Horatio Slice: Confessions of a Space Pirate

Oleander Plume
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 7

Horatio Slice: You're Doing It Wrong

Before Horatio could blink, Sugar unholstered his gun and pointed it at the tall guy. “Touch it, and I’ll shoot your dick off, Bindrop.”

Bindrop dropped his sword and covered his crotch with both hands while his comrades cowered behind him. By the looks of their clothing—skin-tight pants tucked into tall boots, long satin jackets and ruffled shirts—Horatio figured they were space pirates or space pirate wannabes. 

“I s-s-wear, I’m only here to collect the egg for S-Scully,” Bindrop said, shaking so hard his stiff auburn curls bobbed around his handsome face.

Snake laughed. “You’re doing grunt work for Scully now, eh?”

Bindrop’s expression switched from scared to surly. “Only because I owed him a favor. My career is b-blossoming!” 

Horatio watched as Snake held both the eggs he’d snatched in front of his chest, fondling them like breasts. “Blossoming, you say? Can’t imagine what that feels like,” Snake said to Bindrop as he swiveled his hips.

“Blimey, he’s got himself three eggs!” one of Bindrop’s crew shouted. 

“How the hell did you manage that, Snake?” asked another.

“Got a secret weapon,” Snake said, winking at Horatio. He set his eggs on the ground next to him and shot Bindrop a glare. “You only get one. If you have the money that is.”

Bindrop reached inside his coat and pulled out a softball-sized velvet bag that he tossed at Snake’s feet. “Gold. From Scully.”

Snake picked up the bag and groped it carefully. “Bit on the light side.”

Bindrop turned to stare at one of his crew, a petite man Horatio recognized as the waiter who’d served their drinks back at the bar. “Benjamin! I warned you about this.”

Benjamin pouted while digging into the front of his pants. “Cheap bastards didn’t tip me at the bar.” He tried to give Snake the coins he’d been hiding, but Snake refused them, most likely, Horatio thought, because they had been tucked under Benjamin’s junk. 

“You stole from me, boy.” Snake turned to look at Sugar. “What do you think of that?”

“I think harsh punishment is in order,” Sugar said. Horatio felt a little sick at the thought of watching six dudes eat lead, but instead of shooting, Sugar stowed his gun and unzipped his jumpsuit. “Make it good,” he said, pulling out his dick and shaking it at Bindrop and crew.

“Wait, you’re getting naked here?” Horatio stammered. 

Bindrop pushed Benjamin out of the way when he tried to get to Sugar first. Undaunted, the young waiter knelt in front of Horatio and said, “Whip it out and gimme a taste, big fella.”

“Shouldn’t we at least board the ship?” Horatio asked.

“Why?” Sugar said, already pumping his cock in and out of Bindrop’s mouth.

“Yeah, why?” Benjamin asked as he worked on Horatio’s fly.

Besides the fact that they were outside in broad daylight, Horatio was hard-pressed to think of a reason why he shouldn’t partake in the sexual shenanigans. Bindrop and crew were hot, and like Sugar, Suki and the rest of the Humerians, similar to each other in appearance. Auburn hair in various lengths, chocolate skin, and hard muscle, Horatio couldn’t decide which one he favored, although Benjamin was certainly the most enthusiastic.

“Fuck me, look at the size of this thing!” Benjamin exclaimed, bug-eyed as he examined Horatio’s dick. 

“That’s big enough for two,” another dude said as he knelt next to Benjamin.

Horatio wondered if his dick tasted like the mouth of the creature that had almost killed him back by at glory hole but decided he didn’t care when he watched both men lick up and down the length of his shaft. They didn’t seem to mind so why should he?

“What’s your name,” Horatio asked the dude licking his cock head.

“Remy,” he said with a nod. “Pleased to meet you and your delicious slab of meat.”

“I want it up my arse,” Benjamin whined.

Remy refused to stop licking. “Let me get it nice and wet first,” he said. 

While the pair worked him over - Benjamin sucking his balls and Remy sucking his dick - Horatio enjoyed the rest of the scene. Snake had two of Bindrop’s crew bent over in front of him and he was fucking one while fingering the other. Sugar had Bindrop’s mouth attached to his cock while a second man held Bindrop’s hair back and offered words of encouragement.

“That’s it, Bindrop, take it all. Swallow that pretty, pretty cock.”

With a groan, Benjamin dropped his pants and leaned over, hands on knees. “Come on, then, give us a poke,” he said, shaking his slender ass.

“You might as well,” Remy said, wiping his chin. “He won’t shut up until you fuck him.”

“Do either of you have any lube?” Horatio asked.

“Don’t need it,” Benjamin said. 

“Are you sure? Most dudes I know use lube.”

“Will you please just fuck me already!” Remy held Horatio’s cock while Benjamin backed up into it. Horatio moaned when he slid easily inside Benjamin’s ass. 

“How do you like it?” Remy asked his friend.

Benjamin muttered, “It’s the best dick I’ve ever had stuffed up my hole,” before caterwauling loud enough to wake the dead. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Give it to him, Horatio,” Snake said, breathless from fucking.

Horatio held Benjamin’s hips and fucked him slow and deep. A large chunk of unidentifiable goop dripped from Horatio’s hair onto Benjamin’s back. He quickly wiped it away, embarrassed at his current unclean condition.

“Make him come so I can have a turn on that thing,” Remy said, squatting down so he could tug Benjamin’s cock. “Do it, dude. Blow your load.”

“I am – fuck - I am!” Benjamin’s ass squeezed around Horatio’s dick as he came. When finished, Benjamin pulled away and flopped onto the grass, smiling and laughing. “Your turn, Remy, give it a go. Best ride in the universe!”

Remy got naked and took his friend’s place. “Quick, put that big tool in my hole.” He bent over and spread his ass cheeks open. “Don’t be gentle, just shove.”

“You dudes are horny,” Horatio said. He slapped Remy’s cute butt with his dick before easing it inside, loving the way Remy cried out in pleasure.

Still on the ground, Benjamin rolled onto his side to watch. “How is it, Rem?”

“Bloody hell, I can feel that fucker in my throat.” Remy gasped. “I’ve never been so full of dick. Give it to me, pound me!”

Horatio fisted a hank of Remy’s long braids and gently tugged his head back. While fucking more dirty talk out of the lusty pirate, Horatio checked on the other guys. His balls tightened when he got an eyeful of Sugar. Still fucking Bindrop’s mouth, Sugar stared at Snake while sucking his own fingers.

“What’s it like to always be the best looking one in the room, Sugar?” Horatio asked.

Sugar turned his seductive gaze Horatio’s way and smiled. “It doesn’t suck.” He patted Bindrop’s cheek. “But he does.”

“Mmm,” Bindrop moaned as he swallowed Sugar’s dick, chin glistening with saliva. The friend that had been holding his hair back was now sitting on the ground, jacking off while staring up at Sugar with a dazed expression. 

“Make him choke on it, Sugar,” Snake said. The man he’d been fucking came hard, shooting ribbons of come all over the grass. Snake pulled out of him and then entered his friend, a cutie with an ankle-length ponytail. 

“I love your hot vampire dick,” he gushed. 

“I love this,” Snake said, grabbing his ponytail. “Great for steering.”

“Hey, stop getting distracted,” Remy whined when Horatio slowed down.

“Sorry, babe.” Horatio reached around to play with Remy’s nipples while he nailed his warm, wet hole, trying to ignore the scent of lizard guts that wafted up when his shirt brushed against Remy’s back. “Ugh, sorry about the smell.”

“Don’t care,” Remy panted. “Best fuck ever.”

“Isn’t he great?” Benjamin gushed, still stroking his cock.

“Squeeze my titties, make me come.” Remy moaned.

“Yes, Horatio. Make him come,” Sugar said.

Horatio looked up at Sugar and blushed when he realized everyone else had finished, and were now sitting on the ground in various stages of undress, watching him intently. He’d never been in an orgy before, let alone one outdoors, but as he got used to the staring, he grew more turned on than ever.

“Take that dick,” Horatio said to Remy. “Take it all.” Some dudes liked it rough, but Horatio refused to fuck that way. He kept his thrusts gentle, but quick, angling his cock in a way he knew would drive Remy wild. 

“I’m coming!” Remy shrieked.

“Me, too,” Benjamin said, wanking until a small load shot out.

“Me, three,” Horatio said, more as a warning than anything. Remy reached back and held Horatio in place, taking his load inside him, because, “I fucking love being full of man juice.”

Horatio kissed Remy and then Benjamin, a little disappointed when they followed Bindrop and the rest of the crew through a portal. He turned and smiled at Snake and Sugar.

“Dudes, how hot are we? Covered in monster guts and we still scored some hot action. Up top!” He raised a hand at Snake, expecting a high five, but Snake just stared. “Don’t leave me hanging, bro.”

“What is it I’m supposed to do?” Snake asked.

“Slap my palm with your palm.”

“Is this considered foreplay where you’re from?” Snake asked, resting his palm against Horatio’s. “I’m not even slightly aroused.”

“You’re doing it wrong.” Horatio showed Snake the proper way to perform a high five, then offered his palm to Sugar. “Come on, Sugs, you try.”

Sugar smacked Horatio in the forehead with an open palm. “That’s for calling me ‘Sugs’. Now, get naked. We are not taking these disgusting clothes on the ship.”

Once onboard, Horatio stumbled to his bunk and was about to start the shower when he heard a shrill shriek coming from the room next to his. Guitar in hand, he burst into the hallway, just in time to hear a gunshot.