When the Sheets Talk

Dr. J
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 6

When the Sheets Talk (Part 6)

cherished the words that Mara had left me in the note.

I can’t get enough of you. You radiate sex and then embody it. Divine. I enjoyed sharing you with Rafe. Let’s you and I get together Saturday. Noon at my place. I have an idea I want to share with you.

When I arrived at Mara’s door, her jazz music filled the hallway. I was poised to knock on the door, but it opened. An exotic looking woman with a light cinnamon scent smiled. Her olive skin had a sheen and looked so soft. She wore a sheer sleeveless blouse that did nothing to conceal those beautiful areolas and nipples encased in jewels.

“Hello. Mara is waiting for you inside. Go on in, Beth.”

“Thank you. You know me.”

“Only that you are the lunch guest. I’m Celeste.” She extended her hand, and I shook it. The touch confirmed my thought. Maybe I had never touched skin this soft or receptive. “Of the Tops and Bottoms Club.”

“Sorry. I’m not familiar with that.”

“No worries. Enjoy your lunch. I hope we meet again.”

Stepping by me, she exited down the hall. In amazement, I turned to watch her walk away. Celeste captivated me. Her sensuous body movements and the light fabric she wore left little to the imagination of her female form. It surprised me that I wanted to see more. I shook my head and moved back to the door to find Mara was staring at me. An embarrassed heat flushed through me and settled on the tops of my ears. That feeling vanished as Mara took my face in her hands and kissed me. The kiss lingered, like an old friend reacquainting itself to me. It was a conversation. Mara’s lips invited me in, and my tongue replied hello.

“Mmmm. Just as good as last week, maybe better.”

Mara’s kiss had sent the message, Take me, I’m yours.

“I agree better,” I said.

“Come inside. You met Celeste?”

“I did, yes.”

Mara’s living room transported me to another time and place. Was I having an outer body experience? Déjà vu? Past life? It seemed I had landed in an art gallery of the erotic. The room was modern in furniture, but the decorations and art celebrated women, in all their historic glory. Paintings, drawings, sculpture. It intrigued me. Everywhere I looked women were loving women in various positions and locations, throughout time.

“I didn’t expect you to be so open with your sexuality here.” I must have sounded like an ignorant student.

“Here and in other places. Sexuality is an integral part of my life, personally and professionally.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I had met Mara at a local film festival focusing on strong women characters. Mara was in the business, but when we met, I didn’t know that. In the theatre, we struck up a conversation over the heroine in the movie and continued the talk over coffee. Mara shared that she produced porn. The event and conversation felt surreal. Sort of like now.

“Come sit. I made us lunch.”

Serving dishes filled with colorful finger foods graced the coffee table.

“This looks lovely. Thank you and thanks for your note.” I sat on the sofa remembering our threesome, sexy and delightful. I smiled. “Rafe is so happy about our sexual exploration.”

“That’s the theme of my life, and I wanted to share that with you. Hence the invitation.”

“What are you sharing?”

“Celeste and I own the Tops and Bottoms Club. It’s an exclusive and private location for women to explore their feminine desires together.”

“Like we have done, with and without Rafe.”

“Yes, but I believe that you are one of those people who would respond favorably to a significant amount of sexual stimulation.”

“I did get off being with the two of you.”

“Imagine that while being in a room full of people, allowing for viewing and exploration.”

An immediate throb registered between my legs. More.

“But all the people are women.”

My mind reeled as the image of Celeste’s adorned nipples popped in. As I looked around the room, I appreciated the exciting ways that seductive clothing, jewelry, and body paints embellished women. All of it turned me on.

“What are you thinking about, Beth?”

I chuckled. “Jewelry. Does Celeste have her nipples pierced or was she wearing pasties or something?”

“She has pierced nipples and be-jewels them if you will.”

“Do you have pierced nipples, Mara?

“I do, but I chose not to wear any jewelry when we were together.”

I nodded my head and observed the food.

“Would you like to see?”

With that invitation, my hands got sweaty which signals I am anxious or excited. At this moment, I wasn’t sure which feeling was the culprit.

I uttered, “Yes,” before I even thought about it.

“Have some food. I’ll be right back.”

The fruit platter was amazing, and when I looked at it further, I was stunned. The fruit was arranged to form a woman’s body. All the food was femininely erotic. I zeroed in on the nipples of the fruit arrangement - two raspberries. I picked up one and popped it in my mouth. Pressing the ripe morsel between the roof of my mouth and my tongue, I rubbed the tender texture until the flavor burst forth. The sensation caused an ache in my pelvis, and I wanted to feel Mara’s nipple on my tongue again.

As she strolled back in the room, I shifted my body in her direction. To my amazement, she approached me topless, with a sarong tied around her hips. Her plump breasts had erect nipples that looked like the raspberries. She carried a large jewelry box and placed it on her lap when she sat down beside me.

“I thought you might enjoy choosing the jewelry and putting it on me.”

Staring at the body part ready to be adorned, I nodded yes. Mara opened the box lid.

“Choose whatever strikes your fancy. Embellish me.”

In some ways, it seemed that I was playing erotic dress-up for naughty grown-up women. It was hot. I searched the compartments. Something dainty and shiny caught my eye. It was a silver bar with an unusual dangling charm attached. I toyed with it between my fingers. I wondered what the emblem meant.

“That was my first jewelry piece when I got pierced. I felt empowered wearing it. Feel free to slide in through my nipple.”

I unscrewed the ball at the end of the bar. I knew nothing about nipple piercings, except that I seemed to be in love with them. I hoped it would be similar to inserting earrings into my earlobe hole. I glanced up and looked at Mara for reassurance.

“Do whatever you like, Beth. It’s about exploring.”

I couldn’t resist any longer. I leaned over and sucked Mara’s erect nipple into my mouth. The raspberry essence re-emerged as I rolled my tongue around Mara’s flesh. When my teeth and tongue settled onto the nipple, she moaned. I took her breast in my hand and kneaded it. She moved closer to me on the sofa. I wondered what her nub would taste like with metal affixed. Ready to find out, I sat up and studied it to locate the holes. It felt so intimate and sexy. With the bar between the fingers of one hand, I held her nipple with the other. I slipped the bar through the hole; then I screwed the ball onto the end. I traced my fingers around the areola and touched the dangle.

“This is beautiful, Mara. Like you.”

“Sometimes I think when adorning our sexual parts to our liking, positive sexual energy is released.”

The idea intrigued me. How might that feel to me? I had always considered piercing my nipples but lacked real inclination. I admired the beauty of Mara’s nipples. Maybe the time had come.

“Go ahead, Beth. Taste what you have released as you imagine describing it to Rafe.”

And just like that sexual desire consumed me.