Sucked In

Rebecca Winter
9 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

“He likes the neck, but I go south,” the creature said, tugging her skirt from of trembling legs. He ran a finger along her thigh, and with his mouth just before the panty line, dug his fangs into the fresh flesh. It was the same as before, her blood swimming freely, breath slow. She watched as the red filled his mouth, spilling out the corners of his greedy lips.

But unlike the one who fed before him, he made no sign of slowing down, of letting her live, despite his friend’s urgent warnings. She could hear her heart’s sluggish beat ringing in her ears as the life began to fade away; his groans of pleasure were the last thing she heard before darkness swallowed her.

She opened her eyes suddenly and found herself wrapped in the sinewy hold of a man she didn’t know. She took him in: thick, dark chocolate hair, skin the colour of freshly fallen snow, a quiet smile resting on his cotton candy lips – a taut, shimmering statue of a dream come true.

The emerald trees were brighter than she’d ever remembered, their aroma pungent and pine-fresh in her nose, on her tongue. The soft curl of salty waves filled her ears, even though she couldn’t see water anywhere nearby. Her skin sparkled, shining through her eyes like she had been staring at the sun for too long.

Could it be true? 

She felt refreshed, a hum of something she couldn’t quite place coursing through her - crisp and clear as crystal.

“What’s your name?” A voice of silk and clouds and cigarettes.

“Lucia.” Hers was a bird’s song. “I feel… different. What’s happening to me?”

She was entranced by the tenderness of his liquid honey eyes. He hesitated as he gathered his thoughts, and decided not to sugarcoat it.

“I saw them leave you for dead, your listless body frozen in the sand, the tide about to catch you. I ran to you. I tried to save your human life, but it was too late. I had to turn you. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up so that I could make sure you were safe, and you understood how to be… what you are now.”

“Turn me into what, exactly?”

He took her hands in his – smooth, strong, electric. It was all she could do not to kiss them. She noticed that a scar from a childhood mishap had mysteriously vanished.

“A vampire. That’s why you feel this way. And look this way. Everything is heightened, Lucia.” Her name became melted butter rolling off his tongue. “And I mean, everything.” She detected a wink in his eye, a split-second promise of something more.

“A vampire? That’s pretty fucking cool.” She traced her tongue against her teeth, feeling the razor edge of her new fangs, and shivered with excitement.

“Well, that’s a damn relief.” His surprised laughter reverberated through their shroud of the billowing trees, and then through her as well. “I thought you’d be more upset about losing your humanity.”

“Not at all. Humans suck, anyway.”

Suddenly, her stomach panged, her eyes went instantly darker, and she could tell she was craving life – a thirst for food, for his essence that had to be quenched.

“I’m starving,” she breathed, barely able to get the words out.

“Yes, I heard. Let’s teach you how to eat. I’m Damian, by the way.”

With their hands clasped, they glided through the atmosphere, gusts of wind trailing the speed of their feet, the lavender sky inviting them out to play.

She never imagined that blood could taste this incredible, or make her feel so invincible. With her heightened senses, she could feel the warmth sustaining her every muscle, waves crashing against nerve endings.

The human’s veins danced to the rhythm of her thirst. She moaned with delight.

Damian coached her through it all as she sucked and slurped the molten exuberance, ensuring that she took enough to be satisfied, but never enough to kill. It was about balance, after all.

Lucia came up for air and Damian caught her steel blue eyes in his. They stared at each other with hunger, even though they had just eaten, blood inching hauntingly slowly down the sides of his lips.

Without thinking, she leaned over the living body, holding herself an inch away from Damian’s tantalizing mouth. She dragged her tongue along its trail, the sweetness of both his skin and the blood making her toes curl.

Damian wasted no time questioning her actions, and with one swift movement, pulled her over their meal so that she was straddling his still-clothed member. She could feel his need – hard, and ready, and raw.

He tugged on her black hair, tilting her head upwards, and licked the crimson remnants from her face.

“Patience was never my virtue, Lucia. I’ve wanted to have my way with you since the moment my fangs pierced your exquisite skin. You have the blood, the body, and the mind of an angel,” he whispered.

Damian’s words crawled through her ears like lava, oozing heavenly fire from her heart to her loins.

Yesterday, she was sobbing over the rotting milk of her failed relationship, and tonight… vampire sex. Maybe God was real. 

“That’s the sexiest thing anyone’s ever said to me.” She ran a finger along his jaw and his mouth curved into a devilish grin. “Thank you for rescuing me, Damian.”

She pressed her lips against his and savoured the taste of his death. Before she had time to react, he had her on her back – one hand securing her wrists above her head, the other ripping off her blouse. His tongue traced the surface of her exposed breasts, firmer and perkier than she had ever known them to be as a mere mortal.

He teased her nipples, the coolness from his breath making them hard, and she felt a gush of moisture in her nether regions. As if he could sense it, Damian immediately yanked off her skirt and panties, rendering her completely naked.

His amber eyes drank in her new and improved body – silky, lithe, and trembling with want. She admired it too – velvet skin the colour of espresso, captivating curves, and toned, trim limbs that she could only ever dream of having.

She was strong, she was radiant, she was invincible, and she loved it. Her life had been taken, but she was reinvigorated. Vibrant, aware, awake.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?”

“The quicker I undress you, the quicker I can explore you.” He smiled, baring glistening ivory fangs.

“Well, don’t let me deter you.” She opened her legs wide, inviting him to take her, all of her. She didn’t want to wait any longer, and she wondered briefly if she’d ever be able to control her vampire desires… Probably not when she knew Damian was about to devour her.

Sliding three fingers inside her vagina, he drove them all the way in and relished her overflowing moisture. It was a sensation unlike anything she had ever felt before, a pulsing pleasure that seeped through her veins, replacing her breathing. He moved his fingers increasingly quickly, and watched her melt with frenzied delight.

Damian used his thumb to caress Lucia’s clitoris, a slow and subtle movement, but he knew with her newly gained senses, it would bring her over the glorious edge. Writhing to the rhythm of his strokes, she couldn’t help but gasp and gulp as he brought her to an earth-shattering climax.

Every pore on her body tingled with relief, with anticipation of what was to come. She propped herself up on her elbows and sighed.

“Jesus Christ. I never thought being undead could make me feel so alive.”

“That, my darling, was just the warm up.”

Those words fueled a renewed energy within her, and this time around, she was the one tearing and clawing his clothes off. As they fell to the ground, she couldn’t help but stare at the specimen of perfection that sat before her. Smooth, cloudy, marble skin, where rippling muscles on his arms, chest, and legs danced together to create an oaky physique – free from flaws, and full of wonder.

Finally, she let herself look down at his penis, awestruck; it was simply beautiful, bigger and sturdier than any one she’d ever laid eyes on. It glowed, it throbbed, it beckoned her. She covered it with her mouth and began to suck, taking all of him in, surprising herself as she did. She moved her head up and down in faster-than-ever motions and never wanted to stop.

Damian cried out with powerful pleasure and grabbed Lucia’s hair, steadying her pace. Suddenly, she felt a burning sensation in her gums and realized her fangs were about to pop out. In the frenzy, she’d forgotten about those.

Replacing her mouth with her hand, she tried to calm herself down, taking deep breaths.

“What’s wrong?” Damian’s hands were folded beneath his head, his statuesque abs on full display.

Lucia giggled, flushed. “My fangs were about to come out. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay, beautiful. It’s time to switch positions, anyway.”

With that, Damian grabbed Lucia by the hips, and held her in mid-air as if she were a feather. He brought her down with delicacy, brushed his lips against hers, and then ordered her to sit up and spread her legs. Still not easing his grasp, he lowered her body, inch by inch, onto his pulsating penis, inserting himself daringly deep.

“Oh. My. God.” She purred, grabbing onto his shoulders and arching her back.

She felt him everywhere, his first thrust fluttering through her entirety. Steadying herself, she pushed her hands onto his chest and moved her bottom up and then down, controlling every sensation, relishing every second of this newfound sexual bliss.

Lucia knew her heart didn’t beat anymore, but she felt it swell, as if Damian’s member could caress it.

He took back control of the pace and intensified his penetration, grinding her hips ferociously fast and hard into him, his moans dripping with awe.

Just as she thought her second orgasm was about to swallow her, Damian stood up. Carrying her along with him, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Ride me, Lucia. Fuck me, please.”

She was already pressing her pelvis back onto his never-ending erection as he panted the demand. Lucia laced her hands around Damian’s neck and leaned all the way back. Using her legs as leverage, she did as she was asked, getting lost in the moment and her ability to move at the speed of light.

She was forceful and fierce, and couldn’t believe that Damian did not lose his balance once, absorbing her pleasure, her moans, and her desires – making them all his. They moved together seamlessly, his hands roaming her breasts and twisting through her hair, his lips scratching at her neck.

Lucia had never experienced such sensitivity before - every touch, every kiss, every thrust, a tendril of fire and frost, soaking through her veins, infusing her heart with an insatiable lust.

Damian buried his head in her neck. “Slow down, baby… I want us to cum together.”

Cupping her bare bottom, he took the pace down a few hundred notches and they eased into a new one - tender and tantric. They stared into each other’s eyes, glowing diamonds in the soft moonlight, and with one final plunge, released into each other.

Lucia’s orgasm flooded her, a broken dam of relentless bliss. Her breath grew shallow, her body suddenly exhausted.

Relaxing into Damian’s silky lips, they stayed encased in the darkness and one another for what seemed like hours, melting into a harmonious haze of ecstasy.

“It’s almost sunrise,” he murmured, breaking their embrace apart, but staying inside her. “We should probably get some well-deserved rest. There’s room in my coffin for one more.”

Never had anything involving a coffin sounded more enticing. Lucia couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the night, and maybe even eternity, with Damian by her side.