When the Sheets Talk

Dr. J
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 2

When the Sheets Talk (Part 2)

Rafe hummed a country tune as the plumbing pipes whooshed and the water spray hissed. I stopped at the opening to the marble shower. I admired Rafe’s stunning body. This locale was a spectacular backdrop for male body art.

With his foot propped on the bench, he leaned over and soaped his leg. Muscles, lean and mean. What a toned ass. I loved watching him touch his body. Standing there, I considered what Rafe desired with Mara and me.

His hands cupped his balls and stroked his gorgeous cock. Holy hell, I wanted him. Something about a man pleasuring himself worked me up, and Rafe’s efforts always drew me in.

“’Bout time you got in here, babe. I wanted to share some fun.”

“Interesting use of words.”

I slid in close behind him and ran my hands up his thighs and squeezed his cheeks. I took the hand-held shower head and rinsed the soap off his body. After I had turned off the water, I hung the shower head on its stand.

“‘Fun’ is my favorite.”

“So is ‘share,’ evidently. Have a seat on the bench.” I pushed him backward, and he plopped down.

“That’s cold.”

“Maybe you need some warming distraction.”

I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock deep into my mouth. His hands went to my head, and he lifted off the bench to meet my mouth.

After I had swirled my tongue on his erection, I peeked at Rafe. His head rested on the marble wall, and he appeared gratified.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours, Rafe?”

“Just thinking about you doing me, while Mara does you.”

“What exactly did you have in mind?” I gripped his erection and alternated my mouth with my hand. “Paint me a picture.”

Rafe opened his eyes and looked at me. Sexual intent shot from him.

“You like this bench don’t you, Beth?”

“We haven’t used it much for me to know.”

“Come, sit on my lap.”

“Only if it will be ‘fun’…and you ‘share.’”

“No problem.”

Rafe pulled me up from my knees, and I straddled his lap, a male gearshift between us.

“Stroke me again.”

I took him in hand and found a rhythm. When Rafe moaned, I leaned in and nipped his earlobe.

“You are going to get what you want, so tell me,” I whispered.

He captured my face in his hands and kissed me long and hard. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled us close, the base of his erection rubbed against my clit.

Nose to nose, he skimmed his hands down my neck, across my shoulders and down to my ass. He yanked me harder against his cock, and I gasped.

“Are you going to tell me, Rafe?”

He cupped each cheek, kneading my skin as he inched his fingers closer to my wetness. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and held me still.

“How do you like this position?”

“I feel exposed.”

“Imagine a hot, wet tongue was licking you now while your clit gets a cock massage?”

“You want Mara licking me?”

“You’ll like it so much you’ll jump forward craving my cock. It’ll feel like this.”

Mimicking a licking tongue, Rafe wiggled his fingers back and forth in my wet vulva. He dragged my wetness from front to back. He sucked on my neck.

“You already know how good Mara’s tongue feels. She’ll drive you crazy and then she’ll slip in the butt toy I have for her, my favorite, moving it, in and out.”

His words ignited me. My juices flowed. I was ready.

“Yes, Rafe, that’s what I want, with you.”

“And when that toy is fully in you, I’ll do this.”

Rafe lifted me. His tip nudged my wet opening and hovered there. Staring into my eyes, he dropped me on his cock.

“Yes, Rafe.”

“You like?”

“Uh huh. Move, baby. Let me feel you.”

“Oh, you want some thrusting?”

“Yeah, give it to me.”

“I will, with some incentive. Tell me what went on between you and Mara.”