Loving the Blossom

Oya Calor
9 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

“Open your sweet little mouth,” he said, stroking her chin lightly with his finger.

Kara was kneeled on the hardwood floor, legs apart. Her plaid skirt was hiked up well beyond what any respectable school policy would allow. She knew what came next. Well, sort of. It was never quite the same. That was one of the reasons she loved him. She innocently and obligingly opened her cherry-coated lips and stared up at him with a worried look.

“I think you can open up your little suck hole wider than that. Show me your tight little throat, baby.” 

He squatted down to meet her at eye level. His khaki pants and black t-shirt accentuated his toned physique. A white button-up complimented her pleated skirt and matched her white knee-high socks. He slowly and carefully undid her buttons, one at a time to expose her tiny braless tits. 

Without touching them, he tilted her chin up. “Look at me,” he said softly, his dark brown eyes full of fire. 

Kara instead looked down, at the floor. 

“If that’s the way you want it, little girl,” Jake said softly. “But if I remember correctly, we had an agreement. Did we not?”

Kara was silent.

“Did we not?”

She nodded slowly. “Yes, we did,” she whispered.

“Good. That’s what I thought,” he said. “Tell me what our deal was, my sweet young thing.” He traced her nose with his finger, landed on her lips, and traced them apart too. She could feel his breath hot on her cheek.  

He stood up, and waited for her to say it. She looked up and saw he was wielding his meter stick. 

“Well?” he said.
“Y-you said you would give me a passing grade,” she stammered.
“Very good, love. You’re smarter than I thought. And then what was the condition? Do you remember?” He said all of it softly, deliberately, with both affection and condescension at full tilt. 

Kara nodded. “You said you’d pass me if we can find something I actually excel at.”
“That’s right, smart girl. And what is it I know you’ll excel at, my beauty?” Towering above her, Jake traveled along her thigh under her skirt with the wooden meter stick.
“Taking cock.”

 The meter stick landed with a soft, firm slap on her pussy, moist at this point with anticipation through her thin lacey panties.

“Where are you going to take my cock?”

Kara was silent.

“Tell me the places.”
“My throat, my pussy… and my ass,” she held his gaze.
“Very good. And if you can take me all the way inside all three of your holes like a smart little slut, then you’re smart enough to pass my class. It’s very important to me that each and every one of my students learns what they’re good at in life, and goes for it. Even if that something is not calculus. I’m glad we have an understanding. Now open your sweet little mouth for me again, Kara." 

Kara opened her mouth wide, and Jake reached down with both of his giant hands to squeeze her barely-there tits. 

“You’re so cute, baby. Stick your tongue out for me,” he said, unbuckling his belt. “You ever done this before?” 

Kara shook her head no, mouth open wide.

He slid his belt off, and walked around behind her to pull off her shirt. “Hands behind your back. I can’t have you resisting my lesson. You won’t learn that way.” 

Kara complied, and he fastened her wrists together with his belt. The thick leather was soft, and the buckle cold to the touch.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

Kara nodded. 

“Good.” Jake kicked off his shoes and socks, deftly pulled off his pants and boxers, and stood before her with the hugest hard-on. 

Slowly, gently, he entered her little mouth, first thrusting delicately, just the head, barely in. And then, slowly, more. She ran her tongue fully over every ridge, hungrily circling his head, and sucking it lightly like a tangy candy. He grew bigger and harder in her mouth. 

“Oooh, you’re damn good at this, sweetness,” Jake said. “I knew it.” 

And then he pushed deeper, expanding her mouth, forcing her jaw to open as wide as it could to surround him fully with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She choked a little, trying and failing to breathe from her mouth. Jake pulled out and gave her a chance to catch her breath. 

“Ready for more?” he asked gently. Kara nodded. He entered her again, slowly making his way further this time, down, down, probably halfway into her tight little throat—and held it there. She started to make a gargling sound, like a baby bird. She knew he liked that sound. He grew harder.

Still holding the meter stick, Jake—her husband of two years—reached down with it to lift up her skirt. A wet spot had formed through her panties. He ran the wooden stick back and forth over her pussy, over the wet lace, while continuing to push his cock deeper, until it hit the back of her throat. Kara let her jaw and throat relax, and let him stretch his way in. She loved holding him there in her throat. A perfect fit. She loved his shape, his size, his taste, his smell. And his willingness to play these games with her.  Now he was slapping her pussy lightly with the meter stick, and she let out a low moan, still sucking him. 

With his other hand, Jake grabbed hold of the back of her head by her hair and continued to fuck her throat, all the way in. Deep. But slow, the way she liked it in all of her holes. Back and forth he moved her, in and out on his rock hard cock. She loved how the wetter and more ready her tight little pussy got, the more her throat opened up at the same time and vice versa. And even her ass. Her holes were all connected, part of one big arousal zone. When one submitted, the others wanted to as well. As he fucked her face, her knees slid further apart.

“Get up,” he ordered suddenly. Kara stood, hands still fastened behind her back.

Jake unzipped her skirt from behind, let it fall to her ankles. She stepped gingerly out of it. 

“Bend over.”

Kara obeyed, showing off her round ass in white lace, hands still tied. One of her socks had fallen past her knee.

And Jake was behind her, on her, wedging the lace up high between her ass cheeks. Slapping her ass. Hard. Very hard, so it stung. 

“What business do you have wearing panties like this to school, hmm?” He was deep in the zone, she could hear it in his voice. Excitement. 
“I-I was wearing these for you, sir. I knew you were testing me today.” 
“Hmm, if you say so, little girl. I’m sure your daddy’s real proud of you, going to school so prepared everyday.” There was a mesmerized slur to his tone now, as he kneaded her ass, opening her cheeks with both hands, and pushed the lace aside to gaze upon her puckered little asshole. 

“You look delicious, baby,” he licked his finger and lightly tickled her taut asshole. 

Kara groaned with delight. She loved being bent over, fully at his mercy. It never got old. Then Jake bent over and stuck his tongue straight into her asshole, far as it would go. She groaned, and grew even wetter. She could feel the spot inside her pussy that she liked him to rub, to hit, to fuck. She could feel it already, without him inside her yet, which meant that only good was yet to come. A shiver ran through her entire body. She wanted it. He continued to hold her ass open with his hands and fuck her with his tongue, even with the lace panties sorta in the way. As she got louder and louder, she knew the neighbours would hear. 

Jake stopped what he was doing long enough to pull her panties down. They stayed stuck at her knees. He reached between her legs with one hand, and, sticking his tongue back in her ass, began playing with her pussy. She was practically dripping, and this made him even harder. He slid three fingers inside her pussy (she liked three best), and continued to simultaneously ass-fuck her with his tongue and finger-fuck her pussy.

Kara lost it, and in spite of all the blood rushing to her head, stood there in just knee socks and half-removed panties, thrusting herself in time with Jake’s movements. She loved the way he fucked her. The shape was different every time. It was because he was capable of being in the moment, and so few men were. Kara liked to teach people that being in the moment was the same thing as being in one’s body. 

Coming up for air, Jake had to catch his breath. “Your ass is so delicious, little girl. Mmm. I could eat it all day. But I want to taste your pussy too. Sit down on that chair over there, and take off those panties.”

“Ok, sir. Am I doing well?” Kara asked innocently as she kicked off her panties and sat down on the edge of a run-of-the-mill, uncomfortable wooden chair in just her socks.

“So far so good. You may yet make your parents proud.” He walked over and kneeled in front of her, placing his hand on her knee. “Open your legs for me, sweetie.” 

Catching his eye, Kara slowly opened her legs, without breaking eye contact. “Are you sure this isn’t… wrong? Fucking your students like this, sir?” She had shifted momentarily from innocent little student to questioning, provoking adult. These shifts had to be timed just right, and she could tell by his eyes that she had chosen the perfect moment. 

“Yes. It’s wrong,” said Jake, gradually travelling his eyes from hers down to the soft wetness she had opened up to him. “But nobody has to know, baby. It’s just you and me. And you’re not going to fail your year.”

She felt his love then. It might sound cheesy, but it’s damn true. She felt it. She felt cared about, thought about, appreciated. Pleased. She lay back and listened to his tongue writing letters on her wishful pussy. She felt like a blossom begging to be explored. But even her unexpected whimper wasn’t enough to hurry him up. He used his nose first, gently rubbing her clit in circles with its tip, inhaling sharply and exhaling hotly as he went. Slowly then, kissing and licking and gentle biting on the inside of her thighs. Then he licked her slow and full on her slit, massaging and probing his tongue into every fold to taste her completely. Her man liked to savour his catch, and her favourite thing to do was feed him.

“Go lay down,” he said, mouth glistening, chest heaving as he kneeled still on the floor. As she carefully stood up, he caressed her legs, kissing her thighs and rubbing the backs of her calves. 
“I think I love you, sir,” she said, as she walked to the bed. 
“You’re too young to say that kind of thing, baby. No wonder your grades have been suffering.”

She climbed up to lay atop the blue quilt, legs out straight, and arms to her sides.

“But we’re here right now to fix that, and set you up for life,” he continued.
“Is this going to hurt?” she asked imploringly. 
“Not if you relax, little girl.” 

Every time. Every time he called her little girl she pretty much lost her mind somewhere in her wet pussy. She had decided not to overthink it in spite of all sorts of potential personal and political analyses on the matter. After all, wet was wet. 

“Shhh, just relax,” he whispered. “Take a deep breath. Yeah, just like that. Good girl. Now open your legs a little. Yes. I’m gonna go real slow.”

Very slowly he pushed his rock hard cock (which was also a bit wet) into her begging, swollen blossom and was instantly welcomed, and pulled, and bathed. 

Jake looked into Kara’s eyes. 

He started slow and firm to please her and gradually got sucked in deep, all the way, and finally, he couldn’t tell how fast or slow he was thrusting his cock, because he loved her like hell, and they were inside each other, moving to the rhythm of every dirty, stripped-down fantasy known to woman. 

Jake cried out.