always say to him, I say “we could make a porn about our first time together.”

Garth has a funky name, which makes girls look at him harder, and feeds his ego. I’ve thought about it a while and decided that if Garth Brooks and Garth from Wayne’s World had a baby together, Garth Carson would be it.

He’s not bad looking at all. He’s got glasses, hair that’s longish and always messy in a sexy way, and the finest ripped jeans a girl could ask for. But the best thing of all are his friggin’ cowboy boots.

Black, with steel tips. And if you think that wearing something like black cowboy boots with steel tips is tacky or just completely irrelevant in 2017, think again. All it takes is the right man to pull it off.

All it took was Garth Carson to pull my top off, and throw me in the pool, with everybody watching and envying me.

It was Nissa’s birthday and I’m her best friend, so I was there, and Garth is her ex-boyfriend who’s still a friend, so he was there too. I’ve known Nissa since kindergarten, so about 15 years, and I’ve known Garth about half that time. He and Nissa met at my birthday, interestingly enough.

It was the year I turned fourteen and my mother had invited not only my friends, but hers too. Which meant that Eileen and her fourteen-year-old son Garth were there. I had a crush on him instantly because even then, his style double-dared you to like him. But Nissa liked him too, and he liked her, and 3 years later, after we’d all been crushing back and forth and hanging out as friends all that time, they got together. Then she broke up with him after she turned 18 and met some guy in a bar that was more mature. It’s a lot of math, I know. But basic facts need to be fed straight.

Now there we were on Nissa’s 20th revolution ‘round the sun, and Garth Carson, her ex, and still my crush after all these years (even though I had fucked other guys and even dated one of them), was pulling off my top, with no regard for the fact that people were everywhere, lounging in their bikinis, in their flip-flops, sipping their rum punch, and moving in time to the reggae.

The sun was still out. I had already taken off my bikini, and was walking around in a tight green t-shirt with no bra, but no one can ever tell, because my tits are barely there. Which some guys really like—but I digress. Green t-shirt, and lacey little skirt that ended mid-thigh. No underwear, because my girl likes to breathe free, especially after a swim.

So, Garth the fucking idiot says, “Lana, you look like you could use a swim.” He said it because I had pushed him in the lake the week before just as he was stepping in and shivering like a terrorized creature. I had done it because he had kissed me in Nissa’s bathroom while she was downstairs waiting for us both to join her for monopoly.

He fucking followed me into the bathroom and pushed me against the closed door, and moved his hands across my teeny tiny tits, until they were on edge and I was ready to kiss him. And he leaned down to kiss me, slowly, at first, with no tongue, and then he bit my lip a little and his tongue touched mine, glided over mine, and I was wet and weak.

And then he started to run his big fingers over my pussy, through the material of my sweat shorts. No undies, again. I really don’t enjoy them. So yeah. I was losing it, but then, I pushed him off of me because if Nissa who was downstairs knew he had done that and that I had let him, well, I don’t know what would have happened.

And he said: “Lana, I can’t believe I never saw you this way before.”

And I said: “Garth, I’ve always seen you this way.

And I left the bathroom without peeing which is the whole reason most people go into a bathroom in the first place. Not to be felt up and kissed by your best friend’s ex-boyfriend and good friend in a way that makes you wet and weak in the knees.

So out of anger, I think, but annoyance more so, I pushed him into that cold lake before he was ready, just the same way he pushed me into that door long after I had killed my readiness. I was pissed because him doing that made me realize I had never killed my readiness.

So then he got mad at me because a push into a cold lake can be quite brutal, and you can also swallow the gross lake water when you fall in without preparing yourself. Was pulling my top off part of getting back at me? I guess he was really more annoyed with me and more attracted to me than I thought, because that combination of things made him really want to humiliate me.

And he kinda did. I had to scream “Garth, you fucking asshole!” in front of everybody before hoisting myself out of the pool with my lacey skirt all but transparent and dripping off my hips, and my perky, tiny-as-fuck tits exposed for all to see.

Plus I think I pulled something in my neck when I fell in the pool and tensed up my muscles too fast. He thrust my shirt at me as I got out, and whispered “sorry” with big meaningful eyes, adding “I thought you had your bikini on.”


So then Nissa, who was wearing her purple paisley bikini and nothing much else followed me into her bedroom. I marched straight in there, still topless, holding my shirt limp by my side. I was crying, and I don’t know exactly why.

“Lana, oh my god, are you ok? I don’t know why Garth is being such a fucking tool!”

“He’s being a tool because he kissed me the other day and I pushed him away and then I pushed him in the lake later on to sorta punish him.” There, I had said it, between tears.

“Ahhh.” She was processing.

“Lana, I figured it was something like that. Come on, lady. You think I haven’t seen that shit? I know you’ve liked him forever, and I know he’s definitely been into you lately.”

“Really?” I blinked like a watery monster.

“Yeah. Lana, if you’re into him… I’m ok with that.”

“Really?” I was a broken record. Still blinking and tearing up.

“Been there, done that,” she laughed. So I laughed too. “I mean, the three of us have known each other for so long, we’re like family. And family evolves. I’m okay with that.”

“Wow,” I said. I was still dripping wet, topless.

Nissa wiped her hand across my cheek to catch some tears. We looked at each other: me in my wet skirt, and nothing else. Fully exposed, and her in her skimpy bikini. She smiled.

And then she leaned in and kissed me. It was soft, but persistent, and deep, and wet. Her tongue just belonged there. Her medium-sized, bikini-clad tits brushed against my bare ones, which were not much larger than nectarines. I felt a rush that shocked me, because I had never thought about Nissa this way before. She pushed me onto her bed and pulled off my wet skirt, tossing it to the side.

“Are you ok, with our family evolving?” she said. I was naked now, and somewhat shocked, but buzzing with excitement from head to toe.

“Nissa.” I said her name because I didn’t know what else to say. We looked at each other again and laughed. And then she buried her face in my wet pussy, and I held her head there, in spite of myself, and it was altogether hot and absurd as fuck. And then Garth walks in without knocking, closes the door, and just stands there, staring.

Nissa was crouched between my open legs on her queen-sized bed, licking my fast-swelling pussy. My lips were opening up so fast for her hunting tongue. We didn’t jump up or hide when stupid Garth came in.

“Can we help you?” I said.

Garth looked sheepish, but still sexy, as usual. He was wearing his trademark fucking ripped jeans: not tight, but not baggy, faded blue, with those fucking cowboy boots that slay. He never looks uncomfortable, but he looked a little uncomfortable this time. He ran his fingers through that messed up brown mop of hair of his.

“Um, what? I mean, shit. I’m sorry, Lana. I just. Whoa.” Garth stood there, losing his words. Which was hard to make him do.

“Either join us, or get out, Garth,” said Nissa. I froze. Garth froze. And Nissa returned to licking and sucking my labia. She stuck two fingers inside me and I arched my back in reaction, opening my legs wider.

Very slowly, Garth pulled off his boots and kicked them aside. He undid his belt and he dropped it to the floor. He unbuttoned his jeans and bent to take them off, showing off his stomach muscles. Then his boxer shorts. He stood there, naked, which Nissa had seen, but I had never seen, and walked slowly and deliberately toward us, like some kind of sleek jungle cat. He was hard and growing, and not at all small.

We didn’t say a word.

Nissa kissed Garth, and Garth kissed her back, tugging her bikini right off. Nissa kissed me, and I kissed her back—gently. Garth kissed my neck, and then my chest, and my ready tits gently while Nissa still kissed my mouth. He kissed my stomach, my hips. He breathed onto them. Nissa bit my ear as my legs spread further apart to let my two friends in.

We’d always been close. I mean, I guess it was only a matter of time before we got into each other. Like, really, truly. Before I knew it, Nissa was sitting on top of Garth, and he was pumping her. Right there, with me watching. She was holding onto his neck, staring into his eyes, and I could look down to see my best friend’s ass jiggle as it slapped up and down onto Garth’s muscular thigh.

“Squeeze me, baby,” he said.

I was enthralled, and just watched them for a minute. And then I joined. I moved closer to Nissa and started kissing her back. Up and down her spine. She buckled at my touch, grinding down harder on Garth. And then she came. A lot faster than I thought possible. I guess that’s how it is sometimes when you know someone’s body so well.

Well, then it was my turn, and all bets were off. Garth had me on all fours on the bed and he leaned over, grabbing my tiny tits. As he did, he whispered in my ear, hot and wild: “I’ve always loved your body, Lana. I knew you had nothing on under your top.”

It sent a shiver down my spine and I started to moan out loud just from the sensation of his breath in my ear, but just as the sound started to escape me, Garth had already found his way down and was breathing heat on my pussy. He licked me in a line, straight up and straight down, tracing a slit. I went crazy, not gonna lie. And Nissa from the other end was kissing me full on the lips, caressing my face.

When he had traced it again and again and added a circle, a star, and what I’m pretty sure was a heart, I was aching for him. My thighs tightened and opened to make room, both at once.

And Garth was suddenly in me. Moving, pushing, making room for himself. I ground my fists into the quilt that Nissa’s grandma had made, uttering a low, guttural sound I had never heard myself make before while Garth rubbed me the right way from inside and didn’t stop. I started playing with my clit and it sent me over the edge.

Suddenly I was flowering in and out and sucking him into me. Garth cried out, and I fell into the bed face first, breathing harder than I ever have. I rolled over onto my back and opened my legs wide to feel my texture with my hand.

Nissa rolled over to lie next to me and opened her legs too. Without saying a word, Garth entered Nissa in one stroke and then fell into me. And he went that way, from me to Nissa and back again, two strokes here, three there, both of us with legs in the air, like a special sculpture.

Glancing over at Nissa, I became incredibly aroused at the site of her tits bouncing from Garth’s momentary jolts. She turned her head to look at me, and we smiled. She grabbed my hand and our pussies swelled together just as Garth came all over both of our stomachs.

I can’t even imagine what it all looked like to him. He got to glance down and see his two childhood girlfriends with their legs spread wide, pussies exposed for him, but holding hands like little girls. What’s better than that?

So that’s the story of how Garth Carson humiliated me publicly, and it’s also the story of our first date. Nissa wasn’t there for all the other dates (she’d been there and done that), but she’s still my best friend, and so is Garth.