The Birthday Gift

Oya Calor
8 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

Jack and I live together in a small apartment where the wind and sun blow in the windows, stimulating, refreshing, and overruling any possibility of dust. I’m not talking beachside money shit. I’m talking record player, warm colours accented by green plants, and city parkside. He wakes me up slowly, tracing his warm colours around my navel. One, two, three times before I open my eyes.

“Baby,” I say, smiling at the sight of him. He smiles back, but only for a second before shifting his gaze down to warm my stomach with his breath, running his lips slowly in different shapes across my skin.

“Good morning,” he murmurs, firmly but gently holding my hips with his hands. Jack is strong, tall, with thick black hair and skin the colour of cinnamon. His unshaven face is rough and makes my smooth skin tingle. He pushes my white tank top up over my breasts and pulls my boy shorts low enough to kiss the spot right above my clit. I arch my back in response, taking a deep, sweet breath. Jack is already fully dressed and ready for work, it seems. But without a word, he pulls off my shorts, and then my top.

“Open your legs,” he says. So I do. 

He crouches at my opening, and slowly pushes me apart. Massages me open. And he looks. He really looks. A soft moan escapes his lips. I can feel him seeing me and it’s almost too much, even though he’s seen me before and I’ve been seen. Every view is new and I show him something different. But no matter what, he always gives me time to unfold. He just stays there, sometimes spreading my thick lips with his fingers to peek at my bright pink pass. Sometimes he gently tickles my outside skin, resisting the temptation to crack me open and look inside, instead admiring my outer textures and shapes. And then sometimes he’ll pull a small part of me taut, alter my shape very slightly to expose me differently and observe how it makes me look. And other times he’ll push my legs up, gently open my ass with his strong hands, and stare as far as he can. No matter what, I know he’s feeling what it really means to see into my holes, my dark, my moisture, my silent arousal. Because his looking is always punctuated by breathing that grows heavier, sometimes faster, and the soft sounds of longing he makes. Sometimes he’ll just look for twenty minutes or more. I never could have dreamed before Jack that the best foreplay could involve so little touch but so much attention, both at once. Of course, he’s good at touching me too.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he says softly. 

He’s going to gift me with an incredible orgasm and breakfast in bed, in that order. I know him. I know what kind of man he is. And I love him.

“I have a special surprise for you, love,” he says. He is still gazing longingly at my pussy, holding me open.
“Oh?” My legs fall open farther. I arch my back, stretching.
“Remember what we talked about last week? You shared your fantasy with me? About me watching you with other men?”
“…yes.” I am frozen. 

Paused. He did not. But I’m suddenly hoping he did.

“I invited a couple of friends, babe. I hope that’s ok. If not, I’ll tell them to go. Jared. Remember him from my soccer game? Also, Alex, a coworker of mine. And Marius. My cousin’s friend.”
I sit up. “Baby, are you serious? Are you sure you’re ok with this? I mean… This is a little insane, no? You have to see these guys regularly.”
“It’s all good. We’ve talked about everything. They’re good guys. All about giving you pleasure. That’s all this is about. I really just want to watch it happen.”

I kiss my man full and deep, and cannot believe my luck. I’m leaving a wet spot on the quilt.

Jack sits down on the armchair on the other side of the room, pulls out his phone, and sends a text. I kneel on the bed, wonderstruck with anticipation.

“I love you, baby,” I say.

The door handle turns, and Jared, Alex, and Marius walk in. They’re all naked. I kid you not.

“Damn, babe,” I say, looking at my man in awe.
“Happy birthday,” he smiles.
“Happy big 3-0, Sabrina,” the guys greet me with smiles. 

Jared and Alex are tall, athletic, just like Jack, but white, so much paler than my guy’s dark tones. And so much lighter than my brown skin too. There is something very exciting about this newness. To be fucked by white men in front of Jack. And Marius is sturdy, broad chested, black and beautiful. Jared has sweeping brown hair while Alex and Marius have shaved heads. My pussy is wet and excited.

“Hi guys.” I smile. I cannot believe it. My heart is beating fast.

Jack and I have been dating for three years. I’ve expressed my fantasies to him before, but not often, and always very cautiously because most of them involve other men, and I happen to be a jealous girl who doesn’t ever want him to come back at me with suggestions to involve other women. I’ve been honest with him about this insecurity. Lucky for me, my fantasies are his too. But I never thought we’d actually do it.

In line with the fantasy, Jack says “Baby, I hate to have to spring this on you, but I owe these guys quite a lot of money, and I honestly don’t have any way to pay it back. My bad, I know. But they’re being reasonable and they’re willing to forgive my debt if they can all fuck you.”
“Um, well… Baby, you’re kinda putting me on the spot here, don’t you think?” I play along.
“You’ll do this for me, babe, won’t you? They’ll break my legs otherwise. Or worse.”
“Ok, ok. But you owe me, Jack. Are you just gonna sit here and watch while these guys fuck me?”
“Yeah, babe. You still belong to me, after all. That pussy’s mine, don’t you forget it. I’m just loaning it out right now. I’m gonna watch every little thing they do to you.”

Marius approaches me, we kiss, and he plays with my tits, slapping them around a little.

“Mmmm. Damn. You’re lucky your girl has such a tight little body, man,” he says, looking back at Jack. “Otherwise you’d have no way out of this. She’s obviously the most valuable thing you own.”

Marius lies back on the bed, erect cock pointing up to the sky. Turning to me, he says, “Sit on my face, baby. I wanna taste the goods.”

Obediently, I climb on top of Marius’ face, and, facing Jack, begin to grind as Marius hungrily devours my pussy. Jared, who was hanging back, comes forward, and standing beside the bed, grabs me by the back of the neck and starts kissing me.

“That’s right, warm her up, boys,” says Alex, from the sidelines, stroking his cock. We want her tiny little holes nice and wet and open when we fuck her like the expensive toy that she is.”

Jared plays with my tits while Marius has grabbed hold of my ass, spread it open wide, and is now eating both my pussy and my ass like a giant fruit. I have never been so wet. I push my smooth, bare pussy deeper into his mouth, running my engorged clit along his tongue. He sucks me and sticks a finger in my ass. I look at Jack and he appears calm but his pants are bulging. The sight makes me open my legs wider.

Marius lifts me off his face and Alex pulls me to the edge of the bed and spreads my pussy open. “Mind if I fuck her first, Jack?” he says. Without waiting for an answer, his huge cock is pushing into me, and the fit is tighter than I’m used to. I can’t see Jack’s face but I can imagine his cock getting harder and harder. Alex holds me by the thighs and fucks me long, slow, and deep. I moan loudly.

“Fuck me harder,” I say. “Get your money’s worth.”

Alex thrusts harder into me, and I feel something else. It’s Jared, crouched on the floor. He’s licking my asshole, fucking it with his tongue and then his fingers.

Marius crouches over my head. “Open your mouth for me, baby.” I comply, and as he hits the back of my throat with the head of his cock, I feel a strange peace. All three of my holes are being taken care of. I feel so safe and relaxed: a girl among men.

Jared has gotten up off the floor and sits on the bedside closest to Jack. The other two stop. Jared motions me over. Jack’s chair is just three feet away. I stand in front of him. He turns me around.

“Bend over,” he says.

I do as I’m told and reach out to rest my hands on my boyfriend’s shoes, à la downward dog. Jared licks my asshole, in and out and all around, in circles. He spreads me open wide and starts fucking me with three lubed up fingers. I go weak at the knees, and can hardly stay in position.

“Sit down, baby,” says Jared. Slowly I stand up and he guides my ass to his cock, sitting me down very, very slowly while holding my ass open taut. I cry out loud. It’s intense. My legs shoot out and fall onto his. I look at Jack. He has broken and his cock is sticking out of his pants as he strokes it tightly. He is breathing heavily. We look each other in the eye. No smiles, but a lot of fire.

Jared buries his cock in my ass and slowly fucks me. He whispers in my ear: “Is this okay?” Yes, I say. Yes.

And then Marius is in front of me, licking my pussy as Jared fucks my tight little asshole. The combination is divine. Then Marius stands at ease to stick his cock inside my pussy. Marius fucks my pussy while Jared, whose lap I’m sitting on now, guides my ass with his hands: up and down on his cock. The two of them thrust together and I create circles with my hips, circles with my mouth. A low, guttural sound escapes my throat. I feel I’m about to cum explosively. Jared filling my asshole somehow makes it incredibly easy for Marius to hit my g-spot, and the combination is incredible. I am two wet, moving holes, traveling in unison toward an ultimate explosion.

“Baby, do you like watching these guys use me like this? Hmm? Use my holes, just a few feet from your face? You like seeing my pussy and ass pounded? Just to pay off your debt?” Jack looks so turned on he might lose his mind and cum all over the walls.

Alex is to my right. “Open your mouth,” he says. I do, and he is in my throat, and the thrusting is coming from three directions now, four if you count Jack’s eyes, his groans, and his jerking motions.

I move in rhythm with all three of their cocks. For a moment I see myself fully through Jack’s eyes, and it’s this sight that sends me over the edge and into total oblivion. Screaming, shuddering, and falling onto the carpet, I cum so violently I don’t know how to describe it. I squirt a little too, and it gets all over Jared’s lap.

And then Jack is cumming. Also violently. He stands up and cums all over my shuddering, heaving, sprawled out body, as I lie there, still on the floor.

But it wasn’t finished. Those three other strapping men kept fucking me. Let’s just say I came twice more before the three of them left me dripping with cum from head to toe.

Hours later, after they’d left, and I’d showered, and eaten, I lay warm and safe in Jack’s arms.

“How did you like your gift, babe?”
“I loved it. There are no words, Jack. What about you? How was that for you?”
“Wanna do it again tomorrow?”
I laughed. “That good, huh? It’s so hot that you found that so hot.”

And with that I passed out happy in Jack’s arms. Jack, my one true love.