When the Sheets Talk

Dr. J
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 4

When the Sheets Talk (Part 4)

Good to his word, Rafe had invited Mara over to our house the following weekend. My heart pounded in my chest. The two people that lit my fire were huddled together on the couch clarifying our threesome plans. There were so many things I loved about both of them, and it was amplified seeing them laughing.

Rafe heard the floorboard creak.

“Beth, come join us.”

Excitement registered on Mara’s face with a grin. She licked her bottom lip and bit down on the corner as she shifted to open a space between them. I scooted in. I couldn’t decide who smelled yummier. In a relaxed manner, Rafe draped his arm around my shoulder, kissed my hair and looked down at me.

“We’ve been talking about what turns us on and how to work the boundaries for our love-in.”

“Man on a mission, I see.”

I rubbed my hands up and down my thighs. My silly childhood fear that I might not get what I wanted reared its ugly head.

“I appreciate being with couples, especially focusing on the woman as long as the man is on-board. It’s important we’re all on the same page, Beth,” said Mara.

“I reassured Mara that I am 100% into this plan. I explained that I want to honor your fantasy of a sexual encounter with a female separately as well as when we are all together.”

I blew out a breath. The words sounded so different floating through the air at me in Rafe’s voice than they did in my head. But, yes, this is what I want. They both stared at me, and I realized no words had come out of my mouth.

“Yes, Rafe. That would be brilliant.”

“I have a different idea than the one Rafe suggested,” said Mara.

I looked from Rafe to Mara.


“Beth, it might help if the three of us enjoy a little time together before you and I are alone. That way, you can see how you like Rafe’s response and if our combined three-some sensations are meeting your expectations.”

“That is an interesting idea. Not one I had considered, Mara.”

I lifted a questioning eyebrow at Rafe.

“If you’re good with it, I’m good with it.”

I nodded my head at Rafe. He fiddled with my fingers providing connecting reassurance.

“I also told Mara, that this is about you two being sexual while I touch you.”

The shower scene replayed in my mind. When I had described to Rafe what Mara had done to me, it ramped him up. I imagined how he would sizzle watching her do sexual things with me.

I turned to Mara.

“Rafe is a voyeur. He loves to see how I experience pleasure and then he’ll be the recipient of our sexual activity through me.”

“I get that. No problem. Do you get turned on with him watching?”

“I do when he watches me masturbate. You’re the only other person I’ve been with, and Rafe didn’t observe us.”

“That’s why I thought maybe we could see how you feel when all three of us are together. It’s up to you.”

“Rafe, I think it’s a good idea. We can make it up as we go along finding what’s fun.”

“I’m with you, Beth.” I glanced down and saw Rafe’s erection bulging in his pants.

“I believe you are. How shall we proceed?

“How about stretching out on the couch on top of both of us? We’ll mingle our efforts and see how you respond,” said Mara, as she gazed down my body.

Wow. The fantasy I had is coming to life. It is real. Two smiling faces prodded me to move, and I did.

Since I wanted to feel Mara’s warm lips on mine, I laid my head across her lap and put my legs across Rafe’s thighs. When my body connected to each of theirs, a sexual jolt coursed through me from head to toe. My want and desire hung in the air like a kite in the wind, dipping and soaring. I had to stay in the lead to assure Rafe I was okay.

I wiggled around on the couch repositioning my skirt. When Rafe stroked my bare legs, I reached up and pulled Mara’s face to mine. Plump, soft lips greeted me and then her tongue caressed the seam of my mouth. I opened anticipating her velvet feel. Rafe began working long kneading strokes up and down my legs. Their combined touches made my insides shake. I hadn’t expected this amount of intensity. It was as if someone had turned up the dial on my internal thermostat. I moaned into Mara’s mouth, and my knees automatically dropped out to the sides over Rafe’s lap.

“My baby’s enjoying this, Mara.”

“I think she is, Rafe.”

Mara continued kissing me, and when her hand touched my breast, an all-encompassing ache bloomed in my pelvis and surprised me. Mara lifted my shirt and caressed me at the swell of my breast. It electrified my skin. After she pulled my bra cup down, she sucked her index finger while she looked at Rafe. Oh, god, what was he thinking? With her wet finger, she drew circles around my areola. She pinched my nipple as Rafe scraped his nails down the inside of my thighs. I quivered. When she leaned down and licked my hard nipple, Rafe massaged my vulva through my silky panties and grazed my clit. His touch reminded me of how much I loved Mara’s velvet tongue between my folds. I nearly exploded, and so did Rafe. His erection nudged me on the back of my leg, and it was getting harder. I wanted more from both of them.

“Mara, I want to go down on Rafe while your tongue and lips are between my legs.”

Rafe sighed and stared off into space signaling to me he had begun to create a visual image as he had done during our shower experience.

“Oh, yes,” said Mara.

“Rafe, I want you to watch everything Mara does to me because I’ll be giving those same sensations to you.”

Rafe chuckled. “Whose dream is coming true here?”

“Mine. Now let’s get our clothes off.”