Alone Time

Eva Monroe
6 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

Stretching in the late afternoon sunlight, I wake up from my nap to a super sexy text from you… 

Missing your mouth’ it says, followed by a short video clip. 

I tap Play and see a woman sitting in a chair, blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back, while a man shoves his hard-on down her throat over and over and over...

With a small whimper, I squeeze my legs together. Such a treat makes me want to touch myself instantly, but I know better than to do that without permission. Chewing my lip, I quickly type a reply.

My mouth misses you, too... what a nice treat to wake up to...

I set my phone down and wait, trying to think about anything other than the tied-up woman servicing her man, but soon enough I’m imagining the two of us in those roles, and I'm getting squirmier by the second.

Finally my phone chimes. ‘Did you rest well, pet?
Giddy and grinning, I answer you immediately. ‘I’m rested and quite... rejuvenated, Sir.
With a sly smile emoji, you ask me what I’m wearing. Then you change your mind. ‘Better yet, show me what you’re wearing. And what you’re wearing underneath.

It’s amazing how easy it is for you to make my blood rush and my body tingle. Even the most simple commands turn me into the most willing, eager, and grateful slave. I slide out of bed and set up my phone on my dresser to give you a full view of my toned curves. Before hitting Record, I slip into the bathroom to touch up my hair and face. Nothing fancy, but I like to make sure that I always look fresh and appealing for you.

Returning to the camera, I bend over to start you off with a nice view of my cleavage. Then I tap the red button and smile, slowly standing upright and modeling my “sleepwear” for you. Lifting my long, black sheer tank top, I reveal the peek of a matching black sheer lace thong. I lift it higher, exposing my naked tits for you. Then I bend over again and bite my lip before I stop the recording.

Climbing back into bed, I send you the video (‘Does this please you, Sir?’) and await your reply.

When I first started serving you, you were clear from the very beginning that my hardest lesson to learn would be Patience. It’s never been my strong suit, and it’s one of your most prized qualities in a slave. While I lounged in my skivvies and tried to practice that patience, I scrolled through Instagram... That proved to be a bad idea, since I follow a lot of lingerie brands and models, and all the scantily clad women were only making my tingles worse.

Just as I’m about to cave and text you again, your reply pops up.

Mmm... yes, that pleases me very much, slave.
Thank you, Sir...
Now take off your top and send me a video of you tormenting those delicious tits for me.
...whimper... Yes, Sir...

I did as instructed, making sure to pinch my nipples for you and give my tits a few nice, hard slaps. I know how much you like to see my skin turn red from a little bit of torture... At your hands, it can be from quite a lot of torture...

Sending the video off with another query to make sure I’d pleased you, I lay in bed in nothing but my thong, growing more and more desperate to touch myself. I reminded myself that in order to learn patience, one of my Rules is that I must always respond to your calls and texts as quickly as possible, but that sometimes I may be required to wait for your replies. This was clearly one of those times, and I knew that even if you were busy doing something else, part of you was surely getting a kick out of making me wait. You knew I’d stay just like this, practically naked and crazy turned on, awaiting your further instruction...

...did the video come through, Sir?

I stared at my text, willing you to respond before I lost patience and hit Send. 

Part of me knew you’d see through my ploy immediately. But I was getting so hot and bothered I couldn’t stand it. Maybe you were in a generous mood. Cringing even as I did it, I tapped on Send.

Almost immediately, you replied.

Yes, it came through, and it pleased me greatly. But your impatience does not.


With a repentant, eyes-lowered emoji, I promptly apologized.

I’m so sorry, Sir.
Mmhmm... we’ll see about that.
I am, I’m so sorry, Master... I know I was impatient... I just got so turned on exposing myself for you...
Good. You can expose yourself even more. Pull your panties down a little. To just below that sweet ass of yours. Send me a video of you doing it. Then lie there with your ass up and WAIT.

Oh god. This is what I get for misbehaving. 

Propping my phone on my nightstand, I angle the screen so my ass is in full view. Doing as I was told, I slide my panties down to just below my ass...  I improvise a little and slip a small pillow under my hips, so I’m “ass up” just as you instructed.

Picking up my phone, I look into the camera and apologize to you with my head bowed and penitent eyes lifted. “I really am sorry, Sir. I’ll be patient, I promise.”

Sending it on, I lie down and wait.

Moments later, I’m surprised to hear my phone ding. Picking it up, I read your reply.

Good. Now stay just like that, like a good pet.
Yes, Sir. I will, Sir.
And why will you?
...because... I deserve it, Sir.
That’s right, slave. You deserve it. And nice touch with the pillow.

There was that sly face emoji again. I reply with an effusive thank you, and then... nothing. Looks like it’s time to wait. 

I’m not sure how much time passes, but I try to read a book (within reach on my nightstand, of course, since I’ve been told to stay put), surf the internet, doze off a little... 

When I shift my position and wake up, I realize my panties are soaking wet. Picking up my phone, I pout a little when I see nothing from you. But it’s only a few minutes later that my patience is rewarded.

Still behaving, pet?
Oh yes, Sir, I am I promise.
And you’ve been a good girl? No touching yourself?
No, Sir, absolutely not.
I bet that pussy of mine is aching for it, isn’t she?
‘...yes, Master...
Show me.

Damnit. I have a wax appointment tomorrow, which means things are pretty unruly at the moment. Knowing you’d want a heads up, I tell you as much. It’s an agonizing few moments before you reply.

SMH... first you’re willful and impatient, and now you aren’t prepared. Tsk tsk... What am I going to do with you?

My apologies are starting to feel repetitive, but I offer many all the same.

May I please make it up to you, Sir?
However you want.

The image of you smirking at that is so clear in my mind, it just makes my panties even wetter. I chew my lip awaiting your response.

No panties tomorrow, all day. And that includes when you go into the office. In fact, you can start today. No panties until I say so.
Yes, Master.
And tomorrow at work, no bra, either. I want you naked under your clothes.
...whimper... yes, Sir...

Fuck. I wanted to come so badly already, and this was only making it worse. But asking for permission now seemed... inadvisable. Maybe if I focused on pleasing you more first.

Would you like me to wear anything in particular to work, Sir?

Those infuriating little bubbles took their time turning into words.

You can wear a very short skirt. And a top that will rub against your nipples all day, keeping them hard and perky for me.
Yes, Sir...
And heels, of course. I want you to look like a proper little Office Slut, so everyone can see what a naughty, dirty girl you are. You’ll do that for me, won’t you, slave?
Yes, of course, Master. I’ll do anything for you.
Good girl.
Thank you, Sir.

I wait, but you say nothing else. After a few moments, I can’t stand it anymore... I have to at least ask...

Sir, if I may ask... if it isn’t too impertinent of me... all of your torments and instructions and making videos for you... it’s all made me desperate to come... May I please, Sir?

Your reply takes long enough that I think maybe I’m in serious trouble.

Send me a voice recording. I want to hear you beg for it.

You know how much I love it when you make me beg, and my recording starts with an inadvertent, tiny whimper.  “Please, please, Sir… please may I come for you? I’ll do anything to earn the right to pleasure myself, Master… please? Please, Sir…” 

I’m trembling a little when I hit Send, my body is so aching for release. It’s a delightful surprise when you treat me to a voice text in return. “You may come, slave. Once. And only once. You may also film it and send it to me, and you may feel free to be... creative. Show me how much you miss me, pet. I won’t be in touch again until sometime tomorrow, so practice patience until then.” I hear the smirk in your voice when you end with, “Have fun dressing like my naughty little office slut tomorrow. I know you’ll love every second of it.”

I can’t believe how lucky I am, to have you as such a generous Master. When I make my video for you, I’m careful to start with that. Thanking you for allowing me to pleasure myself, even after I was impatient and unprepared today. And you’re right... I’m so excited by the thought of wearing tiny, slutty clothes for you tomorrow, and not being allowed to wear panties until you say so, and the thrill of being Yours Completely... My orgasm is long and luxurious and loud. 

And I’m embarrassed to realize that less than 30 minutes later, after I’ve sent you the video and gotten dressed for the evening (sans panties, of course)... I can’t help but admit to myself how badly I want to come again.


The next day at the office...

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Written by
Eva Monroe

Eva Monroe is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has a very active imagination and lots of opinions and frequently writes those things down. From screenplays to news articles to academic essays, Eva loves taking on the challenge of writing in new mediums, and her smut-tastic adventures with Bellesa are some of the most fun she’s ever had. Eva also co-produced two award-winning short films and has an MFA in screenwriting. Eva Monroe is not her real name.