Horatio Slice: Confessions of a Space Pirate

Oleander Plume
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 3

Horatio Slice: Horatio Gets the Treatment

“You’re on your own, sweetheart,” Snake shouted. “Best to just suck it up and take it!”

The crew dragged him into a lavish bathroom and stripped him naked.

“So, this is what you want,” Horatio smiled. “I’m down, cuties. It’s go time.” Instead of the hot sex he expected, Suki shoved him into a warm shower and began washing his hair. “I can do that myself…”

Horatio’s mouth snapped shut when a hand soaped up his crack.

“Get him clean everywhere, Stiles,” Sugar said.

Stiles said, “You know it.”

“Hey!” Horatio clenched around the soapy finger Stiles shoved up his asshole. “What the fuck?”

“Take it like a man, bitch.”

“Be nice, Stiles. He is our guest,” Suki said with an air of sarcasm.

“He’s whiny,” Seven said, “and in need of a good spanking.”

Horatio said, “Whoa, hang on a minute. No chains or whips or crap like that.”

“He’s no fun at all,” Seven muttered.

“This is pretty fun,” Stiles said as he continued his finger fucking.

Just when Horatio began to relax and enjoy Stiles’ foreplay, Sugar said, “He’s clean enough, Stiles. Move on.”

“His ass is so tight,” Stiles moaned. “I want to fuck it.”

“Go ahead, doll. I’d like that,” Horatio said. Stiles grinned and took off his clothes. Suddenly, Horatio was on his knees, head down against the wet tile, ass in the air. Stiles gave him a quick rinse and a stellar rimjob. “Fuck yeah,” Horatio moaned.

“I’ve never eaten a human out before,” Stiles said.

“What’s it like?” Suki asked.

“A little gamey,” Stiles said, “but quite tasty.”

“Should we pull a train on him?” Sugar’s voice had an evil edge to it.

“Yes, we should. He deserves the full treatment,” Seven said.

“Damn skippy, I deserve the treatment,” Horatio said, hoping the “treatment” involved more ass licking.

Stiles said, “Get ready to be ridden hard, rock star.”

Horatio felt a poke, and then moaned happily as his ass filled up with cock. “Fuck, yeah. Ride me, little man.”

“Don’t call me little!” Stiles thrust deeper.

“Well, dude,” Horatio winced, “your dick is huge. Easy there, pal.”

“Damn right, it is. Who’s a little girl now, asshole?” Stiles asked.

“Is that what this is about?” Horatio asked. “Did I offend you somehow?”

“Shut up and take my cock.” Stiles rode him hard, and when he finished, another crew member took his place. Horatio shivered. They really were pulling a train on him. Someone knelt in front of his face. Horatio knew it was Sugar by the thick hoop dangling from his cock head.

“Suck my dick,” Sugar said, grabbing him by the hair and fucking his face. “That’s it, bitch. Swallow me.”

Horatio grabbed one of Sugar’s hips and pushed him back.

“Too much?” Sugar asked. “We can stop.”

Horatio said, “No way. This is awesome. Fuck me harder!”

Sugar giggled and loosened his grip on Horatio’s hair. “I think he likes us, boys.” He slapped Horatio’s face with his dick. “Do you?”

“I think I’m in love with all of you,” Horatio said between gulps of air. “More.”

Horatio was in ecstasy as all eight men took turns fucking his ass and sticking their dicks in his mouth. It wasn’t a mere gang bang, with Horatio as the come receptacle—it was heaven. Kissing, rimming, stroking, Horatio lost track of his orgasm count. Once sated, the boys helped him to his feet and back under the shower.

“That was fucking incredible,” Horatio said, leaning his head against the tile, panting, while a river of semen flowed from his ass. “Gimme a few minutes, and I’ll be ready for another round.”

“Shit, what’s this guy made of?” Seven asked.

“I like him,” Stiles said.

“He is damn hot,” Suki said as he turned off the water. “Although he needs a little work.”

“Work? What kind of work?” Horatio asked.

Sugar said, “Makeover time, boys!” He snapped his fingers, and the men scattered. Two helped Sugar dry Horatio, while the rest headed toward a row of kinky-looking barber chairs.

“What’s happening?” Horatio asked. He craned his neck to see what the others were doing and thought he saw one sharpening a straight razor.

Sugar blotted the ends of Horatio’s hair with a towel. “Why so nervous? Haven’t you ever been to a spa before?” he asked.

“That’s what this is—a spa?” Horatio asked. “Usually the happy ending comes after the massage.”

“Your end sure made me happy,” Stiles said with a wink. He grabbed Horatio’s hand and tugged. “Come on.”

Too exhausted to protest, Horatio climbed into a barber chair and let Sugar place his feet into the stirrups, feeling sort of embarrassed when Suki said, “Say goodbye to this hairy ass. Yikes, he’s like a fucking Yeti down here.”

“Hey, I’m Greek. We’re all hairy. It’s genetics, man.” Horatio glanced at the straight razor that Seven held and winced. “You’re not gonna.…”

“This is for your face, dumbass,” Seven said. “And those unruly eyebrows.”

Horatio felt a little insulted and almost told them all to fuck off, but how could he when all eight were perfectly groomed in every way? Compared to them, he did look like a wild beast. Horatio leaned back in the chair and let them go to town, blushing and giggling like a pre-teen when they waxed his junk. He panicked when Sugar came at him with a pair of scissors.

“What are you going to do to my hair?” he asked.

“Just a trim,” Sugar said. “Relax.”

“How much are you taking off?”

Suki fed Horatio a piece of chocolate. “Do you really think we’d cut off all this beautiful hair? What are you, stupid?” Suki snickered when Horatio nodded. “You’re honest, at least.”

By the time Sugar announced that he was “perfect,” Horatio was half-asleep. “We should get him to a bunk before he lapses into a coma,” Sugar said. Suki took one hand, while Slash took the other.

Horatio figured a bunk would be slightly larger than the one on his tour bus, but the boys led him to a room that rivaled a posh hotel. He stood at the foot of the bed and stared. Slash pulled down the covers and patted the mattress.

Suki gave him a shove. “Get in, ya big Neanderthal.”

He crawled in and lay on his back with his arms spread out. Slash curled up next to him and patted Horatio’s stomach.

“Slash wants to know if you’re hungry,” Suki said as he stretched out on Horatio’s other side. “Do you want something from the kitchen?”

Horatio wrapped his arms around the pair. “I’m not hungry, but I couldn’t eat even if I was. I have lockjaw from sucking so much dick.”

Slash patted Horatio’s chest. Suki said, “He says you’re like a big, cuddly teddy bear, only filled with cement.”

“The dude must have a soft voice,” Horatio said. “I didn’t catch any of that.”

“Slash is mute, but I can read his mind.”

“Cool.” After everything Horatio had seen that night, a little mind-reading didn’t seem strange at all. “You can both sleep in here if you want. I’d like that.” The touch of their naked skin against his grounded Horatio. His world was tumbling into an X-rated version of The Twilight Zone, but with two hotties warming up his bed, the world shrank to a manageable size.

“Will you be sticking around for a while?” Suki asked.

“Are you kidding? You’ll never get rid of me now.”