Pushing books aside, Chase picked her up and placed her on the cleared plank so they were eye-level with each other. He spread her legs and lifted her dress, exposing her to him. With a hand on each thigh, he entered her slowly until he was fully engulfed.

With him completely inside her, she slowly exhaled and held his back to pull him in closer. Each thrust made the bookshelf shake around them, but she couldn't care about the possibility of falling romance novels. All she felt was the slickness of Chase’s cock sliding in and out of her. As his thrusts increased in speed and force, books did come loose and drop to the floor, but this only added to the fulfillment of her fantasy.

Chase tightened his grip on her thighs and fucked her so rhythmically, his cock sending sparks through her each time it grazed her clit. He grunted and panted, and she knew that he was just about to come; she was too.

“I’m gonna…” he started but cut himself off with a groan.

“Yes!” She called out as she felt his member throb inside her, pushing her to her own climax. His hot cum gushed into her and she arched her back again, writhing against the shelf.

He wilted into her, his head drooping to her chest as he panted through his orgasm. He stayed like that for a few moments, then slowly backed out, tucked his cock back into his boxers and redid his pants.

Fiona didn’t want to move for fear of his cum leaking out of her. She opened her mouth to say so, but didn’t get the chance to speak her mind - Chase had dropped his face into her pussy and licked his own jizz out of her. She babbled a string of curses as his hot tongue lapped at her inner folds and found its way back to her clit.

Once he’d swallowed all traces of him from inside her, he sucked her clit until she came again. She rode his face as she shuddered and moaned, and he licked her own juices as they flowed, tasting every inch of her pussy.

After another brief eternity, Chase rose again. He politely pulled her underwear up and helped her off the shelf. She knew she probably looked a mess, but she couldn’t be bothered to care. Walking alone would be a chore and she needed to focus all her energy on that.

“So that was fucking amazing,” he whispered into her ear as they left the romance section. All she could do was nod in return. “We could do this again.”

“Please,” came her response.

“I should get back to work,” he said. “But I work basically every day. Do with that info what you will.” He smirked at her, then strode off to another part of the used books section.

Fiona didn’t even want to get a book anymore. She would later, when she’d regained the ability to think clearly. She wondered how long she’d actually been in the store, what Mel would think.

Would she even tell Mel? Maybe.

All she knew was that she would definitely be revisiting the romance section of Beesley’s Books again the next day.